Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its all fun and games till someone snaps a toe off

Last Saturday started out productive with me working some overtime, but once I got home it turned into another weekend night of drunken daubachery. Several of our friends came over all with alcohol, beer, a half pint, couple of pints and a 5th of whisky. Our one friend JJ has been known to tie one on in the past and this night was no exception. We quickly went through the half pint, pints and a good portion of the fifth with JJ pouring shots as soon as the glasses were empty. Then he fell out into the yard. We checked to see if he was ok then let him lay there until he was ready to get up. Soon he stumbled onto the deck again and we propped him up on the bench inbetween two people so he wouldn't fall over. Then he tried to climb across the table, which we stopped.

We then noticed blood on the deck and tracked it back to JJ's foot. His one shoe was gone and what was left was a mangle of toes. I couldn't look, but someone kept saying, "The bones sticking out", "The bones sticking out". I definitely couldn't look. By that time JJ was totally incoherent aka shitfaced drunk. I said he needed to go to the hospital, but since everyone was too drunk to drive and JJ couldn't afford an ambulance ride, the soberest one wrapped up his foot and we layed him on the couch to sleep it off and it was decided that we would take him to the hospital in the morning.

The next morning I woke up to the front door being closed, so I hurriedly got dressed and went outside to see JJ sitting on the front porch steps barefooted. He turned to me and said, "What happened?" I then told him that he fell down. He then said he got up and unwrapped his foot only to find the horror of what layed underneath. "Did you see my foot?" I peeked over his shoulder to view for the first time and yes the toe next to the big toe was pushed to the side and yes the bone where the toe should be was sticking out. "I then almost cried and said,"Oh JJ, you need to go to the hospital." He then told me he had already called someone to pick him up, because his scooter had a dead battery. He then replied, "I think I need to stop drinking whisky, but believe it or not it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks".

It ended up he had 3 broken toes. All needed to be reset and it took three tries to set the bad one. He stopped by today to pick up his scooter and he apoligized for creating such drama. I told him I was just glad they were able to put him back together. We then discussed and joked about the necessity of wearing shoes when you party.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Attack of the 3ft. pencil

About a week and a half ago I was at work dusting offices. I was dusting the lady's office that is in charge of our health insurance and on top of a file cabinet she has a decorative 3 ft. pencil. I picked the dam thing up to dust under it and the klutz that I am fumbled it and the lead/graphite end stabbed me in the middle finger right on the edge where nail meets skin. At the time I didn't think much of it.

Then it never healed and became kinda swollen, its been very painful ever since and last week it started to ooz puss. Nice, I now. It then started to worry me so last week while I was at work I decided to go to Urgent Care, only to find out they were already closed. After some online research, I found that if not taken care of I might loose my finger so I went back to Urgent Care tonight. I was reluctant at first cuz I didn't want them to have to cut it open or anything since it was already very painful. It ended up they didn't have to do anything but perscribe me some antibiotics which ended up being free at the local Meijer's. YAY Oh and the Dr. and Nurse got a real big kick that it was a 3 ft. pencil.

Other than that I've been practicing my skills on my scooter and decided to try and do the test again in the next week or so once I master the course. I plan on spending Sunday at the course doing it over and over till I get it right. It helps that one of my friends used to be a motorcycle daredevil and he's helping me out.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Congratulations you fail

Well I failed my motorcycle skills test this morning. Little did I know that I had to practically be a stunt rider to pass. I managed the short hair pin corner exercise and the stop with your front tire in a box exercise. But the weaving through the cones was impossible. First I thought that the cones were to close together. I had to take it crazy slow in order to manuver around them but I guess too slow since I put my foot on the ground twice, which is a big no no, and that was the one thing I actually practiced repeatedly before. Then I failed the stop on a dime exercise also, where you have to go between 12-20 mph and stop quickly. I stopped a little too quickly and almost wiped out. That was the end, I didn't get to do the swerve around the invisible car exercise.

I can do the test one more time, but why bother, since I don't think I can manage to zig zag around the fuckin cones. I'm just going to take the 2 day motorcycle learning program and be done with it. If I do that then I will get my license. Plus I want to learn to drive a motorcycle anyway so its a win win situation. The only thing is the class is booked like forever. But we were told if we just show up and they have "no shows" then we can take it with out reservations. Oh yeah Scooby is gonna take it also, hence the "we".

Monday, July 21, 2008

Frantically working

Well I found out that I can't get a fixed rate mortgage unless my house is finished and "not under contruction". So Scooby and I have been frantically trying to finish the house so I can refinance before my fixed rate ends at the end of the year. I worked all this morning before work installing siding. We need to get that done and the ceiling in the living room, plus alot of trim work through out. Needless to say I'm tired as shit, and the kicker is I'm going to have to start working OT for the next couple of Saturdays to get the carpets cleaned at work. OIY......

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rain and skeeters

The title best describes out camping trip. Thursday and Friday it rained on and off and Saturday morning it poured for hours. The mosquito's were horrible, but it probably didn't help that we had last years mosquito spray. Friday morning we ran to a store and bought some new bug spray, which seemed to help. The G.R. River men weren't all that friendly this year, plus they brought their own portable private play area, so we've decided not to go when they are there anymore. We did meet a few new people, so the weekend wasn't a total loss.

Other shit...

I'll be doing my motorcycle skills test next week. Also I crunched some numbers today on our spending within the last year and it looks like by next year we will be broke. I plan on refinancing my mortgage soon so hopefully I can get a lower payment. Our finances kind of worry me but if things do indeed get bad I can always sell my stocks, which I was going to save for retirement and then the timeshare. That will be a sad day when that goes, cuz no more trips to New Orleans once its gone. Anyway back to the grind...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick note

Our party went well. Didn't have as many as normal, only about 60-65 people. It was a very nice crowd and I think most had a great time. One of our best friends is a wine consultant, so we had him do a wine tasting.

Unfort. one of the guests got drunk early and totally tried to manipulate and heckle with snarky comments through out the tasting. We were busy hosting the rest of the party in the back yard and didn't find out about it till later. He then took the name tags that we supplied and started making up names for the rest of the guests, some were funny, others were just plain mean spirited and hurtful. He moved to the side walk and started to harrass passersby. I did manage to get Scooby to pull him back in. He then passed out before the fireworks even started. If you happen to read this Steven, I'm sorry to say that your not welcome back to our partys.

Everything else went pretty smoothly except for some other guy yelling over our fence at someone passing by, "Hey! You want your ass fucked", during the fireworks in front of families with children. I mean hello people, this is a neighborhood in which we live. Would you like me to go to your house and do the same thing? I did consider it. LOL My only regret is that I didn't feel I had enough time to chat with some of our friends we only see once of twice year. Love you guys!!

Anyway, the house is almost clean and picked up and we are frantically trying to get everything together to go camping on Thursday. Did I mention its leather/bears in the woods weekend. Should be fun!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Crazy life

Things are starting to get crazy here with out fireworks party going on this Saturday. We usually have between 75-100 people so needless to say I'm a bit stressed. Then the weekend after we are planning on going camping. I know I promised a pic of me and my scooter but its gonna have to wait, I'm way too busy. Won't be posting too much for the next couple of weeks. Hope everyone else is out living life also, peace...