Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The real estate lady called me today to say we got the house! I can stress enough to everyone out there, THIS IS A BUYERS MARKET!! Bank/government owned houses are going as low as 11,000. Granted I'm getting ours for a little bit more than that.

This will add a 50ft wide by 100ft deep section to our backyard, plus another 50 X 100 ft lot with a four bedroom house and two car garage on it. Next to the empty lot is another empty lot that is owned part by the city and state which they are holding onto for worker access. I about peed my pants when I got the news. I go in tomorrow to do the paperwork and it will be ours in 60 days, in time for our annual 4th of July party.

Also, the cortazon shot Scooby got in his shoulder is doing a world of good as well.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Scooby is slowly getting better. The Dr. today said it would take his shoulder a good couple of months to bounce back and also gave him a cortazone shot in it, since he can't afford physical therapy.

It other new: The house behind us went up for sale and we put a bit in on it today. We should find out by 5pm tomorrow if it was excepted. Wish us luck. If you don't remember the story, the family who lost it was horrible. A single grandmother and a bunch of unruly grandchildren the older ones bordering on thugs. Towards the end the older kids were throwing eggs across the fence splattering our deck and cars ect.. They would also hit golf ball against our fence when we tried to entertain outside. If this goes through we will fix the house and try to rent it out to some gays and take the extra 50X100 foot lot and expand our back yard with the intention of building a garage in the future. Like I said wish us luck...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Again, not much new to report. Scooby spent Friday afternoon/evening at the emergency room again, this time for a sebaceous cyst. They ended up not being able to help him and because of the area its in might need to have it surgically removed. Saturday the pain was so bad he was vomiting all day/night. Luckily it popped that night and relieved some of the pain and pressure.
Other than that not much is new, just working and taking care of the bf.

Update: Scooby called the specialist Tuesday and it looks like he will not need surgery after all. YAY!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

We spent 6 hours yesterday at the ER at St. Mary's Hospital. Scooby had been throwing up for 2-3 days and was pretty dehydrated. They did blood work, urine sample, x-ray's, and an ulrasound and found nothing. The blood work the Dr. did a week ago came back clean as well. He had another appt. at the Dr. today and they have referred him to physical therapy to see if they can get his left arm functioning again. They feel the problem with his arm is that he has favored it since the cellulitis and now the tendons/muscles ect. are sore from no use.

It turned out that cellulitis he was first dianosed with last month was a type of Staph infection. But no answers to why this is still going on. I'm tired......

Update: Scooby is feeling much better now that they put him on antibiotics again. Since the Dr. suggested physical therapy he has been exercising his left arm and it is getting better as well. He went to one therapy appt. but will probably not go back since he has no insurance.