Friday, November 30, 2007

Gay marriage in Oklahoma

I was talking with this guy at a bar in OKC who is from OK but now lives in San Francisco. He told me that when gays started pushing for marriage the christians in Oklahoma like many other states managed to get an amendment passed banning same sex marriage.

He also told me that the native american tribes in Oklahoma acknowledge/ accept and perform same sex marriages and that Oklahoma government has to acknowledge and accept native american customs and laws. Apparently Oklahoma government tried to fight this but alot of the money that maintains the bridges and helps schools in the state comes from the casinos owned by the native americans. All they had to do was threaten to stop their donations and Oklahoma government backed down immediately.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shitty Kitty

Scooby invited this bottom over a few weeks ago. The guy waited till he got to our place to get cleaned up. It was my first time with him and Scooby's second.....I think. He has a smokin hot body but a totally dirty hole. He gets here, cleans up, we start to play and Scooby starts to finger him and he totally soils our bed. I lost interest immediately and luckily I had to go to work and left them to play.

The next day there is shit splatters on the floor in the bathroom and plus the hose to our "Sureshot" is now broken. That kinda pissed me off since the thing cost almost 100. bucks. Who the hell splatters shit on someone elses floor and just leaves it? Maybe its the virgo in me but I would never be so nasty.

Also I keep our toys in a plastic shoebox size container to keep them clean and sanitary. I normally leave a heavy duty paper towel in the bottom in case I don't dry the toys off completely after cleaning them and putting them away. I go to use one of them and the paper towel is all dishevled and covered in shit splatters also. Fucking nasty..... I had a talk with Scooby and told him that if he wants to play with "nasty shit hole guy" that he's gonna have to do it at his house from now on.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We got back Sunday from out road trip to Oklahoma. I've never traveled secondary highways through OK before and was surprised how rural the state is. The majority of the state is grazing land for cattle, not much else. Scooby had a good visit with his mom. She had 14 people for Thanksgiving.......oiy. Scooby's mom is an excellent cook and tried to feed me till I exploded. She had made cinnamin rolls from scratch and fed me two one morning then when I got done eating them announced that we were going out for breakfast. Needless to say Scooby and I declined the offer, since we were already stuffed.

Friday we headed to OKC to the Habana. What a fun place. The bars onsite were busy and so was the cruising around the hotel rooms. I managed to drag a beefy trucker back to the room and drain him of his man gravy. Slurp Slurp.... Definately got to go back if we get the chance.

We had excellent weather for driving. Here are a few observations of the road trip:
Missouri obviously don't have a child safety seat law considering all the toddlers I saw bouncing around in the back of vehicles. Is Britney from there?
In Indiana its more important to text message on busy highways than pay attention to the road, especially if you've got a carload of children.

Thats about it, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oklahoma bound

I know I haven't posted much lately, but I probably won't be posting anything next week. We are leaving Saturday on a road trip to Oklahoma to visit Scooby's mom for Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to having a week off since its been almost a year since I've have taken an entire week.
We are planning on visiting his brother in Ponca City then off to Woodward to visit his mom. Since we are not going to be anywhere near a gay bar we plan on staying Friday night after Thanksgiving in Oklahoma City at the Habana Inn. Apparently they have a couple of bars right at the hotel. Come watch me get loaded......

Friday, November 09, 2007

Michigan AIDS WALK rant

I participated in the AIDS WALK again this year and we raised around $25,ooo I am told. We were also told that the money was going to go for AIDS testing........WTF. This kind of irritated me because the Health Dept. does anonymous testing for free, why are they wasting all the money on testing.

For several months I've been submitting my bills for labs and my Dr. to the local HIV/AIDS organization and normally they get paid. Well this time, I'd submit and then a weeks later I'd get billed again saying it hasn't been paid and to please pay now. I submit again and the same thing over and over. I finally found out that they hadn't gotten there Ryan White funds in yet to pay any clients bills. They promised me that they would be paid by the end of the week, a couple of weeks ago. Today I get a letter saying that my bill has gone into collections. WTF....WTF...WTF.........

I'm so angry I could spit fire. I hope to fucking god this doesn't fuck up my credit, cuz I need to refinance my house next year. Plus I'm wondering if the lab and Dr. will make me pay upfront from now on because of this. FUCK

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween update

Well our party last Saturday was good. We had about 53 people, good crowd. We are debating though about having anymore Halloween parties. Its just too much fucking work. First its normally cold out so we tarp off the backyard which is a complete hassle, set up and tear down. And honestly, I just don't have the energy to do all this anymore. Plus I'll probably be drinking keg beer for weeks to finish it off.

Normally I enjoy the morning program Halloween shows, but this year they were.....ehh. Regis and Kelly was suppose to be in 3D. Some of it was but they didn't throw the stuff directly into the camera to get the true effect of 3D. Regis dressing up as David Letterman and Kelly as Paul Schafer was funny, but there guest was Dr. Phil. Who the fuck decided to have him on a Halloween show. Boring. Then they had Kelly as Judge Judy, which she imitates alot anyway, so why bother. If she says, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining" one more time I'd like to slap her.

Martha was ok, but all her talk about the Devil was kind of creepy. I'm sure the AFA will probably ban her now.

The best was "The Late Show with Craig Ferguson". He had the Sex Pistols on and they also performed, it got the biggest laugh out of me of all the shows.

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Like usual after our party I had a day or two of depression. I don't know why but its normal. Plus I really haven't had too much to say, have been debating about closing up shop here. Just out of witty reparte' I guess.

Anyway hope everyone had a great Halloween. It looks like we will be going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving to visit Scooby's mom. Not much else is new.