Monday, October 30, 2006

Jello shots are not my friend

OMG! Someone brought jello shots to our party and that was all she wrote for me... The actual party is very fuzzy, but I'm told that I turned into a pumpkin by midnight. Didn't have as many people but most came in costume and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately donations this time were meager so it looks like I'll be probably working some overtime in order to pay our liquor bill. We've got tons of food and alcohol left and all I want to do is quit drinking, but not until all the alcohol has been consumed out of the house. LOL

I came too around 3am just in time to help clean up. Went to bed and found a bearded sexy man naked and sleeping. Note: the guys that were suppose to come and spend the night from ManHunt/tease never showed. Surprise....not. Anyway back to the guy in our bed. Scooby came to bed also, the guy woke up all frisky so Scooby started fucking him and I commandeered his mouth. His mouth felt fantastic and my cock swelled to mass proportions in response. We fucked that guy silly and he loved every inch of man meat that we plowed his holes with. What a fun little bottom he was.

It also looks like I've got another house cleaning job starting next week. The extra cash will be nice. The guy is also gonna pay me to help him clean out and sort his basement. We finally had a day with out rain today so I badgered Scooby into finishing up his brakes on his van so we can sell it and sure enough while we were out there bleeding the brakes a couple of people stopping to check it out. I will be so fucking happy if we can get that van sold....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This week...

Spent the week finishing up getting ready for our party and cleaning up from last nights night of drunken dabuachery. The three of us got shit faced drunk last night and Scooby wiped out the bathroom upstairs breaking the glass containers we used to keep cotton balls and Q-tips in. We are all banged and bruised up. One of us fell off the front porch and creamed one of my small lilac bushes. You can still see the imprint of whoevers body in the iris's along the porch. None of us can remember who it was that fell off the porch, but we're all in sad shape so maybe we took turns. LOL

I also found a half eaten apple laying on the floor of the foyer.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A confession and the Halloween party

Ok I'm finally admitting it....I love Project Runway. And yes, I've watched all three seasons. I have to admit though that I was surprised that Jeffery won. His final stuff really didn't make me go wow. Laura's was her predictable High New York Glam. And Michael's was cool, but didn't wow me either. Actually it was Uli's that impressed me the most, she had finally gotten away from those Florida style prints. But anyway congrats Jeffery. I loved it when Uli told Laura, "You won, you made Jeffery cry".

I liked Laura other than she's a baby factory. 5 kids and a 6th on the way, I'm sorry but this irritates me. I grew up in a farming community that is quickly being eaten up by urban sprawl and it makes me sad. I really feel that if we continue populating like we have that in a couple more centuries the only country side our future will know is what they read in story books. Sorry if I offend anyone but thats how I feel. My own sister has 6 kids. Her one son married a woman with two little kids, he then knocked her up two more times and now they have 4 kids under the age of 5. Stop already....

Next subject,

Our Halloween party is next weekend and I still haven't decided what the fuck I'm going as. Its down to Nosferatu(vampire) or Pan (greek mythology).
I've done the vampire thing....alot, but not Nosferatu style. I find him to be the scariest looking vampire of all time, the original movie not the remake. I found a coat like his and bought some pointed ears today. The thing is I'm gonna have to practically shave my head and face. I say practically cuz I'm gonna try to just use the clippers with no setting on my head and #1 on my face. That should cut it down close enough I think. Its been forever since I've seen my face.

Pan is an old costume also. I made fur pants years ago and luckily I can still fit in them. The only thing is being shirtless, cuz its been down right chilly lately. Plus I really don't want to wear an itchy wig, which I'd have to do to hide my strap on horns.

So I think its gonna be Nosferatu, gonna have to take some before and after pics of my face once its naked.

It also looks like we're gonna have a poz sex party after the Halloween party. Got 2 poz guys coming from out of town for the party and their planning on staying the night and have peaked an interest at playing. Then there is the new furry fuck buddy guy from across town. I'm beginning to wonder how many guys we can fit in our bed.....Should be interesting.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Joke of the day

Larry and Bob wanted to go out drinking, but they only had $2.00 between them. Larry said, "Hang on, I have an idea." He went next door to the butcher's shop and spent the $2.00 on one large sausage. Bob said, "Are you crazy? Now we don't have any money left at all!" Larry replied, "Don't worry - just follow me."

They went into the pub where Larry immediately ordered two double shots of Jack Daniels. Bob said, "Now you've lost it! Do you know how much trouble we will be in? We haven't got any money to pay for this!" Larry replied, with a smile,"Don't worry, I have a plan. Cheers!" They downed their drinks. Larry said "OK! I'll stick the sausage through my zipper and you get on your knees and put it in your mouth."
Said and done, the barman noticed them, went berserk, and threw them out. They continued this, bar after bar, getting more and more drunk, all for free.

At the tenth bar, Bob said, "Larry - I don't think I can do this anymore. My mouth is sore! and my knees are killing me!" Larry said, "How do you think I feel? I lost the sausage at the third bar!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Putting my foot down and other shit

Well after my last post I went home and told Scooby that he needed to start working on the house at least 25 hours a week or pay me 25 bucks a week to live there. That I'm not going to bust my ass while he sits around and plays on the computer. I also told him that if things didn't change that that we wouldn't last more than a few more years. He agreed.

Home Depot has started having him come in more recently also, which helps. Granted its only 4 hours a week, but three weeks in a row so far. The cute Italian guy that I've mentioned within the last week or so, spent Sunday working on Scoobys brakes on his van. He likes us alot and we've let him crash on our couch several nights, so for lunch and 20 bucks he did the brakes on the van. Hopefully we can sell the dam thing soon.

Also found out that Fiero's hold their value and are in demand on Ebay so we will probably try to sell online.

Its been raining alot lately, which is better than snow, but I wish we had a day or two of dry weather to get some outside shit done.

Had a great day yesterday spending time with my old friend "D" and her husband. We drove around so she could show him where she grew up and went to school. Then we headed to Frankenmuth to Bronners, which is the biggest Christmas store on the planet. I've been told that they supply Hollywood with all the props for most of the Christmas movies. Then we went to Zehnders for chicken dinners. They are a homestlye restraunt that serves you like it was thanksgiving. But man are they fucking expensive. Granted its all you can eat, but fucking 17.50 per person not including drinks. OUCH! Luckily we were able to take the left overs home with us, so I'll be eating chicken for a few days.

Back to work today. Yahoo!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


We got our first snow today and its not even fucking Halloween yet. I'm so not ready for winter. I made the mistake and blinked and totally missed the fall colors. Been getting the house ready for our Halloween party on the 28th. Not much decorating left other than cobwebs. I want to get most everything done before Monday cuz my best girlfriend "D" and her new husband are coming for a visit from San Fransisco. They'll be in the state for her sisters wedding and will be driving up for the day to visit us.

I think my migrain has finally left about an hour or so ago. Today it had moved back to the side of my head near my ear. It wasn't a constant pain or throbbing. It was more like a sporatic stab in the brain with an ice pick type of pain. Anyway glad its gone, three days was enough.

Starting to get a little worried about our money situation. Don't have much left in the bank and when thats gone we're gonna be fucked. I guess I could find a part time job to add to my fulltime one and the three houses I clean. I stress this to Scooby but it goes in one ear and out the other. His solution is for me to remortgage the house again. Sometimes I feel that he would rather have me work myself to death than go out and get a job himself. We're trying to sell his van and fiero now that I bought the Aztek and am giving him my Grand Prix. Of course his van now broke down. Got it running but now it has no brakes so more charges to get that fixed.

Anyway thats how things are going here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brain pain, ManTease, and the Therapist

Don't feel much like blogging. Have had one of my migrains for the last couple of days. Yesterday it was located behing my ear and the top of my head was painful to the touch. Today it has relocated to my forehead.

Had two dates lined up today with a two guys from ManHunt, but they both stood me up. Beginning to think they should rename that site ManTease.

Had my first appointment with my therapist. It was good and I left feeling good dispite the migrain. Because of my love of New Orleans, Katrina sent me into a type of post tramatic stress. Also was told that I don't need to appoligize for the letter I wrote to my neices pointing out all their flaws and sins after they condemned me to hell for being a homo. I wanted to appoligize just to try and patch things up with the family, but if they can't deal then its their problem not mine. Also my eldest neice has alot of power or uses the bible to hold power over the family. Going back in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well it looks like my popularity at Manhunt has run it course. It was a good week and a half. LOL Got hit up by this guy below that wanted me to travel half way across the state to blow him and his bf. They supposably go right past my city on the weekends going up north so I recommened that we meet at the local bookstore and this is the response I got back.

Subject: Re: sucking u guys off
Date: Thu Oct 05, 2006 07:29 PM

we are not sick fucks like yourself thst do it in rest areas or bookstores,,
thats how u got aids

My response back: "Dude you hit me up first, so whatever. FYI I wasn't a slut until I became hiv so you can keep your half baked accusations to yourself."

The majority of guys I've run across at this site so far are flakes, game players, then theres guys like NMIKEYHL who are suffering from multiple personality disorders. I now remember why I left this site several years ago.


The other day I was visiting one of my long time friends and we were chatting.

Friend: remember when we were young, dumb, and full of cum.
Me: Yeah (dreamily)
Friend: And now we're just dumb.
both of us: Hardy loud laughter.
Me:Thats so true(in between laughing fits)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Kitty update:
Our kitties came home last Thursday from their surgury. At first we thought we were going to have to take Kiddo back in cuz he had this short red spagetti looking thing sticking out of his neutered area. I know, to much information, but luckily it fell off, so no more surgury. Clyde on the other hand hasn't snapped back. His appetite is nil and he has a horrible weezy hacky cough. We called earlier and the vet said it was from the tube they had down his throat and that it would go away. Well it had been a week and Kiddo was completely recovered and Clyde was still just laying around not doing much. So today I called again and they put him on an antibiotic and he's finally starting to bounce back.