Monday, June 13, 2011

What the Hell did I just do?????

My name is Mike and I'm a Craigslist addict... Its the only site that you can get free landscaping brick, look for work, find cock to suck and buy a motor home all in one site. Well I shoulda stuck with looking for cock. lol

I've been looking for a small motor home that we can go camping in because tenting is becoming to much of a chore, plus I wanted my own bathroom because gay campgrounds are not bottom friendly, if you know what I mean... I ended up finding a 1971 Fan motor home in a nearby town for $750 with only 51,000 miles on it. It had sat for 4 yrs., needed tires and a fuel pump and filters. I ended up getting it for $600 and with the help of a friend we got it running and nursed it back home. We discovered that the brakes need to be checked out also. Called on tires..........$975..........OUCH!!! and because they are rare 16.5 there is no chance of finding used ones that are still in good condition. Like most ventures I'm beginning to second guess my decision of purchasing this little monster. But if we can get it camping this year all will be forgiven, plus I'm thinking if things ever get really bad financially I could always live in it....

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the walls came tumbling down

Well our partying to excess came to an end little over a month ago. Drama, Drama, Drama.... I can't believe that I haven't blogged in forever. Not that anyone comes here anymore anyway. I'm sorry I left, I not only became a serious weekend binge drinker but I also got addicted to Facebook. Been slowly getting bored with that... thank god.

Ok where the fuck do I start..... Last year, drink, drink, drink.... we had people sleeping in tents in the back yard every weekend all last summer. We were the only place people could drink and smoke and party and crash and wake up and start over... It all came to a screeching halt when Scooby and I got into a drunken fight over this 22yo guy we have been snogging. Scooby hit me first, but I had no problems punching back with one hand while holding by beer with the other. He became distraught and ran out of the garage threatening suicide... I don't handle these threats easily since my dad suicided in 20007, so I ran after him and ended up pinning him down. Then a drunken girlfriend of ours called 911, but told them Scooby was assaulting me, I immediately called 911 also to correct her story that I was not being assaulted but that Scooby was suicidial. But the seed had already been planted into the polices head. Scooby ended up getting arrested for domestic violence, resisting arrest and felonious assault. First I did not press charges, told them it was a mutual fight, but it fell on deaf ears. "Scooby hit first", thats all they heard. The DV and FA, was dropped and the resisting arrest which is a felony was reduced to misdemeanor attempted resisting. Oh and they put a "no contact" order on him so we were not allowed to see each other for over a month. That finally got lifted also.

But anyway, we have both quit drinking, 90% of the people we hung out with are gone because we don't drink anymore. Life has calmed down alot, we go to AA alot. I personally don't think I'm an alcoholic, but Scooby def. has a problem and I don't expect him to stop by himself. Now my sexual addiction is starting to increase. Woo Hoo...

Anyway thats all I have for now, sorry its been so long...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sorry that I haven't blogged in forever, but when I'm not working at work or on the houses I've been drinking beer to excess with some great new friends and playing volleyball every weekend. Scooby built a Tiki bar on the side of our back deck and like they say if you build it they will come..... and drink..... and sleep in tents in our backyard. Weekends are one big party at our place anymore and we haven't been happier. In fact we go through so many 30 packs every weekend we are seriously considering buying a keg asap.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have always hated those Croc clog shoes, to the point when trick came over one day with them on and well lets just say it was his last I've heard over and over how comfy they are from other online peeps and after checking out ebay for those sport wheelchairs cuz I had had enough of my pain, hobble walk, I decided to check out these horrid shoes as well. I ended up finding some that actually looked like a boat shoe, with tie strings and such in black so I "buy it now"ed them. After 2 days my heal pain is 50% gone, the ball of my foot still hurts, a little less, but my heals where the worst.

Its amazing how much more I can/feel like getting done when my feet aren't killing me. While on ebay I also found heal spur cups, I bought them as well and am patiently waiting their arrival. They disperse the pressure of the heal to the side when stepping, protecting the middle spur area from impact. I have no idea why my foot Dr. didn't recommend them from the start, other than they are $15 dollars and the ortho insoles they made for me were like $700. which I can't wear cuz they are solid and my heals don't do hard solid surfaces anymore.

In other news my 2001 Aztek is dying, I think. I've had a antifreeze smell for awhile, some minor and not so minor repairs made it subside, but then it came back. It is now coming close to over heating. Well it goes in Monday, but it looks like it is probably the valve cover gaskets which is like a 1,500 repair, and with that there is a chance of antifreeze getting into the engine and if that happens the motor will blow up within a month or 2. So I'm going to start looking for another car, which of course would mean a car payment, which I can't afford. Yay me... I'm not letting it get me down.

The tenant that I evicted moved out early so I lost out on June rent. I have someone else replacing him in July or August and also have another tenant that is having $ problems and might move out at well. I'm refusing to get stressed out about our finances or lack of. Scooby had hired a lawyer to fight his disability denial. The lawyer seems to think it will be an easy case, I hope he's right. If Scooby got his disability and I had all 3 rooms rented we would be golden. But I'm not one to count my chickens before they are hatched....

One good think is the local hospital has a company that is helping people who can't pay their medical bills get on medicade/Gov assistance. Even if you got denied, they will cut through the red tape and help for free. Considering Scooby has had 3 er visits in the last few years he is in medical debt for about 15,000 this is a big help....

Thats about it for now, getting ready for our big fireworks party on July 3rd. Yay!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life has calmed down. The tenant is back on the wagon, but I stand by my eviction notice and he should be out by the end of June. Scooby is bouncing back, already trying to do more that he should with a broken collar bone.

What I haven't mentioned is my medical problems. First I'm still having problems with my feet, the heels are def. bone spur problems. The one I broke back in January isn't all that bad but having to depend on my other foot, irritated the spur in my other heel. As for the fronts of my feet, since my podiatrist didn't find anything I'm really thinking I'm developing Fibromaglia. My muscles just ache. I can't cross my legs because it hurts too much at the point where they rest together. And just overall arm and leg pain is becoming a pain. Started a pain journal so I can report it to my Dr..

I started playing volleyball on the weekends a couple of weeks ago. Funny thing is, my feet don't hurt all that much when I'm barefoot in the sand. I just have to be careful about over exerting myself, cuz I have to be well enough for work during the week.

Anyway thats about it. Dismanteling the neighbors shed tomorrow to use the metal for the roof of our Tiki bar that Scooby has built off of the one side of the deck. Thinkin about having a few people over for the Holiday weekend coming up.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a slave to my life..

I know, I know its been forever. But since I'm forbidden to talk about my relationship on facebook, well I'm back...for now at least.

Lets start with the other house that I rent rooms. 3 bedrooms, 3 tenants. Its funny how the person I thought I knew the best turned out to be the worst. My 1st and 3rd tentant are great. The 2nd one to move in, a friend, not so much. He knew that we were just renting rooms so that we could come and go and do work in the common areas. He's complained about possible noise and dust if we do work on the house, to the point we quit working altogether. He's prone to make big messes in the kitchen then blame them on the other tentants. Note: he's bipolar and a recovering alcoholic. Well..... he fell off the wagon. A week ago I was woke up at 4am with him yelling and banging on our windows, cuz he locked himself out of his place. The next morning we discovered that he smashed the railing on the front porch. There was also the problem with him being drunk and naked in the common areas and also giving a bj in the living room with the blinds open for all to see. Needless to say I had to evict him and he will be out within a month....hopefully. I need the money, but not that bad...

Then I get a call at work last Friday from one of the good tenants that the local bar called and asked him to pick Scooby up cuz he was passed 7:30pm. Here I don't get out of work till 11pm. Then a bit later I get a call from another friend saying they just saw someone that looked like Scooby bicycle past the house....all bloody. I call my tenant and he confirms as he was pulling into the bar he see's Scooby leaving in the car with the bike in the trunk. I call Scooby and ask what hes doing, "going home" he says. Then I ask, "On your bike or are you drunk driving?" He swears he's riding his bike. I end up going home early at 9 to find him all battered, apparently he had a bike accident while crossing the bridge. He thinks he's ok so I take off to have a few beers and tell him if he decides to go to the hospital to call me and I'll take him. About an hour later I ended up dropping him off at the ER, he has a broken collar bone, black eye with 4 stitches and rebroke his front tooth.

Personally I had had enough drama with the tenant to last a lifetime, so I was pretty pissed off at this stunt. Friday night I seriously considered breaking up with him, but once I cooled off my anger turned to pity, so here we are, me caring for him.

I really don't know what to do, I love him, but not sure enough to deal with these occasional drunken dramas. The bad/good part is we get along great when he's not drinking. Today I was really tired and was laying outside on a bench resting my eyes before work and he came out and I thought he had started to tickle me, startled I screamed and opened my eyes to see my indoor cat run off. For some stupid ass reason he brought my cat outside and went to set him on me... We both went after the cat and he did catch him but that stressed me out beyond anything.

My cat Kiddo means the world to me and vice versa. If I leave for work with out him knowing, he will walk around the house and meow looking for me. He always sits on my lap when I'm on the computer and sleeps right next to me most of the time. We live on a really busy intersection if Kiddo would have got out of the back yard he probably would have been hit and killed. This really shook me up, because that cat is what keeps me keeping on...

So anyway thats what is going on with me. My life feels like a car with no driver, that its taken on a life of its own and I can't figure out how to get control back.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well only 3 post this month, how sad.... I wish I could blog the way I used to but locals have found me and I think I said this before, it messes with my head. I don't need people judging me, I do enough of that myself. Plus I think this blog possibly broke up a relationship, but if you don't have an open relationship and mess around on your bf, well they have the right to know. So I'm kinda indifferent on that one.

I'm still seeing the young man now and then. Although I'm seeing things a little clearer now, definitely don't think we could make a relationship work but the sex is fun. Its funny how emotions can take over especially when you find someone who is 20 yrs younger then you with a big fuckin dick who fancys topping you. Its like a drug I tell you...

Starting to work alot outside now that the weather is warming up. Getting ready to install some fences to hide the neighbors trashy back yard and keep the teens from stomping through my garden.

Our couples counceling is still going well, and Scooby and I are getting along great.

I guess thats all for now. If I'm not back on this weekend, HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!!!