Wednesday, July 01, 2009

In debt up to my eyeballs

Our friend that was going to rent the house informed us yesterday that he would not be able to. Finances or lack of is the reason. So now I'm kind of stessed again. We have discussed making the place a rooming house and rent out rooms for 100 week/400 month including utilities. If all 3 bedrooms was rented that would be 1200 a month for us, which should pay the utilities and give us some extra $ to continue working on the place.

Summer taxes just came today and I'm going to owe $2200. on the place which adds to my stress since that would completely wipe me out. Not to mention I have taxes due on our house and my car insurance is going to be due about the same time. September is going to totally suck if things don't change soon. Yeehaa