Monday, August 28, 2006

Naked rain dance and other shit

Saturday afternoon it downpoured to the point I grabbed a towel took off all my clothes and went out in the back yard and danced and stood around in the rain. It felt wonderful. It soaked and matted my fur to my body. I've always thought that wet fur is sexy. Dancing and standing around naked in the rain turns me on. I reached my arms up and let the water run down them matting my pit hair.

Sugar Daddy came up and we celebrated my birthday early. He brought me a couple of t-shirts that say, "Erection Inspector" and "I may not be Mr. Right, But I'll fuck you till he shows up". He also gave me a leather jock that has buckles on the hips. Very hot and sexy, I'll have to take a pic and post once I get back from Decadence.

We're about packed and ready to go. I can't believe we'll be there on Wednesday. I'm really gonna miss the kitties this will be the first time leaving them. Oh and I'm starting to get a god dammed cold sore. Fucking great! But I've been on L-Lysine so it should be gone within a couple of days before it even breaks the surface. That fucking shit rocks!

I finally broke down and joined the new Millenium.....I bought a cell phone. GASP! I plan on just using it for emergency purposes mainly. We'll see how that goes. But we really needed one since we're staying with friends down in NOLA who don't have a land line and well it is Hurricane season.

Don't know if I'll be posting while I'm down there or not. Will hopefully have alot of dirty adventures to report when I get back.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

My man

As requested here is a pic of my other half, Scooby. This was taken when I first brought home Kiddo.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Regrets and the pit whores

I got home last night and there was something in the live trap. It turned out to be a cat this time. Scooby seems to think it was the wild one that has been living in the neighbors shed. This morning I got up and went to take him to animal control and he had a wound on his forehead from trying to head but the cage trying to get out. I considered several times just letting him go. I don't mind stray cats in the yard, cuz they help with the mice. But I don't want cats spraying our house cuz with the window open it reeks and our cats freak out. I hope this was the one thats been doing it. I felt awful taking him in. It breaks my heart to do this. I wish people would take care of their pets.

On a brighter note, our new kitties are pit whores. They fucking love Scooby and my's arm pits. Clyde started it with getting in Sccoby's lap and nuzzling him and burying his head in his arm pit and pushing his face as hard as he could in there. Last night I was in bed and both of them tag teamed me taking turns grinding their faces in my arm pits. It was too cute, but drove me fucking crazy.

Kiddo and I groom each other also. He'll climb in my lap and I'll pet him and if I'm shirtless he will start licking my chest hair. The other day we were sitting in the bay window and I was brushing him and he raised his head and licked my titt. One of J's friends was over and witnessed it and said "That is so wrong". It was just one lick though and then he started licking my chest hair. I like being a mommy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Catch and release

We're having problems with neighborhood cats again. I guess since we have 3 indoor cats now and the windows are open the outdoor ones feel the need to spray our house to mark territory. So I went over to Animal Control to borrow a live trap. Got it set up in the back yard and put some cat food in it.

When I got home last night I could see that there was something in the trap. I just figured in was a cat. Well....Scooby got a flash light and we went out to investigate. It wasn't a cat that we caught but a possum. Of course Animal Control will only take domesticated animals. So we took a little trip last night out of town and set the little bugger free to romp in the country side instead of the neighborhood. Those damn things scare the shit out of me but this one seemed to be quite docile, no hissing but he did bare his scary teeth. Hope the city possum adapts to country life. It was right near the river so he should be happy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

How time flys and corrupting young men

God I can't believe we leave next week for NOLA for Southern Decandence. Now that I now where the bars with the back rooms are....WATCH OUT! I'm not kidding, I probably won't be able to scrub the dirt off my knees for weeks. I can't even imagine being in a backroom during Decadence with all those hot horny men.

These Lips of Mine from Mark Weigle's Versatile CD

I learned why the Lord gave me wrists
When you slapped the handcuffs on
Then I praised God he gave me teeth
To get your zipper down
And as my mouth begins to water
I know that its true
These lips of mine were made for suckin' you

Polishing your belt buckle
Is what my foreheads for
My ears are here for you to grip
My knees to scrub your floor
And as my eyes begin to water
I know that its true
These lips of mine were made for suckin' you

Oh and on another note J the new young furry sexy man that rents a room from us refers to me as the sexy beast. He's also learning the don't ask don't tell rule. This weekend he asked about the power douche in the shower and...well.. I was drunk and I guess went into detail about it. Not to mention that Scooby showed him the attachments. He was horrified when I told him that the douche was the medium one that Fort Troff sells. I told him the next day he was lucky that I didn't give him a demonstration.

This weekend we were looking for something that our friend gave us last weekend when we went to his place. Scooby and I were listing the stuff that was in the goodie bag he gave us and when "the toy" was mentioned J put his hands over his ears and started lalalala'ing.
We are going to corrupt this young man yet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sometime last week

Scooby tried to stick his finger up my ass.

Me: Uhhh... Don't do that I might shit on your finger.
Scooby: Thanks ok, what do you think they made soap for.
Me: OMG! LOL........

My boyfriend in one sick puppy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thank you!

Hey everyone, I got second place for Drub's porn essay contest! Just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me. In case your just tuning in here is my nasty story.

In other news shit is looking up. It seems that my gardian angel has finally woke the fuck up. I sold my fucking 1970 caddy this morning. A big FUCK YES for that considering I've got about 3 grand worth of bills due next month. Also realized that I'm getting a 750. buck longevity bonus for being at my job for the last 15 yrs, which I'll get in the beginning of September. Plus the extra cash for renting the room to my new furry sexy young roomate. What's next?

God I better play the lotto. I've never had this much good luck hit so close together. Anyway, Happy Happy Joy Joy it's time to do my happy dance.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Gremlins, Deer camp, and the new roomate

I don't know if I've mentioned this but stuff is disappearing around the house. The first thing I noticed was an small antique pitcher that I used to water some of my small house plants. It disappeared before our 4th of July party and still has not turned up. The second was our friends house keys that we keep cuz he's out of town alot and has us stop in to check on things. Luckily we did find those after a day or two of hunting. Now I can't find my fucking flogger. God we just used it about a week or so ago. I spent some time today looking under furniture and in cabinets but nothing so far. We've been blaming this on gremlins or mischievious ghosts. I guess I need to burn some sage soon, that is suppose to get rid of stuff like that. It's probably just us though, our house is somewhat cluttered and we're are loosing our minds so things get lost pretty easily.

Yesterday we went to our friends families deercamp. This was the same friend that wanted us to go to his families beach house in last weekends fiasco. The deercamp house was very impressive. It was more like a hunting lodge than a typical deercamp, with tall ceilings and stuffed deer heads and antlers everywhere. He wanted us to go check out the pond that is on the property which was down this trail. 75% of the trial was well kept and mowed, the last 25% of the trail was a muddy bog. There was an old trail of palets but most were rotted and gone. If we'd had known the condition of the trail we'd of worn more protective foot and leg wear. Poor Scooby wore sandals. We finally reached the dock that went out into the pond, but all that consisted of was more palets that were semirotted. I'm surprised none of us didn't fall in. It was fun and adventurous all the same. We did find a couple of piles of field stones and took a couple home for the back yard.

Our new tennant is a landscaper so he's been bringing all kinds of plants to add to the yard. Now I'm going to have to get in the habit of watering occasionally. He also is very tidy and got after Scooby about his clutter and helped him straighten up today. The best so far was when he came down this morning shirtless with his lean furry body all exposed. Fuckin YUM!!! I think I'm gonna like this....

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday kitty pic

Here's a pic of the kids. We've decided that Clyde the white one with black spots is gay. First he's always grooming himself. Not only does he clean his own butthole but his brothers as well. He'll even go into the litter box after his brother and make sure everything is buried completely. He doesn't eat much, cuz he's watching his weight of course. I know there's more but I can't remember right now.

His brother Kiddo on the other hand will eat anything. He loves cheese puffs, the fatty part of bacon, spagetti or any pasta for that matter, and of course potato chips.

In other news we are going to have a roomate. Our friend J is moving into one of our spare rooms. Him and his bf broke up this spring and he had moved back in with his parents, but I told him that he was more than welcome to move in since we get along so well. Plus he's in his early 20's and will probably be going out of town on the weekends to the "real gay bars". Ah the good ole days when a trip to Lansing or Detroit to the bars and clubbing all night was the thing to do. It should be interesting.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The hot tub party, Sundays fiasco and a kitty update

Last Saturday we went to a hot tub party. There was about a dozen or so people. The hosts had a great spread of food and livations. I ended up drinking the world. I first started with Vodka and lemonade. But there was just something about the taste that didn't do it for me so I switched to Jim Beam and Lemonade, which was much tastier. Then I tried one of those strawberry margarita's that are premade in a frozen tub. They were yummy but very sweet, so I only had one of those. I ended with a few beers and giving friend Thurston a blow job on the back patio.

Thurston and I have played on and off our entire friendship (about 20 yrs). He was the first guy that woke me up in the morning by sticking his cock in my mouth. I like a man who knows what he wants... Anyway the bj was brief since we didn't want to make a scene. I haven't blown him in about a year or two cuz it normally ends with him fucking my mouth senseless and he's a bit too long to the point that I always ended up throwing up just a bit in my mouth about the same time he cums. I'm there for the cum so when it ends and all I taste is sick, well that's no fun for me. So the bj was brief, we had fun, end of story...

Sunday ended up being a fiasco. One of our friends was in town and wanted us to go to his parents cabin on the bay. He wanted to drive separtely so he could take off from there and head home. We had to go pick up Thurston and left him in the our driveway with plans to meet at the gas station so we could follow since we weren't quite sure where it was at. Well I forgot to tell Thurston to bring his cell phone, we got to the gas station and our other friend wasn't there. The pay phone wasn't working so we figured that he had continued on and just expected us to call him. We drove up and found the street and drove the entire length and didn't see his vehicle. Thurston had some friends up there so he stopped in and they knew which cabin we were looking for. Got there and there was nobody there. Went back to Thurstons friends place and called his cell. It ended up that he had left his keys in our house and was stuck there, so we said fuck it and headed back home. We ended up BBQ'ing hamburgers at home and had a good time despite all the earlier confusion.

Oh and when we got home I found Kiddo up on the buffet with his head in a bag of potato chips. We really should have named him Starvin Marvin cuz he really has some food issues. Other than that the cats have been very well mannered and have been getting along great.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The contest

Hey everyone, I'm in the running for Drub's porn essay contest with my story "Dog Pound". So go over there and check out the dirty stories, crank your wank, and vote. I've read through a few and it looks like I've got some "Stiff" competion. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kitty rim jobs, and lunch with father grinch

Is it ok to let your children rim each other? We have not had sex infront of our kitties yet and still they're learning to rim each other. It was too cute to watch them lick and clean each others faces, but I had no idea that they would exchange rim jobs also. Clyde even gave Puddy our 7 yr. old cat a rim job yesterday and suprisingly enough Puddy layed there and let him. Only when Clyde started to clean Puddy's junk is when he got upset and hissed at him. But hey, at least our cats will have nice sparkly clean butt holes.

God I had lunch with my father today. He's taken on the job of watching my 8 or 9yr old great neice during the summer to help my nephew and his wife save some money instead of paying for daycare. My father is in his mid to late 80's and is your typical grumpy old man. We went out for lunch and my gr8 neice orders fried cheese sticks. Like most kids and adults she would bite into the cheese stick and then stretch the cheese out about 4-5 inches. My father would then tell her to stop playing with her food. He also complained that she dropped her knife on the floor. ect..

Once we got back home she turned on the tv. She accidentally pushed the buttons on the remote and changed the channel and then it took her a couple of trys to find the station she was watching. Well this was just too much for my father and he made her turn off the tv. There is nothing to do for a kid at my dads house, plus it hit the triple digits today so it was too hot to play outside, and she was already bored with coloring. I felt sorry for her and it just reminded me of when I was a kid. Kids were supposed to be seen and not heard and god forbid if they have any fun. My neice ended up laying on the floor and picking at the floor vent. I really wanted to say something but I didn't want to get in a fight with my dad, so I just left. It was almost time for me to head to work anyway.

In other news the Bike Bash this last weekend wasn't as good as last year. It might have been the scorching temps or the periodic rain storms inbetween. I remember more motorcycles driving past the house last year. Considering the rain storms and the heat we decided to stay in. Scooby is still having problems with his meds. After taking them he gets very light headed and dizzy to the point that even a drive in the car will make him sick. We are both tired as hell for no apparent reason. I slept a good portion of the weekend which kind of worried Scoob. But its a full time job keeping up after four boys. (3 cats and the bf) Needless to say we haven't been getting much done on the house lately and really need to finish the siding on the back so I can get estimates on house insurance. Apparently I'm paying way too much. Hopefully we'll find some energy to finish up within the next four weeks. fingers crossed...