Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thanks for the well wishes guys. I am feeling a bit better. Besides the cold, I've just been in a fucking rotten mood for the last week. My therapist irritated me last week. She, like alot of people have no fucking clue about the side effects of HIV meds and how they affect some people. We talked about Scooby and how he's not working and how it puts alot of pressure on me, being the only income, working full time (manual labor) plus 4 house cleaning jobs. She thinks that I should give him an ultimatum that he get a job or I won't take him to New Orleans anymore. She just don't get that the meds make him fucking sicker than a dog constantly throwing up in the mornings. The meds give him vertigo also and he can't ride in a car without getting close to barfing. I honestly don't know how he is going to handle the drive down to NOLA in a couple of weeks. I'm really considering stopping therapy, I don't see where its doing me any good.

Then I go to my dads and he starts showing me pics of my neices last visit. These are the ones that said they would NEVER except me as a homo and that I'm going to Hell. I looked at the pics uninterestedly thinking to myself I don't care to look at pics of these ignorant bitches. My sister was in one pic and I thought she is really looking old. I haven't seen or talked to her in almost a year. Surprisingly I did get a Christmas card from her the other day and decided to send one to her also, I always sign them "Love Mike and Scooby". Ha

Work has completely refused to add Scooby to my health insurance. Which gives me one more reason to hate my full time job. Fucking bigots....

I cut my hair and trimmed my beard the other day, hoping it would put me in a better mood. It kind of helped, feel a bit sexy again. In the beginning of the week I just wanted to stop my meds and let this disease take its course, but my sadomasochistic inner child refuses to let me. Ha

We've decided to leave Christmas day for New Orleans. Gonna stay with our friend the Crisco kid until that Friday when our timeshare week starts. Should be fun.

Monday, December 11, 2006


UGH! I've been battling a sinus infection for 3 weeks now and I believe its now turned into a full fledged cold. When I was at the Dr. last week I mentioned my sinus infection and all he had to say was, "Yeah you and everybody else". Nice.... So I'm a bucket of fucking snot and I feel like shit. Not sure if I'll be posting much this week.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spineless creatures

It's the end of the year and time to renew our health coverage for 2007 at the learning institution that I work for. Enclosed in the email our director of healthcare noted that if we had any questions to email her.

So I did.....

Hi (name of healthcare director),
It has come to my attention that many of the BIG Universities in Michigan are now acknowledging same sex domestic partners and allowing them to be included in healthcare packages. I was wondering if we were doing this also, if so I'd like to add my partner of 9 yrs. to my health insurance.

Thank you, Mike (last name here)

First response
Second reponse.... so I sent it again
This is the third week and I still haven't heard anything

I highly doubt that they do include same sex domestic partners considering this institution was founded on Christian morals and beliefs, but for God sake get a fucking backbone and just tell me no.

Update: Well I called and left a voice mail and got an email back Thursday confirming that NO the education establishment that I work for doesn't acknowledge domestic partners and they can not be included in our health insurance. At least I got it in writing or email, God forbid I have to file a wrongful death suit against them in the future.

Monday, November 27, 2006

I've been working like a dog at work. I spent last week scrubbing tile floors and now this week waxing them. Hope to update in the next day or two once things start slowing down a bit. Had a good Thanksgiving with the family. The weekend was chock full of sex starting with a 4- way on Saturday and a 3-way on Sunday. Details to follow.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I'm thankful for: Scooby, friends & family, our house, my job(s), and this four day weekend, cuz I've worked like a dog the last two days.

A secret: I love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Monday, November 20, 2006


OMG! I'm obsessed with the webcam clips at DudeTube. Free gay porn, it doesn't get much better then that. Granted there isn't many hairy guys but beggars can't be choosers.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Congrats Berlin, Germany you were my 25,000 visitor! Sorry that you only visited for less then a second.

I guess I need to start experimenting with fisting more to get Germanys attention.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend recap

I meant to post sooner but got preoccupied. My vertigo is subsiding a bit, still don't feel completely up to par but I'm going to ignore it like everything else. I got to go to the Dr. in the next few weeks anyway, I'll mention it then.

Anyway Friday went pretty smoothly with working all day. Had just enough time in between jobs to grab a bite to eat in McD's drive thru and head to the car wash to wash off all the accumulating bird shit. Friday night turned out interesting, called a our friend Thurston that I haven't seen in a while. Asked him if he had time for friends or was he too busy with his next victim/ fuck buddy. (I tried calling him last week but he was busy with someone in his sling in the basement.) He was free so Scooby and I headed over.

We planned to just visit but one thing lead to another.... An hour later the jazz and blues was playing over the stereo and I was strapped in the sling with Scooby and Thurton fucking me from both ends. Scooby was taking control of my ass while Thurston fed me his 9in. cock. Then Scooby and I flipped and we put him in the sling and Thurston and I took turns filling his hungry holes. We ended up fucking around till 4:30 in the fucking morning. Since it was getting early we headed home and Scooby then fucked me till 5am and then we crashed. I'm still recouperating from Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday was spent cleaning the computer room/office. I can finally see the top of my desk. We didn't do too much else. Other than Sunday I had my usual trip to the other side of town to play with furry poz guy. After we got done, I then headed to the other furry bear down the street to play with him. Then it was off to the fruit market for the weekly salad/veggie stuff and then home. I finally found whole cranberries to make the cranberry relish for Thanksgiving which I did up later that day. I got this recipe from one of the famous chicken places in a near by town. It is fantastic, so I thought I'd share:

Cranberry Relish

1 lb. Northern Spy Apples
1 lb. Dark Red Cranberries
2 cups sugar
2 peel-on Whole Navel Oranges

Freeze Cranberries solid. Wash and core apples-leaving the skin intact. In a food processor, add half of frozen cranberries and half apples and turn to chop speed so that pieces are a quarter inch square. Chop the entire pound of apples and cranberries and place in large mixing bowl and mix with sugar. Then chop the peel-on whole oranges to the same consistency and mix with apples/cranberries/sugar. Let stand one hour before serving/freezing for later use.

I like it better if its been frozen. Enjoy

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yesterday Scooby and I was driving downtown to go out for lunch and I was stopped at a stoplight. I sat there watching the cars whizzing past in front of me and things started to get blurry and I started to get nauseous. I haven't felt well since, my heads been floating in a semi altered state. I don't feel all that bad, but I don't feel all that well either.
I've also been really tired and sleeping a lot this week. Tomorrow I start my new cleaning job which means I'll be working from noon till almost 3pm then I work my FT job from 3pm till 11pm. God just get me through tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jesus H Christ just let me fuckin VOTE

Ok I got up early this morning and headed to Wenona School wear the voting booth is....normally. The place was deserted. Wenona school is no longer there and neither are the voting booths. FUCK
So I head to my therapist appt. in Saginaw at 9am. Do that. Head to Midland to my Dads, clean his house and have lunch. I call Scooby and he recieved a new voter registration card with the new address on it. So I head back to Bay City and YES I found the new voting place at Pines Towers senior complex and voted.

So far Jennifer Granholm our current Democratic Governor is ahead. YEA! She's running against Dick DeVos the heir to AMWAY empire. I'm sorry but I don't think people who own chemical companies should be allowed to run for office. The are so not environmentally friendly. Another thing we need to have restrictions on one sign per canidate per property. There are people here that have like 50-100 fucking DeVos signs on their property. Its a fucking sickening eyesore. If this happens next election, I think I might report them for blight. "evil laugh"

Friday, November 03, 2006

The Brooklyn Chowder Surfer

Ben Sargent is my new crush.... He was on Martha this morning making chowder. Man I'd like to taste his.... Wish I could find a pic of him to post, want to know more click the title link to his site.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Not much new going on. Got Scooby's van running, the brakes fixed, ect. Then called the guy that was wanted to buy it. He drives 2 hours to get here and the fucking thing won't fucking start. Scooby just had it running 2 hours before. FUCK FUCK FUCK Someone out/up there hates us, I'm convinced.

Yesterday I was awake by 8:30am.
1. Got up and fed the cats
2. did two loads of laundry
3. washed the kitchen and dining room floor on my hands and knees (it was filthy from the party)
4. ran to the south side of town and played with my furry poz fuck/suck buddy
5. came home and raked up 5 bags of leaves
6. then went to work

Shit thats enought to make my head spin...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Jello shots are not my friend

OMG! Someone brought jello shots to our party and that was all she wrote for me... The actual party is very fuzzy, but I'm told that I turned into a pumpkin by midnight. Didn't have as many people but most came in costume and everyone had a great time. Unfortunately donations this time were meager so it looks like I'll be probably working some overtime in order to pay our liquor bill. We've got tons of food and alcohol left and all I want to do is quit drinking, but not until all the alcohol has been consumed out of the house. LOL

I came too around 3am just in time to help clean up. Went to bed and found a bearded sexy man naked and sleeping. Note: the guys that were suppose to come and spend the night from ManHunt/tease never showed. Surprise....not. Anyway back to the guy in our bed. Scooby came to bed also, the guy woke up all frisky so Scooby started fucking him and I commandeered his mouth. His mouth felt fantastic and my cock swelled to mass proportions in response. We fucked that guy silly and he loved every inch of man meat that we plowed his holes with. What a fun little bottom he was.

It also looks like I've got another house cleaning job starting next week. The extra cash will be nice. The guy is also gonna pay me to help him clean out and sort his basement. We finally had a day with out rain today so I badgered Scooby into finishing up his brakes on his van so we can sell it and sure enough while we were out there bleeding the brakes a couple of people stopping to check it out. I will be so fucking happy if we can get that van sold....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This week...

Spent the week finishing up getting ready for our party and cleaning up from last nights night of drunken dabuachery. The three of us got shit faced drunk last night and Scooby wiped out the bathroom upstairs breaking the glass containers we used to keep cotton balls and Q-tips in. We are all banged and bruised up. One of us fell off the front porch and creamed one of my small lilac bushes. You can still see the imprint of whoevers body in the iris's along the porch. None of us can remember who it was that fell off the porch, but we're all in sad shape so maybe we took turns. LOL

I also found a half eaten apple laying on the floor of the foyer.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A confession and the Halloween party

Ok I'm finally admitting it....I love Project Runway. And yes, I've watched all three seasons. I have to admit though that I was surprised that Jeffery won. His final stuff really didn't make me go wow. Laura's was her predictable High New York Glam. And Michael's was cool, but didn't wow me either. Actually it was Uli's that impressed me the most, she had finally gotten away from those Florida style prints. But anyway congrats Jeffery. I loved it when Uli told Laura, "You won, you made Jeffery cry".

I liked Laura other than she's a baby factory. 5 kids and a 6th on the way, I'm sorry but this irritates me. I grew up in a farming community that is quickly being eaten up by urban sprawl and it makes me sad. I really feel that if we continue populating like we have that in a couple more centuries the only country side our future will know is what they read in story books. Sorry if I offend anyone but thats how I feel. My own sister has 6 kids. Her one son married a woman with two little kids, he then knocked her up two more times and now they have 4 kids under the age of 5. Stop already....

Next subject,

Our Halloween party is next weekend and I still haven't decided what the fuck I'm going as. Its down to Nosferatu(vampire) or Pan (greek mythology).
I've done the vampire thing....alot, but not Nosferatu style. I find him to be the scariest looking vampire of all time, the original movie not the remake. I found a coat like his and bought some pointed ears today. The thing is I'm gonna have to practically shave my head and face. I say practically cuz I'm gonna try to just use the clippers with no setting on my head and #1 on my face. That should cut it down close enough I think. Its been forever since I've seen my face.

Pan is an old costume also. I made fur pants years ago and luckily I can still fit in them. The only thing is being shirtless, cuz its been down right chilly lately. Plus I really don't want to wear an itchy wig, which I'd have to do to hide my strap on horns.

So I think its gonna be Nosferatu, gonna have to take some before and after pics of my face once its naked.

It also looks like we're gonna have a poz sex party after the Halloween party. Got 2 poz guys coming from out of town for the party and their planning on staying the night and have peaked an interest at playing. Then there is the new furry fuck buddy guy from across town. I'm beginning to wonder how many guys we can fit in our bed.....Should be interesting.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Joke of the day

Larry and Bob wanted to go out drinking, but they only had $2.00 between them. Larry said, "Hang on, I have an idea." He went next door to the butcher's shop and spent the $2.00 on one large sausage. Bob said, "Are you crazy? Now we don't have any money left at all!" Larry replied, "Don't worry - just follow me."

They went into the pub where Larry immediately ordered two double shots of Jack Daniels. Bob said, "Now you've lost it! Do you know how much trouble we will be in? We haven't got any money to pay for this!" Larry replied, with a smile,"Don't worry, I have a plan. Cheers!" They downed their drinks. Larry said "OK! I'll stick the sausage through my zipper and you get on your knees and put it in your mouth."
Said and done, the barman noticed them, went berserk, and threw them out. They continued this, bar after bar, getting more and more drunk, all for free.

At the tenth bar, Bob said, "Larry - I don't think I can do this anymore. My mouth is sore! and my knees are killing me!" Larry said, "How do you think I feel? I lost the sausage at the third bar!"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Putting my foot down and other shit

Well after my last post I went home and told Scooby that he needed to start working on the house at least 25 hours a week or pay me 25 bucks a week to live there. That I'm not going to bust my ass while he sits around and plays on the computer. I also told him that if things didn't change that that we wouldn't last more than a few more years. He agreed.

Home Depot has started having him come in more recently also, which helps. Granted its only 4 hours a week, but three weeks in a row so far. The cute Italian guy that I've mentioned within the last week or so, spent Sunday working on Scoobys brakes on his van. He likes us alot and we've let him crash on our couch several nights, so for lunch and 20 bucks he did the brakes on the van. Hopefully we can sell the dam thing soon.

Also found out that Fiero's hold their value and are in demand on Ebay so we will probably try to sell online.

Its been raining alot lately, which is better than snow, but I wish we had a day or two of dry weather to get some outside shit done.

Had a great day yesterday spending time with my old friend "D" and her husband. We drove around so she could show him where she grew up and went to school. Then we headed to Frankenmuth to Bronners, which is the biggest Christmas store on the planet. I've been told that they supply Hollywood with all the props for most of the Christmas movies. Then we went to Zehnders for chicken dinners. They are a homestlye restraunt that serves you like it was thanksgiving. But man are they fucking expensive. Granted its all you can eat, but fucking 17.50 per person not including drinks. OUCH! Luckily we were able to take the left overs home with us, so I'll be eating chicken for a few days.

Back to work today. Yahoo!

Thursday, October 12, 2006


We got our first snow today and its not even fucking Halloween yet. I'm so not ready for winter. I made the mistake and blinked and totally missed the fall colors. Been getting the house ready for our Halloween party on the 28th. Not much decorating left other than cobwebs. I want to get most everything done before Monday cuz my best girlfriend "D" and her new husband are coming for a visit from San Fransisco. They'll be in the state for her sisters wedding and will be driving up for the day to visit us.

I think my migrain has finally left about an hour or so ago. Today it had moved back to the side of my head near my ear. It wasn't a constant pain or throbbing. It was more like a sporatic stab in the brain with an ice pick type of pain. Anyway glad its gone, three days was enough.

Starting to get a little worried about our money situation. Don't have much left in the bank and when thats gone we're gonna be fucked. I guess I could find a part time job to add to my fulltime one and the three houses I clean. I stress this to Scooby but it goes in one ear and out the other. His solution is for me to remortgage the house again. Sometimes I feel that he would rather have me work myself to death than go out and get a job himself. We're trying to sell his van and fiero now that I bought the Aztek and am giving him my Grand Prix. Of course his van now broke down. Got it running but now it has no brakes so more charges to get that fixed.

Anyway thats how things are going here.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brain pain, ManTease, and the Therapist

Don't feel much like blogging. Have had one of my migrains for the last couple of days. Yesterday it was located behing my ear and the top of my head was painful to the touch. Today it has relocated to my forehead.

Had two dates lined up today with a two guys from ManHunt, but they both stood me up. Beginning to think they should rename that site ManTease.

Had my first appointment with my therapist. It was good and I left feeling good dispite the migrain. Because of my love of New Orleans, Katrina sent me into a type of post tramatic stress. Also was told that I don't need to appoligize for the letter I wrote to my neices pointing out all their flaws and sins after they condemned me to hell for being a homo. I wanted to appoligize just to try and patch things up with the family, but if they can't deal then its their problem not mine. Also my eldest neice has alot of power or uses the bible to hold power over the family. Going back in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well it looks like my popularity at Manhunt has run it course. It was a good week and a half. LOL Got hit up by this guy below that wanted me to travel half way across the state to blow him and his bf. They supposably go right past my city on the weekends going up north so I recommened that we meet at the local bookstore and this is the response I got back.

Subject: Re: sucking u guys off
Date: Thu Oct 05, 2006 07:29 PM

we are not sick fucks like yourself thst do it in rest areas or bookstores,,
thats how u got aids

My response back: "Dude you hit me up first, so whatever. FYI I wasn't a slut until I became hiv so you can keep your half baked accusations to yourself."

The majority of guys I've run across at this site so far are flakes, game players, then theres guys like NMIKEYHL who are suffering from multiple personality disorders. I now remember why I left this site several years ago.


The other day I was visiting one of my long time friends and we were chatting.

Friend: remember when we were young, dumb, and full of cum.
Me: Yeah (dreamily)
Friend: And now we're just dumb.
both of us: Hardy loud laughter.
Me:Thats so true(in between laughing fits)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Kitty update:
Our kitties came home last Thursday from their surgury. At first we thought we were going to have to take Kiddo back in cuz he had this short red spagetti looking thing sticking out of his neutered area. I know, to much information, but luckily it fell off, so no more surgury. Clyde on the other hand hasn't snapped back. His appetite is nil and he has a horrible weezy hacky cough. We called earlier and the vet said it was from the tube they had down his throat and that it would go away. Well it had been a week and Kiddo was completely recovered and Clyde was still just laying around not doing much. So today I called again and they put him on an antibiotic and he's finally starting to bounce back.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Random shit

Well I called the vet at 1pm today as instructed, all expecting them to say come on over and pick em up. But no. I was told that they are doing good and getting around, but to call back tomorrow morning. I miss the little shits. I hope their not totally pissed at me for having them fixed and declawed. Puddy our older cat was only there overnight when he had his surgury, but he's a large cat also, so maybe they heal faster.

In other news I fucking worked my ass off today before work. First I rounded up all the trash (tomorrow's trash day), cleaned all the litter boxes, did 3 loads of laundry, and brought in the rest of my plants from outside for the season. I also pulled a table out of the Michigan basement and cleaned it up and put it in the attic to use for a base for my stain glass work area.

(For those of you who don't know what a Michigan basement is, its normally a small dirt floor room under the house.) Ours is just that, which houses the furnace, hot water heater and all my canning jars along with plumbing and heating parts and pieces that need to be installed when ever we get around to in. Oh and its only accessable from a trap door in the floor of the dining room, which is a total bitch. After I moved the table out I then put in one of those plastic shelfs to store my canning jars which had been sitting under and on top of the table.

Then I went to work. Oh wait a minute I made lunch for Scooby first then I went to work. And that was my day so far. My pink eye seems to be getting better, but I had to cancel a date with a hot french man because of it. FUCK FUCK FUCK, I was so looking forward to that rondevous.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kitty update and other shit

Well Scooby called the Vet and both Kiddo and Clyde are doing fine. They told us to call tommorrow around 1pm to see about picking them back up. This sounds good since this morning they told us to probably call around 4 or 5pm. It will be nice to not have my feet clawed in the middle of the night anymore. I believe it was Clyde that would jump up on the end of the bed and get my feet in the process. It happened enough that I started sleeping in the fetal position out of fear.

In other news: I woke up this morning with my right eye crusted shut. So I would guess this means that I have Pink Eye. Fucking great. Never had it before, but Scooby just had it last month so I started taking the Similasan that we bought for him. It started with one of our friends coming over with it and giving it to Scooby. I guess I just don't understand some people, its like hello we already have problems with our immune system. Thanks for throwing a wrench in that.

Its funny how people are either considerate or not. We do have friends and neighbors that won't come over if their sick or will warn us is we are planning on visiting them. Our next door neighbor needed to come over for something recently and his kid was violently ill that morning and he pulled his shirt up over his mouth and nose not to contaminate us. I thought that was very considerate but not really needed and we told him he didn't have to cover up. I did pop an Airborne and that usually does the trick.

Anyway thats it, the kitties are doing good and I got fuckin pink eye....

Monday, September 25, 2006

nothing new

I have absolutely nothing new or interesting to say. Fall is here and so is the rain. Went to the flea market this weekend and actually bought a few pieces of crap. Saturday I helped Scooby and J drink a bottle of whisky then I drank a bottle of wine, then I preceded to throw up. Funny I felt fine the next day. Other then that its been sleep, eat, work. Tomorrow I drop Kiddo and Clyde off at the vet so they can be neutered. Poor guys....

Thats all

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Web cam freaks

Scooby really likes to view peoples personal webcams, but as of late he's been seeing some really weird shit.

A little while ago he started viewing this one guys cam. The guy was naked and holding on to his hard cock. But then he started to stroke it. As his hand went down the shaft something weird would happen to the head of his cock. With a closer examination it was decided that the guy used to have a prince albert but it was apparently ripped out. When his hand would go down to the base, the head of his cock would pop open and then clap back together when he stroked up.

Last weekend I was watching tv and Scooby was sitting in a chair next to me watching a guy's cam. The man was dildo'ing the hell out of his ass, which was quite entertaining. Then I heard Scooby go "Ewwww" and I looked over to see the guy on cam expell the healthiest shit I've seen in a long time. It looked like it took place in the guys livingroom...I hope he at least layed something down over his carpet when he started.....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Birthday update

First I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! Not much to report I'm afraid.

This year my sister and dad came over the day before with the cake. Scooby didn't even have money to buy me a card. "J" our roomate gave me a Prosac, so I droned on the couch most of the day. I asked Scooby to make me breakfast, I figured he could at least do that since he couldn't afford to take me out to eat....I ended up cleaning up the mess afterword. "J" did make an awesome venison dinner that evening. The highlight was when the neighbor lady and her bf came over to get online to buy a dildo, I was laying on the couch and with no place else to sit "J" came over and snuggled next to me under a blanket. Did I mention that "J" is 25, slim and furry and that he was shirtless. That made my day! The neighbor guy returned later with a 6 pack of beer for me. That was about it, I went out and bought a bottle of whisky which we all drank. Scooby's mom sent me 25 bucks but I ended up giving 20 of it back to Scooby so he could put gas in his car.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that last Friday I bought myself a 2001 Aztek. Call it a pre birthday present to myself. I've wanted one for awhile now and my friend Thurston got me a great deal on it. YEA! So all in all it wasn't to bad of a birthday as birthdays go.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to me

UGH! Well I turned fuckin 40 today. Good bye dirty thirties it was hella fun ride. I'll miss ya. mwah

Monday, September 11, 2006

Aids Walk Michigan

Hey everyone, I'm walking in Aids Walk Michigan again this year. If you'd like to sponsor me you can make donations here. You will need my first and last name so contact me at and I'll give it to you.

Thanks Mike

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm back.....

Just a short note for right now until my brain, kidneys and liver are finished detoxing. Had a good time, wasn't as eventfull as expected, but I do have a couple of nice nasty stories to tell. Until then, here is a "Best New Orleans story" from our friend Wendy who works at Aunt Tiki's on Decatur.

These three old ladies were visting NOLA and there hotel room (little did the know) over looked a gay establishment. The first morning they went to the front desk and said: We were looking out our window last night and saw what looked like a bunch of men in a conga line.......then we realized they were all naked....

The hotel rep immediately started appoligizing and said they would move them to another room asap. Oh no, we don't what to switch rooms, said the old ladies, We were just wondering when the show starts.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Naked rain dance and other shit

Saturday afternoon it downpoured to the point I grabbed a towel took off all my clothes and went out in the back yard and danced and stood around in the rain. It felt wonderful. It soaked and matted my fur to my body. I've always thought that wet fur is sexy. Dancing and standing around naked in the rain turns me on. I reached my arms up and let the water run down them matting my pit hair.

Sugar Daddy came up and we celebrated my birthday early. He brought me a couple of t-shirts that say, "Erection Inspector" and "I may not be Mr. Right, But I'll fuck you till he shows up". He also gave me a leather jock that has buckles on the hips. Very hot and sexy, I'll have to take a pic and post once I get back from Decadence.

We're about packed and ready to go. I can't believe we'll be there on Wednesday. I'm really gonna miss the kitties this will be the first time leaving them. Oh and I'm starting to get a god dammed cold sore. Fucking great! But I've been on L-Lysine so it should be gone within a couple of days before it even breaks the surface. That fucking shit rocks!

I finally broke down and joined the new Millenium.....I bought a cell phone. GASP! I plan on just using it for emergency purposes mainly. We'll see how that goes. But we really needed one since we're staying with friends down in NOLA who don't have a land line and well it is Hurricane season.

Don't know if I'll be posting while I'm down there or not. Will hopefully have alot of dirty adventures to report when I get back.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

My man

As requested here is a pic of my other half, Scooby. This was taken when I first brought home Kiddo.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Regrets and the pit whores

I got home last night and there was something in the live trap. It turned out to be a cat this time. Scooby seems to think it was the wild one that has been living in the neighbors shed. This morning I got up and went to take him to animal control and he had a wound on his forehead from trying to head but the cage trying to get out. I considered several times just letting him go. I don't mind stray cats in the yard, cuz they help with the mice. But I don't want cats spraying our house cuz with the window open it reeks and our cats freak out. I hope this was the one thats been doing it. I felt awful taking him in. It breaks my heart to do this. I wish people would take care of their pets.

On a brighter note, our new kitties are pit whores. They fucking love Scooby and my's arm pits. Clyde started it with getting in Sccoby's lap and nuzzling him and burying his head in his arm pit and pushing his face as hard as he could in there. Last night I was in bed and both of them tag teamed me taking turns grinding their faces in my arm pits. It was too cute, but drove me fucking crazy.

Kiddo and I groom each other also. He'll climb in my lap and I'll pet him and if I'm shirtless he will start licking my chest hair. The other day we were sitting in the bay window and I was brushing him and he raised his head and licked my titt. One of J's friends was over and witnessed it and said "That is so wrong". It was just one lick though and then he started licking my chest hair. I like being a mommy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catch and release

We're having problems with neighborhood cats again. I guess since we have 3 indoor cats now and the windows are open the outdoor ones feel the need to spray our house to mark territory. So I went over to Animal Control to borrow a live trap. Got it set up in the back yard and put some cat food in it.

When I got home last night I could see that there was something in the trap. I just figured in was a cat. Well....Scooby got a flash light and we went out to investigate. It wasn't a cat that we caught but a possum. Of course Animal Control will only take domesticated animals. So we took a little trip last night out of town and set the little bugger free to romp in the country side instead of the neighborhood. Those damn things scare the shit out of me but this one seemed to be quite docile, no hissing but he did bare his scary teeth. Hope the city possum adapts to country life. It was right near the river so he should be happy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

How time flys and corrupting young men

God I can't believe we leave next week for NOLA for Southern Decandence. Now that I now where the bars with the back rooms are....WATCH OUT! I'm not kidding, I probably won't be able to scrub the dirt off my knees for weeks. I can't even imagine being in a backroom during Decadence with all those hot horny men.

These Lips of Mine from Mark Weigle's Versatile CD

I learned why the Lord gave me wrists
When you slapped the handcuffs on
Then I praised God he gave me teeth
To get your zipper down
And as my mouth begins to water
I know that its true
These lips of mine were made for suckin' you

Polishing your belt buckle
Is what my foreheads for
My ears are here for you to grip
My knees to scrub your floor
And as my eyes begin to water
I know that its true
These lips of mine were made for suckin' you

Oh and on another note J the new young furry sexy man that rents a room from us refers to me as the sexy beast. He's also learning the don't ask don't tell rule. This weekend he asked about the power douche in the shower and...well.. I was drunk and I guess went into detail about it. Not to mention that Scooby showed him the attachments. He was horrified when I told him that the douche was the medium one that Fort Troff sells. I told him the next day he was lucky that I didn't give him a demonstration.

This weekend we were looking for something that our friend gave us last weekend when we went to his place. Scooby and I were listing the stuff that was in the goodie bag he gave us and when "the toy" was mentioned J put his hands over his ears and started lalalala'ing.
We are going to corrupt this young man yet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sometime last week

Scooby tried to stick his finger up my ass.

Me: Uhhh... Don't do that I might shit on your finger.
Scooby: Thanks ok, what do you think they made soap for.
Me: OMG! LOL........

My boyfriend in one sick puppy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thank you!

Hey everyone, I got second place for Drub's porn essay contest! Just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me. In case your just tuning in here is my nasty story.

In other news shit is looking up. It seems that my gardian angel has finally woke the fuck up. I sold my fucking 1970 caddy this morning. A big FUCK YES for that considering I've got about 3 grand worth of bills due next month. Also realized that I'm getting a 750. buck longevity bonus for being at my job for the last 15 yrs, which I'll get in the beginning of September. Plus the extra cash for renting the room to my new furry sexy young roomate. What's next?

God I better play the lotto. I've never had this much good luck hit so close together. Anyway, Happy Happy Joy Joy it's time to do my happy dance.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Gremlins, Deer camp, and the new roomate

I don't know if I've mentioned this but stuff is disappearing around the house. The first thing I noticed was an small antique pitcher that I used to water some of my small house plants. It disappeared before our 4th of July party and still has not turned up. The second was our friends house keys that we keep cuz he's out of town alot and has us stop in to check on things. Luckily we did find those after a day or two of hunting. Now I can't find my fucking flogger. God we just used it about a week or so ago. I spent some time today looking under furniture and in cabinets but nothing so far. We've been blaming this on gremlins or mischievious ghosts. I guess I need to burn some sage soon, that is suppose to get rid of stuff like that. It's probably just us though, our house is somewhat cluttered and we're are loosing our minds so things get lost pretty easily.

Yesterday we went to our friends families deercamp. This was the same friend that wanted us to go to his families beach house in last weekends fiasco. The deercamp house was very impressive. It was more like a hunting lodge than a typical deercamp, with tall ceilings and stuffed deer heads and antlers everywhere. He wanted us to go check out the pond that is on the property which was down this trail. 75% of the trial was well kept and mowed, the last 25% of the trail was a muddy bog. There was an old trail of palets but most were rotted and gone. If we'd had known the condition of the trail we'd of worn more protective foot and leg wear. Poor Scooby wore sandals. We finally reached the dock that went out into the pond, but all that consisted of was more palets that were semirotted. I'm surprised none of us didn't fall in. It was fun and adventurous all the same. We did find a couple of piles of field stones and took a couple home for the back yard.

Our new tennant is a landscaper so he's been bringing all kinds of plants to add to the yard. Now I'm going to have to get in the habit of watering occasionally. He also is very tidy and got after Scooby about his clutter and helped him straighten up today. The best so far was when he came down this morning shirtless with his lean furry body all exposed. Fuckin YUM!!! I think I'm gonna like this....

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday kitty pic

Here's a pic of the kids. We've decided that Clyde the white one with black spots is gay. First he's always grooming himself. Not only does he clean his own butthole but his brothers as well. He'll even go into the litter box after his brother and make sure everything is buried completely. He doesn't eat much, cuz he's watching his weight of course. I know there's more but I can't remember right now.

His brother Kiddo on the other hand will eat anything. He loves cheese puffs, the fatty part of bacon, spagetti or any pasta for that matter, and of course potato chips.

In other news we are going to have a roomate. Our friend J is moving into one of our spare rooms. Him and his bf broke up this spring and he had moved back in with his parents, but I told him that he was more than welcome to move in since we get along so well. Plus he's in his early 20's and will probably be going out of town on the weekends to the "real gay bars". Ah the good ole days when a trip to Lansing or Detroit to the bars and clubbing all night was the thing to do. It should be interesting.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The hot tub party, Sundays fiasco and a kitty update

Last Saturday we went to a hot tub party. There was about a dozen or so people. The hosts had a great spread of food and livations. I ended up drinking the world. I first started with Vodka and lemonade. But there was just something about the taste that didn't do it for me so I switched to Jim Beam and Lemonade, which was much tastier. Then I tried one of those strawberry margarita's that are premade in a frozen tub. They were yummy but very sweet, so I only had one of those. I ended with a few beers and giving friend Thurston a blow job on the back patio.

Thurston and I have played on and off our entire friendship (about 20 yrs). He was the first guy that woke me up in the morning by sticking his cock in my mouth. I like a man who knows what he wants... Anyway the bj was brief since we didn't want to make a scene. I haven't blown him in about a year or two cuz it normally ends with him fucking my mouth senseless and he's a bit too long to the point that I always ended up throwing up just a bit in my mouth about the same time he cums. I'm there for the cum so when it ends and all I taste is sick, well that's no fun for me. So the bj was brief, we had fun, end of story...

Sunday ended up being a fiasco. One of our friends was in town and wanted us to go to his parents cabin on the bay. He wanted to drive separtely so he could take off from there and head home. We had to go pick up Thurston and left him in the our driveway with plans to meet at the gas station so we could follow since we weren't quite sure where it was at. Well I forgot to tell Thurston to bring his cell phone, we got to the gas station and our other friend wasn't there. The pay phone wasn't working so we figured that he had continued on and just expected us to call him. We drove up and found the street and drove the entire length and didn't see his vehicle. Thurston had some friends up there so he stopped in and they knew which cabin we were looking for. Got there and there was nobody there. Went back to Thurstons friends place and called his cell. It ended up that he had left his keys in our house and was stuck there, so we said fuck it and headed back home. We ended up BBQ'ing hamburgers at home and had a good time despite all the earlier confusion.

Oh and when we got home I found Kiddo up on the buffet with his head in a bag of potato chips. We really should have named him Starvin Marvin cuz he really has some food issues. Other than that the cats have been very well mannered and have been getting along great.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The contest

Hey everyone, I'm in the running for Drub's porn essay contest with my story "Dog Pound". So go over there and check out the dirty stories, crank your wank, and vote. I've read through a few and it looks like I've got some "Stiff" competion. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kitty rim jobs, and lunch with father grinch

Is it ok to let your children rim each other? We have not had sex infront of our kitties yet and still they're learning to rim each other. It was too cute to watch them lick and clean each others faces, but I had no idea that they would exchange rim jobs also. Clyde even gave Puddy our 7 yr. old cat a rim job yesterday and suprisingly enough Puddy layed there and let him. Only when Clyde started to clean Puddy's junk is when he got upset and hissed at him. But hey, at least our cats will have nice sparkly clean butt holes.

God I had lunch with my father today. He's taken on the job of watching my 8 or 9yr old great neice during the summer to help my nephew and his wife save some money instead of paying for daycare. My father is in his mid to late 80's and is your typical grumpy old man. We went out for lunch and my gr8 neice orders fried cheese sticks. Like most kids and adults she would bite into the cheese stick and then stretch the cheese out about 4-5 inches. My father would then tell her to stop playing with her food. He also complained that she dropped her knife on the floor. ect..

Once we got back home she turned on the tv. She accidentally pushed the buttons on the remote and changed the channel and then it took her a couple of trys to find the station she was watching. Well this was just too much for my father and he made her turn off the tv. There is nothing to do for a kid at my dads house, plus it hit the triple digits today so it was too hot to play outside, and she was already bored with coloring. I felt sorry for her and it just reminded me of when I was a kid. Kids were supposed to be seen and not heard and god forbid if they have any fun. My neice ended up laying on the floor and picking at the floor vent. I really wanted to say something but I didn't want to get in a fight with my dad, so I just left. It was almost time for me to head to work anyway.

In other news the Bike Bash this last weekend wasn't as good as last year. It might have been the scorching temps or the periodic rain storms inbetween. I remember more motorcycles driving past the house last year. Considering the rain storms and the heat we decided to stay in. Scooby is still having problems with his meds. After taking them he gets very light headed and dizzy to the point that even a drive in the car will make him sick. We are both tired as hell for no apparent reason. I slept a good portion of the weekend which kind of worried Scoob. But its a full time job keeping up after four boys. (3 cats and the bf) Needless to say we haven't been getting much done on the house lately and really need to finish the siding on the back so I can get estimates on house insurance. Apparently I'm paying way too much. Hopefully we'll find some energy to finish up within the next four weeks. fingers crossed...

Monday, July 31, 2006

Mr. Impulsive

The kitties are getting along great. Puddy has actually "wanted" to be in the same room as his little brothers. The little ones are trying out for the kitty version of the WWF. Constantly pouncing on each other and chasing each other through the house. I'm done collecting pets. I wanted two kitties that were brothers, and now I got them. I have cat food at work incase any other cat/kitties show up, but I'm not taking them home. I've brought both of the little ones to the vet for a check up and to start their shots which set me back about 250 bucks. I also got an automatic pet feeder for them so they will be fed when we are on vacation, which set me back another 100. bucks. I'm not looking forward to the bill once I have them neutered and declawed either but it has to be done. Bringing them home was an impulse, but I don't regret it at all. They're adorable!

We will be leaving for almost a week at the end of August to spend Southern Decadence down in New Orleans. I'm kind of concerned leaving the kids by themselves, but we do have friends that will be checking in on them almost daily. The trip was an impulse decision. I got cheap tickets with Airtran and we have a friend we're staying with so it won't be to costly. What I forgot is that September is a big bill month for me with summer property taxes and house and car insurance all due. I wasn't thinking when I booked the flight. Oops, oh well.

My worst impulse was buying the 1970 Cadillac that I picked up several years ago. The dam thing has been nickle and dimeing me to death. I put it up for sale again this summer and even put an add in a state wide car selling mag. So far we've had 3 calls but nobody has stopped to look at it. I would really like to sell it before fall. Fingers crossed.

My friend Thurston is no help. He called yesterday and said he saw a boat with our name on it at the flea market. Of course Scooby had to go look at it. I'm like, no way are we gonna get a boat. We went to look at it anyway. The guy wanted 400. bucks for it. It was a very large wooden Crisscraft that was mostly refurbished except that it needed the mahagony on the bow and around the edges. It also included the trailer. The guy was desperate to unload it and told us he'd sell it to us for 200. and would deliver it also. Luckily we have no place to store it or else we would probably have a boat today. I feel good that I held my ground. But I'm kind of wondering if he'd like to trade it for a 1970 Cadillac....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Welcome to the Cat House

After several years of having Puddy (Mr. Poo) Scooby and I regretted not taking home one of his brothers from the pound also so he could have a companion. Needless to say Puddy has never been around any other cats. Until now....

Both Scooby and the Vet told me to expect other kittens to show up at my building at work after I took home Kiddo. We kind of played with the idea of taking home another one if one were to show up. Well...... Thursday another kitty showed up and he was the cutest little one. White with a black tail and black spots. Thursday he was kind of a free spirit/ wild child and I didn't have my pet carrier with me so I didn't take him home. I figured I'd leave it up to fate.

Friday I came to work with kitty food and the pet carrier. Spent hours inbetween cleaning, looking out the windows and going outside looking for the little one, but nothing. About 7:30pm I walked outside and saw the little one coming from one of the busiest intersections in Midland. I yelled for him and crouched down and he came running to me. So needless to say I brought him home also and kitty makes three. But thats it no more. We have Puddy and now brothers Kiddo and Clyde. Puddy had just started warming up to Kiddo then a week later came Clyde. He wasn't too happy but has been warming up to the second quicker then he did the first one. Plus the two little ones are busy playing with each other and don't bother Puddy to much.

Here are some pics of our new family.

The little ones taking a nap inbetween my legs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tall Ship Celebration recap

Here are some pics of the Tall Ship celebration that was here in Bay City last weekend. They had 30,000 people come to the 4 day event. We avoided the crowds and walked over after the event was closed for the day and took some pics. This is one of the plus's of living within walking distance from downtown and the river.

This weekend is the 2nd Annual Bike Bash. I'm not planning on avoiding the crowds for this event. LOL

Monday, July 24, 2006

The new addition

Friday at work I saw a kitty along side the building I clean. He was patiently trying to catch a mouse or two for dinner. He saw me and hid under a parked car, and peeked out at me. I then started cleaning up the trash around the building and when I got to that side, he was still there. He became fasinated with the trash I was picking up and we bacame instant friends. He followed me around to the back of the building to the loading dock and hung out there until I was finished cleaning inside.

I played with him on and off through out the evening. He loved to be picked up and carried around. A very sedate little guy. I soon called Scooby and told him I was thinking of bringing home a new kid, and he agreed that I should. The little one sat on my lap the entire drive home. Once we got home we gave him a flea bath which he loved. He also didn't mind us treating his ears for earmites, or trimming his sharp little claws. I think he was just happy to have a home. Here are some pics of our new kitty, Kiddo.

So far Kiddo has slept on my lap, back, stomach, chest, neck and according to Scooby when I was asleep on the couch he even slept on my face. I love snuggly kitties. The only drama is trying to get Poo our other cat to warm up to him. His name for the kitten is Hissss and Grrrrrr. All in time I guess.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feed Dawson

OH MY FUCKIN GAWD!!! I was just at Treasure Island media and Dawson has a new challege. He wants to suck down and swallow 100 loads in one day!!! Now thats a man after my own cumpig heart. I'm a little envious, here I thought I was doing good to have gotten 7 loads on my leather camping excursion. He leaves me in the dust....

I'm definatly buying this flick once it cums out!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My sister initiated us starting to have lunch again once a month. We quit at Christmas because its just too crazy around the Holidays and we never started back up till now. I was feeling kind of shitty for dragging her into the family feud that went down back in January. She said it was ok. We both find it odd how my other sister's family (the religous ones) are always bickering amongst themselves to the point of not speaking to each other and that this is the first time that the rest of us has been pulled into it. If you don't know what I'm talking about here is the summary of what went down.

She also started grilling me on my heath. Basically that I didn't look good last time she saw me and about my chronic pain that I'm developing in my muscles and joints ect.. I should have just came out and told her that I'm HIV, but I'm afraid that she would be pissed that it took me 10 yrs to mention it. Maybe I'll get the guts to say something at our next lunch date next month.....

My fuckin god did we have a storm last night. I was at work and started hearing the intense wind outside. I swear to god that it was like tornado type high winds. I ran outside and closed my windows of my car, about that time branches and limbs started breaking out of the trees. I ran back inside and then the torential rain started. I decided to wait till it blew over to head to my other building to clean. Luckily I did cuz there were crews all over clearing the road from all the large fallen tree limbs/branches. I guess the wind hit 75 mph. They had predicted golf ball size hail, luckily that didn't happen or else it would of fucked up my car but good. My father had a tree in his yard that was a good foot thick that just snapped off at the trunk.

On the way home I witness one of the biggest lightning storms I've ever seen. It was coming from everywhere and would just spider all together and out. Fucking amazing and beautiful. Luckily with the storm the temp has dropped today back to the 80's. YES!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend recap

Friday night I got home and Scooby was gone. I found him on the first call out. He was over at Thurstons house getting his computer back up and running. So I headed over there for awhile. I had decided earlier that I was going to have a marinol night instead of drinking which worked out great. No driving drunk home, no hangover the next day, no drinking too much and getting crazy ect..

Then Saturday night we went back to Thurstons this time I brought a 40 oz. beer with all intentions of stopping after that was gone. Ha Ha Ha After I ran out I was handed a another (12 oz. this time). Then I had one more before we all decided to head to "J's" a straight local bar with cheap drinks. 2 dollar cans of beer and shots, hello! I probably had 3 beers there. Scooby all the while was horn'n in on this straight guy. He followed him into the bathroom twice and I thought he was pushing it. He hit on him and the guy told him he was straight and said that he was there with his brother and step bro, but that he normally hangs there on Monday nights. Fuckin bitch! Wish I had his balls. Here is some graffitti that I read on the bathroom wall:

When I was young and in my prime,
I used to do it all the time,
Now that I'm old and gay,
I only do it once a day

I had this guy about my age who I thought was checking me out at the bar. He had a t-shirt that said, "I'm here about the blow job". I really should have commented on it but I chickened out....

After our party a few weeks ago I noticed that someone had pissed in our tub we just got reglazed. I asked Scooby about it and he had no clue. Well we found out who did it. Saturday night after we got home and I was all twisted Scooby caught ME peeing in the tub. He asked:

Scooby: What are you doing?
Me: peeing
S: in the tub?
Me Soooo

I have no recollection of this...I didn't really think I had that much to drink. One 40 oz. and maybe a 6 pack I guess is too much these days. Oiy

Sunday we spend the day on Thurstons 5 person boat out on the Saginaw bay in Lake Huron. The water was a little choppy sometimes with 2 foot waves. Thurston did some water skiing and Scooby and I blew up the two man raft and got dragged around behind the boat. It was a blast! Going over the waves I was constantly being hit with sprays of water, so much I had to close my eyes. The boat was 1/2 full of water by the time I quit. Too much fun. We both got a little sunburned even with the 50 sunblock. Guess we didn't reapply it enough. And that was our weekend in a nutshell.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This morning I started out with about 15 bucks in my pocket. Then I did one of my house cleaning jobs and got 30 bucks for that. Now I just had to put gas in my car which took 40 fucking dollars and that won't get me through the end of the week. God forbid that I got hungry today so I had a double cheeseburger and a small McFlurry for about 3 bucks. Then this evening I had one of those KFC snackers for a dollar. Now I'm down to a buck and some change. I guess its back to eating cereal for the rest of the week at work.

Just living the American fuckin dream......

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Party review

Well our party was a success, we had probably 75+ guests. YEA! Everyone seemed to have a great time. Alot of people brought food so we had tons of chow. It was a nice variety also, several straight and lesbian couples, lots of men and three trannies. It was awesome! There was even a couple of love connections, or bump and grind connections, will hopefully find out later. I totally gushed all over this hot guy only to find out he was straight. Dam! I made a point of mingling around which is normally difficult with my social anxiety issues.

It ended probably around 4am. Then it started downpouring. But instead of running through the house closing all the windows, I took off my clothes and went outside and danced in the rain. There was so much food we actually had stuff left, so we are feasting on that this week. One thing to remember next party....don't put confetti on the food serving table. I almost ate a plastic red star.

This coming weekend we are going to leather weekend at the gay campground over on the other side of the state. It should be fun.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Probably another half baked plan

Today we had a Bloodborne Pathogens class at work. The tape we watched told us that there is no cure for HIV/Aids and that it is considered a terminal illness. Gee I wish they would tell that to the Social Security office. My friend Johnny who died last year fought for several years with SS to be declared disabled. What I'm finding out is they deny everyone, once your denied then you have to hire a lawyer and that normally takes an average of three years fighting in court. Johnny died less then a year after he was finally declared disabled.

I've brought this up because I've been considering applying for SS disability. With in the last couple of years I've been having increasing problems with my legs. It started with numbness now I'm having chronic pain in most of my joints and muscles. My Dr. is kind of a flake and tells me that I should just be happy that my numbers are good. My father even commented that I was hobbling this week. I'm starting to come to the conclusion that I'm not going to be able to do manual labor for many more years and that kind of scares me.

First of all I now that I will be denied, cuz well duh, I have a full time job. With out my full time job I wouldn't be able to pay the mortgage on the house. The one good thing is that when someone finally is declared disabled then "supposably" they get back pay from when they first applied. With my learning disabilities there's no way I could go back to school, hell I got half of the stupid questions wrong on the fucking bloodborne pathogens quiz at the end of the movie today.

Sooo I'm thinking that I should apply now and continue to work for as long as I can. Then when we finish the house, sell it, I probably won't be able to afford the house payment once the fixed rate ends in a couple of years anyway. Then I'm thinking that instead of buying a house in NOLA maybe we should buy a used motor home instead and just travel.

Its just a thought....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A confession

I have been out for twenty years and have only been to one, count it, one Pride event. It's not that I didn't want to ever go to one. It's just that the closest one is in Lansing and thats a bit of a drive. Plus I panic and don't like to drive in cities that I'm not familiar. That and I only have two close friends, Angel who is boardering on agoraphobia and doesn't go out much, hell I can't even get him to come to our parties. Then Thurston, we tried to go once but by the time he got his shit together it was late afternoon and most of the events were over.

The time I did go was awesome. It was about 15 yrs ago. My bf at the time had a niece who lived in DC, so we drove down and crashed at her place. She lived not very far from Dupont Circle, which was the gayborhood. We went and marched in the parade, which was a big mistake. It took most of the afternoon of standing around getting everyones shit together before we actually hit the streets. It was sunny and hot and we got majorly sunburned. By the end of the day my face was the color of a tomato. Eartha Kitt was on stage yelling "March! March!" Either before or after the march (I can't remember) we went and smoked a joint by the reflecting pools.

That evening we went and hung out at Dupont Circle with the other Mo's. I had never been around that many other gay men in my life. It was fabulous! We hit a couple of the bars. In the morning I went down to a cool little coffee house to grab a cup of joe and sit and people watch. This cute guy came in who had a back pack covered in pink stickers. One of the stickers said, "BUTT FUCKING IS FUN".

And that is my one and only Pride story.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Dam I missed it again.

Yesterday was my 2 yr. blogiversary. I missed it last year also, oops. I haven't had anything exciting to blog about for awhile and I feel I'm probably boring you all to tears, but hey this is small town life what can ya do. I'm sure as hell not gonna make shit up, I'm truthful to a fault...unfortunately sometimes. Thanks for being apart of my life, your comments mean alot. Actually I'm celebrating several anniversaries this week.

2 yrs. blogging
9 yrs with Scooby
10 yrs being POZ

woo fuckin hoo

I've gotten rid of the word verification since the dam thing won't load the fucking word for the verification. WTF! Don't they now I'm a comment whore....

Let the insanity begin...

This weekend was quite busy. We worked on siding and got a good portion of the bay window done and got the scary spot on the high part of the of the house finally finished. Sunday we headed to St. Stan's festival and headed immediately for the beer tent. The polka band was in full swing. I love to catch a buzz and watch the little old people dance around....its the simple things in life. Grabbed an elephant ear and ogled men.

This morning I was actually able to get cleaned up "Praise Jeebus" so I climbed back in bed with Scoob and let him fuck me silly early this morning. He dumped two loads in me by the time he was done. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Scooby's once a day med regiment is still fucking with him. After he takes his meds he gets dizzy and has extreme abdominal cramps. I dragged him to the store this morning and it was almost to much for him, he almost puked by the time I got him home. He's also been extremely tired.

Our fireworks party is next Monday and I'm making a shit load of food. So far I've planned on making:

1. Potato Salad
2. Taco Salad
3. Deviled eggs
4. relish tray
5. Veggie tray
6. BBQ meatballs
7. Queso with chips (Scooby actually makes that one.)
8. Apple crisp
9. Flag cake

OY! I feel I'm forgetting something. I might do baked beans also. And maybe some kind of cajun dish like Jumbalaya. Scooby's is gonna fill the hotdog steamer with hotdogs also. That and we're gonna have a keg and 15 gal. of cocktails in the drink machine. The fireworks celebration is always 3 days long with the last day being the big fireworks night which is on Monday July 3rd. So I have all weekend to put the food together. Yea!

I bought a bigger kiddie pool this year to put the cold food in and have already started freezing two litre's with water to chill it. The house is an under construction disaster. I'm hoping Scooby will start packing away his tools and shit this week. I've got to make a trip to Gordon's food service for the bbq meatballs and more plates and napkins. Then a trip to the fruit market then I think I'm ready to start making some food. Oh yeah, we gotta go out and get liquor also.

Let the insanity begin...

If anyone reading this is gonna be in the area, your more then welcome to come! The more the merrier! Let me know and I'll give you directions.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

River Roar weekend and St. Stan's

This weekend is River Roar weekend. The buzz of the boats racing on the river started about 9am this morning. The event started Friday and runs through today. The banks of the river were packed with people yesterday as we drove across the bridge. We're not much into the river races, but this weekend is also St. Stan's festival which we will probably go to. We need to get our canival food fix, like polish sausages smothered in peppers and onions on a bun, elephant ears and funnel cakes. YUM!

With all the festivities and living so close to the river there are planes fly over our house every 5-10 minutes with advertising banners which is kind of cool. They must be having helicopter rides also since one keeps landing in the park behind the house, which is getting kind of annoying. After several take offs and landings we begin to flip the helicopter the bird, today I might just mood the noisey bastards.

The plane flying over the house.

Close up of the banner: Deja Vu Showgirls courtesy of our local stripper bar in Saginaw. Nice...I guess thats family values for ya. lol

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This morning pics

Here's a pic taken this morning of my plants on the front porch.

These are the strawberries that I picked this morning. Haven't really collected enough to use for shortcake or anything but they are excellent in my morning cereal.

Monday, June 19, 2006

weekend recap

Spent this weekend working on siding. Finished up the soffit's on the highest part of the back of the house. Yea! Glad that shit is done. In order to do this I had to harness myself and then tie a rope to a nearby tree and then scale down the side of the lower roof. With out the harness I would of just slid off the lower roof. Fun Fun.

Also worked in the yard a bit pulling weeds. Made a bench along the side of the fence for our upcoming 3rd of July party so people can peer over the fence and people watch. Also pulled out the extension ladder and trimmed up the tree branches that were getting near the power lines. We took a break in the old metal glider in the back corner of the yard. Scooby layed his head on my leg and that got me aroused. So I unbuttoned my shorts and he sucked my cock. I love outdoor sex. The feel of the breaze on my face and body and Scooby's warm mouth gliding up and down on my hard cock was too awesome. I fed him good with a big load.

Saturday evening we went to a friends place for a cookout. They made margaritas that were potent as hell. I had two and then had to switch to beer, so I could bring the buzz down a bit. Then Sunday we headed to Midland to my dad's place and we took him out for lunch for fathers day. Then I worked on his yard a bit speading mulch around his trees ect.. After that we headed to K-Mart to buy shorts that were on sale. Scooby only had one pair that he could wear to work since the rest were all cut offs. So I bought him 3 pairs and myself a pair. I've lost about 10 lbs. since last year and most of mine don't fit anymore.

Then we headed to Mt. Pleasant to hang out with a friend of ours who lives on his grandparents farm. The place is too cool with out buildings which are filled with a treasure trove of old stuff. Scooby found a green Fire King mixing bowl that was in mint condition. Our friend really doesn't know much about antiques so we point out stuff to him that is worth money. We stayed for dinner and then headed home around 10pm. He gave me some trumpet vines that I planted this morning, hopefully they will survive.

And thats about it. Needless to say this weekend was very busy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Its been awhile since I participated in HNT so here we go.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Lost in translation

Does anyone that reads this blog understand Chilian/Spanish? I've been getting messages from this guy in Chile from my Hi5 page, but can't understand most of what he's saying. I have a hard enough time with English let alone another language. Does Chile have their own language or do they speak Spanish? HELP!

Here are the messages I've recieved:

hermosos ojos, como para perderse en ellos, felicidades, ALONSO

Ok I know that "ojos" is Spanish for eyes so I would guess that he's commenting me on my eyes. I also get that his name is Alonso. I emailed him back saying that I don't speak Spanish and this is what I got next.

yo tampoco hablo mucho ingles, pero creo que eso no es importante, ALONSO

something something "much English", something something "not important",

I'm totally lost...

Weekend recap

I've been trying to cut out/down on the caffeine. Haven't had coffee since Thursday and I'm dragging ass. But I haven't had to take xanax to get to sleep either which is a good thing. The Xanax use goes in spurts, I go for a week or two being able to get to sleep without it. Then a week on because I can't get to sleep. ARRGG!

Yesterday I actually took a nap for an hour and felt some what refreshed. This was an odd feeling cuz first of all I normally can't sleep during the day let alone feel refreshed if I do.

I also was going to try and quit drinking this weekend. I don't drink alot mind you, normally a couple of 40 oz. beers sometimes three. Friday I didn't have anything. Saturday I had to run to the store for hamburger buns and couldn't resist and picked up a couple 40's. Drank half of one on Saturday along with a couple of peachtini's and half a bottle of Hungarian red wine (my fav). Then Sunday I finished the rest of the first 40, which I think induced my nap that afternoon along with the fumes from the bathtub reglazing we had done that morning/afternoon. It looks beautiful btw. That night we went to a friends to watch Brokeback Mountain (I know, finally), and there I had a couple of shots of 1800 Tequila with a 12 oz. beer chaser. I caught bits and pieces of the movie since everyone kept talking through it.

We got all kinds of events going on this Summer. The Tall ships are returning the end of July and either the weekend before or after is the Bike bash. Can't wait to see all the studds on their motorcycles. WOOF!

Here is a pic of our bathtub with its new shiny finish. Pretty pretty.

This is the really cool flooring that we found under the tub when we first moved it a few months ago.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer plans and Scooby goes to the Dr.

Well we've decided that we're going to go to leather weekend at Camp It in July. Its been a year or two since we've been camping. Thought we'd go and check out all the changes to the campground. You have to give them credit, they've been doing alot to update the place with a pool and new shower rooms and all. I still miss the dirty little place it use to be though and picking the drunk drag queens out of the mud puddles.

We're also planning our annual 4th of July Party. Except this year the big fireworks night is going to be on Monday the 3rd, so I guess you can call it a 3rd of July Party. This year we're planning on having a keg also along with the 15 gallons of cocktails in the drink machine. OIY

And last but not least, We've decided to go for Southern Decadence down in NOLA on Labour Day weekend. I got an excellent deal with Airtran and we're supposed to stay with the Crisco Kid while we're down there. It's been years since we flew. It'll be nice to be there the same day though instead of the two day car ride. Plus no harrassing Mississippi police.

After a couple of years of me bitching, complaining and hand holding, Scooby has finally went back to the Doctor. His t-cells were about 200 and viral load was 45,000. Now he's back on meds and back to being sick and throwing up. I really don't know how to feel about this.

UPDATE: Scooby only threw up the first day and thinks the side effects aren't too bad compared to past drug therapies.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And the answer is

C. A Lean Cuisene pizza

Congrats Drub for the right answer. I'm offering myself for the prize, you can do with me what you will.

This pizza has been sitting out behind my building at work for at least a couple of months, rain or shine it doesn't get any worse for wear. As the story goes the department head stuck it in the microwave for 9 minutes instead of the recommended 3-4 minutes and voila....charcoal. I do not recommend this as it did ruin the microwave. The crap that shot out of the back of the microwave permanently soiled the wall with a yellow substance that I can not scrub off with any type of cleaner. So there you have it the story behind the black blob of crap.

Return of the Cop

I was on the computer Monday on which is normally a big yawn. But I got IM'ed from someone without a pic, of course. I'm thinking its probably a bot, but when I'm bored I occasionally humor myself and answer back.

Unknown person: Hey how have you been?
Me: good
Unknown: Was thinking of stopping by today.
Me: Do I know you?
Unknown: I'm the cop
Me: Oh hey, well come on over

So a little while later he shows up and we head right for the bedroom and get to business. He goes right into the talk.

Cop: You want this cock don't you.
Me: yes
C: Suck it!
Me: mfmhph
C: Lick my balls! yeah thats good.
C: Jack your cock! Show it to me! yeah
C: You want to cum don't you!
Me: yeafph
C: You'll cum when I tell you!

Then something new happens... He leans down and starts to suck my cock. Thinking of the traffic tickets I've gotten in the past, I grab his head and with reckless abandon take all my past agressions out on his mouth. I get close and pull out. He orders me to cum on him and I do. Then I'm back to sucking his cock again. He orders me to stop and holds my head down on his cock and he blows stream after stream, filling my mouth with his hot spunk. My head pressed against his stomach my forehead gets smeared with my own spent seed. I lick him clean and we get dressed and he leaves.

And that was my Monday, how was yours?

What is it?

A. A crashed UFO
B. A cowpie (Cow turd)
C. A Lean Cuisine Pizza
D. A Mushroom
E. Your guess

Next post:The answer and Return of the cop.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The end of Iris season

Here are a couple of my iris plants. When I first got my house my parents gave me the purple ones, now I have them scattered through out the yard. This year they weren't as bountiful as they usually are. Normally the front fence is peppered with them.

The yellow ones were here when I moved in but everything was so overgrown that they didn't bloom for several years.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mr. BC sighting

I think I saw "BC" Saturday morning at the flea market. It has been a year or two and he was a bit older and little more frumpier, no mustache, but still had those peircing eyes. That's what made me think it was him.

Would I still do him....fuck yeah! We made eye contact several times, hopefully he got the hint that I'm still around and still interested. He was busy talking to several people so I didn't approach him. I'm hoping that he'll be down again next Saturday so I can slip him my #.

Man I would kill just to get another glimpse of his big fuckin horse cock.....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Equal opportunity lust machine

I haven't mentioned him yet but we've had a real hot guy working on our air conditioning at work lately. He's short with a tight body and fucking ruggedly handsome. He's been in at least once a week for the last three weeks. Today I was watching him walk out to his work van and thought, man I'd like to eat his ass and lick the sweat off his balls, lick his whole fuckin body for that matter.... Lust lust lust...

I love men! I love summer when the men are all shirtless. I love shirtless guys in trucks, like the one I saw drive by today. Furry, smooth, tall, short, lightly tanned, pale and pasty, tattoo'd or not, I fuckin love em all.

I'm an equal opportunity lust machine.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

25 things about me

I haven't done anything like this yet so here we go.

1. The house I live in now is the longest I've ever lived anyplace. (15 yrs)
2. My parents were in there mid 40's when they had me.
3. My next youngest sibling was 18 when I was born, the other two were 20, and 22.
4. My father retired when I was in 3rd grade.
5. After my father retired we spent winters in Tucson, AZ.
6. From 6th through 10th grade I went to school full time in Tucson.
7. We moved back to Michigan for my last two years of high school.
8. After graduation I spent a month in N. Miami Beach finishing up a corespondence course dealing with the Airlines.
9. I moved back to Tucson for 5 months but then came back to Michigan because I got lonely.
10. I briefly worked for Continental Airlines and was called a scab because it was a non union airline.
11. I've worked at: a Deli in a grocery store, delivered pizza for Dominos, washed cars for Thrifty car rental, delivered packages for Airborne Express, and various janitorial jobs.
12. I've been to two different countries, Windsor Canada and Nogalas Mexico...when I was a kid.
13. I've been on vacation to New York City once, San Fransisco twice, Chicago a few times and New Orleans several times.
14. I drive a 2000 Grand Prix.
15. I also have a 1970 Cadillac Sedan Deville that I can't afford to restore and am trying to sell.
16. I don't like the texture of bananas.
17. I only talk to my siblings about once or twice a year.
18. I don't like to argue or debate cuz it stresses me out.
19. I had a poodle when I was growing up.
20. I had a black lab in my 20's and early 30's.
21. In my mid 30's I discovered that I was a cat person.
22. I like most foods, chinese is my favorite.
23. The majority of my diet consists of salad and cereal.
24. I like old architure over modern.
25. I secretly lust after several people on my blogroll.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

weekend recap

Sunday we had about 14 people over for a BBQ that never happened. I made potato and pasta salad, a relish tray and deviled eggs while Scooby was suppose to do the BBQ'ing. Well he ended up putting hotdogs in the steamer and the burgers never happened. It ended up getting into the 90's and was hotter than hell. Just a few days before we were freezing. Guess spring was cancelled.

Had one guy at the party talk shit about one of my best friends and his BF talked shit about New Orleans even though he knows its our favorite city. I wish shit like that didn't bother me so much. But I guess thats just how Queens are, they like to get their jabs in when ever they can. I'm beginning to think that maybe I don't have social anxiety, maybe I just don't like most people. I need to check into seeing a counceler or something. I also think that maybe I should stop partying.

I made a crack at the party that, "When I was young I wanted to travel and see the world, now I have to be sedated just to leave the house". Sad but mostly true.

Also heard rumours that the city is thinking about putting in a turn lane in front of our house. Apparently they talked to other neighbors about the plans but not me. Odd, but since it would take out my front yard and drastically lower my property value, is it any wonder they haven't mentioned it to me. God I just want to get this house finished so we can put the fucker up for sale.

Well if you haven't noticed yet I'm in a crappy mood, but tomorrow is another day.

Our stairway

Here are some pics of our stairway that Scooby built. The first is the rough in build. Second is the finished product from the ground floor.Then the last is from the top looking down to the landing. The woodwork on the walls were made of luan and MDF (Multi densitiy fiberboard) to save on money. Thats why its all been painted.

The weekend was busy and hectic. I'll try and post more on that later.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Freaks at Church

Rule #1 Never do acid on Sunday.

This is another digitally enhanced photo of me pasted on a pic of a church in NOLA. Don't worry, I haven't done acid since my early 20's, but the title sounded appropriate.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nothing much to say

God here it is Thursday and I haven't posted anything since Monday. Nothing much is happening. Having about 16 people over on Sunday and BBQing. Tomorrow I have a date with a guy that I haven't played with in over a year. Hopefully he will still like to ride my face like the good ole days.

Heard on the radio that there was a fire a couple of days ago on the east side of town. So will probably drive over there and gawk at the remains. Don't know if there was more than one fire or not, a lady at work said she heard there was one on the west side of town said it took out 5 buildings. YIKES! We don't have local tv programming and don't get the newspaper so we kind of live in the dark around here, unless someone tells us something or we hear it on the radio.

Tomorrow after I get home from the date, seeing the fire remains and paying the mortgage, I'm thinking about hitting the neighborhood straight bars and getting a little wasted. Got several within walking distance. Or maybe I'll spend the afternoon in the backroom of the dirty bookstore. I hear that it can be pretty busy on a holiday weekend.

Hope everyone has a Great Memorial weekend. Don't know if I'll post anything tomorrow or not.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Mike's Whip

After listening to Ben's Whip on Mark Weigle's Versatile/Soulsex CD. And watching a documentary about the Black Plague and a group called the Flagellants that went around whipping themselves with cat of nine tails to atone for there sins. I've decided to experiment.... I just won these on Ebay and am patiently waiting there arrival. Scooby already expressed an interest in whipping me, but I think I want to start out slow... by myself...if at all.

I know, I'm a freak. Maybe not a freak, but a freak in training....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mr. Poo guardian of the stairway

This is our kitty Mr. Poo which is short for Mr. Puddyson. He's lost 6 lbs. within the last year. He used to be a stoic floor duster at 23 lbs. Now at 17 lbs. he's feirce and chock full of energy. You really can't tell in this pic though, can ya. He just had his breakfast so he's taking it easy. I wish I was a cat.

Not much else to report this morning. Still no Abby.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No word

I still haven't heard back from Dear Abby. Scooby said that he would page me if she did call. I guess that this is another reason added to the list of why I should get a cell phone. Personally I don't like to talk on the phone that much and besides I cringe everytime I get my land line bill as it is. Cell phones are a luxury item that I do not need nore want, as of yet.

In other news....

We started planning a BBQ for Sunday May 28 of Memorial weekend. We planned on just a few close friends. Well the list is up to 16 so far. A little bit bigger of a bbq then we thought but the more the merrier. Scooby's planning on having the drink machine going. We've decided on Lynchburg lemonade (whisky/lemonade) but not sure on how much to make yet.

This weekend we continued to install the beadboard wainscotting on the walls of the back porch/ summer living area. Its still to cold to move out there but it should warm up soon enough. A fucking Starling made a nest in one of my spider plants that I had hanging on the front porch. Beat the shit out of the poor plant. I had to bring them in anyway since its been so rainy and cold for the last week. Does anyone know of anything I could put in it to keep the birds out? Scooby said a christmas ornament might work. So I'll probably try that when I go to put them out again.

Oh I almost forgot. Sugar daddy came up this weekend to pick up the porch posts that he bought from Scooby. He also had him recover a little bench that he's going to sell in his Antique booth. He brought us both a 5th of liquour. YEA! Then he started bitching about his family. Then we went out to eat at our favorite pizza place. We sat there for about 5 minutes before the girl behind the counter told us that they have no wait staff anymore and that we could just place our order with her. Well that sent SD into a tizzy. He started in with, "Why couldn't she of told us this sooner....if I were you I'd complain to your friend the owner...." blah blah blah on and on until I asked if he'd like a Xanax.

SD and his boyfriend are planning to retire to Tucson and SD wants us to move there too. I'm kind of indifferent to the idea since I grew up there I'd at least know the area or at least what it was some 20 yrs. ago. Scooby on the other hand is totally against it. "Its too hot there" is his complaint and well yes during the summer it is really hot. I always joke when SD says, "But its a dry heat" I'll retort, "Yeah dry like the inside of an oven." But anyway they bitched back and forth till I just blocked both of them out.

By the time we got out of there I wasn't in the mood for sex and had decided that I wasn't giving SD a bj. We went back and watched porn and he slurped on us for a bit. He watched us get off then he had to take off. As he was walking out the door he hands us both 100 bucks. All I could think was if he'd of gave me this a couple of hours ago I would of gave him a bj. I know, I know, I'm terrible, but I need some kind of inspiration, when I'm in a crappy mood.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Celebrity phone call

Last Thursday conversation with the bf after I got home from work.

Scooby: Oh Dear Abby called today!
Me: No way, it was probably one of her people.
Scooby: Well she said SHE WAS Dear Abby.
Me: No Way! I only emailed her a couple of weeks ago about my falling out with my nieces. Did she say she was going to call back.
Scooby: No, she didn't say, but I told her that you work at 4pm.
Me: Dam, But I go to work at 3 on Fridays.
Scooby: Sorry I wasn't thinking, I was just blown away that she called.
Me: Dam

So I didn't get online Friday in hopes she would call and nothing. Did the same today and still nothing. She will probably call tomorrow when I'm gone all day. Dam, dam, dam. Honestly I didn't expect to hear from her. The online site said not to expect a response since they are bombared with letters daily and that she can't answer all the mail.

But then again the falling out with my religous neices because I'm gay is a current and happening issue I suppose. Here's a run down of the letter that I sent.

Dear Abby,

Earlier this year I came out to my two very religous adult nieces. I never hid the fact that I was gay, it just wasn't discussed. They told me that they would never except me as a homosexual, quoting several bibles passages condemning me to Hell for my actions and gave me several organizations that would correct my problem.

I have been with my partner for 9 yrs. and they know this. I was very upset that they would suggest that I leave my partner to be straight. I emailed them back an overly dramatic letter stating all their flaws and sins including that another of my siblings suggested that I have a Will drawn up to protect my partner.

Now their angry with my sibling for suggesting that I have a Will drawn up. I've tried to patch things up, but all I get is "I'm the evil person and their the victims". Now we are no longer speaking. I've been HIV for the last 10 yrs. and my health isn't the greatest, and this isn't helping matters.

I have support from friends and other family members. Is it ok to cut the ones that condemn me out of my life or should I continue to try to reach out to them.

Signed, Distraught in MI

If this happens to get printed, would someone let me know and send me the printing. I don't get the newspaper daily and could possibly miss it. I probably missed my chance when I missed the phone call, I haven't a clue.