Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone has a great Holiday! I won't be online during vacation. Hope to come back with some nasty stories about the trip. Here's some pics from last years trip. See ya next year.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas in the Quarter Posted by Hello

VooDoo at Congo Square... our favorite bar Posted by Hello

WAS our favorite bar. Since our visit last year Estelle sold her share of the bar and they fired Jim who was our favorite bartender. Sooo FUCK YOU VOODOO...

Latrobe Park in the French Quarter Posted by Hello

The Basilica on Jackson Square Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I got out of work Monday night and started to head home when it sounded like a big chunk of ice broke loose from my wheel well. I continued to drive until my car started not handling worth a crap, so I took the nearest highway exit and pulled over to see if I could pry the ice chunk loose from the wheel well/tire. Turns out that it wasn't an ice chunk at all and that my front drivers side tire was going flat. (note: I just replaced the front tires two weeks ago with new ones) So I pull into the gas station a block away and try to air up the tire, but it refuses to take air and is leaking it out as fast as its going in.

So I go to a pay phone and call Scooby to let him know that I'm going to be late cuz I gotta change a flat. It's just after midnight and its freezing cold and the ground is covered in icy wet slush. Fucking great... So I get the jack and the spare tire out of the trunk and jack up the car, get the lug nuts all off. Then I start to take the flat tire off when the piece of shit jack buckles and basically folds in half dropping the car onto the tire which gets pinched into the wheel well.

Call Scooby back and tell him my predicament and ask him to bring another jack. Wait for a half hour for Scooby to show up. We get the car jacked up change the tire, and we're good to go. That is until Scooby tries to start his van and its dead. Luckily he had jumper cables so we jump his van and finally head for home, by that time its almost 2am.

My only question is why can't this shit happen during the summer when its nice out. But then again it could have been raining.... Long story short the tire was replaced free of charge (luckily I bought the warranty). After I left Discount Tire I immediately went to Big Lots and bought a hydraulic jack. I'm sure as hell not going to deal with the piece of shit jack that came with the car.

Family Christmas went well last Saturday, we all got along and had a good time. My oldest niece was there who is about 4-5 yrs. older than me and we all reminisced about how her and her sister and brother used to torcher me....ah the memories...

Count down to New Orleans, One more week....YES!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Merry Christmas Mr. Scrooge...you fucktard

Well its Christmas time and you know what that means. It's time to get fucked over by my employer. It started last week when I received a letter from my boss's secretary saying "Since you didn't use your vacation by your anniversary date of Oct. 15, you have lost 4 days of vacation".

My email to my boss, his secretary, and the director of human resources

Last year I noticed (posted on the bulletin board in the custodial breakroom) a list of physical plant employees and their anniversary dates. My annv. date on this posting states Jan. 27 I argued this saying that I thought my annv. date was Oct. 15,(the date I was hired) and I was told no that it goes by the date that I was permanent fulltime which would be Jan. 27 not Oct. 15.

On Feb. 26, 2004 I asked for vacation for Dec. 23, 2004 and Jan. 3, 4, 2005 and it was approved. If my annv. date is Oct. 15 why were these days approved and why was this not questioned then?

Now I'm being told that my annv. date is in fact Oct. 15 and that I have lost 4 days of vacation. I was only doing what I was told and for that I lose 4 days of vacation? In the past when employees who still had vacation time left and it was getting close to their annv. date they were told to use them or lose them and yet I get notified 2 months after I've already lost my vacation.

The next day I get a email from HR saying that I was right and that my 4 days have been put back into my vacation bank and that they're sorry for the mix up. Man I'm so glad that I sent it to HR also or else I'd still be battling it, cuz our manager and secretary fuck up so much you'd think they were on crack. Another thing is that I actually only had 3 days of vacation left not 4. So I'm thinking do I say anything or just take the extra day. Well after a talk with other employees I'm told that management adding extra days of vacation to employees is normal and happens alot. One woman was told that she had 2 days of vacation to use, so she took them, now management turned around and said she took two days to many and that they will deduct it from her next check. So she is going to be shorted about $200. on her last check before Christmas. Note: the place I work is a college that specializes in teaching people how to run their own business........ Isn't that a fucking joke.

The only thing they do for us for Christmas is take us out for a meal and I was just told that their not doing that this year. I'm sure it was the accountants idea.

So Merry Fucking Christmas

In other news my family is having our Christmas party this Saturday. I like when we have it early and get it out of the way. Plus I think big daddy might be doling out some inheritance this year, since he made a big stink when my brother (who is retired and lives down south) said they couldn't afford to come up for Christmas this year. Needless to say my sister made a call and brother and wife are now coming up. Another clue is my father asked me a week ago about my finances, which is something we never talk about. Sooo I hope I'm right, and if I am me and Scooby are going to take a couple of vacations next year. NYC and San Fran is the plan and while I'm dreaming crashing my old classmates 20 yr. reunion in Tucson would be fun also.

And last but not least Sugar daddy is coming up this Saturday night to give us our gifts. YEA! His gift request this year is to watch me fuck Scooby silly. Boy that will be an easy gift to give...

Monday, December 06, 2004

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Scooby called me at work last week and I could tell in his voice that he was bummed about something so I immediately asked, "What's wrong?". He then explained that he was checking out "T's" profile on gay.com and it had just been updated and that T said that he had just met his soulmate and that he was in love, and mentioned the guys name. So I guess we're out of the picture. I felt kind of indifferent about the whole thing. Yes I did want it, and yes I thought it would work, but I just had a feeling that it just wasn't going to happen. Scooby was really bummed by the news. So it looks like its going to be just the two of us going New Orleans.

This is the 3rd fuck buddy this year that has settled down and found a boyfriend. Granted T was not really a fuck buddy, we had only hooked up once, so I guess that's more of a one night stand. Anyway 1st our handsome 20 yo poz guy David got a bf and let us know that he couldn't come over to play anymore. We're still good friends though. Then my fb Tony found a bf and said he'd give me a call if things didn't work out. Damm...

"When one door closes another opens"

I now believe in that saying cuz I just got another playmate. Went over to his place Sat. morn. He's probably in his early fifties, tall and thin with a real deep voice. Anyway he's neg. so it's basically me blowing him which is cool with me. This Sat. was our second hook up and man was it HOT! He had me on my back on the bed and he climbed on top of me and stuck his cock in my mouth and was face fucking me when he started balancing on his feet and head and brought his hands down and started gently playing with my nipples. To be mouth fucked and have my nips played with at the same time was to much and got me really horned up. Then he shot his wad down my throat which made me blow too. HOT HOT HOT!

Other than that my insomnia and acid reflux is kicking my ass. I think I drank too much over Thanksgiving which is causing the excessive acid reflux. So needless to say I didn't drink any alcohol this weekend. Then I've been only getting about 5-6 hrs of sleep a night and its making me really irritable. Fell asleep at 11pm last night and was wide awake by 5am. By 7:30am I decided to get up, turned on the tv and watched the end of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane". Then I started watching this movie called "Zero to Sixty" about people who do car repos. It was a 1978 movie and I couldn't stop watching it cuz the teenage girl in it had this way too familiar voice. I mean really obnoxious sounding and I kept thinking who the hell is she...the it hit me....it was Violet (the blueberry) Beauregarde aka Denise Nickerson from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". What a trip. It was a "B" movie that also stared Silvia Miles and Joan Collins. It was either that or paid programing. So shoot me...I'm easily entertained.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Confessions of a binge drinker

Well I had a nice 4 day weekend. We were invited to go to my sister's for Thanksgiving but we lied to her and my dad and told them that we were sick. Considering we had a family wedding two weeks ago and my family is getting together for Christmas in two weeks we figured that we'd get out of Thanksgiving this year. Scooby and I stayed home and were planning on having our own Thanksgiving dinner and inviting a couple of friends over but when I found that turkeys were $17-$25 each I said fuck it and bought a 30 pack of beer and a fifth of Irish cream instead.

The Bay City Times said this weekend that the county we live in consumes more alcohol than any other county in Michigan. This was no surprise since Bay City has more bars per capita than any other place in Michigan and besides its a prodominately German and Polish community, HELLO alcohol is our way of life. Bay City has 51 bars which is more than twice the ratio of people-to-bars than the state average and twice the number allowed under MI law. The law however, lets cities keep the liquor licenses issued before the limit was set in the 1930's. God bless grandfather clauses. They also stated that if you drink at least 5 drinks in a row at least once a month than your considered a binge drinker. So I guess society considers me a binge drinker. Woo Hoo... Anyway we did our best this weekend to keep our title.

We also had some friends come up from the Detroit area this weekend. They stayed at another friend of ours and we partied with them most of the weekend. We had a great time hitting the local flea markets and antique shops. Scooby and I made breakfast for everyone Friday and Saturday morning and had dinner both nights at our friend Joe's place.

Shit I almost forgot to mention the snow storm we had last Wednesday...fuckin' 6 inches of the white shit, not the kinda 6 inches I like either. Had to drive home from work in it and it wasn't fun. It then rained most of the weekend and now most of it is gone, but their predicting another snow storm tonight...shit.

We didn't miss out totally on all the Thanksgiving fixings, our neighbor next door brought us over two plates full of food which we inhaled. Oh and last but not least a big thanks to Homer for the delightful Thanksgiving pics. Anyway that was our Thanksgiving weekend in a nutshell. Hope everyone had a good one...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


About 15 yrs ago right before I bought my house in Bay City I had an apartment with my friend Jack. It was the upstairs of an old farmhouse located out in the farming community of Tittabawasee township in Saginaw County. We were preparing to take "Berlyn" my exgirlfriend from High School to the local gay bar in Saginaw that evening. Berlyn was nearing the end of her rocky marriage and needed a little pick me up so we figured we'd go out and dance our ass off that night. In the process of getting ready she told us about this one time when she was giving her husband a blow job and that when he came he shot so hard that cum flew out of her nose. Jack and I were speechless except for our uncontrollable laughter. My first thought was, "yeah right" cuz Berlyn had always told tall tales which I only half believed. Then being the slut that I am my second thought was, "I want to suck off her husband". I of course would never have done that cuz Berlyn was a dear friend, but it did start some very hot fantasy material.

Cut to about 7yrs later.

Scooby and I were in New Orleans for the first or maybe second time together. It was Labor Day or aka Gay Mardi Gras the weather was scorchingly hot so to get out of the sun/heat for awhile we decided to go to the bathhouse. After a few trips around the premises I noticed this hot furry chested guy with a goatee leaning up against the wall near the glory hole cubicles. Normally I'm not one to make the first move but he was just to fuckin' hot to let slip out of my grasps, so I went right up to him and ran my hand across his chest and commented on how HOT he was. He thought the same about me so we locked ourselves in a cubicle and I sat down on the chair and started to massage his cock which was quickly becoming rock hard. Not only was he great looking but he had a big fat cock to boot which I immediately started choking down. Within no time he had grabbed my head and was giving me the face fucking of a lifetime just slamming his cock down my throat. Man I was in hog heaven... then before I new what was happening he thrust my head down on his cock and without any notice shot the fucking hugest load I've ever had the privilege of receiving. Granted cum didn't shoot out my nose like Berlyn but he did fill my sinus cavities and totally flooded my mouth and coated my throat. With my head swimming in cum I immediately shot a load onto the floor. We then said our goodbyes and I pointed him in the direction of the showers/sauna and steam room area. For the rest of the day while we strolled around the streets of the French Quarter all I'd have to do was sniff a little bit and more of his cum would ooze down my throat and I was in heaven.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Horny as all get out

Scooby's gone down to Detroit this week to do some handyman work for sugar daddy. He left Tuesday and will be back probably on Friday. I miss him already but I'm also enjoying the time alone. Was hoping to have a playdate while he was gone and luckily Mac came through, he's coming over tomorrow to fuck my white hungry ass. BIG GRIN.. Today was kinda boring, I called my friend Jack to see if he wanted to hang out/drink coffee and watch a movie but he was sick so we just chatted on the phone a bit. I was planning on getting some more yard work done but it rained today. So I did some yoga and after that cleaned up and played with my ass for awhile until I went to work. I don't know what it is, but I've been really horny this week, so I'm planning to fuck the hell out of Scooby when he gets home. I mean shit I jacked off twice today and probably will again when I get home.

I really need to pay more attention when Scooby is showing me sites on the net. He showed me what I thought was Yahoo gay chatrooms where you can watch guys on their webcams. So last night after I got home I popped online and got the cam going and tried to find the site... and nothing. The chatrooms I found on Yahoo were nothing compared to what Scooby showed me a few days earlier. I was looking for the furry chest chatroom but no luck. By the time I got off line it was 2am and to late to go out, not that there would have been anyone at the bar anyway. So I watched a bit of porn then went to bed around 3am. Thought that I'd get a great night sleep having the bed all to myself (other than the cat that is) but noooo I was awake by 7am, fucking insomnia. I'll definately be popping a couple of xanax tonight before bed.

Scooby promised that he would go get his bloodwork done before he left, but when I got home I found his bloodwork kit still sitting there. This made me start to fume until I found his note saying that he tried to get it done but the person who does the blood draws at the health dept. was gone deer hunting this week and that he made a appointment for next week. For some reason I found the deer hunting story funny... only in Michigan.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Designated hole day

Well since we had our encounter with T last month, we've been sorta courting him. For several years we've considered adding another guy to our family unit and he seems to be an excellent match. I charted his horoscope and it looks like we should get along great. We've been trying to hook up again but he lives about 2 hrs away and our schedules haven't allowed another playdate yet. We've asked him to go to New Orleans with us this year and I really hope he can make it, cuz it would be a good test to see if the three of us are compatible.

Considering that Scooby only works 4-8 hrs a week I have to admit that I'm slightly afraid that I'd end up being the only bread winner of the family. Reading T's horoscope though did help put that feeling aside, cuz it noted that he's a hard worker and that's the impression that I've gotten from him also. I did tell Scooby that if we do end up getting together that I'd be ok with it all as long as I got fucked by both of them at the same time at least once a week and the same goes for the two of them also. I don't think that's to much to ask, I even came up with a name "designated hole day". Just the thought of it gets me hard. We've already started dreaming up stuff like starting an adult website and making extra money by webcamming our threeways.

Funny thing is, I know that I've been ranting of late about needing a good banging, but in all honesty my guts (stomach/digestive track) have been giving me problems lately and my mood for bottoming has been hit and miss. One day I feel ok the next I feel like shit, one hour I feel ok the next I feel like shit. Weird thing is, it all started the day after the election. I'm figuring its either nervous stress or maybe all the queso cheese dip that I've been eating that was left over from our Halloween party or a combination of both. To make matters worse I think the turkey sandwich that I had tonight wasn't good. I need to get home and drink some red wine, it's suppose to help that kind of thing.

Anywho this concludes our episode of "As the stomach turns"...

Friday, November 12, 2004

An overhaul

Ok I will admit it. I'm still very depressed over this fuckin' election. I've been moping around and just can't get it out of my system. I've kinda considered going back on Zoloft but I really don't want to because of the (lack of erection) side effects. I'm finally getting to a point that I don't need the viagra except for maybe an all day fuckathon. About 10 yrs. ago I had a brief obsession with abusing Robitussen cough syrup and it really fucked up my erections. I don't recommend this to anyone and I regret doing it myself. Luckily my hardon's are finally back to norm...Yea!

But anyway, I'm just going to deal with this blue period the old fashioned way and just go through it and get over it. The other day I saw this woman in her car and she had anti-Kerry bumper stickers on her back window and I gave her the finger as I passed her on the road. I'm not just talking a quick flash of the finger either I'm talking arm stretched out window, finger in her face flipping the bird... and it felt really goooood. Scooby asked me the other day what it was going to take to get me out of this funk I'm in and I told him, "Two guys fucking the hell out of me like we did to T last month". Yes that is what I need... a major ass and mouth fuckin' overhaul complete with a hot spooge lube job to both orifices. That would definately zap me out of this mood and put a silly grin on my face to boot.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Best Wishes from the Moral DeCays

Well we went up north this weekend for my nephew's wedding. He is the last of my religious sister's six kids to get married. Yea! No more weddings for that side of the family. We really didn't know what to expect. The ceremony wasn't at my brother inlaws church so we figured that he wasn't going to be the preacher. We had already made plans to ride up with my sister and father, then when they arrived her husband was with them also. Great, him and I normally mix like oil and water. He drove like a stupid person, poking along when passing people and most of the time refusing to get back over into the slower lane...but I held my tongue.

Did I mention that I forgot to take or bring any Xanax with me...

We got there and got seated in the little church. The village we were in maybe had a population of 100 but I think that might be pushing it. The churches preacher started the ceremony and he was very enjoying and funny...Then my brother inlaw took over and started preaching about how this country is in moral decay while looking directly at Scooby and I. Funny how he didn't eyeball his own brother, who's did time in prison for child molestation. I'm just sayin'.... Well his congregation was all "Amen" and "Praise Jesus" and luckily that stopped and the actual marriage ceremony continued cuz the next person to say "Amen or Praise Jesus" I was planning on screaming a "Praise Jesus" as loud and as obnoxious as I could.

Then I ended up getting in an argument on the way home with my other brother inlaw about the dioxin contamination of the Tittabawasee river. I finally ended it with a "Whatever I don't give a FUCK!". Nobody says fuck in my family normally so me saying it felt really good.

Anyway the day of turmoil totally threw off my chi and after we got home I preceded to get totally shitfaced until I barfed bigtime. Sunday wasn't any better I was really out of sorts and didn't feel completely attached to my body, just a really ackward day for me. That afternoon while I was moving a ladder onto the back porch I was explaining to Scooby that it was my family (mainly my bible banging brother inlaw) that threw off my chi, and in mid sentence I broke a antique glass light fixture. FUCK FUCK FUCK...

But anyway that was my shitty weekend in a nutshell.

I read in this months Out mag. that Thanksgiving weekend is Mr. Toronto Leather weekend. Wish we could go but can only afford one vacation a year and its going to be in New Orleans for Christmas/New Years. Dam... I want to be used by a bunch of furry leather daddys.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Tomorrow is another day

It's been raining since Tuesday here which was fine by me cuz it fit my gloomy mood. I replaced my Kerry bumper sticker in the back window of my car with my favorite "Born Again VooDooist" bumper sticker, this normally keeps the asshole's that cross my path out of my face. Then today the sun came out and I embraced it as new day and the end of my gloom and manic period. When I'm down I sometimes play Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream because it reminds me of a man/boy that I was seriously infatuated with who stomped on my heart about a decade ago, but I'll save that story for another time. Anyhoo I took that cd out of my player in my car and put in my REM Eponomous cd, this always cheers me up.

This week was payweek for me and I ended up getting some extra money due to my mileage check for October. Ahh another thing to be happy about. So I decided to treat myself and go get one of those fancy coffee drinks downtown after I got done cleaning windows at the Gallery. I got there and ordered my double cafe mocha and heard this one woman say to another woman, "I got really militant about the election this year and it felt really good". Ok... my first thought was, "oh man, please not a fuckin' Republican". Then to my surprise she said, "My daughter asked if we could please move to England" and then the other women jokingly said, "We can't go to Canada, they've closed their borders because of all the hordes of people fleeing the U.S.".

Then the three of us looked at each other and laughed, and I went on my way. OMG there are some good people in Midland after all, and I'm so glad that I was there to witness it cuz it really made my day.

With a double cafe mocha and two marinol coursing through me I'm driving in my car singing:
"It's thee end of the world as we know it"
"It's thee end of the world as we know it"
"It's thee end of the world as we know it"
"and I feel fine"

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Eyes closed, hands over ears....la la la la la

Ok I'm done with politics for another 4 yrs unless something important comes up that needs to be voted on. I'm no longer allowing myself to read the "letters to the editor" section of the Midland Daily News after what I read today. One letter against gay marriage states that "How can Homo's really say they love one another when they give each other the death sentence of AIDS". FUCK YOU!!! I got HIV because of faulty condoms that I got from the local Health Dept. so FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!! Personally I don't even give a shit about gay marriage I'm very happy living in sin, thank you very much, but if others want to then I believe that they should have that right same as every other person in this country. When gas prices started going over $2 a gal., I remember one letter that stated "I don't know why everyone is complaining about high gas prices, milk is more expensive at 2.50 a gal." Well for one fucking thing I don't buy 20 gallons of milk a week either you stupid FUCKTARD! If it wasn't for working and having family in Midland, I wouldn't look back.

Most people in Midland are soo righteously ignorant.

I've got to shut myself off from this shit or its going to kill me. I would love nothing more than to live in a happy place like Canada but it doesn't look feasible. Vancouver would be my first choice because of all the furry daddy's that live there, but its too fucking far away and Toronto is too fucking expensive. In order to sell the house and get its maximum worth it would have to be finished, which we're not even close to doing.

So I'm done listening/reading about politics, I don't want to see that rat faced dictator or his vacant staring stepford wife again.

Pardon me while I drown myself in alcohol, sex and xanax for the next four years. Now back to my simple uninformed life. La la la la la la.....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Song of the exPat"

"Oh Canada"
"Our home and native land"
"Bring down your borders to encompass Michigan"

Yeah like that would happen

Well fucking Hitler won another term. I'm at least happy that Michigan's electoral college vote went for Kerry. Unfortunately Michigan did pass the bigot law to ban marriage and civil unions for gays. But seriously it disturbs me to live in a country that the majority of the people are so clueless and naive. Its all those backwood inbred conservatives that's the problem. But I guess once there children start getting sent back from Irac in a box maybe they'll have a change of heart. I doubt that also, but who knows.

But anyway, I honestly thought that this would probably happen... so last night I started looking at real estate and HIV and Aids services in Ontario, Canada. Would love to live in the Toronto area, but it looks to be too expensive. Found a few nice places in Sarnia just across the border from Port Huron, MI. Only a few hours from where we're at now, and I hear that they have a passenger train that goes to Toronto. Hmmm. Going to start investigating how to go about getting a Canadian citizenship. I hear its easier to get if you do it before you move.

I want to live in a actual FREE Country damit!

Any Canadian readers? I'd love some input.


Update: Well I took the online skilled worker test to see if I could immigrate and I scored a 53. The lowest acceptable score is 67. Sooo I guess I'm too stoopid to be able to immigrate to Canada. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


If you care at all about what makes this country great you'll vote today!

If you care about saving/protecting:

  • Social Security
  • Labor laws
  • the environment
  • Equal rights for all people
  • The lives of our troops

You'll vote Democratic today!

That's all I'm sayin'

Monday, November 01, 2004

Note to self... Don't mix the following

whisky shots
jello shots made with cheap vodka
and vicodin

Well I'd love to blog about the Halloween party but I only witnessed the first couple of hours and then I passed out. I'm so fucking pissed off at myself. All that fucking work for practically nothing. Before the party I had one of my migrains so I thought I'd try a vicodin. Then I had maybe 4-5 beers, 4 shots of whisky and a couple of jello shots... and that was all she wrote. I ended up passing out in one of the bedrooms and couldn't get up for the rest of the night. I'm normally not such a light weight I think it might have been the combination of the vicodin and the alcohol. Oh well no use crying over an accidental overdose.

I've learned my lesson. Here its two days later and I'm still feeling like dogshit.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Tippi and the Birds

The one positive thing that came out of becoming HIV+ was that it saved me from being an alcoholic. Granted I still drink, and do, on occasion still get wasted, but with the meds it doesn't happen very often. In my 20's I was a real booze hound. Blackouts and passouts I knew very very well.

One Halloween (about 10 years ago) after a month of feverishly planning I put together a Tippi Hendren costume from "The Birds". Let me say right now that I don't do drag. I was at best scag drag. With no makeup, I'm more of the Kurt Cobain type drag, not trying to impress, just trying to be funny and or peculiar. The clothes was pretty easy to put together, a turtleneck, skirt, trenchcoat and a blonde wig. The most time consuming part of the project was trying to figure out how to make black birds. (note: this was before we had Halloween USA) I finally ended up making them out of black felt with little googly eyes glued on either side of their heads. I had about a dozen pinned to various parts of my costume with their beaks covered in blood like they were in the process of pecking me to death. The best part was that I took those antenea type things that attach to your head that have springs that stand up with sparkly stars or ball thingys attached. Well I ripped the ball/star things off and attached my felt black birds. I had two sets on my head and two on each arm which made a total of 12 black birds flying around me. Along with the ones that were already attached to my costume, It was truly a scene.

Halloween night me and a friend of mine went out to the bar. Of course the majority of the boring people in the area didn't dress up so needless to say I got hammered that night so I could deal with being one of the very few who actually came in costume, not to mention being in drag. Well it ended up being one of my blackout/passout nights and one minute I'm at the bar and the next its morning and I'm waking up face down on a sidewalk... in a residential neighborhood... in a pool of my own sick....Still in my costume....AAAHHHHHH!!!! That wasn't even the worst part, I didn't even know where I was at.. until I noticed the 7-11 across the street which is open 24 hr.....NOOOOO!!! Luckily I was just a couple of blocks from my friends house, so I stood up wiped my mouth and scurried down the street and around the corner and luckily my car was parked outside my friends place. God only knows what the people that saw me thought, laying there on the sidewalk with those little black birds pecking at me and bouncing around my head and arms like they were...

Monday, October 25, 2004


I'm so fucking tired and hung over today. We went out to the Berg last night for karaoke and to hand out invites. Ran into Dixie and invited her but she was on some serious drugs or something considering the glazed over look she had. She really wasn't to aware of the other people in the bar last night so how knows if she'll remember being invited to the party or not. Poor Dixie is a transexual lesbian, unfortunately lesbians want the real thing so they're not interested in her. We ended up closing the bar and the alcohol talked me/us into going to an after bar party last night. Didn't end up getting home till about 5am I think. Man I wish we would of went right home, I feel like crap and this crappy feeling makes me depressed. At least I made it to work or else I'd feel even worse.

I think we're about ready for the party. I of course am entering into the "Why are we doing this" stage. I go through this with every party. It was our friends from Detroit that asked if we were doing anything for Halloween and at first we didn't have any plans. But I thought we only see these guys a couple of times a year so lets throw a party so we can all get together before winter. Well now friends from Detroit aren't coming....fucking typical. Oh well we will have fun with or without them.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Lost boy

Rabid mouse Posted by Hello

Woo Hoo, I finally figured out how to post pics. Looks like I'll be a Lost Boy/man again this year. Can't waste my spooky contacts, I guess I could just wear one and go as Marilyn Manson but I refuse to shave my beard.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Pre Halloween party planning

I got home last night to no Scooby. He had left a message on the answering machine telling me he was at Joe's decorating for the party and to call or come over when I got home. So I changed out of my uniform and headed to Liberty Party store for a 40 ouncer and then headed to Joe's. I know Scooby to well, so when I got on the front porch I investigated before going any further. Sure enough I found fishing line going from the top of the storm door to the light on the porch ceiling and at the end of the line was a rubber spider. I open the storm door, the spider comes down from his perch on the light fixture and would have landed right on my head had I not been wise to it. I love Halloween...

By the time I got there almost all the decorations had been set up. Spider webs and black lights everywhere and a big pot on Joe's old stove with a foggy substance bubbling over the rim. When you shut the bathroom door downstairs another spider descends in the foyer to land on unsuspecting guests. Let me just say that Joe has the perfect house for a Halloween party it's really old and he collects practically anything that is old so his house is full of antiques and such, including an old pink dental exam chair that looks like a big tongue that sits in the living room. His place reminds me of a restaurant/bar in Tucson that my parents used to take me to called "The Bum Steer". It was this large barn type building packed full of memorabilia and junk and everytime we went I'd see something that I had overlooked or missed on our last visit.

Joe starts chanting "More spiders, more spiders!" Then attention goes to this old phone that he has that has a crank on the face where the numbers should be. It's not hooked up to anything but if you hold both of the wires and someone cranks the crank you get an electric shock. I forgot to mention that Jimmy was there also and was sitting on the floor in the dining room holding the wires as Scooby cranked the phone giving him little jolts and making him cackle like Uncle Fester. We then headed to the cellar to try and make wider paths through the maze of junk so guests don't trip when trying to get to the ping pong table in the very back.

We will probably go over again tonight to hang more spiders. I don't want to stay to late though cuz I got me a bj date tomorrow morning. Did I also mention that I love neg guys, who love poz guys who swallow. LOL

Monday, October 18, 2004

Fear not and enjoy

Despite the windy, rainy, cold weather this weekend went great. I don't know if it was because of the bad weather or what but there wasn't the traffic I expected going up north this weekend, so all my fears were for nothing. The fall colors were amazing, I've never gone on an actual color tour before so seeing all the rolling hills of color was a delightful experience. My ex's family was terrific and we actually had fun staying with them, so my fears about that were for nothing also. In fact we were grateful they were there cuz we needed the man power to carry the old sliding glass doors and the new replacement french doors, they were heavier the a muther fucker.

Saturday evening we went with the ex to the casino. Scooby and I don't gamble, but we did have a few drinks, ate some chili cheese fries and man watched alot. A few hours later we headed into Traverse City to the bar. We didn't even get our first drink ordered when this furry handsome guy come up and said I know you guys. It turned out to be this poz guy we've chatted with on gay.com every now and then. I told him later in the evening that his online pics didn't do him justice, he was so much hotter than I expected him to be. His pics weren't bad it was just that they were taken from so far away that you couldn't really get a close look and normally that sends up warning signs for me. By the end of the night we were really snogging this guy and we ended up making plans on Sunday afternoon to come over to his place for a play date.

It had all been prearranged that the ex would sleep on the couch and we would sleep on the Aerobed on the living room floor. Luckily Scooby and I slept in our clothes cuz Sunday morning everyone was up by dawn's crack or 9:15am. We all lazily slumped around and drank coffee most of the morning, then Scooby and I got busy installing the last door. By mid afternoon we were off to our playdate. We got there and T was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts showing off his wonderfully dark hairy legs. Well it didn't take us long and we were in bed going at it. We got him on all fours and Scooby started fucking his ass while I held onto his head and fucked his mouth. The three of us had a blast, Scooby would slam his cock up his ass and he would automatically swallow mine. After a while of that he said, "Time for my favorite position", and told me to lay on my back and then he hopped on me and slid his fuzzy ass down on my shaft. Facing me he then leaned toward me and told Scooby, "Ok your turn" and Scooby slid his cock up his ass also. I then grabbed onto his shoulders so he was firmly planted on my cock and Scooby and I preceded to fuck the hell out of him. Later on I threw his fuzzy legs over my shoulders and gave him what I like to call a plunge fuck. It's where I pull almost out except for the head then wait for a few seconds then plunge all the way in, he would first gasp then a slight smile would creep across his lips. We ended with him on his back with Scooby dropping a load up his ass and me flooding his mouth. Then he shot a big healthy load on his chest and stomach and I lapped it up like the hungry dog that I am. Afterward the three of us went into town and had a nice dinner and then we headed for home. We both wished T lived closer cuz he was a very fun and fuzzy fuck.

This morning I fucked Scooby and afterward came to the conclusion that I had fucked so much in the last two days that I think my cock is going to fall off. Then Scooby went to work and Mac came over and fucked the living hell out of me. Now I'm tired, all fucked out and ready for some sleep and its only Monday....

To the guy that IM me on Friday the 8th:
Hey back at ya, sorry I never IM you back. I haven't figured out how to use Yahoo IM when I'm not on my own computer and haven't been online at home in a while. Also tried to reply this morning when I discovered your message but it wouldn't work. Just didn't want you to think that I ignored you.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Hometown Hedwig

Sorry about the environmental drama of my last post. It's just that this issue has been eating at me for most of my life and it actually feels good to get it out in the open. I feel that a weight has been somewhat lifted. But enough of that, I couldn't stand to have my last entry of the week be depressing, its the fuckin weekend for fucks sake. So here's a little happy story......

Earlier this week I got home from work and Scooby's fuck buddy, Jimmy was over. Well he frequents our little pub "The Heidelberg" in Saginaw alot more than we do since he used to live only a couple of blocks away. Well it struck me to ask him about Dixie and if in fact she used to be a man. Oh boy, this question got Jimmy really going. Not only did he confirm that Dixie used to be a man but he knew her before "the chop". I guess she had her last operation about a year ago and that she's a real wacky chic. He's not sure if all her storys are true considering that she claims to know Elton John. There's also some disagreement about where she had her last surgery, She claims she went to Thailand or someplace like that and some other guy says that's not true, that she had it done in Colorado. She even let Jimmy inspect her new vagina and he gave her a thumbs up.

She also told Jimmy that she used to play in a band which was kinda popular in Europe. He didn't think that was true until he heard her play guitar and he said that she can really rock. I swear the more I hear the more I like Dixie. We need to start going to the Berg more often cuz I think Dixie would make a great new friend. I'm so bored around here most of the time, I could really use some colorful people in my life.

Colorful people make my soul fly.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Ok, I'm really torn about the shit thats going on around here. God where do I start. The people that live on the Tittabawasee river have a class action suit against The Dow Chemical Co. in Midland because of dioxin contamination. Here's the low down: Dioxin contamintation of anything higher than 90 PPT (parts per trillion) requires cleanup. Dioxin in the flood plains of the Tittabawasee river is around 1000 PPT. I'm totally for the people suing. Their claims are that their property is not worth what it would be if it wasn't contaminated.

Dow is not claiming responsabilty and some of the pro Dow people of Midland are writing into the newspaper saying that the word "Toxic" is not as serious as we think. They also are trying to raise the cleanup rates to over 1000 PPT so they don't have to clean it up. (Note: the people of Midland are up river of Dow so they are not effected.) Studies have been done on the animals along the river and we are now told not to eat wild turkey or any birds that live along the river because their chock full of dioxin. Now Dow is asking the city of Midland to lower their Companys property taxes cuz since they're located right on the river their property is not worth what their paying because of the dioxin contamination. Fuckers! Dow is also claiming that the long term affects of dioxin exposure is unknown.


My grandparents had a farm just a stones throw from the river. My grandfather, aunt, and mother all died of brain tumors. My mother was diagnosed at the Mayo clinic in Florida and they told us that this was very strange since brain tumors are not hereditary. I also know of two teenage girls that have both had brain tumors, and almost a dozen others that have died of different kinds of cancer. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer and a couple of my uncles had Hodgkins disease.

Whether the cancer is because of the dioxin or not, who knows. I don't really think that all these people were all rolling around on the banks of the river. What they do all have in common is that they all have wells that are probably fed by the Tittabawasee river. Shit my family started hauling their drinking water when the contamination was first discovered back in the 80's. I remember as a teen when we first moved back here from Tucson and my mom made the comment one winter, "Oh look the river is frozen over", and as a smart ass teen I was like, "Duh, its winter" and she then told me that the river never froze when she was growing up and most of her life. (Note: it never froze down river from Dow, that is)

I really want to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper and let them know what I know. But what will the effects be? I'm worried if it all snowballs that they might just bulldoze everything including my grandparents old homested where my mom and most of her siblings were born. Maybe if I don't say anything everything will just remain the same and it will actually prevent the urban sprall thats been eating away at all the rolling farm land.

I don't know....I'm torn

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hello Trannie

God I'm so fuckin tired! We went out last night for drinks and karaoke and ended up closing the bar again, which is actually normal for us. We had a good time, I played a couple of games of pool and lost both. Pool is hit or miss with me, either I play pretty good or lousy. Last night was a lousy pool playin night. Dixie was there again, she's the one that we think is transexual but not sure. She was just dressed in a t-shirt and jeans this time and was playing pool and singing karaoke. The guy I played pool with was kinda dissing Dixie, but then she kicked his ass three times at pool, ha ha. Then he made a comment about wanting to see her breasts and without hesitation she lifted her shirt and showed us her big floppy boobs. This kinda confused me because they looked so natural, not like the fake boobs you see these days. Dixie then told us about her career in the army and fighting in the Gulf war and being in Germany when the wall came down. She also told us the sad story about how her son had just lost his life in Iraq.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Cha Cha heels from Hell

We went out today to get our free weekly pizza for having an advertisement sign in the yard. When we got there the pizza still had 10 minutes left so Scooby and I walked around the "Old Town" area and went over to a thrift shop. Everything in the place was insanely cheap, all clothes were a dollar each compared to 3-5 dollar clothes at Salvation Army. I found myself a nice Falls Creek long sleeve shirt that will be really nice to where around the house this winter. Then as I was perusing the shoe area I saw these black leather platform shoes. My first thought was these are to cool to be mens shoes, but sure enough they were size 11, (Yea! my size) So I tried them on and they were a perfect fit.... total coolness! Looked at the price...one dollar... YES! Scooby found a couple of really nice pairs of jeans, which was perfect cuz he was just complaining that he doesn't have very many nice pairs anymore. Got up to the check out and the pants and shoes were 1/2 off. I can't believe I got Cha Cha heels for 50 cents and their American Eagle brand also. Yippee!

With them on I stand about 6' 3". I'm normally a couple of inches shorter than Scooby and with his boots off and my platforms on I tower over him, which got him really hot. Then he tried them on and the towering effect did the same thing to me. So needless to say we got a little frisky today before I went to work.

Now I just need to learn how to walk in them.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Busy, Busy

We had a very busy/productive weekend. Scooby and I spent most of it hanging drywall in the attic. I got another roll of insulation installed, hopefully will only need one more roll to finish. Brought in all my plants from the front porch since its starting to get a little to cold for them outside, at least at night. Finally found the electric blanket and that will be going on soon.

We went out for a late lunch/early dinner Saturday to A&W. We both wanted to get over there before they close for the season. Had their cheese curds for the first time, they were very yummy. (Yes, I know, I live under a rock)

Got emailed back from Mac this morning confirming that he wanted to hookup with me today. So I apologized to Scooby for freaking out about him hooking up with Mac a couple of weeks ago, and told him that I didn't mind if they wanted to hook up again in the future and wouldn't mind a 3way sometime. (God bless him for dealing with my psychotic virgo ass) I blew Scooby before he went to work and then Mac came over and gave me a good fucking this afternoon, which is just the attitude adjustment that I needed.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Friday, September 24, 2004

The Adventures of Pukey Peggy

Scooby and I love everything about New Orleans. From it historic architecture, great food, live jazz music to the friendly and colorful locals... we just love being down there. Not to mention that however shitfaced drunk you get, there is always someone drunker than yourself. We started spending our Christmas/New Years holidays down there almost 4 years ago. It was our second Christmas down there when we met Pukey Peggy.

We had just arrived that day and after getting settled in to our little whole in the wall HO-tel we ventured out to our favorite bar VooDoo at Congo Square on Rampart. It was early evening and we were sitting about halfway down the bar having a few drinks when this woman came in and flopped her big purse down on the end of the bar and ordered a drink. Her name was Peggy and she looked like a very seasoned drinker with dark rings around her eyes and her hair was dark brown and cut short about 4 or 5 inches long at the top and tapered down to her neck. Peggy wore a large baggy turtle neck type top that hung in huge wrinkled cuff type rings almost down to her saggy boobs. Before we knew it Peggy was sitting Indian style on top of the bar and when one of her many favorite songs came on she would raise her arms and shake her fists to the music. When she wasn't shaking her fists to the music she would be pulling her hair so it all stood straight out from her head. It was Scooby that saw what happened next, while Peggy was shaking her fists and waving her arms to the music she ever so slightly vomited into the huge cuffs of her sweater. Not thinking that anyone saw her she lightly wiped her mouth oblivious to the deposit that she left behind in the vast material around her neck and went back to waving her arms and shaking her fists. This was the first impression...

The next night but much later we were at our perch again at the VooDoo and in come one of the bartenders and another guy holding Peggy up inbetween them. This night she was totally shitfaced drunk to the point her eyes were rolling into the back of her head, her mouth was hanging open and she couldn't even walk, hence the two guys practically carrying her. They took her right to the back of the bar and I guess deposited her in the girls bathroom.

Then a few days later we were walking down Ursulines and walked past this one residence that had their shutters opened up and were having a Christmas party and there was Pukey Peggy, (much more sober and conservative looking) sitting on the couch having a cocktail and enjoying the festivities.

A day or two later we were sitting once again at the VooDoo and the bartender that had helped carry Peggy in a few days earlier was working when drunk Pukey Peggy came trudging into the bar and went over to the mens bathroom door and almost violently pushed the door open and started to go in but the queens inside screamed with terror. After the queens screamed the bartender looked over and screamed, "Peggy! Don't you go into the mens bathroom and piss on the floor." Then Peggy in her rough scratchy voice screamed back, "I don't piss on the floor". The bartender then said, "YES YOU DO! and its disgusting, go to the back and use the bathroom with the toilet." Note: the bathroom she was busting into only had a large trough like urinal.

Then towards the end of our trip we bumped into Pukey Peggy once again at the VooDoo, this time she sat next to us and and was the soberest we had seen her all week. She introduced herself and Scooby made the comment that we had met her early that week when she was twisted, in which Pukey Peggy stated, "I don't get twisted", and Scooby came back with, "Well that must of been your twin sister "Pretzel". About that time our favorite bartender Jim came up to the three of us with a mind eraser and four straws, we all grabbed a straw and sucked it down and we were all well on our way to not being twisted.

Last year when we went down we asked where Pukey Peggy was and was told that she was now in Florida.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Found out

Well I knew this would happen eventually. A friend of mine found my blog and I can't remember the exact wording of the IM but I remember him saying "ouch" at my explicit sex talk and that we've been friends for 19 years and that he feels that he's just getting to know me. I kinda remarked backed a "Yikes" and made the comment that I wasn't always a big ole slut, just since I became poz that it started hitting high gear. In fact I used to be somewhat conservative sexually... at least by day, but occasionally I'd go walking after midnight and sow my wild oats, but even then I was pretty vanilla. These days I've learned to "Never say never" cuz I'm starting to do things that I never thought I'd do back in my 20's and I'm slowly mutating into a pig.

As for what I'm writing I don't think I'll start censoring anything anytime soon. I mean who the fuck cares I surely don't. I was never a person with high aspirations, I remember my mom asking me one time when I was a teenager, "What do you want to do when you grow up" and without hesitation I replied, "I what to be a porn star". I thought it would shock her but she just laughed her head off instead and I think she might of said, "Good for you" even. Of course the porn star thing never happened and I'm turning 38 this week and I think I might be a little past my prime, will it happen, probably not... but like I said never say never.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

It's stuck in my head

Time and time again we fall into the depths of who we are
But you can't keep running away from what you're trying to find

Chronic Future... "Time and Time again"

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Trannies and A message from God

Man, I don't know what it is, but going back to work after a long weekend is, well, depressing. I'm like a kid going back to school, I just don't want to do it, but once I get back into the swing of things I kind of even out. We had a boring uneventful weekend. We managed to repair the sagging front porch and get it level and even managed to get about 3/4 of the shingles put on. Yea!

Went out to "The Berg" for drinks Sunday night and Scooby sang his heart out again. There were quite a few people out at the bar that night, lots of new and different faces. Saw this woman there with our local trannie Jolene. This woman was very homely, dressed in what I'd call a second hand lowcut gown/dress and had the biggest boobs I've seen on such a scrawny woman. I went out on the patio and found my friend Joe chatting with her so I joined them and found out her name was Dixie. What was so shocking was when Dixie talked a big ole boot fell out. She had one of the deepest voices I've ever heard come from a supposed female. After Dixie went back inside, I asked Joe, "Did Dixie used to be a guy?" and he replied,"I was wondering the same thing." I'm guessing that she was a he at one time, but who knows. I hope Dixie had a good time at the Berg and hope to see her again, and her big ass boobs.

I don't think I've mentioned this but we live across the street from a Lutheran Church. They have a sign out front which about once a month they post different inspirational and sometimes quirky messages. This last one hit a little to close to home, it read..."Staying in bed shouting "OH GOD" doesn't constitute going to church". My first thought was, "Oh Shit, did they hear me and Scooby getting it on last week when we had the windows open. I don't know if it's coincidence or what, but its got me thinking that we better close the windows when we plan on playing the hokey pokey from now on. Yikes!

I haven't mentioned coming out at work cuz it didn't happen. I looked in the newspaper and found my father's birthday announcement and I guess for lack of space they only printed the children and not their spouses. It was really no big deal since I only see my crewleader maybe once a month and my coworkers a couple of times a year. Work has a employee directory that they update yearly and several years ago I filled it out naming Scooby as my spouse but I noticed that they never did add him to my info.. When I first started working here I did go out once with the guys from work. We all met over to our crewleaders house for a few beers and considering that they all had a gay joke to tell, I'm sure they figured that I was gay and told the jokes to see if it would get a rise out of me. It of course didn't, but then I never went over for drinks again either. Considering that it was about a 45 min. trip to get back home, I had a good excuse not to go back.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Luck... The Taboo Nazi..Pizza.. and the Sugar daddy

Scooby has managed to come through once again. Despite the shit he's been going through at Home Depot (they didn't schedule him at all this week). First the Taboo Nazi hired him to do work at her place installing a fence around her back yard, rebuilding her front porch and the list goes on and on and on...

Then last week as Scooby was getting out of his car a local pizza shop owner stopped by and asked him if Jake lived next door. Scooby said yes and they started up a conversation, then the guy asked if he could put a sign on our fence in the front yard for his pizza place in exchange for a free large 2 item pizza every week for as long as we keep the sign up. YES! Free fuckin food, hell yeah he can put a sign up. Then Scooby designed a better logo for the guy and he got 5 more pizza's. For those pizza's he can chose anything on the menu. YES! Now Scooby is planning to put together a website for the guy also in exchange for....more Pizza. We had our first 2 topping large (for the sign in the yard) and it was fantastic. They make their own sauce everyday from Italian pear tomatoes. God I love the bartering system.

To try and get back in the good graces of our sugar daddy I sent him a birthday card and sure enough it worked. He called this week and said to be on the look out for an early birthday present/package just for me. It arrived today and I got a gothic skull necklace and bracelet to match. TO COOL! I'm not much into wearing jewelry per se, but this stuff is so cool I'll definitely be wearing it. If things go well it looks like I'll be suckin cock for flowers in my yard again next spring. Yippee!

Not much new to report. They finally got the air restored at work, Thank fuckin God! Now my blower quit working on my car so no air there, so it's going in this Friday for repairs.

No new sexcapades, waaaa... Just Scooby and I doing the usual hokey pokey. Although Scooby did get hit on by Big John (the guy who we heard has a thick 12 cock) last weekend at the "Berg", and is interested in banging us both. God I hope it happens cuz I need something interesting to blog about.

As for the holiday weekend, if the weather is good we will be repairing the front porch roof and hopefully shingling it. Then all the roofs will be done, FUCK YES! We will probably go into Saginaw to the "Berg" Sunday night for drinks and karaoke. We went down last Sunday and Scooby sung his heart out and we had a blast...

Have a nice Labour Day! Ciao

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The fuckin air quit at work Tuesday and its been hotter than fuck in this building this week. Its one thing when your sitting your ass at a desk all day infront of a fan, its a whole nother story when your the person who has to clean the building and your moving around doing manual work. Man I was fuckin sweating like a pig, thank God I took a shower before I came to work this afternoon or else I'd be alot stinkier than I already am. Also thank god that the computer classroom has its own air system. Gee, I hope they don't mind if I clean this keyboard for the rest of the evening. hehe Fuck vacuuming, the carpet doesn't look that bad and its tooo fucking hot, I'd be a puddle by the time I finished. They say that the part will be in Monday and that it will take a couple of days to install, so we're looking at about Wednesday or Thursday of next week before we have air again. OMFG! I'll probably sweat another 10 lbs. of my water weight off again like I did earlier this summer when we were reroofing the house. That's ok cuz the feeling of being lean and fit encourages me to work out and stay lean and fit. For the last few weeks I've been really focusing on my abs and arms by doing a series of different stomach crunches and for my arms I've been doing push ups. Hopefully I'll keep at it.

Oh and since my last post I mentioned to Scooby about him eating Davids ass more that night then he has mine in our 7 yrs. together. Well he confessed that he has been eating my ass but that he does it after I've passed out when I'm drunk. Fuckin Aye, I guess I shouldn't drink so much when I drink, cuz I've been missin out on alot. After his confession he gave me a serious tongue lashing to the point my eyes rolled so far back in my head I saw my brain.

Blast from the past:

Cindy the girl who used to live next door to me in my/our junior and senior year of high school called me out of the blue the other day. She joined the marines right out of high school and is going to be retiring in the next couple of years. Bitch! God I've got about 27 more years until I can retire from where I'm at. Shit... Can I say loser. It was great chatting with her, I told her I was gay and we swapped man stories. She never married but does have a daughter whos father is black. We have so much in common. My fb, Mac is black and has been trying to knock me up this whole summer, but it just doesn't take. I must be barren....Thank god because I'm afraid I'd give birth to a "bad seed". Anyway our 20 yr. reunion is coming up next year and it looks like she's gonna drag me to it. Which is good cuz I chickened out and didn't go to my 10 yr. (dam social anxiety). It will be good to see her in person. I never told her this, but when we parted ways I was kinda irked at her cuz she fucked my best friend who I had a major crush on at the time, but its all water under the bridge anymore.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My fathers birthday party luncheon went ok, we had about 24 people altogether. I've been kind of down since then and I'm guessing that it was probably because of the party. I'm sure it's because I'm to sensitive but it kind of bugged me that none of my nieces and nephews children didn't bother to say hello to me. But then again when I was a teen I didn't want to talk to adults either.

My oldest (religious) sister and I didn't say anything to each other until we were in the parking lot when we were all leaving, but we did give each other a light hug and said goodbye. Didn't say or hear a hello or goodbye from her husband who is a Baptist minister either but that's no surprise since I'm a going to hell sinner. I gave my dad a card that said, "Inside every old person is a young person" and on the inside it read "Wondering what the Hell happened". I noticed that after he opened it and read it he hid it under his other cards instead of passing it around. I'm sure it was because he didn't want to offend my brother inlaw with the word Hell.

My one niece who's only a couple of years older than me, and who I was very close to as a kid, sat across the table from me and that was fun. She flew in from down south. I teased her about becoming a Grandma and we talked and laughed about how we used to swim in the ditch out in front of their house in Louisville when we were kids. I miss those days, before my sister and her husband found the Baptist religion.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Who are the crazies in your neighborhood

Other than being the birthplace of Madonna, Bay City, MI is not unlike any other small city. That is, until the shit hits the fan and when it does this place is like Jerry Springer on acid.

This week, Wednesday morning at 2 am a 20 yo guy was trying to break up a fight outside when a crazy 43 yo guy came running from his house wielding a 28 inch machete and cut the 20 yo left hand almost completely off and severely cut his right hand. The victim was flown to Ann Arbor for surgery. Thank god the police caught the machete wielding crazy man by 10 am.

Shit like this happens quite a bit here.

Last year the police had a 8 hour stand off with a serial child molester that lived two blocks down the street. It ended when the child molester shot himself in the head.

A couple of years ago a divorce lawyer was stabbed to death in front of a downtown restaurant full of people during the breakfast rush. The lawyer was representing/sleeping with the murderers soon to be ex wife. After stabbing the lawyer repeatedly the assailant then took another knife, put it to his own chest and then jumped on it killing himself also.

A couple of years before that a woman who owned a small gift store downtown specializing in angels was stabbed for no apparent reason. She lived, the assailant was never caught.

Then there was the two brothers that shot and killed two police officers for no apparent reason the one brother was shot and killed in the shoot out and the other ran down to the river and tried to drown himself, but was later apprehended.

We also have the occasional depressed person who tries to jump off the bridge, which is not high enough to do any damage, but will get you sent to the mental ward at the hospital for evaluation.

I do like this town, its not dull, that's for sure. Like Jerry Springer its got its nuts and sluts but most of the people are very friendly and kind. What won me over about this place is when I first moved to Bay City back in 1991 I was sitting at a street light and to kill time until the light changed I was people watching. Across the street there was a car also waiting for the light and I saw the drivers window roll down about 4 inches and the driver spit a big loogie out the window. I was amazed at the accuracy of the person considering I can't spit standing outside without hitting myself. Then the light turned green and I wanted to see this person who could spit out a window that was barely open and to my surprise it was a little old woman in a babushka (bonnet/handkerchief).

Other than the crazy machete wielding freak nothing much is new here. I'm taking tomorrow off and Scooby and I and my family are going out for lunch to celebrate my fathers 85 birthday. Happy Birthday ya grumpy old fart! I will have to say that my sister did something that meant the world to me. When putting together the newspaper announcement for dads birthday she asked me if I wanted Scooby included and how to word it. I said yes to include him and to say that he's my partner. I'm kind of wondering what or if my coworkers are going to say or mention it considering that I wasn't "out" at work. They come across as kind of homophobic so it may be interesting. Oh well fuck it, I'm far from giving a shit anymore. Later....

Monday, August 16, 2004


Scooby was given his 30 days notice by fucking Home Depot earlier this month. He's basically being fired because he's HIV poz or in truth because the side effects of his meds leaves him with chronic nausea, diarrhea and vomiting which limits him from being able to work the crazy schedule that they enforce on their workers. Isn't that just great. He's been there for about 10 yrs.. Fuckers Fuckers Fuckers....

Things have really changed there and none of its for the good. He was fired years ago right after he became poz and started having problems with the meds and side effects. But back then Human Resources still had some say in how things are done and they not only rehired him but they demoted the manager that fired him. Well then the founders of Home Depot retired and hired an accountant to run their organization. (Bad Idea considering that accountants care about money, not people) That's when the trouble really started. Opening more stores and only running them on skeleton crews. (One person per dept.)

Then the head honcho sent out a memo a year or so ago saying, "No set schedules", in other words we don't care if your health problems interfere, you will work when you're told to work." There is no way Scooby could work first thing in the morning, cuz that's when he is at his sickest from the time he gets up till about noon. So management then gave him an ultimatum, that he could work the hours of his choice if he were to go from full time to part time and of course this means giving up his health insurance. Gee, how convenient for them. Scooby unfortunately had to agree and go to part time and loose his health ins.. Now management is saying that he has to work whenever they schedule him even if he is part time and they're trying to schedule him at 8am again. (knowing good and well) that he can't make it in that early) They say either work the hours we schedule or he's fired. Its a big set up, they schedule him for times they know he can't work so then when he calls in sick they have just cause to fire him. Fuckers

Last November and December they just quit scheduling him. There excuse was that no part time people were working because it was the slow time, even though Scooby had seniority over everyone in the store including management. Finally he went back to work, but then they did the same thing in July. They called him once and asked him to work a morning and considering how sick he is in the morning he had to decline. This fuckin shit happens everytime a new manager comes to the store (which is quite often). Scoobys agreed to try and work all scheduled hours to try and please his Nazi boss, at least until his vacation is due, which is soon. Then I wouldn't blame him if he quit, their making him miserable which is definately not good for his health.

We are so fucked though, there are no other jobs around here. If he were to get fired trying to get unemployment in Michigan is next to impossible, since its all done by an automated phone system. (No real people) You can sit for hours pushing buttons and it will get you no where, other than round and round in a vicious annoying circle. But I'm sure he can get some handyman work so that will help him out.

This is just making me sick to my stomach. When I was a teen gay boy I had dreams that once I was an adult and had a boyfriend that we would be able to travel and see the world. I just figured with two incomes and no kids, that we'd have the money to do practically anything. Well like Julia Sweenie said, "God said, Ha"...

Friday, August 13, 2004

Loves and laughs

I love Fridays, especially during the summer. I work afternoons cleaning offices and Fridays are the best. People either leave early or don't come in at all and that makes my job so much easier. It's probably the combination of it being the last day of work and it being an easy day that sometimes I find myself skipping from office to office empty trash and sprucing everything up. It also helps that management lets us come in an hour early on Fridays so we get to leave early. YEA! I can't help it I love Fridays, even when they land on the 13th.

I also love The Graham Norton Effect, God can he make me laugh. Last night he had a girl from the audience stand up and name every slang name for penis that she could think of in so many seconds, I think she got about 20, then he says, "Well lets see how your mom does", cut to her mom at home and she gets about 18 words for penis. Then he says, "Now, lets see how grandma does" and the girl is as shocked as anyone when they cut to her grandma at home. And guess what Grandma won with about 24 different names for penis. I about pissed myself I laughed so hard. He also had John Waters on last night promoting his new movie, "A Dirty Shame" staring Tracy Allman as a sex addicted store clerk. OMG it looks so funny! I've loved almost every movie John has made except for "Cecil B. Demented" (sorry John), but the sound track just didn't fit his normal style. I think its the funky old tunes that really make it a John Waters movie.

Anyhoo thats about it for this week. A special thanks to Homer for the sexy and revealing pic, WOOF WOOF!! Hell if I'd a known you wanted gravy with those mashed potatoes I email ya, I'd of whipped some up myself.

Also Sissy Spacechic is guest blogging this weekend at Water Colour Boy's site. I got turned on to Sissy just before she quit blogging and it was like losing a new friend. Don't miss her, she's another one that makes me laugh. We miss ya Sissy!

Have a nice weekend y'all

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I just read Glennalicious's last post about his friends taking him shopping for clothes and the price of Diesel jeans being between $150. - $350.... All I can say is OH MY FUCKING GOD! I had no idea that they were that expensive. I might as well add Deisel Jeans to my list of never haves. For Gods sake $350 would almost make my mortgage payment.

I'm so glad that Saginaw has an Old Navy store and that they have sales... Old Navy jeans on sale $10., shirts between $5-$10 on sale. I guess I'm glad I don't live in the big city, because this country mouse would be homeless trying to be fashionable. Actually this is why I quit going to Chicago, because of all the fucking tickets that I'd get from the local fashion police.

Call me poor, call me cheap, whatever... As Popeye would say, "I am what I am". I can't believe I'm about to admit to this but last year I gave a bj to a fat fifty-something guy in exchange for 4 flats of flowers for my yard. Actually the guy was Scooby and I's sugardaddy for a couple of years. We'd help him out and he would shower us with gifts. I alone got several nice shirts, a small colored tv with cd player, several cd porn movies, expensive cigars, several fifths of alcohol and a wheelbarrow. Not to mention the $150. we both got at Christmas time and a king size bed that was only 2 yrs old. He also paid for our camp site when we went camping with him and his bf to Saugatuck last year. They have been together for about 25 yrs and his bf didn't put out much anymore and the bf was more than happy that we were taking up the slack.

Unfortunatly he asked to come up (he's from the Detroit area) when we were going to be tearing off the old roof and I told him it wouldn't be a good time because we would be really busy and tired, well I guess he got mad cuz we haven't heard from him since. Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Ok I'm a:

Whore....or Smart shopper....

You decide

Monday, August 09, 2004

Considering the difficulties that I'm having logging onto blogspot, I'm considering relocating to a different blog site. Scooby tells me that its easier to post pics on tripod so I might give them a go. Will post new site if and when it happens, that's if I can log on, that is.

Was suppose to take my dad to his brothers 90th birthday party yesterday but I woke up with an incredible neck ache. (I couldn't turn or tilt my head to the right without pain.) Luckily last week my sister told me that if I couldn't make it to let her know and she'd take him. So I called to see if she was still free and she was, thank god.

I think my neck problems stem back to when I was 21 and got into a car accident. I fell asleep/passed out behind the wheel of my car and went into a 15-20 ft. ditch and hit a culvert. At the time the hospital said I had a chipped vertebrae in my neck, but my Dr. never got the ex-rays from the hospital and just said that if I can move my head back and forth without pain, then I'm fine. I think its probably the chip that I'm having problems with, but luckily it only lasts a day or two and only happens a couple of times a year.

Weird thing, I tried to locate the local Democratic office to stop by and get some bumper stickers and a yard sign. Only to find out that we no longer have a local Democratic office. That's scary! I guess I'll at least try and get some bumper stickers online.

Other than that, had a boring weekend, made some mashed potato salad and gazpacho..... Might be having a get together for our friend T who got a better paying job back home in Australia and is leaving at the end of the month. We will miss ya T. and your excessively furry legs. Woof!

That's it for now and hopefully I'll be able to log on again.

Monday, August 02, 2004

My kooky cousin and the bacon eating jewish boy

Well the reunion went great this weekend! My dad and I arrived and of course we didn't recognize anyone, so we asked if we had the right reunion and they confirmed that we did. I then was directed to my second cousin who had invited us. After saying hello and what not, he got everyone's attention and introduced me and told everyone of my family research and then turned to me and said, "The floor is yours". OMG! I could have just crawled under a rock, I was so mortified.

I started off by saying that I was a horrible public speaker. Then I started explaining about how are great grandfather and his sisters had immigrated here from Germany, and started showing pictures and such. Well that really got the ball rolling, there were several old timers that helped fill in a lot. Like how my great grandfather disowned my grandfather for getting my grandmother pregnate before they were married and that my great grandfather had done the same thing with our great grandmother (getting her pregnate before they got married, that is). Then the big reveal that great grandma was actually Jewish and not German.

While we were all getting to know each other and gossiping about family ancestors, this slim woman with wavy blonde hair and glasses (similar to the old cat eye style) came up with her arms full of stuff. She then announced, "Hey everyone, Look what I got at the yard sale across the street." She then pulled out these two old vintage dresses, one looked as if it had been a cocktail dress and was gold with pleats that ran at a diagonal. She then introduced herself as my second cousin Jeanie and told me that she had gone to school with my youngest sister. Then a little while later, I heard Jeanie say, "Hey you guys, Look at me". Jeanie had pulled the gold cocktail dress on over her clothes and was modeling it for everyone and doing a little dance to boot. Everyone laughed and Jeanie said, "someone take my picture". Then her mom (who is a family historian also) said, "my kids are such clowns". Jeanie then looked at me and winked, and I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with everyone else.

For the rest of the weekend (and probably for the rest of my life) when I thought of Jeanie in that dress, I would get this goofy smile on my face and know that I'm home.

Today my Doctor's nurse called to tell me that all my labs came back normal. Yea! That's good to know since I haven't been taking my afternoon meds for the last month, just morning and night meds. She also said that my liver is normal also. Double Yea! But that my cholesterol is high, 142 when it should be under 130 and that the Dr. wants me to lower it through diet. DIET, why can't I just take another pill to lower it, so I can eat what I want Dammit. Oh well so much for the half a package of bacon that I normally eat on the weekend.

Funny how I find out that I'm part Jewish and that I can't eat bacon anymore (or at least not as much) in the matter of a few days.

Friday, July 30, 2004

After playing phone tag all week, my second cousin called me today. He wanted to see if I was going to come to their family reunion. This would be my grandfathers brothers family on my mom's side. I started researching all our family genealogies (history's) several years ago and ended up putting together booklets that date our family from about the mid 1800's to current. Now the word has spread through out the other families and everyone wants to see what I've come up with so far. The call went really well considering I'm horrible when it comes to talking to people I don't know (in person and/or on the telephone). But then again I have alot of family info. so its not that I can't find anything to say.

I'm kind of freaked out about going, call it being shy or social anxiety, I just seem to clam up in social events. It's the main reason I was drunk during my 20's, alcohol seemed to help loosen me up. It shouldn't be to bad since, like I said, I do have alot of info. to talk about and plus my father is going to go with me and he at least knows some of these people. I wish my mom was still alive, she was a very fun, social and out going kind of gal. She would have been very helpful in this predicament. Man, I miss her, it's hard to believe she's been gone 8 yrs..

I think my social problems stem from my days at Flowing Wells Jr. High School out in Tucson, AZ. I don't know how it is now, but back in the late 70's early 80's it was all fight, fight, fight. The teachers really needed to patrol the campus, but they didn't. When I was in 7th or 8th grade, my friend Dawn was pointing out her older brother during lunch in the cafeteria and this short 9th grade Hispanic guy thought I was looking/talking about him. Well he came over and started yelling and bitch slapping me for it. I tried to explain, but it fell on deaf ears, and he continued to harass me for the rest of the year. I probably could have fought him and won cuz I was bigger than him, but fighting him would have opened up a whole nother can of worms with his "Chollo" friends. To this day I still have problems making eye contact with straight people.

But anyway, its starting to rain and I really hope that its going to be clear tomorrow cuz I really need to go to this reunion, for my sake more than anyone else's. I plan on taking a Xanax before hand to help put me at ease.

That's it I'm outta here, have a good weekend.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

HIV meds and the side effects

First of all just want a say that every person is different, so HIV meds affect everyone differently. This is just the accounts of myself and Scoobys side effects.

When I first became poz back in 1996 my doctors put me on AZT and 3TC (which soon was combined together to become Combivir) and Crixivan. I don't know if they use Crixivan anymore but the shit was like rat poison. We were on Crixivan for several years and the side effects never went away while on this drug.

Side Effects of Crixivan:

Chronic vomiting :(Mine wasn't chronic but Scooby threw up every morning on and off from the time he got up till about noon.)

Chronic diarrhea: (Same as the vomiting on and off all morning till about noon. It was so bad that Scooby and I started referring to our asshole as our "Water holes" since that's all that came out. We tried all kinds of drugs to help this, but all everything seemed to do was change the water different colors
Rule #1 for chronic diarrhea don't leave home until your sure that your done blowing out.

Rule #2 If you have chronic diarrhea don't ever fart in public. "Oops I crapped my pants"

Excessive drying of skin: ( I don't know if it was this or the diarrhea but my self lubing juicy asshole dryed out and getting fucked turned into a nightmare. Using lube didn't work because it fiercely burned. I joked during this time that if I'd of been on meds before I became poz , I'd of never been infected. I've been off of Crixivan for several years now and my hole is finally just starting to get back to normal. Yea!

Forget consuming Alcohol: I used to throw up before I even got a buzz. One good thing is it saved me from being/continuing to be an alcoholic.

Powder burps: Crixivan I guess doesn't dissolve well or at all, cuz I would occasionally burp and a puff of powder would waft out of my mouth. "Honestly I don't eat baby powder or cocaine for that matter"

and last but not least:
Crixivan Slivers: after time these slivers get stuck in your kidneys and they pass like kidney stones. After the third time our Dr. took us off of Crixivan.

I was then put on Viracept and Scooby was put on Zerit and Sustiva

Side effects of Viracept:

Headaches: I had a headache for the first couple of months of being on this. I don't know if they went away or if I just got use to them. I've suffered from migrain headaches since I was 5 so a regular headache is not a big deal.

Diarrhea: not as bad as Crixivan, we do occasionally have a solid turd and thats cause for celebration. "Yea! Solid Turd Day"

Joint and Muscle problems: Maybe I'm just getting older (37) but sometimes I feel like I'm 85. When I'm tired it seems to be worse (I start to hobble a little and definitely hold on to the hand rails while using stairs).

Hunger: When I need to eat I need to eat NOW or else my stomach gets really fucking angry and if I wait to long then I can't eat and sometimes dry heave. I now eat small meals every 3 hrs and that seems to work. Even if its just a bowl of cereal or a sandwich.

Memory loss: Sometimes I'm good, sometimes I'm Aunt Clara from Bewitched. "Oh goodness where am I"

Note: Scooby doesn't have problems with Viracept or Zerit

Side effect of Sustiva:

Nightmares: Scooby has a recurring nightmare of walking out infront of a eighteen wheeler even after he looks both ways. One of our friends has nightmares of being murdered and of murdering others.

Possible Side effects of unknown origin (maybe combivir)

Hemorrhoidal Bloodclots: These clots form in the hemorroidal tissue around the asshole. Dr. says that they normally dissolve. I had to have one sliced and squeezed out. Don't apply ice or a cold compress this makes it much worse and even more painful. Medicated powder like Gold Bond works great, the dollar store brand is just as good. I've had a couple of other ones start, but with the powder they seem to dissolve and go away on their own. Scooby and I have both had these within the last year and the only thing we're both on is Combivir.

Anyway that's it in a nutshell. Its very disturbing that there are guys out there that want to get infected and I just want to say: HIV meds are not like the Flintstones chewable vitamins that your mother used to give ya.

Sometimes I think that the meds will possibly kill me before the disease does, considering that (as far as I know) there is no knowledge of the long term effects of these drugs.

Anyway, I'm alive and I feel alright and am still able to work a full time manual labor job, so it's all good so far.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Canoeing with Hot Men

We went canoeing on the Rifle river yesterday with two other gay couples and had a excellent time.  It was R & T's idea, T was off this week on vacation and being that he's from Australia  R wanted to take him canoeing.  R is in his early 40's, smooth and muscular, T is in his early 30's, muscular, furry and tattooed (Yum, Yum Yum) combine that with his Aussie accent and OMG!  The other couple was J & D.  Both in their early twenties, slim, tight, muscular bodies to die for.  We stopped in the middle of our trip and D jumped in the river and started swimming.   I was the second to jump in, it was kinda cold but it did feel very refreshing.  We all swam around except for J who stood on the banks and watched us.  In fact I caught J looking at me a few times when I was standing in the water up to my waist.  I just figured that I must of had something on me or something.  Then on our way home J complimented me on how good I looked, actually I think the words "Fit and tight" might have been mentioned.  I was fucking blown away that a hot guy in his early twenties thought that I had a good body. 

I can't remember anyone ever giving me a compliment on my body before in my life, other than Scooby loves my furry chest.  I'm normally so critical of myself and now I'm kinda seeing me in a new light.  Granted I've never been fat, its just that I've never been in shape either.  I've never had the extra funds to go to a gym, and as for exercising, well I get into it for about a week or two then I miss a day, the day turns into a week, the week turns into a month and so on.  Being that I'm turning 38 this September, I know I really got to start some kind of work out routine and stick to it.   I guess I better take some new pics soon.  

Monday, July 19, 2004

Our (Winchester) house

When our house was first built in the 1870's/80's it was a 4 room house. Living room and kitchen down and two bedrooms up. Sometime in the early 1900's an addition was built on which included a new kitchen, dining room, another bedroom and bathroom.  By the time I bought the place back in 1991 it was had been abandon for about 10 yrs.  The only major things that needed to be done was new plumming and replace the hot water heater.  Thanks to Ace Hardware for giving me the low down on putting in plastic pipes, it only took a weekend to get the new water lines ran.  Other than that it was all cosmetic: patching plaster walls, painting inside and out, and major cleaning, and clearing all the overgrown brush ect. from around the outside.
Then I met Scooby.
Scooby is a jack of all trades and can do practically anything when he puts his mind to it, building, plumbing, electrical ect..   Well after our first year together we tore off the small 7 by 7 back porch and built a 10 by 18 enclosed porch. (The one we now use as a summer living room)  Then Scooby didn't like the way the kitchen was.  It had already been screwed up by past renovations, so Scooby built all new cabinets ect. and we also knocked out the wall between the kitchen and dining to open the two rooms up for better entertaining.  These rooms are almost done other than small detail work.
Then there was the ordeal about the stairway upstairs.  It was so narrow and steep that it was difficult to get even a boxsprings for a single bed upstairs. So we started thinking about building a new larger stairway.  We wanted the house to look like it hadn't been added onto, or in other words we didn't want it to look architecturally raped.  So in order to do this we not only built a stairway but a computerroom/office downstairs and above that a room that will be a future bathroom. That project alone took over 2 years to complete.  Oiy Vei 
This new project: The back part of the roof needed to be replaced because it was starting to leak and the new walls in the kitchen was starting to show water stains because of it.  Well Scooby of course, with his "While we're at it" view on things talked me into building on two large dormers on the attic space and also a large 10 by 20 open side porch that comes off of the bedroom downstairs.  Now that we got the dormers built, the attic is so large, we're thinking of making it our bedroom.  I swear its the largest room in the house now. But anyway with the new dormers and porch it created more roof lines which take more detail work to do.  Then of course when it's really hot its impossible to do any roofing because when the roof is hot it fucks it up to stand on it.  Double Oiy Vei
I told Scooby that this is it, no more additions. Once the roof and the siding is done, thats it and besides we really need to get the place done before fall of 2006 because there are rumours at work that when my contract it up that our dept. will be no more and that they will be hiring an outside cleaning co..  Once again "Capitalism Sucks".   I'm not too worried about losing my job though because it will be the kick in the ass I need to get us the hell out of Michigan and do something else. 

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Boating and The Doobie Brothers

We worked on our roof for awhile yesterday but quit early and went boating with our friend Joseph on his little boat, "The Larry Lee" is a 1967 Slickcraft that seats about 5 people.  With the wind it was a little to chilly to swim so instead of going out on the bay we went up the Saginaw river.  Went under some tiny bridges to get to areas that other boats can't get to. It was so calm and relaxing getting away from the river congestion and all the straight families and their big fancy boats.  I got a little too tipsy and almost fell off the boat while trying to take a piss off the side, its what I get for mixing Transfusions with beer.  I fixed sandwiches for our trip and they helped soak up some of the alcohol, so then I  had a few more beers.  Went down the Cheboyganing creek which also doesn't get any boat traffic cause of the two small bridges that cross over it.   Didn't see anyone for miles and it looked clean enough to swim in.
We got back around 9:30 and there were cars everywhere and then remembered that "The Doobie Brothers" were playing down at the park behind the house.  It was so weird to actually be able to hear the concert from our backyard.
Anyway that was Saturday in a nutshell.  Today we'll go back to working on the roof, Oh Joy!
I totally forgot to mention when we were boating on the main river that we saw a woman giving head to her boyfriend at a park on the banks of the Saginaw river in broad daylight.  This really pisses me off cause guys get busted down there or at least chased away by the cops at night, but straight people can have sex during the day in the park with no problem.  Yeah, that's fair...NOT...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Stranger Nights

A couple of weeks ago around 2am Thursday night/Friday morning Scooby and I were sitting out on the back porch (which is basically our living room during the summer) watching tv, when we (including the cat) see something/one go past the window. We sit there and kinda go, "What the fuck was that". Scooby goes to the back door and turns on the light and there is this woman standing in our back yard and she immediately says, "Do you have a phone, I need to call for a ride". Scooby tells her to go back around to the front door and he'll bring her a phone. I'm thinking something isn't right about this picture. First of all, we always keep our front porch light on and we have a doorbell. Why the fuck didn't she use the doorbell and what is she wandering around in our back yard for, at 2am no less? Well Scooby brings her the phone and she's got a boyfriend that's standing out front. They make a few local calls tell the person they're calling that they were at a party and the cops showed up so they ran. They find someone to come get them, then they leave. Weird, Weird, Weird... We are in the process of some construction on our house and I personally think that they were casing out the place looking for something to steal. Needless to say, I'm seriously thinking about doing a "Home Alone" job on the back yard just to keep it interesting for the tresspassers.

Maybe its because we live at a major intersection in town, because weird things like this happen to us alot. We had one guy come knock on our door last year in the middle of the night looking for a hand out. He asked if our house was the parsonage for the church across the street and we told him no. He said he needed to buy a gallon of milk for his kids and he didn't have any money. Well, we gave him enough to buy milk, he graciously thanked us and left. And like a stray cat that you feed, the guy started coming back regularly trying to hit us up for money. Scooby finally had to be a little rude to the guy and told him not to come back. A few months ago, the same guy caught me getting out of my car one night and started up with the same story about needing money for milk for the kids blah, blah blah. I gave him a few bucks, then he tells me the store is to far on bicycle and asked if i'd drive him there. I told him that I just got our of work and was tired and that no I couldn't give him a ride. Our neighbor later told us that he frequents the bar down the street and is constantly hittin people up for money. If he comes back again asking for money, He's going to at least let me see his cock.

The best and wierdest happend just a couple of nights ago. 1:30am the door bell rings, I think that it's probably our neighbor Jake (early 20's, cute and straight) because he knows were usually up till 2am and occassionally stops by to chat and bitch about his life. I open the door and here is this cute little gay boy with a LAPD hat on. I looked like shit and was horrified that anyone that I don't really know is seeing me like this. (You see, I had a mole cut off the end of my nose a while back, which is healing really fuckin slow, so at night I cover it in Neosporin and an bandaid to help it heal.) Anyway I'm surprised that it's not our neighbor and he's surprised that a Bandaid face answers the door so we both kinda half heartedly laugh and He says, "I just wanted to stop and say that I really like your stained glass rainbow in the window, and I'm kinda lost, could you tell me how to get to the hospital, I've got another 3 miles to go once I get there." He's kinda acting not really right, like he's either drunk or on drugs or something. I give him directions, he comments again on the stained glass rainbow and then he leaves. Then I think, was he driving?, cause its raining really hard, so I look out the door and there's no car and he's gone. I tell Scooby what just happened and we look out towards the bridge and he's not there. I finally see a figure almost a block away and the person looks alot more fucked up then the kid I had just talked to. This person is stumbling around, then it looks as if they sit down on the curb, then it looks like the person went out in the street and laid down. I tell Scooby to come on, if its the same kid, we'll give him a ride to where ever he's going. Vainly I take off the bandaid, grab a couple of large towels for him to dry off with and we leave. We get up to the light and yes it is the same kid, but some woman is picking him up by then, so we turn around and go home. God if he'd of just asked me for a ride to begin with I would have been happy to help him out.

Hell, several years ago around Christmas, Scooby and I were decorating the tree and this girl rings our doorbell and says that she lives around the block and could I give her a ride to her boyfriends. It being the Holidays, and me being the kind of person who likes to do good deeds (mainly to try and correct the bad karma that I've created in the past), I of course drive her to her boyfriends.

With all these occurances Scooby says it wouldn't faze him one bit if someone stopped by one day and said, "Can I have a broom, a can of tuna and a ride to Ohio"....