Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Tippi and the Birds

The one positive thing that came out of becoming HIV+ was that it saved me from being an alcoholic. Granted I still drink, and do, on occasion still get wasted, but with the meds it doesn't happen very often. In my 20's I was a real booze hound. Blackouts and passouts I knew very very well.

One Halloween (about 10 years ago) after a month of feverishly planning I put together a Tippi Hendren costume from "The Birds". Let me say right now that I don't do drag. I was at best scag drag. With no makeup, I'm more of the Kurt Cobain type drag, not trying to impress, just trying to be funny and or peculiar. The clothes was pretty easy to put together, a turtleneck, skirt, trenchcoat and a blonde wig. The most time consuming part of the project was trying to figure out how to make black birds. (note: this was before we had Halloween USA) I finally ended up making them out of black felt with little googly eyes glued on either side of their heads. I had about a dozen pinned to various parts of my costume with their beaks covered in blood like they were in the process of pecking me to death. The best part was that I took those antenea type things that attach to your head that have springs that stand up with sparkly stars or ball thingys attached. Well I ripped the ball/star things off and attached my felt black birds. I had two sets on my head and two on each arm which made a total of 12 black birds flying around me. Along with the ones that were already attached to my costume, It was truly a scene.

Halloween night me and a friend of mine went out to the bar. Of course the majority of the boring people in the area didn't dress up so needless to say I got hammered that night so I could deal with being one of the very few who actually came in costume, not to mention being in drag. Well it ended up being one of my blackout/passout nights and one minute I'm at the bar and the next its morning and I'm waking up face down on a sidewalk... in a residential neighborhood... in a pool of my own sick....Still in my costume....AAAHHHHHH!!!! That wasn't even the worst part, I didn't even know where I was at.. until I noticed the 7-11 across the street which is open 24 hr.....NOOOOO!!! Luckily I was just a couple of blocks from my friends house, so I stood up wiped my mouth and scurried down the street and around the corner and luckily my car was parked outside my friends place. God only knows what the people that saw me thought, laying there on the sidewalk with those little black birds pecking at me and bouncing around my head and arms like they were...

Monday, October 25, 2004


I'm so fucking tired and hung over today. We went out to the Berg last night for karaoke and to hand out invites. Ran into Dixie and invited her but she was on some serious drugs or something considering the glazed over look she had. She really wasn't to aware of the other people in the bar last night so how knows if she'll remember being invited to the party or not. Poor Dixie is a transexual lesbian, unfortunately lesbians want the real thing so they're not interested in her. We ended up closing the bar and the alcohol talked me/us into going to an after bar party last night. Didn't end up getting home till about 5am I think. Man I wish we would of went right home, I feel like crap and this crappy feeling makes me depressed. At least I made it to work or else I'd feel even worse.

I think we're about ready for the party. I of course am entering into the "Why are we doing this" stage. I go through this with every party. It was our friends from Detroit that asked if we were doing anything for Halloween and at first we didn't have any plans. But I thought we only see these guys a couple of times a year so lets throw a party so we can all get together before winter. Well now friends from Detroit aren't coming....fucking typical. Oh well we will have fun with or without them.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Lost boy

Rabid mouse Posted by Hello

Woo Hoo, I finally figured out how to post pics. Looks like I'll be a Lost Boy/man again this year. Can't waste my spooky contacts, I guess I could just wear one and go as Marilyn Manson but I refuse to shave my beard.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Pre Halloween party planning

I got home last night to no Scooby. He had left a message on the answering machine telling me he was at Joe's decorating for the party and to call or come over when I got home. So I changed out of my uniform and headed to Liberty Party store for a 40 ouncer and then headed to Joe's. I know Scooby to well, so when I got on the front porch I investigated before going any further. Sure enough I found fishing line going from the top of the storm door to the light on the porch ceiling and at the end of the line was a rubber spider. I open the storm door, the spider comes down from his perch on the light fixture and would have landed right on my head had I not been wise to it. I love Halloween...

By the time I got there almost all the decorations had been set up. Spider webs and black lights everywhere and a big pot on Joe's old stove with a foggy substance bubbling over the rim. When you shut the bathroom door downstairs another spider descends in the foyer to land on unsuspecting guests. Let me just say that Joe has the perfect house for a Halloween party it's really old and he collects practically anything that is old so his house is full of antiques and such, including an old pink dental exam chair that looks like a big tongue that sits in the living room. His place reminds me of a restaurant/bar in Tucson that my parents used to take me to called "The Bum Steer". It was this large barn type building packed full of memorabilia and junk and everytime we went I'd see something that I had overlooked or missed on our last visit.

Joe starts chanting "More spiders, more spiders!" Then attention goes to this old phone that he has that has a crank on the face where the numbers should be. It's not hooked up to anything but if you hold both of the wires and someone cranks the crank you get an electric shock. I forgot to mention that Jimmy was there also and was sitting on the floor in the dining room holding the wires as Scooby cranked the phone giving him little jolts and making him cackle like Uncle Fester. We then headed to the cellar to try and make wider paths through the maze of junk so guests don't trip when trying to get to the ping pong table in the very back.

We will probably go over again tonight to hang more spiders. I don't want to stay to late though cuz I got me a bj date tomorrow morning. Did I also mention that I love neg guys, who love poz guys who swallow. LOL

Monday, October 18, 2004

Fear not and enjoy

Despite the windy, rainy, cold weather this weekend went great. I don't know if it was because of the bad weather or what but there wasn't the traffic I expected going up north this weekend, so all my fears were for nothing. The fall colors were amazing, I've never gone on an actual color tour before so seeing all the rolling hills of color was a delightful experience. My ex's family was terrific and we actually had fun staying with them, so my fears about that were for nothing also. In fact we were grateful they were there cuz we needed the man power to carry the old sliding glass doors and the new replacement french doors, they were heavier the a muther fucker.

Saturday evening we went with the ex to the casino. Scooby and I don't gamble, but we did have a few drinks, ate some chili cheese fries and man watched alot. A few hours later we headed into Traverse City to the bar. We didn't even get our first drink ordered when this furry handsome guy come up and said I know you guys. It turned out to be this poz guy we've chatted with on every now and then. I told him later in the evening that his online pics didn't do him justice, he was so much hotter than I expected him to be. His pics weren't bad it was just that they were taken from so far away that you couldn't really get a close look and normally that sends up warning signs for me. By the end of the night we were really snogging this guy and we ended up making plans on Sunday afternoon to come over to his place for a play date.

It had all been prearranged that the ex would sleep on the couch and we would sleep on the Aerobed on the living room floor. Luckily Scooby and I slept in our clothes cuz Sunday morning everyone was up by dawn's crack or 9:15am. We all lazily slumped around and drank coffee most of the morning, then Scooby and I got busy installing the last door. By mid afternoon we were off to our playdate. We got there and T was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts showing off his wonderfully dark hairy legs. Well it didn't take us long and we were in bed going at it. We got him on all fours and Scooby started fucking his ass while I held onto his head and fucked his mouth. The three of us had a blast, Scooby would slam his cock up his ass and he would automatically swallow mine. After a while of that he said, "Time for my favorite position", and told me to lay on my back and then he hopped on me and slid his fuzzy ass down on my shaft. Facing me he then leaned toward me and told Scooby, "Ok your turn" and Scooby slid his cock up his ass also. I then grabbed onto his shoulders so he was firmly planted on my cock and Scooby and I preceded to fuck the hell out of him. Later on I threw his fuzzy legs over my shoulders and gave him what I like to call a plunge fuck. It's where I pull almost out except for the head then wait for a few seconds then plunge all the way in, he would first gasp then a slight smile would creep across his lips. We ended with him on his back with Scooby dropping a load up his ass and me flooding his mouth. Then he shot a big healthy load on his chest and stomach and I lapped it up like the hungry dog that I am. Afterward the three of us went into town and had a nice dinner and then we headed for home. We both wished T lived closer cuz he was a very fun and fuzzy fuck.

This morning I fucked Scooby and afterward came to the conclusion that I had fucked so much in the last two days that I think my cock is going to fall off. Then Scooby went to work and Mac came over and fucked the living hell out of me. Now I'm tired, all fucked out and ready for some sleep and its only Monday....

To the guy that IM me on Friday the 8th:
Hey back at ya, sorry I never IM you back. I haven't figured out how to use Yahoo IM when I'm not on my own computer and haven't been online at home in a while. Also tried to reply this morning when I discovered your message but it wouldn't work. Just didn't want you to think that I ignored you.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Hometown Hedwig

Sorry about the environmental drama of my last post. It's just that this issue has been eating at me for most of my life and it actually feels good to get it out in the open. I feel that a weight has been somewhat lifted. But enough of that, I couldn't stand to have my last entry of the week be depressing, its the fuckin weekend for fucks sake. So here's a little happy story......

Earlier this week I got home from work and Scooby's fuck buddy, Jimmy was over. Well he frequents our little pub "The Heidelberg" in Saginaw alot more than we do since he used to live only a couple of blocks away. Well it struck me to ask him about Dixie and if in fact she used to be a man. Oh boy, this question got Jimmy really going. Not only did he confirm that Dixie used to be a man but he knew her before "the chop". I guess she had her last operation about a year ago and that she's a real wacky chic. He's not sure if all her storys are true considering that she claims to know Elton John. There's also some disagreement about where she had her last surgery, She claims she went to Thailand or someplace like that and some other guy says that's not true, that she had it done in Colorado. She even let Jimmy inspect her new vagina and he gave her a thumbs up.

She also told Jimmy that she used to play in a band which was kinda popular in Europe. He didn't think that was true until he heard her play guitar and he said that she can really rock. I swear the more I hear the more I like Dixie. We need to start going to the Berg more often cuz I think Dixie would make a great new friend. I'm so bored around here most of the time, I could really use some colorful people in my life.

Colorful people make my soul fly.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Ok, I'm really torn about the shit thats going on around here. God where do I start. The people that live on the Tittabawasee river have a class action suit against The Dow Chemical Co. in Midland because of dioxin contamination. Here's the low down: Dioxin contamintation of anything higher than 90 PPT (parts per trillion) requires cleanup. Dioxin in the flood plains of the Tittabawasee river is around 1000 PPT. I'm totally for the people suing. Their claims are that their property is not worth what it would be if it wasn't contaminated.

Dow is not claiming responsabilty and some of the pro Dow people of Midland are writing into the newspaper saying that the word "Toxic" is not as serious as we think. They also are trying to raise the cleanup rates to over 1000 PPT so they don't have to clean it up. (Note: the people of Midland are up river of Dow so they are not effected.) Studies have been done on the animals along the river and we are now told not to eat wild turkey or any birds that live along the river because their chock full of dioxin. Now Dow is asking the city of Midland to lower their Companys property taxes cuz since they're located right on the river their property is not worth what their paying because of the dioxin contamination. Fuckers! Dow is also claiming that the long term affects of dioxin exposure is unknown.


My grandparents had a farm just a stones throw from the river. My grandfather, aunt, and mother all died of brain tumors. My mother was diagnosed at the Mayo clinic in Florida and they told us that this was very strange since brain tumors are not hereditary. I also know of two teenage girls that have both had brain tumors, and almost a dozen others that have died of different kinds of cancer. My grandmother died of pancreatic cancer and a couple of my uncles had Hodgkins disease.

Whether the cancer is because of the dioxin or not, who knows. I don't really think that all these people were all rolling around on the banks of the river. What they do all have in common is that they all have wells that are probably fed by the Tittabawasee river. Shit my family started hauling their drinking water when the contamination was first discovered back in the 80's. I remember as a teen when we first moved back here from Tucson and my mom made the comment one winter, "Oh look the river is frozen over", and as a smart ass teen I was like, "Duh, its winter" and she then told me that the river never froze when she was growing up and most of her life. (Note: it never froze down river from Dow, that is)

I really want to write a letter to the editor of the local newspaper and let them know what I know. But what will the effects be? I'm worried if it all snowballs that they might just bulldoze everything including my grandparents old homested where my mom and most of her siblings were born. Maybe if I don't say anything everything will just remain the same and it will actually prevent the urban sprall thats been eating away at all the rolling farm land.

I don't know....I'm torn

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hello Trannie

God I'm so fuckin tired! We went out last night for drinks and karaoke and ended up closing the bar again, which is actually normal for us. We had a good time, I played a couple of games of pool and lost both. Pool is hit or miss with me, either I play pretty good or lousy. Last night was a lousy pool playin night. Dixie was there again, she's the one that we think is transexual but not sure. She was just dressed in a t-shirt and jeans this time and was playing pool and singing karaoke. The guy I played pool with was kinda dissing Dixie, but then she kicked his ass three times at pool, ha ha. Then he made a comment about wanting to see her breasts and without hesitation she lifted her shirt and showed us her big floppy boobs. This kinda confused me because they looked so natural, not like the fake boobs you see these days. Dixie then told us about her career in the army and fighting in the Gulf war and being in Germany when the wall came down. She also told us the sad story about how her son had just lost his life in Iraq.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Cha Cha heels from Hell

We went out today to get our free weekly pizza for having an advertisement sign in the yard. When we got there the pizza still had 10 minutes left so Scooby and I walked around the "Old Town" area and went over to a thrift shop. Everything in the place was insanely cheap, all clothes were a dollar each compared to 3-5 dollar clothes at Salvation Army. I found myself a nice Falls Creek long sleeve shirt that will be really nice to where around the house this winter. Then as I was perusing the shoe area I saw these black leather platform shoes. My first thought was these are to cool to be mens shoes, but sure enough they were size 11, (Yea! my size) So I tried them on and they were a perfect fit.... total coolness! Looked at the dollar... YES! Scooby found a couple of really nice pairs of jeans, which was perfect cuz he was just complaining that he doesn't have very many nice pairs anymore. Got up to the check out and the pants and shoes were 1/2 off. I can't believe I got Cha Cha heels for 50 cents and their American Eagle brand also. Yippee!

With them on I stand about 6' 3". I'm normally a couple of inches shorter than Scooby and with his boots off and my platforms on I tower over him, which got him really hot. Then he tried them on and the towering effect did the same thing to me. So needless to say we got a little frisky today before I went to work.

Now I just need to learn how to walk in them.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Busy, Busy

We had a very busy/productive weekend. Scooby and I spent most of it hanging drywall in the attic. I got another roll of insulation installed, hopefully will only need one more roll to finish. Brought in all my plants from the front porch since its starting to get a little to cold for them outside, at least at night. Finally found the electric blanket and that will be going on soon.

We went out for a late lunch/early dinner Saturday to A&W. We both wanted to get over there before they close for the season. Had their cheese curds for the first time, they were very yummy. (Yes, I know, I live under a rock)

Got emailed back from Mac this morning confirming that he wanted to hookup with me today. So I apologized to Scooby for freaking out about him hooking up with Mac a couple of weeks ago, and told him that I didn't mind if they wanted to hook up again in the future and wouldn't mind a 3way sometime. (God bless him for dealing with my psychotic virgo ass) I blew Scooby before he went to work and then Mac came over and gave me a good fucking this afternoon, which is just the attitude adjustment that I needed.

Happy Happy Joy Joy