Monday, June 13, 2011

What the Hell did I just do?????

My name is Mike and I'm a Craigslist addict... Its the only site that you can get free landscaping brick, look for work, find cock to suck and buy a motor home all in one site. Well I shoulda stuck with looking for cock. lol

I've been looking for a small motor home that we can go camping in because tenting is becoming to much of a chore, plus I wanted my own bathroom because gay campgrounds are not bottom friendly, if you know what I mean... I ended up finding a 1971 Fan motor home in a nearby town for $750 with only 51,000 miles on it. It had sat for 4 yrs., needed tires and a fuel pump and filters. I ended up getting it for $600 and with the help of a friend we got it running and nursed it back home. We discovered that the brakes need to be checked out also. Called on tires..........$975..........OUCH!!! and because they are rare 16.5 there is no chance of finding used ones that are still in good condition. Like most ventures I'm beginning to second guess my decision of purchasing this little monster. But if we can get it camping this year all will be forgiven, plus I'm thinking if things ever get really bad financially I could always live in it....

Monday, May 23, 2011

And the walls came tumbling down

Well our partying to excess came to an end little over a month ago. Drama, Drama, Drama.... I can't believe that I haven't blogged in forever. Not that anyone comes here anymore anyway. I'm sorry I left, I not only became a serious weekend binge drinker but I also got addicted to Facebook. Been slowly getting bored with that... thank god.

Ok where the fuck do I start..... Last year, drink, drink, drink.... we had people sleeping in tents in the back yard every weekend all last summer. We were the only place people could drink and smoke and party and crash and wake up and start over... It all came to a screeching halt when Scooby and I got into a drunken fight over this 22yo guy we have been snogging. Scooby hit me first, but I had no problems punching back with one hand while holding by beer with the other. He became distraught and ran out of the garage threatening suicide... I don't handle these threats easily since my dad suicided in 20007, so I ran after him and ended up pinning him down. Then a drunken girlfriend of ours called 911, but told them Scooby was assaulting me, I immediately called 911 also to correct her story that I was not being assaulted but that Scooby was suicidial. But the seed had already been planted into the polices head. Scooby ended up getting arrested for domestic violence, resisting arrest and felonious assault. First I did not press charges, told them it was a mutual fight, but it fell on deaf ears. "Scooby hit first", thats all they heard. The DV and FA, was dropped and the resisting arrest which is a felony was reduced to misdemeanor attempted resisting. Oh and they put a "no contact" order on him so we were not allowed to see each other for over a month. That finally got lifted also.

But anyway, we have both quit drinking, 90% of the people we hung out with are gone because we don't drink anymore. Life has calmed down alot, we go to AA alot. I personally don't think I'm an alcoholic, but Scooby def. has a problem and I don't expect him to stop by himself. Now my sexual addiction is starting to increase. Woo Hoo...

Anyway thats all I have for now, sorry its been so long...