Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Just want to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The weather looks good this morning so we are going to hit the road in an hour or two and head to New Orleans.

Best Wishes to all, Mike

Friday, December 21, 2007

Female Trouble - Dawns Xmas Present

I wanted Cha Cha heals dammit!!!

I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas

Let Christmas break begin

Today is the last day of work for me for two weeks. YES!!! I'm so looking forward to having the time off. We should be leaving for NOLA Christmas day, weather permitting. We've decided to live out of our car and the bath house for the first couple of night before we can get into my timeshare on friday.

I've got most of my sex stories moved to another site and will start deleting them off of here soon. I'm going to keep this blog it will just be my vanilla everyday shit. Hope everyone has a great Holiday!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

It was suggested this weekend that I should delete my blog. I'm taking it into consideration. I spent today deleting some posts that I thought might have affended anyone. I don't know if I can delete over three years of my life though.

Update: I think I at least have to take all of my sex stories and move them to a more anonymous blog. I've noticed in my site meter that someone at work has been spending alot of time here.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday plans

I can't believe that there is only two weeks until winter break. I'm anticipating having two weeks off. We've got plans to stay in NOLA from Dec. 28-Jan 4. I'd like to go down earlier but can't really afford staying two weeks down there. Unless we spend the first week living out of my car and the bath house, which might happen. I don't know. I'm going to have to try and find someone for snow removal when we are gone.

I can't wait to get down there. I haven't been finding any extra ciricular sex around here. Its been one massive dry spell. It's getting to the point that sometimes I wish I wouldn't have gotten tested. I chatted with one guy online and was complaining about not being able to find sex and he commented, "well you are hiv". I guess anymore guys around here are too afraid to even recieve blow jobs. Its very frusterating.

Anyway, this weekend I'm going to start my holiday baking. I do this instead of buying our friends presents. It's mostly going to be bread and pecan praline muffins. I will bake an apple pie for the neighbors, since I know that they look forward to it.

Scooby has been sick for several days. Thursday night he woke up and started puking blood. That luckily subsided and he then had the flu for the rest of the weekend. Today he is starting to feel back to normal again. Thursday he's going up north to do work on a friends cabin and will be gone until Saturday. I'm anticipating having some time to myself, maybe I'll take a trip to the bookstore.

Thats it for now, sorry I haven't blogged lately much but there is nothing going on worth blogging about.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Gay marriage in Oklahoma

I was talking with this guy at a bar in OKC who is from OK but now lives in San Francisco. He told me that when gays started pushing for marriage the christians in Oklahoma like many other states managed to get an amendment passed banning same sex marriage.

He also told me that the native american tribes in Oklahoma acknowledge/ accept and perform same sex marriages and that Oklahoma government has to acknowledge and accept native american customs and laws. Apparently Oklahoma government tried to fight this but alot of the money that maintains the bridges and helps schools in the state comes from the casinos owned by the native americans. All they had to do was threaten to stop their donations and Oklahoma government backed down immediately.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shitty Kitty

Scooby invited this bottom over a few weeks ago. The guy waited till he got to our place to get cleaned up. It was my first time with him and Scooby's second.....I think. He has a smokin hot body but a totally dirty hole. He gets here, cleans up, we start to play and Scooby starts to finger him and he totally soils our bed. I lost interest immediately and luckily I had to go to work and left them to play.

The next day there is shit splatters on the floor in the bathroom and plus the hose to our "Sureshot" is now broken. That kinda pissed me off since the thing cost almost 100. bucks. Who the hell splatters shit on someone elses floor and just leaves it? Maybe its the virgo in me but I would never be so nasty.

Also I keep our toys in a plastic shoebox size container to keep them clean and sanitary. I normally leave a heavy duty paper towel in the bottom in case I don't dry the toys off completely after cleaning them and putting them away. I go to use one of them and the paper towel is all dishevled and covered in shit splatters also. Fucking nasty..... I had a talk with Scooby and told him that if he wants to play with "nasty shit hole guy" that he's gonna have to do it at his house from now on.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We got back Sunday from out road trip to Oklahoma. I've never traveled secondary highways through OK before and was surprised how rural the state is. The majority of the state is grazing land for cattle, not much else. Scooby had a good visit with his mom. She had 14 people for Thanksgiving.......oiy. Scooby's mom is an excellent cook and tried to feed me till I exploded. She had made cinnamin rolls from scratch and fed me two one morning then when I got done eating them announced that we were going out for breakfast. Needless to say Scooby and I declined the offer, since we were already stuffed.

Friday we headed to OKC to the Habana. What a fun place. The bars onsite were busy and so was the cruising around the hotel rooms. I managed to drag a beefy trucker back to the room and drain him of his man gravy. Slurp Slurp.... Definately got to go back if we get the chance.

We had excellent weather for driving. Here are a few observations of the road trip:
Missouri obviously don't have a child safety seat law considering all the toddlers I saw bouncing around in the back of vehicles. Is Britney from there?
In Indiana its more important to text message on busy highways than pay attention to the road, especially if you've got a carload of children.

Thats about it, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oklahoma bound

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I probably won't be posting anything next week. We are leaving Saturday on a road trip to Oklahoma to visit Scooby's mom for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to having a week off since its been almost a year since I've have taken an entire week.
We are planning on visiting his brother in Ponca City then off to Woodward to visit his mom. Since we are not going to be anywhere near a gay bar we plan on staying Friday night after Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City at the Habana Inn. Apparently they have a couple of bars right at the hotel. Come watch me get loaded......

Friday, November 09, 2007

Michigan AIDS WALK rant

I participated in the AIDS WALK again this year and we raised around $25,ooo I am told. We were also told that the money was going to go for AIDS testing........WTF. This kind of irritated me because the Health Dept. does anonymous testing for free, why are they wasting all the money on testing.

For several months I've been submitting my bills for labs and my Dr. to the local HIV/AIDS organization and normally they get paid. Well this time, I'd submit and then a weeks later I'd get billed again saying it hasn't been paid and to please pay now. I submit again and the same thing over and over. I finally found out that they hadn't gotten there Ryan White funds in yet to pay any clients bills. They promised me that they would be paid by the end of the week, a couple of weeks ago. Today I get a letter saying that my bill has gone into collections. WTF....WTF...WTF.........

I'm so angry I could spit fire. I hope to fucking god this doesn't fuck up my credit, cuz I need to refinance my house next year. Plus I'm wondering if the lab and Dr. will make me pay upfront from now on because of this. FUCK

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween update

Well our party last Saturday was good. We had about 53 people, good crowd. We are debating though about having anymore Halloween parties. Its just too much fucking work. First its normally cold out so we tarp off the backyard which is a complete hassle, set up and tear down. And honestly, I just don't have the energy to do all this anymore. Plus I'll probably be drinking keg beer for weeks to finish it off.

Normally I enjoy the morning program Halloween shows, but this year they were.....ehh. Regis and Kelly was suppose to be in 3D. Some of it was but they didn't throw the stuff directly into the camera to get the true effect of 3D. Regis dressing up as David Letterman and Kelly as Paul Schafer was funny, but there guest was Dr. Phil. Who the fuck decided to have him on a Halloween show. Boring. Then they had Kelly as Judge Judy, which she imitates alot anyway, so why bother. If she says, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining" one more time I'd like to slap her.

Martha was ok, but all her talk about the Devil was kind of creepy. I'm sure the AFA will probably ban her now.

The best was "The Late Show with Craig Ferguson". He had the Sex Pistols on and they also performed, it got the biggest laugh out of me of all the shows.

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Like usual after our party I had a day or two of depression. I don't know why but its normal. Plus I really haven't had too much to say, have been debating about closing up shop here. Just out of witty reparte' I guess.

Anyway hope everyone had a great Halloween. It looks like we will be going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving to visit Scooby's mom. Not much else is new.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gravity boots should not be used without assistance

Sometime last year I bought some gravity boots. I thought it would be good for my back to hang upside down. Well ever since then I've been nagging Scooby to install a bar some where so I could use them. Today was the day. He installed the bar up in the attic/playroom/hobby room. After he finished with the installation he went back downstairs to watch tv and I started searching for the boots. I found them without too much effort....surprisingly. Then I ventured upstairs. I first did about a half a dozen chin ups on the new bar.

This was probably my mistake since I have problems with my shoulders and not alot of strength in my arms. So then I put on the boots and get them hooked to the bar. At this point I'm kind of afraid to let go, cuz I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to get back up to unhook when I'm done. But what the hell, I let go and sure enough I can't get back up to unhook my feet.

I then yell for Scooby........and yell........and yell. As I'm shouting my change falls out of my pockets, then my wallet and then my cell phone. Finally Scooby hears me and comes up to the attic to find me hanging upside down. By this time I'm kind of light headed because of the all blood that has rushed to my head. We both struggled quite a bit but he did manage to get me down.

So anyway the moral of the story is: Don't use gravity boots without assistance.

Monday, September 17, 2007

No plans and my body's downward spiral

Home Depot hasn't worked Scooby in several weeks. So of course they scheduled him to work on my birthday. This happens every year, which is no big deal cuz it gives me free time to play. Of course my fuck/suck buddies are busy also. Dam..... So I'm thinking about heading to the bookstore, hopefully I can find someone to blow who's not a senior citizen yet.

My back is getting a little bit better. I've quit using anything on it other than an occasional heating pad. My hips and legs still ache though. God I'm going to be 41 tomorrow, I'm afraid my body isn't going to make it to retirement. I forgot to mention that I threw my neck out while taking a shower this weekend. If this is what the 40's are all about, kill me now. Thankfully my neck only took a day to heal.

So I'm taking tomorrow off and Wednesday in case I need to recouperate. I said I had no plans in the title but actually I plan on taking us out to the local chinese buffet for lunch Wednesday and I kind of want to see Rob Zombies Halloween. Schools back in session so an early show shouldn't be busy at all. And as for tomorrow I'm hoping to find me some strange, hopefully more than one. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back pain, shock treatments & the bf goes back to work

Last week I bent over to pick up some trash and my lower back immediately seized up. I'm fine as long as I stay sitting or standing, but trying to stand after sitting is very painful. I've used a heating pad most of the week, tried stretching and was still having problems. Today I started switching from heat to cold and it seems to be working.

Also I totally forgot about my tens unit. I bought it last year after watching xtubes e-stim videos with guys having hands free orgasms. Needless to say it was a little too shocking for my privates, but it works great on my back. I'm being shocked as I write, and thank god its not as painful to stand up now.

Also Scooby worked this week. Luckily one of our straight friends tried to fix his own shower leak and reefed on the pipe too much and broke it. So Scooby fixed that for them and while he was there the wife decided to get a new vanity also. So guess what, I'll be getting a birthday card from my baby this year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a big Happy Birthday to Homer on Sunday!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend review

This weekend we finally got the windows installed in the side porch which has been wrapped in a blue tarp for a couple of years now. So we are finally blue tarp free and the questions of "when are you going to take down that blue tarp?" will now come to an end. YAY! We had friends up from Detroit this weekend and a bunch of us went to the flea market. Scooby found some outdoor flood lights so the outside of our house in now illuminated. I made breakfast for everyone on Sunday which included, bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns and waffles.

Next week we hope to install the new porch posts which have been sitting around for a year or more. Will try and take some pics and post if it stops raining. It started raining this evening and is suppose to continue into tomorrow.

Its been weeks since I let Scooby fuck me so last night I put out and he broke me back in good. He moved the sling upstairs to the attic/hobby room. There's more room up there so it worked out good. He stretched me out with a couple of our toys then plunged his own cock deep in me. He stood there and guilded me on and off of his cock. Did i mention that I love our sling......

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This and that

I think my favorite CD this year has been Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. Every song on the CD rocks! I was really bummed that her USA tour has been cancelled. Even though the nearest concert was going to be in Chicago, amost 6 hours from home, I considered driving it to see her. I kind of worry about her with all the stuff I've heard recently about the trip to the hospital and all the drugs they found in her plus alcohol. It was also rumoured that she was seen in a bathroom smoking a crack pipe. God I hope thats false. I'd hate to see such a talented woman end up dieing of a drug overdose.


My birthday is coming up this month. Scooby has told me in the past to write it on the calender or else he won't remember. Last year he couldn't even afford a card so this year I was thinking, why bother to remind him. But then I figured that he gets plenty of food stamps so I asked that he pick me up a cheesecake and he agreed. Yum!

Not much else is new, life is boring right now. It's basically work, eat, sleep and a little tv in between.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Short week

I work Mon., Tues. and Wed. this week then Thursday we are off for our last camping trip of the year. Next weekend is Leather pride weekend and things are filling up there, so it should be a good crowd. I'm thinking about wearing my leather hood and having Scooby tie me to a tree out in the woods on my knees with my hands behind me. This way if guys want a bj I'm there at there service.

I started practicing my sign language again. I studied it in the beginning of the year then stopped and lost it all. Mardi Gras weekend I met a hot deaf guy and I couldn't remember anything. It didn't help that I was drunk also. I've got my alphabet back down again. I can also sign "I'm a bad boy". That should be helpful...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goodbye Chuck D.

Monday Scooby was checking his email and a local gay group sent an email letting everyone know that one of there members had died. I've known Chuck D. since I started going to the "Berg" about 20 yrs. ago. We'd sit and shoot the shit over drinks. He'd come to most of our parties. I always enjoyed seeing him. It was just discovered that he was murdered in his home in Saginaw.

The thought of this makes me so sad, I've been on the verge of tears since I found out. Goodbye Chuck we'll miss you guy.

Update: Link to details

and here

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend update

The Mardi Gras themed weekend at Campit campground was a BLAST! They had a drag contest to name Ms. Queen Campit and Princess Campit. There was only two contestants but the girls kicked ass. The one that one Princess made me laugh so hard I almost pee'd. She had this house prop that was about the size on an outhouse on wheels. Then little blurbs from The Wizard of OZ started up and the house started spinning. On the other side of the house was a window and inside was the dragqueen dressed like Dorthy spinning and screaming. It was too much.

They had a block party with huge video screens and most trailers in the east village block had booths giving away free cocktails and food. Needless to say we got lit. I managed to take a few pics before that on the disposable cameras we had left at our 4th of July party. Hopefully we'll get them printed up soon.

Then they had a moonlight swim in which all the guys jumped into the pool nekkid. We were all nut to butt other than when I had my legs wrapped around one furry guys waist or another. We will definately be hitting that weekend again. A little sucky sucky action happened in the woods. But not like last time. In two weeks we head back for the last time this year for Leather weekend. I should have all kinds of sordid tales to tell about that one.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

whats new

Friday night I pulled a muscle in my back at work so this weekend I was in pain. It was bad enough that I had problems getting up and down. Thankfully Sunday I started to feel better and was getting around fairly well by that evening.

So...... Scooby and I broke the sling back in. I forgot how much I love it. He fucked me silly guilding me back and forth on his cock. It was just the work out I needed.

Thursday we are headed back to the campground. This weekend's theme is Mardi Gras, it should be fun. I'll try and take pictures this time.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing new going on. I've worked overtime the last couple of Satudays cleaning carpets in my building. Finally its all done. I'm still waiting to find out if my boss and HR have ok'd my classes for fall. I might have waited to long and might not have time to register, since classes start Sept. 5, I think.

We are hoping to go camping a couple more times in August. Other than that just working on the house. We did manage to get our sling hung up on the side porch/new playroom. Hope to use it soon. Its been years since we had a place to put it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I need a new drug

I got my meds refilled today and this warning was attached to them:

Alprazolam 0.5mg (generic Xanax) tablets with Viracept 250mg tablets (HIV meds)
Onset: Delayed severity: major documentation
Suspected potentially serious CNS depression is possible when Alprazolam and Viracept are co-administered, especially during initial exposure or after resuming therapy following an interuption in therapy.

Yikes....I've been taking them both for years. The Alprazolam, just to sleep now and then, but still. I need to find a new drug to help me get to sleep. After our party a few weeks ago I got so depressed that I went off my meds for almost two weeks and by the time we got back from camping last Sunday I was at an all time low. I didn't mention this before cuz I wanted to save you all the gloom and doom. I might have found the reason for some/most??? of the depression problems I've had for several years, and it was/could be drug related. God damn......

I guess time will tell. Monday I went back on my HIV meds mixed with marinol and I've been feeling great all week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today marks six months since my fathers death. I was kind of having a hard time for the last 2 weeks, but today I took some Marinol. It gave me the energy and the enthusiasum to start the project work of cleaning the carpets in my building and it made me feel good that I'm able to accomplish something around here. I'm tired and sweaty, but I feel good.

I'll update soon on the weekend camping trip. It was a blast to say the least.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson dies

Championed the environment
As first lady, she was perhaps best known as the determined environmentalist who wanted roadside billboards and junkyards replaced with trees and wildflowers. She raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to beautify Washington. The $320 million Highway Beautification Bill, passed in 1965, was known as "The Lady Bird Bill," and she made speeches and lobbied Congress to win its passage. (MSNBC)

I saw a documentary once about this subject. Before this bill, advertisers would rent farmers barns to use as billboards and the advertisers would maintain the facade of the barns. Including painting and replacing the roofs when needed. Because of the bill new advertisers could no longer use barns for advertisement. Now barns across our country are falling into ruin.

Thanks Lady Bird, I'm sure you meant well, but because of this you've destroyed part of our history.

In other news, we leave tomorrow morning for our camping trip. Hope to have some nasty stories to tell since the theme this weekend is "Bears in the woods/leather weekend".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July history

I came to the conclusion the reason I was kind of down after our party last week was because my parents wedding anniversary is/was on the 4th of July. In the early 1940's my father was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood near Rolla Missouri. My parents met while he was home on leave. His sister and my mom worked together at a little corner grocery in a little village near by. My moms parents drove my mom to Missouri and they were married in Rolla.

In the 70's when I was a kid we would spend 4th of July at my parents cabin north of Au Grey. We would go to this park in Tawas to watch the fireworks over the Saginaw bay. The park had all these cement figures to play on. There was Disney's Pluto the dog that you'd climb up his ass and slide out his mouth. The shoe from "The old woman who lived in a shoe", which you'd climb the narrow steps and slide down the tongue of the shoe. The hippo which had several holes through out to climb in and out. A castle, which might have had a slide also, and a couple of fish, one which always smelled of piss. I loved playing on that stuff. Its been along time since I've been up there and they probably are gone now due to sue happy people and stricter enforcement of play ground equipment.

I had a silver poodle when I was a kid since I was allergic to everything and they don't shed. We would take her also and the fireworks would scare the shit out of her and she would sit there and shake nervously and I would wrap her in a blanket. Anyway that is my memories of 4th of July when I was a kid. God I miss my parents.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Party update

Our party was one of the most successful ones yet. We had around 85 people, an abundance of delicious food and with donations we ended up a little ahead this year. So we are thinking of buying some new tarps for our Halloween party and maybe another food steamer, if I can find on on Ebay.

I don't know what is up with me but I'm feeling quite down today. I think it might be because I was in such high spirits being the social host that I'm all tapped out of "happy" right now. Who knows. Thank god I only have to work two days this week, cuz I'm really fucking tired.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend update

The River Roar boat races was this weekend. They had concerts to go along with the festivities, Friday night the park behind our house had Poison in concert. Then Saturday night was Ted Nugent. Next week is Starship for our fireworks festival. We didn't go to the river roar or the concerts since we could hear them very clearly from the back yard. Sunday we went to St. Stans festival and hung around the beer tent listening to the polka bands and watching the people dance and of course drinking beer.

Next week is our fireworks party(s). I've got Monday and Tuesday off next week which will make a nice short week of work. Then the following week I have Thursday and Friday off for our camping trip to Saugatuck. Its leather/bear weekend at the campground, should be fun.

Devils dick as requested

Here's a pic of the Devils dick.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today I feel.....

Like I need to go back to school.

I grew up in the time where Pink Floyd was telling everyone that we didn't need an education. Well thats all fine and dandy as long as you what to earn minimum wage working fast food ect.. The list goes on for shit jobs for the uneducated.

I know I've pissed and moaned that I want to move to New Orleans but the fact is I have no education and with out one I'd be fucked. Yes I have a decent union job now with nice benefits. But the era of unions for general laborers is coming to an end. Just recently a local school district decided to not renew the contract of their custodians and out source instead. We just got a new president where I work and he's started cutting back and letting people go and I honestly feel that when our contract is up in 5 years that they will no doubt out source us also. It's sad to see devoted employees that have worked for a company for decades just get thrown out like yesterdays garabage. But at least they have an education.

So I think its time that I get my ass in gear so I can have something to fall back on if and when this job ends. I think I've decided on Hotel Restaraunt management. Its something that is in abundance down in NOLA and everywhere for that matter. Actually I always thought it would be cool to own a bed and breakfast or a diner, so the opportunities are endless.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A note to fathers

When your taking care of your own children its not called babysitting.

Its called parenting.

Seriously some guy told me he was babysitting his kids today.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What were we thinking.....

Our city always has a big celebration for the 4th of July. Always having three days of fireworks, the first two last 10 min. and the last night being 40 min. of fireworks. Well this year they are scheduled to be on July 1-3. We live so close, you can see them from the back yard, so we normally have a party.

Well this year we couldn't decide which day to have the party. It's normally on the last night because of the big fireworks display. We figured that since the last night this year is on the 3rd that most people would have to work that day so we decided to have our party on Sunday the first night of the fireworks. Then after some thinking we figured that since most people would have the 4th off that maybe we should have it on the last night.

We couldn't decide, so we are having two parties, the first night and the last night. Now its starting to sink in that I'm going to have to make enough food for two nights. Not to mention that we have a cocktail machine that holds three different drinks at 5 gal. per cocktail choice. So for two parties we are going to end up making 30 gal. of cocktails. OMG!!!

I normally have a preparty panic attack. I have a feeling its gonna be a doozie this year....
Wish me luck

If your reading this and your in the area and want to come, let me know and I'll send you a link with the details.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Thats what this weekend consisted of. Saturday morning Scooby and I got up and did our Saturday morning ritual of going to the flea market. Met up with our friend Thurston there and after the three of us had breakfast at the little old diner there.

We got home and at 11am my sister calls.

Her: Are you in the area
Me: Yeah we just got home (thinking she was near my house and gonna stop in)
Her: We're buring dads ashes today and we're at the cemetery
Me: What? I thought we were doing it on fathers day weekend
Her: Just get here, we'll wait for you, bring Scooby if you want.

SHIT....I can't believe I mixed this up. So we head to the cemetery in Midland Co. which is at the least a half hour drive. We get there and bury my dad's ashes. Then we head out for the planned brunch at his favorite restraunt.... of course Scooby and I just ate so we have drinks and I have a piece of pie as everyone else eats.

Then they plan on going up to Wixom lake to my sisters trailer. Since I don't see my brothers adult daughters that much since they live in FL we decide to go also. But we have to run home first since Scooby forgot his tobbaco and had long pant on and I needed sunblock. So we run back home, get our shit together as Scooby quickly calls his mom and wishes her a happy birthday. Then we're off back to Midland and up to the lake. Despite all the rushing around it was a nice day.

Then Sunday we went out with Thurston on his boat out on the Saginaw bay. We got his boat cleaned up and I paddled around in the water a bit. It was about 7pm by the time we got home and then we headed out to the Berg for a few drinks around 9pm. We headed home around 1am.

I've been planning on cutting back on my drinking and I did pretty good this weekend. I had 3 tall boys on Saturday at the lake. Then finished the other 3 on the boat on Sunday. Then I only had 2 regular size beers at the bar that night.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Public wanking, and a weekend update

OMG! I was heading to my other building to clean today and saw this older guy in a late model truck sitting at the exit to the bank next door. He had several chances to merge into traffic but didn't. Then I noticed that his right shoulder kept shaking like he was jacking off. I think he noticed me checking him out and so he pulled out onto the road but only went down to the next parking area.....to probably finished up.

It was very warm today. I love what it does to guys.....

In other news: We had a few good friends over Sunday for a bbq. It was suppose to rain but it got it all out of its system that morning and the day turned out gorgeous. Monday we started pouring the piers for the deck we are building. Then today we ran out and got most of the wood for it. Hoping to have a good portion of it done this weekend.

Friday, May 25, 2007

I can't remember

Last night only got worse. People worked late in my building and there was a constant flow in and out of the lunch room. So I decided against eating my lettuce w/ tomato's that was in the fridge. Plus since thats all I eat Mon.-Thurs. week after week, month after month its getting a bit tiring. I had some spare change and decided to hit the drive thru at Taco Bell and grab a soft taco for dinner instead, can't beat it for 89 cents. I got there and went to order but for the life of me couldn't remember the word "taco". It went something like this.

Speaker: Hi may I take your order
Me: Yes I'll have one soft burrito please
Speaker: What kind sir?
Me: You know the soft kind, opposite of the hard shell kind
Speaker: Sir they're all soft and we have a big variety
Me: Just give me the cheapest one then. (I only had a dollar in change)
Speaker: The bean burrito then
Me: No I'd like meat in it.
Speaker: One burrito supreme, that will be 3.50.
Me: Oh forget it!

Then I backed out of the drive thru and went back to my building, about half way back I remembered the word "Taco". FUCK! Needless to say I was too pissed off/flustered and embaressed to go back so I skipped dinner last night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tired and down

I got out of work at midnight last night and had to turn around this morning and head back to attend my uncles funeral at 10am. He was by dads oldest brother, their wasn't much of a turn out which kind of depressed me. After the funeral/burial/luncheon I decided to stay in town until I went to work since gas is so fuckin expensive. My sisters and I went to the cemeteries to change out the floral arrangement on my parents grave so there would be a new one there when we bury my dads ashes on fathers day weekend. I also took the arrangement off my grandparents grave (mothers side) since my aunt placed two gargantuan potted plants on the grave which totally conceiled mine. I moved it to my dads grandparents grave in another cemetery since they had nothing.

While we were cemetery hopping I pointed out to my sisters all the generations of forgotten grandparents of ours. So that makes one funeral and three cemetery visits today and top it off being sleep deprived. Its probably just my mood today but have been considering ending this blog since I normally have nothing important or interesting to say here. Hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend and remember to remember the dead cuz thats what this holiday is all about.

I got to be in town all day tomorrow also cuz I have a house cleaning job before work. UGH! We are planning a bbq Sunday, I hope I can catch up on my sleep before then.

Later, Happy Memorial weekend

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another Craigslist add


In town for Falwell funeral, seeking discreet blowjob - 67

Reply to: pers-336534817@craigslist.org Date: 2007-05-23, 1:16AM EDT

In town for Jerry Farwell's funeral (finally the old turd croaked) --my wife is his sister-- and looking for a discreet blowjob at my hotel while she is "mourning" at her relative's place on Wed. I'm 5'11", 185#, trim, and hung. Seeking discreet dude into giving oral service. No fats, fems, freaks (saw enough of those at the funeral).

I did my research and its for real. LOL here is the link to the add


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Girls are so fucking lucky

I found this craigslist add in the adult gigs yesterday for the Detroit area. Fuck!!! God dam, I want this fucking job!!!!


Pay: $50 per man. (Average night ranges from 3 guys to 15, each guy spending about 5 mins in your mouth. Average time you spend at a session - about 2 to 3 hours. Do the math. The pay is good.)

Please be:
> 18 to 50 and INSHAPE.
> Drug and Disease free.
> Caucasian
> Comfortable with cum in mouth; you don't HAVE to swallow, but it would be a plus if you did, of course. Interviews begin May 25th

Please include the following:

- PHOTOS (head & full body)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to beat the high cost of living

I was just reading an online news story about the high price of gas. They stated that it has hit a high this week at 3.08 a gallon. 3.08 a gallon? I want to know where the fuck they can find gas at that price cuz its 3.49 here in mid Michigan. I just fucking filled my tank and it set me back 50 bucks. FUCK!!!! I'm at a point right now that I will only get gas at a BP station (British Petroleum) cuz I refuse to let my own country fuck me in the ass.

If they're gonna screw us and raise gas prices to the point we can't even afford to drive to work then they fucking better legalize prositution, cuz that is the only way I'm gonna make enough to buy gas.

Blow jobs in exchange for a 1/2 a tank of gas. anyone?

I'm already working a full time job that only covers mortgage, insurances, and utilities, thats it no fucking extras. Then I clean bi-weekly 3 fucking houses so I can afford gas plus luxury items like toilet paper and toothpaste. At least thats the way it normally is, right now I have to admit that I do have a little stashed away thanks to my inheritance, but what the fuck am I gonna do once that runs out, which it will soon enough. I can't afford to live in the town that I work, and there are no jobs in the town that I live. Pardon the prepanic rant.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Edward Hopper

Here are a couple of prints of my favorite artist Edward Hopper the first is "Chop Suey Restaurant". I love the colors in this one.

This next one is "New York Movie 1930", it makes me laugh about the woman who is deep in thought because these days she just looks like she's on her cell phone.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing new to report. I haven't felt all that great this week. Called in sick yesterday and slept most of the day/night and I'm still tired. Ugh Today I bought 10 bags of mulch and a couple of tomato plants. Monday I'll probably buy my flowers.

We got a good portion of the floor built on the side porch last weekend. Hope to finish up this weekend. Our camera's fixed so I plan on taking/posting some pics.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another work rant

I totally fucking give up. The art gallery I clean has had water problems in the basement since...forever. When it rains water runs down the back wall, luckily there is a sump pump that the water runs into, but its still not good for the foundation of the building. Hello.....

The problem is the underground drain. First its not big enough for a commercial building. Second the end of it that use to shoot the water out onto the side walk is now 3/4 covered with cement from the new sidewalk that was put in last year. So now the water sits in the drain with no place to go. I pointed this out to my boss who in turn told his boss.

Now I'm being told that they are going to clean out the drain. I mentioned that the new sidewalk is blocking it. Boss's boss response was "I think what we are going to do will be fine." Obviously my words just went in one ear and out the other. Plus I don't think he likes it when the uneducated help gives advice.

This isn't the first time I've had run in with this guy.....

The steps going to the gallery basement were very narrow and had a rubber/plastic surface. Well with wet shoes on, they were treacherous. I fell down the stairs and so did the gallery director. I told idiot boss man that the steps were not up to code. He then told me that he went there and measured the steps and they were fine. It took seven people falling down the steps to get them rebuilt correctly. When they were being rebuilt I asked the gallery director sarcastically why they were being rebuilt and she told me because they weren't up to code....

Not once did idiot boss tell me that I was right. But what do I know, I'm just an uneducated janitor.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy weekend

I got to my dads at noon on Friday and my bro and sis had just decided to end the garage sale early, which was fine by me. So we took what we wanted and divided the rest into donate and trash and two carloads to Salvation army and one to the dump and we were done.

Saturday we headed to the flea market and met up with our friend Thurston. I ended up buying one of those double baskets that fit on the back of a bike for 15 bucks, what a deal compared to the ones that sell on EBay. Scooby ended up buying a commercial Bunn coffee maker for 15 bucks also. We then headed to Saginaw to Hobby Lobby and Michaels crafts. I needed more stuff for the flower arrangements that I'm making up for my parents and grandparents graves. I also wanted to find a picture frame for my Edward Hopper print "Chop Suey Restraunt" and "New York Movie 1930". Didn't find one for Chop Suey, but I did get NY Movie framed. Saturday night we went to the neighbors and bowled on their new Wii game and drank strawberry margaritas. yum yum

Sunday was beautiful so I worked out in the yard most of the day. I condensed one of my flower beds and moved my Hosta's to make way for a new deck that we are planning. Then we started cleaning out the side porch to get ready to build the floor. Its just been a dirt floor storage area but that will change soon enough. It will eventually be the hot tub/ play room, and it will also house the freezer that we got from the neighbors.

Then before work today we went to Menards and got the fire pit they have on sale. Then we headed for Home Depot to buy the supplies for the side porch floor. Thank god they rent trucks cuz there was no way that we would have been able to get that stuff home in my Aztek all in one trip. I also bought a climbing rose bush to help shade the front porch. I really didn't want pink blooms but that was all they had so I guess it will have to do. Red would have been my first choice.

Hope everyone had a great and productive weekend like myself.

Monday, April 23, 2007

One tired puppy

Well things went pretty smoothly cleaning the rest of my dads stuff out. He really didn't have as much crap in the garage that I thought he did. We got done early enough Saturday that we actually started the sale that day. I managed to his lazyboy hauled home Friday and then his craftmatic bed Saturday night. The base of the bed is heavier then a muther fucker and of course it was going upstairs. Once we got it up there and set up Kiddo and Clyde couldn't stop smelling the side of the bed that my dad basically bled out on. Which was kind of disturbing.

Sunday I got up early and started stacking firewood from the five trees that we had cut down in the back yard. By the time I was almost done Scooby had gotten up so then we made a makeshift storage area above the side porch in order to store the siding we haven't gotten installed yet. The side porch doesn't have a floor yet so we need to clear it out in order to start building the floor, which is our next project.

Then last night I didn't sleep worth a shit. Got up early again today and did 3 loads of laundry before I went to work. Tuesday and Wednesday this week I got house cleaning jobs before work then Thursday and Friday I'm helping with the sale of my dads stuff.

Thank god I took Friday off.....

Monday, April 16, 2007

The next couple of weeks are going to be frantic. This Friday and Saturday my sisters and I are going through my dad's garage and getting ready for a garage sale the following weekend. My dad's house has been sold and final signing is next week. The guy wants to move in immediately but said we could still use the garage for the sale. oiy...... My brother was suppose to help tag everything but now he is only going to be there to help run the sale. I have no idea why he can't be there when he was suppose to, he is retired.....

A friend of ours is going to jail for 90 days and has invited us to an "I'm going to jail party" this Saturday. What do you bring to that? a carton of cigarettes?

Also we've decided to look for vacant property down in NOLA then eventually build on it. This way we can hopefully get property in a decent area and sit on it until we finish the house here. Also with Scooby building it we know it will hold up to a hurricane.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wednesday afternoon it started snowing and snowing and snowing. Against better judgement I went to work, but ended up leaving 2 hours early cuz I wanted to get home before it started to freeze. The drive home was treacherous and the worst conditons all winter. HELLO ITS FUCKING APRIL FOR GOD SAKE!!!!! I decided that if there is a God he hates us. By the time I got to Bay City the snow had turned to rain and by the time I woke up the next morning 99% of the snow was gone. YES!

Today it was in the 40's-50's. Which I embraced whole heartedly, my cabin fever subsiding. Being stuck in the house 4 months out of the year can get a little depressing. Anyway in other news I've started teaching myself sign language and am really enjoying it. I hope the next time we go down to NOLA I'll see the cute deaf guy again, this time we can communicate a little better.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm so fuckin tired today. Last Thursday I went to Saginaw to clean a house and when I got there I realized that I had forgot my key to get in. So I cleaned it this morning instead, before I headed to Midland to clean my sisters house. After the first house I needed to get lunch and I still have my gift certificates that I gave my dad for Christmas for his favorite restraunt sooo I decided that it was time to use one of them. It was weird/sad eating there alone, I felt like one of those people in an Edward Hopper painting. I managed to keep it together and actually kind of felt my fathers presence sitting across the table from me, which was nice. Once I got out to the car I had a brief little cry and then headed to the dollar store.

After that I cleaned my sisters place and once I got done I had almost 2 hours before I had to be to work. So I headed to the cemetery and cleaned up around my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandmothers graves. My mother used to take me to the cemetery alot when I was a kid since we lived right down the road. We'd pump water from the well and water the plants on my grandparents grave and she would point out my great grandparents grave. For some reason I find the cemetery relaxing, so I think I'm going to start focusing more attention and take care of my families plots.

So that was today in a nutshell. I'm thinking of posting more pics here once we get our camera fixed.

Monday, April 09, 2007

For the last several days I've woken up with a really sore back. I go to bed feeling fine, but when I wake up.... agony. The bed itself is a semi new expensive bed that sugar daddy gave us a year or so ago.

Today I got up fed the cats and went and layed down on the couch with the heating pad. Ended up falling back to sleep and when I woke up all three cats where snuggled up around me. What a comforting feeling...I was on my side and Clyde was nestled in behind my legs, Puddy was against my chest and Kiddo was laying on my torso. Their not big snugglers so this was a treat.

Sunday we went to my sisters for Easter dinner. Then I played a card game with my sister, niece-inlaw and great niece. I won and then we called it a day and headed home. We stopped at my Dad's place and picked up the carpet that was out in the garage that had been replaced from his house. I plan on using it in the spare bedroom upstairs which is almost finished and the other piece probably on the back porch. Hopefully it will survive until we can get in layed down, since one of the cats has decided that it's really fun to shred the ends of it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

More random stuff

Went over to a friends house last night to have a few drinks and ended up watching Female Trouble. I'm a sponge when it comes to useless information and our host told me that the little girl who played Taffy aka Hilary Taylor now is a real estate agent in Boston. That made me wonder if she is Will's agent from DesignerBlog since he recently put his house up for sale.

Scooby drank to much and started biting and pinching me quite hard, which I didn't find one bit amusing. I kept telling him to stop, but it fell on deaf/drunk ears. Finally I pinched his ear till it got really red, then he stopped. Drama drama. It's funny how we can annoy each other when the other has been drinking. Don't know how this will unfold IF we move to NOLA.

The biting started to remind me of Jackies psycho girlfriend on "Workout". I watched most of the first season but once they started promo'ing the second season they insinuated that Jackie was back with the psycho and I couldn't watch. I got plenty of train wrecks right at home to watch thank you. That's like that fucking stupid ass reality show "Airport". Who the fuck watches that, its like all the stress of traveling but without going anywhere.

As for NOLA. I've been calculating and if I cash in the stocks that I'll get from inheritance and if my dads house sells and if I also refinance my house I just might be able to swing it. I've been advised to save my stocks for retirement, but I have a problem seeing that far in the future. I'm already 11 yrs. into HIV and I've got 25 yrs till retirement, it just doesn't seem fathomable that I'll survive that long. Hell if I could get the retirement that I have saved through work I could buy the place in NOLA now for cash. But I can't touch that $ till I'm like 65. Are there still companies that buy life insurance policies?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Male trouble and breaking hearts

I had to let go of two fuck buddies this week. The one, furry poz guy was getting possessive and kind of needy. We started getting together occasionally on Sunday mornings. I should have seen the red flags when he started expecting me to come over every Sunday. I introduced him to Scooby and we had several three-ways with him. I tried to create a friendship with him but everytime I invited him over he expected sex and started to get down right bitchy when he didn't get what he wanted. I tried to explain that my sex drive has been hit and miss since my fathers death, but this guy either didn't understand or didn't care. So buh bye.

The other guy I would get together with on Friday evenings. He quickly developed strong feelings for me and what did I do..... I invited him over to the house and Scooby and I had a three way with him also for the last two weekends. He emailed me yesterday confessing his feelings, telling me he hasn't been to work all this week and that he's been crying alot. I told him that it was probably best that we didn't play anymore but I hoped we could still be friends. He just told me tonight that the only way he can pick himself up is to quit the gay lifestyle....

I feel bad for the second guy and will do what I can to help him. This is why I prefer to have sex with strangers. Since all this, I'm not even sure I want to know the other persons name. No strings, blow and go is where its at for me this year.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

decisions decisions

Well I did it again...... I've been looking at real estate down in NOLA online again. I found a property that is about a block from our friend the Crisco kid in a "not too bad" neighborhood. Its in our price range, has lots of space and even maybe a yard. And its walking distance to the Quarter.

Why do I do this to myself, getting my hopes up that is. First I'm sure its not in prestine condition so banks won't touch it. Second we are not even close to having our place ready to put on the market. I used to say the only thing that kept me in Michigan was my father, now that he's gone..... I've got a good job here and down there I would probably have to work alot harder, but I hate the winters here and really don't care for MI. I absolutely love it down there. I'm sure summers would be a bitch heat wise, but I think I'd rather deal with excessive heat then excessive cold.

I'm also scared of quitting my job, but I could take a leave of absence. I don't know...... I've recently thought that I've kind of wasted the last 22 yrs of my life here in MI and do I really want to spend the next 22yrs doing the same thing. Arrgh

I know I'm rambling

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not much new

Not much new here. Most of the week was cold with temps averaging around 30. It started warming up and raining last night which is a good thing since it will get rid of the rest of the snow. I got up this morning and it was already 50 degrees. YES!!!

Had lunch with my sister today and she told me that she got an offer on my dads house which is another good thing. Hopefully the guy will be able to get financing.

Today was the first day I spent time outside without a coat. I brought my coat to work since I'll probably need it by nightfall but its out in my car until I need it. Funny how the little things mean so much.... Winter and cold weather is just about over, thank God.

And as of yesterday I'm chlamydia free. I finished the rest of my antibiotics yesterday and to celebrate I sucked off Scooby.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Things are looking up

Well my lymph nodes are finally starting to shrink and become less painful. I think I'm also starting to get some energy back. YAY!

Earlier this week we had weather in the high 60's and most of the snow is now gone other than the snow plow piles in the parking lots. YAY!

I also quit seeing my therapist. Actually I missed my last appointment a couple of weeks ago and never called to reschedule. Most of my stress is gone, with "J" moving out things at home are now back to slow paced and boring and alot less drinking. Also since my dad is gone I don't have to worry about running into family members that feel the need to judge me and condemn me to hell for being a cock sucking butt fucking homosexual.

This year started out shitty, but things seem to be looking up. And spring is right around the corner.

Happy St. Pats day everyone! We are partying at the "Berg" tomorrow night and then the St. Pats parade is Sunday at 2pm. Gonna be a fun weekend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

OUCH! An open letter to my fuck/ suck buddies

Dear fuck/suck buddies,
I've been having swollen lymph nodes problems since last Friday and went to the Dr. Monday about it. I hate to have to tell you this but I found out today that I have chlamydia (aka the clap). Apparently 90% of people who have it show no signs of symptoms (like me). So I don't know how long I've had it, it could have been the cause of my pink eye last year. They told me I had to contact all my partners, sooo. Luckily it can be treated and cured with antibiotics. Again I'm sorry to have to tell you this, I feel horrible. :(

Well this is my first STD folks, other than HIV that is. I just thank God that with antibiotics it will be cured in about 8-10 days. It could have been the cause of my headaches and my fatigue, so I'm curious about how I'll feel in two weeks. If you'd like more info. on this you can go to the link here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Dr. visit + some advice

I went to the Dr. Monday and yes we were right it is my Lymp nodes that are swollen. The Dr. said to just apply either hot or cold (I can't remember which) compress's to them and to keep an eye on them and let him know if it gets worse. He also said it was unlikely but tested me for gonorrhea. Great.... For those of you who have never had this test, they stick a large wooden Q-tip type thing in the end of your dick, which stings and burns. Fun Fun I was really surprised he didn't take a urine sample. I was thinking that my problem was possibly a bladder or kidney infection type thing, but what do I know.... Anyway still waiting for the test results.

I've recently decided that it isn't a good idea to try and be friends with fuck buddies. Either their a friend or a FB, but when you try and combine it is when it gets messy. I met this guy last fall online, he's poz also and we started having sex on Sunday mornings. Then I introduced him to Scooby and we had a three way. I also organized a four way with us and another guy a couple of times.

The day we got home from New Orleans we were dead tired from the drive. The guy called and I told him we were too tired but he insisted on coming over anyway, because he hadn't gotten off since we left. We did manage to have a three way that evening but Scooby was really tired and got kinda irritated. Our Sunday playdates kind of petered out cuz Scooby started getting up earlier and we would start working on the house. Now he wants to get together EVERY weekend.

I don't mind hanging out but I've been dealing with alot of shit this year with my fathers suicide plus I've been sick for several weeks and now with my swollen lymp node problem. Sorry but sex hasn't been a high priority on my list lately. He called this weekend and said in a pissy tone, "We're not having sex anymore so I'm just gonna stay home and get online and find someone." Which my response was, "I'm sorry I've been sick but thats cool". It felt as if he was trying to give me a guilt trip and that pissed me off. Luckily I'm getting better, but this last weekend it was painful to even walk so his guilt trip didn't work.

With fuck buddies, you call them when your horny and its your basic blow and go. I shouldn't have to explain to someone (who is not my boyfriend) why I'm not in the mood and if I have too they should understand. He asked how it went at the Dr. and I was blunt about it and told him I got tested for gonorrhea and was waiting for the results, that should cool his jets a bit....

Anyway end of rant, thanks for listening...

Friday, March 09, 2007

No money, more work and a second set of testicles

I figured by this time today that I'd have a pocket full of money, but its not the case. First my paycheck didn't show up today which included the 100% refund on 2006 health insurance. Then one of my house cleaning jobs wanted me to come in and clean their China and curio cabinets, and I didn't get paid for that either. Then I got to work and my millage reibursement didn't get processed either. FUCK!!!! Oh well guess I won't be spending much money this weekend.

Then after I got to work my boss called me to let me know that we are understaffed again and I have to clean that big fucking ass building on campus again tonight. Again FUCK!!!!
To top it all off I've been having pains in my groin lately also and today when I was taking a shower I discovered I have two golf ball size lumps on either side of my cock which totally fucking freaked me out. I had Scooby check them out and he told me my lymp nodes are swollen. So I feel alittle bit better about that. They still are making it hard to get around though. God just get me through tonight. I think I'm gonna have to tell my boss about my HIV status soon. Maybe then I won't have to do all this extra work because its fucking killing me.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Mine starts at 11pm tonight. YAY!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tired as shit

Good lord has this been a busy week.....

First the chainsaw man:

Scooby has noticed for the last couple of years during the summer this hot furry, long bearded guy ride past the house on a bicycle. The kind of interesting and scary part is that he always has a chainsaw in the milk crate that is strapped to the back of his bike. Well a week or so ago I was leaving for work and who is riding past but the chainsaw man minus the chainsaw this time. I find out that he does tree trimming/ removal work and is in need of work. He's straight but gay friendly and a big fucking dick tease but nice all the same.

I hired him to cut down several small trees and trim up several large trees in my back yard. So yesterday as he cut and trimmed the trees I stacked the logs and brush. We worked from 10:30am till 3pm and I was fucking tired by the time we got done. I had just enough time before work to run to McDonalds and feed us.

Then I went to work only to find out that we were majorly understaffed so I ended up having to do three times the amount of work that night then normal. By the time I was done I was totally spent. Then this morning Scooby woke me up early wanting sex. I was still tired and irritated by being work up so early, so I hate fucked him hard, which is just what he likes. Then early this afternoon I had to go help a friend pick up a washing machine and take it to his house. Luckily I was able to take a nap before work today so I'm starting to feel normal again.

In other local news:

There is two High Schools in the town that I'm from. When the original one (the one I went to) got too crowded they built another on the the rich side of town. This high school has a swimming pool and carpeted classrooms ect. to cater to the prodominately posh student body. Yesterday a male student from a nearby small town walked in with a backpack and asked to see his ex girlfriend. She wasn't there so they asked him to leave. He went out to the parking lot and waited for her. She showed up around 11am with her mother and he shot her four times in the parking lot then shot himself. He died and the girl is in critical but stable condition.

It kind of irks me that they would have carpeted classrooms and a swimming pool but no metal detectors. Priorities???? If they would of had them they would of went off when he first entered the school which might have diffused the incident. I bet they'll probably be getting them now.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Reversing the downward spiral

For the last seven months our drinking at home has gotten bad, bordering on out of control. I don't blame our 25 yo. room mate "J", but I think that the three of us living together makes for a destructive combination. Coming home from a long day at work and finding them drunk several days out of the week was wearing on me. I've been having outbursts of anger and have finally realized that I need a stable home environment. And when my home environment is not stable.... neither am I.

Scooby and I have been discussing asking "J" to leave for the last month. Things finally came to a head Saturday morning when "J" and I had a door slamming contest in which I won. He then announced that he couldn't live here anymore and moved out that day. It feels as if a weight has been lifted off of me.

Sunday we had a nice quiet day. No techno blaring from upstairs, no constant stream of men coming and going, and we actually had a liquor free day. We're getting our old boring life back and it feels fucking great.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy "Hallmark" Day

Scooby and I have been together almost 10 yrs. so needless to say we don't celebrate Valentines Day, Christmas or even birthdays for that matter anymore. Yes we wish each other a Happy (whatever holiday ect.) , but we don't buy any gifts for each other. Scooby's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I did take the day off at his request and we sat around and got shit faced drunk.

Actually I've been drinking too much lately. A few weeks ago I came home from work on a Friday night and Scooby was already passed out drunk on the couch. So I took off and went to a friend house and started drinking, then came home and continued drinking and got on the computer. Granted I was only drinking beer, that is until "J" out room mate came home with a bottle of whisky. We started doing shots and I ended up blacking out and passing out. Scooby found "J" and I at 7am Saturday morning curled up under a blanket in the middle of the kitchen floor.

The night of Scoobys birthday wasn't any diffferent. "J" found us passed out naked on the couch, me laying on my back and Scooby curled up like a cat laying on my chest. I've recently discovered that on occasion Scooby with ride my cock after I pass out or fall asleep. So I'm under the impression that "J" witnessed the aftermath of one of those sessions.

I sometimes threaten Scooby and "J" that I'm going to get help, but in all honesty drinking is the only fun thing in my life right now. It only happens a couple times a month on either Friday or Saturday so I don't feel its a problem yet.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Confused slut

This weekend I added two new guys to my yahoo IM. One, a local guy in his early twenties who lives near where I work. The very horny young man was looking to get serviced and considering the stuff going on with me right now, I'm finding the best distraction is to suck on a hard cock. We planned to hook up sometime this week.

The second guy is a reader of my blog from, if I remember right, New York.

Anyway....I got an IM from my blog reader guy and thought it was the local horny guy. I IM'd him back saying if he was up to it that I'd suck him off tonight..... Oops sorry.

I'm such a confused slut....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Rant and other shit

Well I was suppose to have an interview at the local State University this morning, but I cancelled it. The main reason for changing jobs was because they had domestic partner benefits. Well no more thanks to Michigan Court of Appeals. I'm too old to start over and loose all my vacation ect. so I guess I'm here to stay unless we move out of the bigoted state of Michigan. I swear to God, that the AFA and the people who support it are nothing but modern day Nazi's, the only difference is they have a more subtle way of exterminating people.

I was hoping to go to the support group for Survivors of Suicide, but the meetings in the area conflict with my job. If the night group was in Midland instead of Saginaw I could go since they're near work. The one in Midland is at 11am, and I refuse to drive to Midland twice in one day, or hang out till I go to work. So I guess the monthly therapist meeting will have to do.

My dads material things are being divided up. He left his riding lawn mower to my sister and her husband, his car to my other sister, the other lawn equipment goes to my brother and I get his craftmatic bed...... the bed he shot himself on. Nice. But my sister just found out that the house insurance will pay to have the mattress replaced. I darkly joked, "He knew that the bed was going to me, why couldn't he have shot himself on the other twin bed in his bedroom." I told my siblings that I wanted the gun also, and they agreed. I wouldn't if it wasn't a family heirloom. But it was my mom's 22 rifle when she was young. So now I just have to wait for the police to release it, I guess it takes a month for that to happen. "J" our room mate said his father offered to teach me to clean it and that I can go shoot it out on their property. I also found an indoor shooting range right down the street.

So thats whats going on with me. I'm doing better. We are all doing better. It had been several days since I got weepy, but I went to the Survivors of Suicide online site and the memorial page made me have a relapse. But crying is a good thing, it helps.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Some what back

I'm some what back. Thank you all so very much for your kind words, its meant alot in this difficult time. This last week and a half has been an emotional roller coaster. My moments of crying are starting to subside a bit. My siblings and I spent last Thursday and Friday cleaning out my dads house. Thurday night sitting in my living room with 1/4 of my parents belongings lying on the floor, thats when it started to hit me, he's gone, there both gone. We're all trying not to blame ourselves, because its not going to do us any good.

I didn't cry this much when my mom died 11 yrs ago, but she was sick and bed ridden for her last couple of months. We had time to get used to the fact that she was going. No one expected my dad to end his life. My brother- inlaw, the one who found my dad isn't doing well. We're all just kind of fucked up right now. I know this has made me stronger. I have contemplated the act myself from time to time......now......never. I've been on the other end of it and would never put anyone through this grief.

We're going to wait till summer to clean out the garage. Then once the house/land gets out of probate it will go up for sale. I spent every Tuesday with my dad, I'm going to be lost tomorrow. I've been distracting myself with cock, mostly Scooby's. Friday the hot redhead is going to pound a load down my throat. And I might be rendezvous'ing next week with a hot furry poz guy and having hot meaningless mansex in a cheap motel, so things are ok.

My Union sent a beautiful floral arrangement. I'm kind of dissapointed with my job. Yes my boss showed up to the memorial service and his boss sent me a card, but the people I clean for in my main building, the people I see everyday, didn't do anything, not even a card. One lady said she was sorry to hear the news the rest acted like nothing happened. My co-workers didn't do anything either. A card would have been enough. I've been here for 17 years, I feel like I deserve at least a card.

But then when my mom died and I was still working on campus the people in that building all signed a card for me. Then when I got back from berevement leave, one of the ladies asked if I had been on vacation......and she had signed the card.

Anyway, thank you all again for the kind thoughts and wishes. I will be ok, like that saying goes, "that what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger".

Update: I did end up recieving a card from my coworkers and one from one of the three dept. that I clean for.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I've been debating whether to post this or not, but I need to take a break for a week or two maybe a month.

My father was a very strong and adamant person. After living through his own mothers stroke and nursing home confinement he vowed that he never wanted to get to the point that he had to go to a nursing home and didn't want to be a burden on us kids.

Yesterday morning he woke with a bad headache and the shakes and all we can guess is that he thought he was having a stroke and he ended up shooting and killing himself in his home. He was 87. He was a very happy person who loved his family and this has been a total shock for all of us. It was a very long day which included me and my nephew and Scooby yesterday evening cleaning up the scene once the police cleared it and confirmed it was a suicide.

Needless to say I'm a mess right now.....but I will be back.

I don't understand why you did it, but I love you dad and will miss you so very much.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I decided to go online and check out the local state University's website and I'll be god damned if they have two full time openings for custodians and one part time call in position. I immediately applied. One of my friends mother works as a custodian there and said I could use her as a reference. YES! I'm sure that the full time positions will go to others that are already in the part time call in pool, but hey maybe I can at least get my foot in the door. This State University also acknowledges same sex unions in there health insurance. double YES!!

I asked my boss today if I could get a copy of my last evaluation. He said I could....in a kind of sad tone. He knows the shit thats going on with the big wig Nazi boss, so I'm sure he knows the reason I want my evaluation. With 16 yrs experience of University cleaning and a great evaluation backing me up, I'd say I have a good chance of getting the fuck outta here.

I'm so fucking hyped.....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Work rant

Well I had planned to tell another vacation story about my sexual exploits but work is starting to fuck with us again and our Nazi ruler is on the rampage.

I was told before Christmas break that we could no longer borrow our cleaning equipment to take home and use. At first I thought, "Oh well, no biggy". That is until I just found out today that the new rule is just for our department. Any other University employee can borrow "OUR" equipment and take it home and clean their carpets/ floors and furniture, but not us. Now I'm thinking WTF.

The Nazi is also threatening to take away our paid Holiday between Christmas and New Years.

It all started with our fucked up Union and our Union steward. In the past we have had shift differentials, meaning first shift gets base pay and second shift gets like 35 cents more and third shift gets like 1.00 more an hour than base pay. If you work a different shift you get paid the differential for that shift. Our stupid ass Union decided they wanted to change that and that if you normally work say second or third shift you would get that pay when ever you worked and the people who work first shift would get base pay even if they worked second or third.

It sounds totally fucked up to me. Basically first shifters get fucked and thats not fair. But anyway like I said this was the Unions idea. I work off campus so was not informed of any of this till it took effect. Apparently coworkers were asked and most agreed to the changes. Dumb fuckers. When our Union people went in to sign it one guy decided against it. This infuriated the University and they whined that they have gone through too much to just forget about it. So it became effective with out our Union reps fully agreeing. Then the guy that disagreed had to work OT and got screwed out of money since he works first shift. He filed a greivance, yadda yadda yadda.

So the fight ensued and now 0ne by one the Nazi is taking away any benefits he can that is not in our contract. This job wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the Nazi fucking asshole. I wish I could afford to quit. I do plan on getting together a resume and start looking for another job asap. Some place that doesn't discriminate against gays and doesn't have a mentally abusive person in charge. Is there such a place?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I'm slightly hung over today, which normally puts me in bottom mode. Today is no exception. Thanks to "Craigslist" we've been corresponding for the past week with a ex marine with a extremely high sex drive. Apparently he can fuck all day/night and cum multiple times. Tells us he will give us as many loads as we are willing to take. He's been sending hot self pics all week, some of them hot action scenes. He's from here but has been out of town and is getting back today........ Did I mention his arms are covered in tattoo's that connect across his chest.

Details to follow.