Monday, July 31, 2006

Mr. Impulsive

The kitties are getting along great. Puddy has actually "wanted" to be in the same room as his little brothers. The little ones are trying out for the kitty version of the WWF. Constantly pouncing on each other and chasing each other through the house. I'm done collecting pets. I wanted two kitties that were brothers, and now I got them. I have cat food at work incase any other cat/kitties show up, but I'm not taking them home. I've brought both of the little ones to the vet for a check up and to start their shots which set me back about 250 bucks. I also got an automatic pet feeder for them so they will be fed when we are on vacation, which set me back another 100. bucks. I'm not looking forward to the bill once I have them neutered and declawed either but it has to be done. Bringing them home was an impulse, but I don't regret it at all. They're adorable!

We will be leaving for almost a week at the end of August to spend Southern Decadence down in New Orleans. I'm kind of concerned leaving the kids by themselves, but we do have friends that will be checking in on them almost daily. The trip was an impulse decision. I got cheap tickets with Airtran and we have a friend we're staying with so it won't be to costly. What I forgot is that September is a big bill month for me with summer property taxes and house and car insurance all due. I wasn't thinking when I booked the flight. Oops, oh well.

My worst impulse was buying the 1970 Cadillac that I picked up several years ago. The dam thing has been nickle and dimeing me to death. I put it up for sale again this summer and even put an add in a state wide car selling mag. So far we've had 3 calls but nobody has stopped to look at it. I would really like to sell it before fall. Fingers crossed.

My friend Thurston is no help. He called yesterday and said he saw a boat with our name on it at the flea market. Of course Scooby had to go look at it. I'm like, no way are we gonna get a boat. We went to look at it anyway. The guy wanted 400. bucks for it. It was a very large wooden Crisscraft that was mostly refurbished except that it needed the mahagony on the bow and around the edges. It also included the trailer. The guy was desperate to unload it and told us he'd sell it to us for 200. and would deliver it also. Luckily we have no place to store it or else we would probably have a boat today. I feel good that I held my ground. But I'm kind of wondering if he'd like to trade it for a 1970 Cadillac....

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Welcome to the Cat House

After several years of having Puddy (Mr. Poo) Scooby and I regretted not taking home one of his brothers from the pound also so he could have a companion. Needless to say Puddy has never been around any other cats. Until now....

Both Scooby and the Vet told me to expect other kittens to show up at my building at work after I took home Kiddo. We kind of played with the idea of taking home another one if one were to show up. Well...... Thursday another kitty showed up and he was the cutest little one. White with a black tail and black spots. Thursday he was kind of a free spirit/ wild child and I didn't have my pet carrier with me so I didn't take him home. I figured I'd leave it up to fate.

Friday I came to work with kitty food and the pet carrier. Spent hours inbetween cleaning, looking out the windows and going outside looking for the little one, but nothing. About 7:30pm I walked outside and saw the little one coming from one of the busiest intersections in Midland. I yelled for him and crouched down and he came running to me. So needless to say I brought him home also and kitty makes three. But thats it no more. We have Puddy and now brothers Kiddo and Clyde. Puddy had just started warming up to Kiddo then a week later came Clyde. He wasn't too happy but has been warming up to the second quicker then he did the first one. Plus the two little ones are busy playing with each other and don't bother Puddy to much.

Here are some pics of our new family.

The little ones taking a nap inbetween my legs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tall Ship Celebration recap

Here are some pics of the Tall Ship celebration that was here in Bay City last weekend. They had 30,000 people come to the 4 day event. We avoided the crowds and walked over after the event was closed for the day and took some pics. This is one of the plus's of living within walking distance from downtown and the river.

This weekend is the 2nd Annual Bike Bash. I'm not planning on avoiding the crowds for this event. LOL

Monday, July 24, 2006

The new addition

Friday at work I saw a kitty along side the building I clean. He was patiently trying to catch a mouse or two for dinner. He saw me and hid under a parked car, and peeked out at me. I then started cleaning up the trash around the building and when I got to that side, he was still there. He became fasinated with the trash I was picking up and we bacame instant friends. He followed me around to the back of the building to the loading dock and hung out there until I was finished cleaning inside.

I played with him on and off through out the evening. He loved to be picked up and carried around. A very sedate little guy. I soon called Scooby and told him I was thinking of bringing home a new kid, and he agreed that I should. The little one sat on my lap the entire drive home. Once we got home we gave him a flea bath which he loved. He also didn't mind us treating his ears for earmites, or trimming his sharp little claws. I think he was just happy to have a home. Here are some pics of our new kitty, Kiddo.

So far Kiddo has slept on my lap, back, stomach, chest, neck and according to Scooby when I was asleep on the couch he even slept on my face. I love snuggly kitties. The only drama is trying to get Poo our other cat to warm up to him. His name for the kitten is Hissss and Grrrrrr. All in time I guess.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feed Dawson

OH MY FUCKIN GAWD!!! I was just at Treasure Island media and Dawson has a new challege. He wants to suck down and swallow 100 loads in one day!!! Now thats a man after my own cumpig heart. I'm a little envious, here I thought I was doing good to have gotten 7 loads on my leather camping excursion. He leaves me in the dust....

I'm definatly buying this flick once it cums out!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My sister initiated us starting to have lunch again once a month. We quit at Christmas because its just too crazy around the Holidays and we never started back up till now. I was feeling kind of shitty for dragging her into the family feud that went down back in January. She said it was ok. We both find it odd how my other sister's family (the religous ones) are always bickering amongst themselves to the point of not speaking to each other and that this is the first time that the rest of us has been pulled into it. If you don't know what I'm talking about here is the summary of what went down.

She also started grilling me on my heath. Basically that I didn't look good last time she saw me and about my chronic pain that I'm developing in my muscles and joints ect.. I should have just came out and told her that I'm HIV, but I'm afraid that she would be pissed that it took me 10 yrs to mention it. Maybe I'll get the guts to say something at our next lunch date next month.....

My fuckin god did we have a storm last night. I was at work and started hearing the intense wind outside. I swear to god that it was like tornado type high winds. I ran outside and closed my windows of my car, about that time branches and limbs started breaking out of the trees. I ran back inside and then the torential rain started. I decided to wait till it blew over to head to my other building to clean. Luckily I did cuz there were crews all over clearing the road from all the large fallen tree limbs/branches. I guess the wind hit 75 mph. They had predicted golf ball size hail, luckily that didn't happen or else it would of fucked up my car but good. My father had a tree in his yard that was a good foot thick that just snapped off at the trunk.

On the way home I witness one of the biggest lightning storms I've ever seen. It was coming from everywhere and would just spider all together and out. Fucking amazing and beautiful. Luckily with the storm the temp has dropped today back to the 80's. YES!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend recap

Friday night I got home and Scooby was gone. I found him on the first call out. He was over at Thurstons house getting his computer back up and running. So I headed over there for awhile. I had decided earlier that I was going to have a marinol night instead of drinking which worked out great. No driving drunk home, no hangover the next day, no drinking too much and getting crazy ect..

Then Saturday night we went back to Thurstons this time I brought a 40 oz. beer with all intentions of stopping after that was gone. Ha Ha Ha After I ran out I was handed a another (12 oz. this time). Then I had one more before we all decided to head to "J's" a straight local bar with cheap drinks. 2 dollar cans of beer and shots, hello! I probably had 3 beers there. Scooby all the while was horn'n in on this straight guy. He followed him into the bathroom twice and I thought he was pushing it. He hit on him and the guy told him he was straight and said that he was there with his brother and step bro, but that he normally hangs there on Monday nights. Fuckin bitch! Wish I had his balls. Here is some graffitti that I read on the bathroom wall:

When I was young and in my prime,
I used to do it all the time,
Now that I'm old and gay,
I only do it once a day

I had this guy about my age who I thought was checking me out at the bar. He had a t-shirt that said, "I'm here about the blow job". I really should have commented on it but I chickened out....

After our party a few weeks ago I noticed that someone had pissed in our tub we just got reglazed. I asked Scooby about it and he had no clue. Well we found out who did it. Saturday night after we got home and I was all twisted Scooby caught ME peeing in the tub. He asked:

Scooby: What are you doing?
Me: peeing
S: in the tub?
Me Soooo

I have no recollection of this...I didn't really think I had that much to drink. One 40 oz. and maybe a 6 pack I guess is too much these days. Oiy

Sunday we spend the day on Thurstons 5 person boat out on the Saginaw bay in Lake Huron. The water was a little choppy sometimes with 2 foot waves. Thurston did some water skiing and Scooby and I blew up the two man raft and got dragged around behind the boat. It was a blast! Going over the waves I was constantly being hit with sprays of water, so much I had to close my eyes. The boat was 1/2 full of water by the time I quit. Too much fun. We both got a little sunburned even with the 50 sunblock. Guess we didn't reapply it enough. And that was our weekend in a nutshell.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This morning I started out with about 15 bucks in my pocket. Then I did one of my house cleaning jobs and got 30 bucks for that. Now I just had to put gas in my car which took 40 fucking dollars and that won't get me through the end of the week. God forbid that I got hungry today so I had a double cheeseburger and a small McFlurry for about 3 bucks. Then this evening I had one of those KFC snackers for a dollar. Now I'm down to a buck and some change. I guess its back to eating cereal for the rest of the week at work.

Just living the American fuckin dream......

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Party review

Well our party was a success, we had probably 75+ guests. YEA! Everyone seemed to have a great time. Alot of people brought food so we had tons of chow. It was a nice variety also, several straight and lesbian couples, lots of men and three trannies. It was awesome! There was even a couple of love connections, or bump and grind connections, will hopefully find out later. I totally gushed all over this hot guy only to find out he was straight. Dam! I made a point of mingling around which is normally difficult with my social anxiety issues.

It ended probably around 4am. Then it started downpouring. But instead of running through the house closing all the windows, I took off my clothes and went outside and danced in the rain. There was so much food we actually had stuff left, so we are feasting on that this week. One thing to remember next party....don't put confetti on the food serving table. I almost ate a plastic red star.

This coming weekend we are going to leather weekend at the gay campground over on the other side of the state. It should be fun.