Monday, December 22, 2008

We have had two big ass snow storms the last couple of weeks. I'm so tired of shoveling/snowblowing and digging people out who are stuck. Normally we are wondering if we will have snow for Christmas, this year there's no question. We got it in mass quantities in fact someone told me we have had 33 inches of snow already.

Christmas day we leave for New Orleans. The weather is suppose to be good so the drive should be worry free. Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday! See ya in 2009

Monday, December 15, 2008

Serial killer....yes or no

I've been told my gaze is intense in this pic, but serial killer I think is a little exaggerated. Actually I'm starting to think of it as a compliment though. lol

Friday, December 12, 2008

This n that

Its been a great week folks. First off in the beginning of the week someone on told me "that people like me (being people with hiv+) should be casterated".......nice.

Then today on Manhunt I was told I look like a serial killer. And here I thought the pic I had on there looked good in a somewhat sexy way. Maybe thats why very few will talk to me. lol.....

I will be baking bread and making chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, and pecan praline muffins for our friends as gifts from Christmas. Thats what working class poor people do instead buckling under the capitalistic pressures of buying material gifts. lol

Speaking of material gifts, I bought myself an old/vintage Kitchenaid mixer on Ebay. Dam is it nice and so much easier then using the hand mixer. Plus the kitchen lights don't blink like they did when I used my little hand mixer.

To cut back on expenses we have stopped eating out and I have started making more meals. Today I made my mothers beef stroganoff recipe and dam it was fantastic and it only took about 15-20 min..

Tomorrow our sugar daddy is coming to take us out to eat for Christmas and give us our Christmas gifts. YAY

Well gotta go, hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Whats new.....

Well this is what is new. I've had a cold for over a week now. It started with a sinus infection, then downgraded to the sniffles. Now I have a sporatic cough that won't go away.

I've been going to the Dr. monthly for the last 3 months trying out antidepressants. I've tried two, the first one Zoloft was ok if I don't ever care to have sex again. The only good thing about it was I had no desire to drink alcohol. I don't remember the name of the second one but I got a rash from my knees to my neck so I quit taking that one but the rash continues. My Dr. doesn't think its related and seems to think the rash will run its course in 8 weeks. I seriously think I've had it for longer though. I gave up on trying any more antidepressants.

I've also been loosing the feeling in the tips of my fingers which is caused by long term use of the hiv med combivir. My right index finger is the worst to the point I started referring to it as my "dead finger". Its like its been shot full of novacaine, but it doesn't wear off.

On a better note: Michigan passed a law allowing medical use of marijauna for people with cancer, glacoma, hiv/aids ect.. So once I convince my Dr. (who's against it) to write me a note to the health dept. I will be able to grow 12 plants for myself in a locked area. Scooby will be able to grow 12 plants also. People who are caregivers can grow plants for up to 5 people.

My Dr. is kind of pissing me off. He's against the medical use of pot, but I know of two of his past patients that he's gotten hooked on prescription pills. One of them is now dead. I think I'm going to mention to him that I've been smoking on and off for 27 yrs. and I'm still alive unlike a certain past patient of his.

But anyway thats whats going on in my life, aren't you glad I

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours!

On warm summer days when I'm feeling like a cheeky monkey I blare this song in my car with the windows down while driving around my conservative hometown's downtown area and assault the yuppies during their alfresco lunch.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Elation, then reality

I was practically glued to the election results Tuesday night, more than any other presidential election in my time. Granted I was at work and had to take breaks to actually get my work done. Then I turned the TV back on and McCain was giving his seceeding speach. I couldn't believe it, I practically cried with joy and then kicked myself for not being in Chicago to see in person Obama's acceptance speach. It just made me think of MLK's "I have a dream" speach and JFK's "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" speach.

I immediately came out of my funk and finally had a feeling of hope for our country. A feeling I haven't had in 8 yrs.. A drive to take my meds more regularly so I could stay healthy. A drive to volunteer more. A drive to be the best I could be....

Then I heard on the radio this morning that Randy Gray a white supremacist of Midland marched back and forth on the corner of the busy roads of Eastman and Saginaw rds. in Midland Wednesday dressed in his KKK uniform holding an American flag. I almost cried hearing this. I work less than a block from this corner. The police were called but I guess couldn't do anything since he was just standing there. People driving by were screaming at him. What I don't understand is why this group isn't considered terrorist. Oh and he was also carrying a concealed hand gun, Michigan allows this as long as you have a permit, which he did.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Nothing much going on. Trying to get the yard winterized, you know empty the water features, dump the potted flowers and pack away the pots, collect leaves ect.. Boring stuff. I tried to take a pic of my scooter today but my camera is fucked up.

Halloween is around the corner and I've been thinking about going as Amy Winehouse. I got the wig, but haven't planned much else, so it might be skag drag Amy. The thing is she wears such skimpy outfits and I'd have just too much hair to shave off, arms, legs, chest. It ain't gonna happen, the beard alone is going under alot of debate. I haven't seen my bare face in years.....

In other news...... My Dr. put me on antidepressants. Started out on Zoloft, that lasted less then a week. Sorry but if I can't keep an erection through sex how is that suppose to help depression. Now I'm on Welbutrin? I think. Have been on that for a couple of weeks and the only difference I see is the constant headache. Seriously I dont' think I'm that depressed to bother, so I think I'm just gonna quit the pill shit and do what my ancesters did, suck it up.

Anyway that is it for the shit.....

Monday, October 06, 2008

Goodbye Johnny

Scooby called me Thursday night to let me know that a close friend of ours John Haggerty died. If you read this at all he was the one I referred to as "JJ", the guy that broke his toes at our house back in July. Apparently he had some hereditary heart ailment.

Johnny lived and partied like there was no tomorrow. And when he partied, it was best for all concerned if we kept an eye on him. Once he danced on our friend Joe's old moe hair couch, note this was before he lost the weight when he was around 300 lbs., that poor couch has never been the same...

Another night, at Joe's again, we had all retired, but Johnny was still going at it and ended up in Joe's hot tub and passed out with a pack of cigarettes. The next morning he woke shriveled in a luke warm tobacco soup.

I think it was our 4th of July party last year that I found him passed out sitting upright on the couch with potato salad all down the front of him. He appartently passed out while in the process of eating. I cleaned him up and found the remainder of his plate on the floor.

One time him and Joe went to Flint for his lesbian sisters birthday party and almost got kicked out when he of course drank to much and got hungry and started to scoop food out with his bare hands from the buffet, totally grossing out the lesbians. That night someone told Joe that they would buy him drinks the rest of the night if he kept Johnny in check.

And last but not lest he loved to dress like Dawn Davenport (Divine in Female Trouble) for Halloween.

We'll miss you Johnny, life definitely won't be the same without you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Fog

This week I rode my scooter to work Tuesday and Thursday. Round trip its about 50 miles so I spared my car a 100 miles this week. Plus I used under 2 gal. of gas on the 2 trips. Man I wish it was the beginning of summer instead of the end.

Last night though Scooby called me around 11:15pm at work and told me it was getting pretty foggy at home. So I took off a 1/2 hour early from work and headed home. The fog really increased as I left the lighted streets of town and headed onto the main country road for home. I kind of got a little panicky when the visibility turned to shit, plus it didn't help that I had to keep wiping my face shield to see. The stress level was about the same as trying to drive home at night in the middle of a blizzard, other than having two wheels instead of 4. I did make it home in one piece though. I'll definitely be riding the shit out of it next year. Scooters ROCK!

I know I promised pics of it and will do this weekend and hopefully have then posted by Monday.

Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Runway

Ok, I admit it, I watch Project Runway. I'm convinced that the only reason they didn't get rid of Kenley tonight is because she's soooo fucking obnoxious and of course thats good TV. AARRGH!! That girl needs to be slapped.......repeatedly.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dam almost a month has gone by since my last post...... Unfort. nothing much to report. The neighbors we were having problems with have now moved away and we have an abandon house behind us now. Other than that I turned 42 last week and that came and went pretty quietly. We did go out for a 2-3 pitchers of beer, but that was about it. Our Sugar daddy came up and gave us both police batons, unfort. Scooby was playing around with it while he was drunk and ended up breaking a front tooth. So I spent 200 bucks getting that fixed, or else he'd still be depressed face down on the couch.

Just another day for the working class poor...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not much new to report. No more neighbor problems, they're still there but haven't had any issues in a few weeks. I haven't felt all that great the last couple of weeks, just tired, nauseous, and achey feeling.

One weird thing happened though. Several weeks ago one of the ladies at work was getting ready to go on vacation and every time I entered her cubicle I felt doom, like car accident doom. I was told Friday that her and her family was in a car accident two weeks ago. She is messed up to the point she won't be coming back until the beginning of next year. I feel bad for not saying anything before hand but I was afraid they would think I'm crazy.

This doesn't happen much. I remember the first time when I was a kid living out in Tucson, I kept having dreams of a big fire. Then a very popular bar in town "The Stray Cat" which was located in a historic building burned down.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Neighbor update 2

The teenage boys behind us have graduated from throwing eggs to slamming golf balls into our back fence. I found two in our back yard so far, I'm sure its only time before they start breaking windows.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Neighbor update

What I forgot to mention in my last post was we found out that once the neighbor lady behind us divorced she could no longer make her mortgage payment and fell behind. Her church caught her up on payments and also gave her like 8,000 to replace the roof that was in bad shape. She took the money for the roof and her and her grandkids went on vacation down south. While down there she rekindled an old romance and planned on moving.

This was confirmed when our next door neighbor went back to complain about the liquor bottles being thrown into his back yard she told him that he didn't have to worry because they were moving in a few weeks...... that was in June and they are still here.

Her cool oldest gay grandson came back from down south and told us that he came back to help his grandma move but who only knew when that was gonna happen cuz she keeps putting things off. Well he stopped in last night and told Scooby that they were going back so she could enroll the kids in school down there and then come back and get the rest of their shit. So hopefully they will be gone within a month.

Everyone is encouraging me to find out who is the lender on the house and try to buy it. I don't think I can afford it but it is a nice dream. We could rent the house out to friends and take the extra lot and maybe build a garage and have an actual garden or something. We will see.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just recieved my first compliment on my work from a dept. that I've cleaned for for the last 5-7 yrs.. I was so shocked that I didn't know whether to fall down, cry or shit my pants. Thank god the people who replace me when I'm on vacation suck. lol

In other news:

Our neighborhood is getting bad. A few years ago when the white people behind me moved in with their dozen black grandkids our next door neighbors threw a fit. I take pride for my non-racist attitude and told them don't worry about it that the oldest grandkid was gay and totally cool.
Well he moved out of state and grandma got a divorce. Earlier this summer the kids threw eggs over the back fence splattering our deck. I thought once was no big deal so I did nothing about it. Then the neighbors next door found empty liquor bottles in their back yard also. Note: the people behind us have a double lot so both of our houses ajoin their property. Come to find out the people down the street won't let their kids play with the kids behind us because they're the ones that did indeed steal the liquor. Now a few weeks ago our cars got egged and you could tell by the direction that they hit that it came from the kids behind us. We called the police this time and they just told us to take pictures, that they couldn't make it out, so we did.

This weekend three young teens (white, black and hispanic) entered the bar down the street asked for free soda. The female bartender told them no and that it was after 9pm that they had to leave. So they went out and broke the windows out of her van. When she went to leave they robbed her at knife point and threatened to beat her with a skate board.

I'm like WTF!!!! This latest story was told to me by the guy next door cuz he frequents the bar. Needless to say we no longer leave our windows open on the main floor when we go out, day or night. We've also started securing our property, fencing off the back yard so you can't get in without us letting you in. I'm also planning on putting up security lights around the back and side yards, the front it already very well lit. I also bought a sign that says:

No trespassing
will be shot
will be shot again

I'm hoping this will help deter any problems.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Camping recap

Our camping trip was fun. We met up with old friends and made some interesting new ones. Scooby and I collected alot more beads for showing our you know what to several guys.

My best part was meeting Tommy. He's this sexy married/bi/transexual guy fresh out of the army. He came up to us when his group first got there and warned us that he'd probably be dressed like a woman during the weekend, we told him no problem, we didn't care. Late Saturday evening I drunkenly stubbled back to our campsite and saw a glow stick laying on the ground. I said, "Hey a glow stick!" and bent over to pick it up when everyone screamed at me,


Unfortunatly I had already picked it up and immediatly gave it a toss back to Tommy's groups campsite. Then proceeded through out the nite to stick my hand under everyones nose and ask if it smelt like Tommy's ass. Apparently one of his friends stuck it up there. Scooby also spanked the hell out of Tommy with one of his leather slapper things that has a star cut out of it.

Sunday when we were all getting up and starting to pack Tommy came out of his tent, wig a tangled mess, stumbled over to a picnic table and sat down and immediatly said "Ouch". We all laughed and debated whether it was the glow stick or the paddling that he got the night before.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another camping trip

Thursday we leave for Saugatuck to go camping at Campit. This weekend is their Mardi Gras weekend. Last year was a total blast with a weekend full of festivities. There is the Mr. and Miss Campit competition, best costume contest, Mardi Gras parade, and last but not least the Boubon St. party in the new trailer park area. Not to mention there should also be some action going on in the woods as well...... I hope.

In between all that I'll be hanging out in the pool.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Its all fun and games till someone snaps a toe off

Last Saturday started out productive with me working some overtime, but once I got home it turned into another weekend night of drunken daubachery. Several of our friends came over all with alcohol, beer, a half pint, couple of pints and a 5th of whisky. Our one friend JJ has been known to tie one on in the past and this night was no exception. We quickly went through the half pint, pints and a good portion of the fifth with JJ pouring shots as soon as the glasses were empty. Then he fell out into the yard. We checked to see if he was ok then let him lay there until he was ready to get up. Soon he stumbled onto the deck again and we propped him up on the bench inbetween two people so he wouldn't fall over. Then he tried to climb across the table, which we stopped.

We then noticed blood on the deck and tracked it back to JJ's foot. His one shoe was gone and what was left was a mangle of toes. I couldn't look, but someone kept saying, "The bones sticking out", "The bones sticking out". I definitely couldn't look. By that time JJ was totally incoherent aka shitfaced drunk. I said he needed to go to the hospital, but since everyone was too drunk to drive and JJ couldn't afford an ambulance ride, the soberest one wrapped up his foot and we layed him on the couch to sleep it off and it was decided that we would take him to the hospital in the morning.

The next morning I woke up to the front door being closed, so I hurriedly got dressed and went outside to see JJ sitting on the front porch steps barefooted. He turned to me and said, "What happened?" I then told him that he fell down. He then said he got up and unwrapped his foot only to find the horror of what layed underneath. "Did you see my foot?" I peeked over his shoulder to view for the first time and yes the toe next to the big toe was pushed to the side and yes the bone where the toe should be was sticking out. "I then almost cried and said,"Oh JJ, you need to go to the hospital." He then told me he had already called someone to pick him up, because his scooter had a dead battery. He then replied, "I think I need to stop drinking whisky, but believe it or not it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks".

It ended up he had 3 broken toes. All needed to be reset and it took three tries to set the bad one. He stopped by today to pick up his scooter and he apoligized for creating such drama. I told him I was just glad they were able to put him back together. We then discussed and joked about the necessity of wearing shoes when you party.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Attack of the 3ft. pencil

About a week and a half ago I was at work dusting offices. I was dusting the lady's office that is in charge of our health insurance and on top of a file cabinet she has a decorative 3 ft. pencil. I picked the dam thing up to dust under it and the klutz that I am fumbled it and the lead/graphite end stabbed me in the middle finger right on the edge where nail meets skin. At the time I didn't think much of it.

Then it never healed and became kinda swollen, its been very painful ever since and last week it started to ooz puss. Nice, I now. It then started to worry me so last week while I was at work I decided to go to Urgent Care, only to find out they were already closed. After some online research, I found that if not taken care of I might loose my finger so I went back to Urgent Care tonight. I was reluctant at first cuz I didn't want them to have to cut it open or anything since it was already very painful. It ended up they didn't have to do anything but perscribe me some antibiotics which ended up being free at the local Meijer's. YAY Oh and the Dr. and Nurse got a real big kick that it was a 3 ft. pencil.

Other than that I've been practicing my skills on my scooter and decided to try and do the test again in the next week or so once I master the course. I plan on spending Sunday at the course doing it over and over till I get it right. It helps that one of my friends used to be a motorcycle daredevil and he's helping me out.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Congratulations you fail

Well I failed my motorcycle skills test this morning. Little did I know that I had to practically be a stunt rider to pass. I managed the short hair pin corner exercise and the stop with your front tire in a box exercise. But the weaving through the cones was impossible. First I thought that the cones were to close together. I had to take it crazy slow in order to manuver around them but I guess too slow since I put my foot on the ground twice, which is a big no no, and that was the one thing I actually practiced repeatedly before. Then I failed the stop on a dime exercise also, where you have to go between 12-20 mph and stop quickly. I stopped a little too quickly and almost wiped out. That was the end, I didn't get to do the swerve around the invisible car exercise.

I can do the test one more time, but why bother, since I don't think I can manage to zig zag around the fuckin cones. I'm just going to take the 2 day motorcycle learning program and be done with it. If I do that then I will get my license. Plus I want to learn to drive a motorcycle anyway so its a win win situation. The only thing is the class is booked like forever. But we were told if we just show up and they have "no shows" then we can take it with out reservations. Oh yeah Scooby is gonna take it also, hence the "we".

Monday, July 21, 2008

Frantically working

Well I found out that I can't get a fixed rate mortgage unless my house is finished and "not under contruction". So Scooby and I have been frantically trying to finish the house so I can refinance before my fixed rate ends at the end of the year. I worked all this morning before work installing siding. We need to get that done and the ceiling in the living room, plus alot of trim work through out. Needless to say I'm tired as shit, and the kicker is I'm going to have to start working OT for the next couple of Saturdays to get the carpets cleaned at work. OIY......

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rain and skeeters

The title best describes out camping trip. Thursday and Friday it rained on and off and Saturday morning it poured for hours. The mosquito's were horrible, but it probably didn't help that we had last years mosquito spray. Friday morning we ran to a store and bought some new bug spray, which seemed to help. The G.R. River men weren't all that friendly this year, plus they brought their own portable private play area, so we've decided not to go when they are there anymore. We did meet a few new people, so the weekend wasn't a total loss.

Other shit...

I'll be doing my motorcycle skills test next week. Also I crunched some numbers today on our spending within the last year and it looks like by next year we will be broke. I plan on refinancing my mortgage soon so hopefully I can get a lower payment. Our finances kind of worry me but if things do indeed get bad I can always sell my stocks, which I was going to save for retirement and then the timeshare. That will be a sad day when that goes, cuz no more trips to New Orleans once its gone. Anyway back to the grind...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick note

Our party went well. Didn't have as many as normal, only about 60-65 people. It was a very nice crowd and I think most had a great time. One of our best friends is a wine consultant, so we had him do a wine tasting.

Unfort. one of the guests got drunk early and totally tried to manipulate and heckle with snarky comments through out the tasting. We were busy hosting the rest of the party in the back yard and didn't find out about it till later. He then took the name tags that we supplied and started making up names for the rest of the guests, some were funny, others were just plain mean spirited and hurtful. He moved to the side walk and started to harrass passersby. I did manage to get Scooby to pull him back in. He then passed out before the fireworks even started. If you happen to read this Steven, I'm sorry to say that your not welcome back to our partys.

Everything else went pretty smoothly except for some other guy yelling over our fence at someone passing by, "Hey! You want your ass fucked", during the fireworks in front of families with children. I mean hello people, this is a neighborhood in which we live. Would you like me to go to your house and do the same thing? I did consider it. LOL My only regret is that I didn't feel I had enough time to chat with some of our friends we only see once of twice year. Love you guys!!

Anyway, the house is almost clean and picked up and we are frantically trying to get everything together to go camping on Thursday. Did I mention its leather/bears in the woods weekend. Should be fun!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Crazy life

Things are starting to get crazy here with out fireworks party going on this Saturday. We usually have between 75-100 people so needless to say I'm a bit stressed. Then the weekend after we are planning on going camping. I know I promised a pic of me and my scooter but its gonna have to wait, I'm way too busy. Won't be posting too much for the next couple of weeks. Hope everyone else is out living life also, peace...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Metro Station - Shake It

This song makes me shake shake shake shake a shake it. I guess the lead singer with the tatts is Miley Cyrus's brother Trace Cyrus.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rain, rain go away

As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers. Well.... there was very little rain in April and we are getting it all now. Normally I like the rain, I feel that its cleansing plus I don't have to water the yard as much. But now that I have a scooter, I'd like to get out on it and get my "break in" miles on it, but all its fuckin doing is raining. Rain is predicted all this week. Last week it was raining and when it wasn't raining it looked as if it was going to rain.

In other news...

I spent this weekend cleaning windows inside and out and basically doing an overall cleaning of the house to prepare for our fireworks party in a couple of weeks. Luckily we got alot accomplished this weekend. We managed to get the living room cleaned out of all the debris and power tools ect. and actually set up as......gasp........a living room. Which means I now have a foyer also, now that the pile of furniture is back in the living room. Salvation Army showed up last Friday and took the furniture that didn't sell it our pathetic yard sale. YAY Thats about it, things are shaping up, the house is looking better than it has in a long time which puts my "neat freak" virgo brain at ease.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A funny thing happened at work this week

Earlier this week the urinal at work was having problems with the water going down. I went and got the plunger and plunged the hell out of it. To my amazement I ended up plunging up the stopper to the sink drain. Funny thing is the sink in this bathroom hasn't had a stopper since I've been here, so it has been in the urinal for several years. Holy shit!.. WTF!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ignorace in the gay community

As some of you remember Scooby and I had a room mate for a while, little over a year ago. Scooby and I are HIV+, our room mate was/is not. Recently I was conversing with a guy and my partner and I's HIV status came up and the guy replied, "your room mate was also, wasn't he?" I told him he wasn't and he said, "Well I and other people just figured he was since he lived with you guys."

WTF??? Why is it that if you know or live with someone who is HIV+, that people automatically assumes you are HIV+ also. With this kind of ignorant thinking I guess it shouldn't surprise me time and again, that alot guys will immediately quit chatting with me online once they find out I'm HIV+.

Another instance was with our friend who recently had health issues. He had an enzyme surge which caused some temporary paralisis. (Note: he's doing much better and has almost completely recovered) But the gay community automatically labled him as having AIDS, which he doesn't, in fact he's HIV-. Just because he's young and had a temporary health issue he was branded with HIV/AIDS.

The ignorance of these queens spreading these hateful rumours blows my mind. Here are a couple of guild lines to help you protect yourself and be a decent human being.

1.) ALWAYS practice safe sex and treat all sexual partners as if they are HIV+.
2.)Don't spread rumours about people unless that person has confirmed the rumour and says its ok to tell other people.

end of rant....

Monday, June 09, 2008

Not much is new....

Sorry I haven't posted shit lately but nothing is really new. During the week I work and on the weekends we tend to go to the flea market and then have friends over for a bbq on most Sundays. Thats it.... Totally bored and repeticious (is that a word?) Anyway my spending money these days goes to put gas in my car so I can go to work. I cash returnable cans and bottles in for stuff like beer and trail mix. Woo hoo...

I have put 90 miles on my scooter so far and love the shit out of it. I've got another 200 miles to go until I can drive it 45mph, the break it period. Then I'll be able to drive it to work. I had a hitch put on my car today and bought a motorcycle/scooter carrier so I can take it to my skills test. I'm actually not suppose to drive it on my own until I pass the skills test but how the fuck am I suppose to get skills if I can't drive the dam thing. hello...... I plan on taking the test soon, probably by the end of the month.

Anyway thats about it, like I said not much it new.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Lombard St., San Francisco

As my friend Leslie drove down Lombard St. I hung out the sunroof and recorded the drive. The wind noise is kind of annoying so you might want to turn down the sound.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My San Francisco trip

My trip to California was fun. Thursday I went into the city and to hang out. I had lunch at Harvey's on Castro, great ceasar salad btw. Took pictures of the Castro theater and Twin Peaks (the bar), and several at Alamo Square Park.

Friday my friends took me up to Napa and Calistoga. We went to a spa and had volcanic mud baths. My assistant Sergio was a cutie. I soaked in the hot mud for about 25 min. then showered and was taken to the meditation room for a hot towel wrap. After my treatment I went back and swam in their pool for a bit before we took off for lunch. We then headed back and hit a couple of the wineries on the way home.

Saturday we went to Ikea and then to see "Iron Man" which totally rocked! Then Sunday we headed into the city and had excellent Mexican food and then headed to Dolores Park and hung out in the sun. The music was great and we found out before we left that it was the "Gay, Lesbian, Transgender picnic" going on in the park that day. My friends then took me around the city so I could take more pics.

Most of Monday I spent at Steamworks in Berkeley. Tuesday I went back to Steamworks but it was less then eventful so I headed into the city around 3pm for a late lunch. The Deli we tried to go to on Sunday was open this time so I stopped and grabbed some grub and headed back to Dolores Park and sat and ate my lunch.

That was about it. Had a great visit with my friends.

Got back to find out that one of our friends has become paralized while I was gone. He's in his late 20's and just lost complete use of his legs. The Doctors discoved that he had a surge of enzymes in his body that was distroying his muscles. Apparently you usually have around 100 enzymes and his body had like 9,000. They stabilized him and got his enzyme level down, and he is now able to walk with a cane. He still doesn't have any feeling in his feet, and when I called today it sounded as if he was going back in the hospital. To add insult to injury, while he was in the hospital his bf left him........for his exbf. We had him over this weekend and took him to the flea market and tried to get his mind off his troubles. I hope it worked at least a bit, cuz I'm very worried about him.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 (the truth about)

I've been getting spam from forever. Finally yesterday I signed up and found out today that you can't do anything on the site without paying 10 bucks a month. No emails, no nothing. So I politely told them to cancel my profile because I couldn't afford their pay site and this is the response I got:

"You can't afford a lousy $3 a month? what the fuck are you using the internet for adult content for then, loser. Get a fucking job."

WOW what a way to run a website. Even when I do get some extra money I'm sure as hell not going to spend it there. FUCKING ASSHOLES......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Its Morel season

Most people take trips up north to forage in the woods looking for the Morel mushroom. This weekend I found 4 in the backyard. I plucked them, and we took them in and sautee'd them in butter and garlic. OMG!!! They taste just like a juicy delicious steak. YUM!

I probably won't be posting until the end of next week. Wednesday I leave for San Francisco for a week. Friday some friends and I are going to Calistoga and the wine country and have reservations for a volcanic mud bath. Pamper pamper...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Get your motor running

Well my scooter showed up yesterday. I went to the Secretary of States office (DMV in most states) to get license plates and found out that it is considered a motorcycle. Which means I need a special license to drive a motorcycle. So I got the study book and went home. Went back today and took the test and I only missed one question. YAY So now I have a temporary motorcycle learners permit. I can only ride when I'm with someone who has a motorcycle license. God I feel like I'm fucking fifteen again. Now I have to study the skills test and if I pass I'll be able to ride the dam thing. If I fail the test twice then I'll have to take a motorcycle course, which are booked up till fall.

Had I of known that I had to go through all this I'd of just bought a motorcycle. I might eventually anyway. Both Scooby and I have decided to take the motorcycle learners class to refresh our memories on how to ride a motorcycle since we haven't done it since we were in our teens.

I was reading the owners manual today and it says that in order to break it in correctly that I should drive less then 35mph for the first 300 miles, then 45 mph until 500 miles, then 55mph until 1000 miles. Jeez maybe I won't be driving it to work this year since the speed limit is 50 on the road I planned on taking. Dam its gonna take awhile to get that first 300 miles on the dam thing.

In other news: I get my stitches out of my face tomorrow. YAY

Monday, May 05, 2008

Retract that last post

Ok granted I only drink on weekends but it has gotten out of control. Last Saturday evening I fell again but this time wasn't so lucky. I fell and on the way down my face hit the kitchen counter and I spit my cheek open. I then spent the next few hours in the emergency room getting about 5 stitches. I think that I finally had some sense knocked into me. Hopefully

Friday, May 02, 2008

More drinking, a Jockstrap hat, and a new ride...

Today I found my jockstrap under the couch. Then it came back to me.....last Sunday night we partied again, this time with alot of beer and a couple of pints of whisky......and for a while I wore my jock as a hat. At least I wasn't as drunk as the weekend before. I recently was told that four guys carried me into the house that weekend. I think I shocked our exroomies bf by playing John Waters "Desperate Living". I think all people young or old should watch it at least once. lol

Monday I was of course feeling like shit and vowed to quit drinking. HA..... I do really well during the week sustaining from alcohol but now its Friday and I would really like some beer. Note I didn't say "a beer", because I can't just have one. In fact thats my problem, once I start I have a problem stopping until I collapse. But hey its the only affordable fun when your low income folk. A 30 pack of Milwaukees Best is 15.00 and that includes bottle deposit, and it lasts for the entire weekend. Hello I'm Mike and I'm a weekend alcoholic....

Gas has gone up to 3.75 a gal. So this week I bought a Merato 150-TE scooter. It gets 85 mpg and goes 60 mph. So once it arrives and I get it broke in I'm gonna drive it to work on good weather days. Granted I'm going to have to take side roads, but hey I hate the highway anyway, especially now that contruction season is upon us. Its about 20 miles to work, should be interesting. Actually I think it will be cool flying through the country side to work. The scooter is arriving next week. I already bought both Scooby and I helmets since it can carry two people. we will definately be flying around town on it.

Anyway thats it for now, have a good weekend.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend recap

Yesterday we bbq'd. What started out as having a couple of friends over ended up being 10 people. We ended up going through 3 fifths of whisky and a almost a fifth of vodka and about 20 beers. I'm surprised I don't feel all that bad considering I blacked out after the 3rd fifth of whisky arrived. We drank, we ate great food, we drank, we danced, we drank, I fell down repeatedly, or so I am told....
We were asked to host this every weekend but I think my liver would fail after the first month.

In other news I rode my bike down to the park three times last week. It was cloudy this morning so I skipped it today. Hopefully tomorrow.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yesterday and today I got up and went for a bike ride down at the park behind the house. It was great getting out in the nice weather. Not sure if my gauge is right but it read between 75-80 degrees today. I road down past the ducks and geese that were meandering about. Even saw a couple of hot young guys out walking.

Scooby and I have been getting along good for the last couple of days also. He has some good qualities and I have to say that I have never gotten along better with another person in my life. Thats probably why I'm not ready to throw it all away. If he could just get a job and quit his occasional weekday binge drinking things would be perfect. But "perfect" is a fantasy word that doesn't exist in real life. Most of the people I know have relationship problems and if they don't then they're just real good at hiding it, or they're not together enough to have problems.

My friend Thurston has a good saying, "How can I miss you if you won't go away" and its totally true. If your away from your lover now and then I feel it helps the relationship, cuz you miss them. If your around each other constantly then you can get on each others nerves. I'm speaking long term here though, after the newness wears off. Scooby and I have been together for 11 yrs. I remember my mom saying at my parents 50th wedding anniversary, "It's along time to be with the same person" I think thats where I got my sarcastic sense of humor.

Most people don't get me, and I'm ok with that. Scooby on the other hand does get me and I value that. He only works four hours a week and I value those four hours to myself. I work 40 plus hours a week but I don't count that as time apart because I'm working. There's a difference, at least to me when it comes to free time apart and work time apart. That's probably why I'm anticipating my trip to San Francisco next month by myself because I need/deserve a break from my life.

But anyway thats it for now

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm kind of irratated today. It started Monday around 3pm when I was getting ready to go to work and one of our unemployed friends stopped by in his process of getting drunk. By the time I got home Scooby was drunk also. Then Tuesday another of our unemployed booze hound friends stopped by and and preceded to get Scooby drunk again.

Is it just me or am I justified to be pissed off. I'm tired of working my ass off while jobless people are getting shitfaced at my house. Only to get home and have to clean up the empty coke cans, shot glasses and dirty ashtrays. When I got home last night I found my laundry/cleaning supply closet had been ransacked. My dirt devil broom that I just bought this last weekend had been jammed back in to the point that the bristled edge was all fucking bent up and now doesn't pick up all that great.

I'm tired of being the bad guy. I think about breaking up with Scooby regularly. If he wasn't so handy and knowledgable about carpentry/electrical and plumbing I'd of broke up with him by now. I do love him, but stop drinking during the week and get a fuckin job!!! It also pisses me off that he doesn't have money to put gas in his car but has it to buy a fucking bottle of whisky.

I've got to start making rules again and I hate that. This is what I've got so far:

No drinking in the house Mon.-Thur.
If you do drink, don't come home, let me know where u are, but don't come home.
If there is drinking in the house or you come home drunk we are done.

Then he will have a choice of either moving to another room with a possiblity of reconciling or I will pay him to leave with no reconciling.

It would be one thing if he worked alot on the house, but I have to nag him to get him to do anything most of the time. I normally just do it by asking him, "So what are you doing today?". He has been working on the house for 10 yrs. I really feel he's dragging his feet because he knows he'll have to get a actual job when he's done.

End of rant....

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well gas hit 3.55 a gallon this weekend. Needless to say I'm a bit bummed and panicy considering its not even summer yet. I can barely afford to drive to work now. I'm trying to decide how I can cut our expenses. I've already given up eating out other than once a week I'll treat us to Rally's. Just the sandwich though cuz its cheaper to take it home and drink our own coke. I think the next will be to cancel long distance on our landline. Scooby can call his mom in OK from his tracphone if he needs too. Also I'm considering canceling the sat. dish when it comes due next January. :( Being low income is soo fucking much fun.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend update

This weekend was the first weekend we were able to open the windows and air out the house. The temps reached about 70 degrees. It felt to fuckin good to be outside again. I got most of the yard raked and even started a compost bin.

We had friends over Saturday and Sunday for a BBQ and cocktails. Not much else to report....

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AWOL cat and a leaking roof

I got home from work last night at 12:30am and no Clyde. I asked Scooby where he was at and he replied, he's around here someplace. In the meantime Kiddo wanted to go out on the back porch which is our summer living room and winter storage room. I let him out there and he started investigating and right before I shut the door I heard a very faint "meow". I called out for Clyde and heard him again but couldn't determine where it was coming from. I thought maybe upstairs in the attic since the attic wall and the porch wall are the same, but when I went upstairs I found the attic door was locked.

Ok so then I went back out on the back porch and heard him again and thought maybe its just another cat outside. So then I searched the house and no Clyde and returned to the back porch. I heard him again and started to look throught the clutter thinking he got trapped in it somewhere. Scooby then starts to help me and says it sounds like he's in the attic. He then tells me he was up there earlier checking out a new roof leak. So we head up there and open the door and sure enough there he was all covered in dirt. Note the picture below that he's mostly white. Scooby didn't see him get past him while he was up there. Poor boy had been up there for hours so the first thing he did was head for the litter box once he got out. I brushed the dirt off of him as best I could and him and the rest will be getting a bath soon as it gets a little warmer.

Sorry for a cat post but I've got nothing else going on. It rained all day yesterday, the roof started leaking in the bathroom downstairs. So now it looks like we got more work to do this spring/summer to get that fixed. yay....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Here's a pic taken today of Clyde and Kiddo taking a nap in there favorite cardboard box.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My babies are online stars

Hey everyone, A picture of my kitties Clyde and Kiddo w/Paula Abdul was posted on "Cute with Chris" today! Here's the original minus Paula. FYI Kiddo isn't eating butter, I had water in the butter dish.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Here's a pic of Notre Dame's Mascot, I thought it was fitting for today. Had a few friends over Saturday night and we drank some beers and had a few shots of whisky. Almost didn't make it to the parade yesterday cuz I was extremely hung over from the night before. After the parade we stuffed ourselves with corn beef and cabbage and I did manage to suck down a Bloody Mary. Lots of hotties at the parade, but they only had one bag pipe band which was kind of a disappointment, love to see guys in kilts, especially if they have furry knees. WOOF!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Today was the first day that it was nice enough to be outside with out a coat. I was finally able to clean the outside windows of the Gallery. YAY winter is about over!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Farewell Winter Steele

Well I was planning on posting the last episode of Winter Steele yesterday but the guy that had posted them on YouTube said his computer crashed and they are no more. Dam, but I don't think anyone watched them here anyway so oh well. I loved that little marionette biker chick.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Vacation planning

Well its official, I will be in San Francisco on vacation in mid May. I'll be going out there by myself since Scooby only works 4 hrs. a week and can't afford to go. Actually I'm kind of excited about traveling by myself. Its been along time since I went anywhere on my own, other than work that is.

Scooby is planning on spending a couple of days with my extremely well endowed ex bf while I'm gone, which I'm totally cool with. Now that is an open relationship. lol

Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter update

It looks like we broke our record for snow fall in February with a total of 28 inches so far, breaking the 22 inches that was recorded in 1908. WooHoo....

I bet we won't have any more snow this winter. Why you might ask...... I had to buy a new snow blower last week. It was decided that the old one was toast, and I needed to get one that was a little larger anyway. So most of my income tax money will go for that, another WooHoo. But now that I'm prepared for anything I bet it won't snow, so I'll probably have to wait till next year to use it.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Winter Steele Episode Four

Sorry I haven't posted much lately other than shit of off youtube. Its just that this winter is kicking my ass. After last weeks dump of a foot of snow my right shoulder started giving me problems to the point last Friday I quit playing a game online cuz it was just too painful. Now I've got pain in both shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. It doesn't help that my muscles in my arms and legs are going numb. I need to get to the Dr. The joint pain is probably arthoritis and the numbness is because of HIV meds and over exersion.

It didn't help today when we got another 4 inches of snow and my snow blower quit on me. I ended up having to shovel the driveway, appoach and the sidewalk. The neighbor has been snowblowing my sidewalk if I didn't have it done but today he didn't. I loaded the broken snowblower into my car and took it to a repair place, then my tail gate wouldn't open so the repair guy and I had to lift it over the tailgate. UGH

Then at work maintenance has been throwing out massive amounts of salt outside which get tracked back in. I have been busting ass trying to keep up with it. I have to sweep and vacuum every inch of my buildings not to mention mopping the floors over and over to get the salt up. I'm so tired and I fear that I don't have many more winters that I can do this job and the only other thing I'm good at is sucking cock. LOL

Anyway thats why I haven't posted much, cuz I'm in my normal winter funk and I'm achey numb and tired as shit. To top it off I heard today that its going to snow again Thursday night. FUCK

Monday, February 11, 2008

Amy Winehouse Wins Best Record On The 2008 Grammy Awards

Congrats Amy Winehouse on your FIVE grammy wins!!!

Best record of the year "Back to Black"
Best song of the year "Rehab"
Best new artist
Best pop vocal album "Back to Black"
Best female pop vocal performance.


Thursday, February 07, 2008


It steadily snowed all day yesterday until about 1am this morning. We got about a foot, but with drifting and snow plows most of it was at least 4 foot deep and heavy like a pile of rocks. I slept from about 6pm and got up at midnight remembering that I forgot to set out our trash dumpster. OMG! I had a hella time getting the bitch out to the street, then had to dig a hole for it to sit in. So needless to say today was spent digging ourselves out.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mika - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

I asked a magic 8 ball today if I'd ever be happy with my life. The response: Don't count on it....
Here's something that makes me happy. Mika's songs always puts a smile on my face.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Steele Episode One

I loved this mini series from Liquid Television so for the next several weeks it will be Winter Steele Wednesdays.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too pissed off to be sad

Last Friday marked the 1 year anniversary of my fathers suicide, but I was really too pissed off to be sad. Its started with getting Scooby some crutches. Walgreens rental on crutches are $ 40 dollar deposit and then 4 dollars a week. We kind of decided that we're no spring chickens so we should probably just buy some used ones someplace. Luckily I found a pair on Ebay, starting bid .99 cents and the seller was only about 40 minutes away. I emailed the seller and asked if I won could I pick up in person, cuz I need them asap, no problem said the seller. Wednesday morning I won the crutches for .99 cents. I immediately emailed the seller again telling him that I could pick up tomorrow between 10am-3pm and would he be home. I planned on visiting a friend in the area while I was up their then head to work from there. response
Thursday response

So I cancel my plans to visit my friend and went to paypal and paid for the crutches. Late Thursday night I get an email from the seller telling me that tomorrow will be fine that he will be home. GRRRRR I email him back saying that I emailed Wednesday morning and that when I said tomorrow I meant Thursday and that I couldn't make it on Friday and to just mail the crutches since I already paid for the shipping through Paypal. Then he tells me that he's a new member of Paypal and because of this won't recieve payment for 3-4 days and will ship once he receives payment. I email back that I've never heard of this new member paypal procedure, but whatever. He then tells me that he don't care whether I believe him or not and that he didn't understand why I didn't ask for his phone # because he was home all day Thursday.

By this time I was to angry to respond back. What was the point of asking for a phone # when he didn't respond back until Thursday night. Long story short the crutches should be here tomorrow.


I couldn't make it up there Friday cuz I had a house cleaning job that morning before work. Back story on this, I've cleaned house for this guy for about a year. I really didn't want the job when I got it cuz the house is filled with half antiques and half worthless crap. Tons of shit to dust and to add insult to injury everything is filled with those dollar store colored glass stones. But we agreed to 45 dollars every other week and I could use the money.

Well last fall I was vacuuming and backed into a bakers rack. I heard something fall and sure enough one of the bottles of wine fell and landed on a soup tourine and broke the handle of the lid. I cleaned up the mess and tried to put the bottle back but it was shorter than the others and would not stay up on the rack. I wrote a note apoligizing and also told him the bottle was to short and would not stay on the rack. Luckily there was no makers mark on the tourine so it probably wasn't worth much

Next time I go to clean the bottle is back on the rack. This time I'm just dusting the clutter on top of the rack when the bottle falls again but this time smashes a creamer that does have a makers mark. I write another note apoligizing again and said I'll try to replace the creamer. I really didn't feel it's my fault, but hey I try to be a nice guy.

Anyway last Friday I get there and he's got this list of things to do and at the bottom he writes, "Be careful with the breakables". That was it....... I cleaned the house did everything on the list then wrote him a note nicely resigning from the job. I also left the check telling him to use it towards replacing the creamer, left his house key and left through the garage door.

So basically the end of last week was a total GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Healthcare rant

Scooby got his cast on his left foot Monday. Our Dr. office really pisses me off. First they didn't tell him before hand that he should have someone with him to drive him home. He thought they were going to put him in a walking cast. Not...... Then AFTER they put the cast on him they give him the script to get crutches and a walking boot. Did I mention that we had a snow storm Monday. He's lucky he didn't break his neck.

I don't understand why they didn't give him the script last week so he would be prepared for getting the cast. WTF!!! They did manage to wheel chair him out to his car, but I guess after that who the fuck cares.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Vacation drama

We got into New Orleans mid afternoon Dec. 26.. We ventured out to visit with our favorite bartenders and preceded to get drunk. We then started to argue about Scoobys black out problem that I had just learned about. Note: things have been getting damaged around the house several times in 2007 but it was always blamed on the cats until I witnessed Scooby doing it recently. The day after he had no recollection of doing it.

Anyway we argued and he left me at the bar. Shortly after, I took off and took a walk around the Quarter. I called him later to meet me near the car and he never showed. I called him a bit later and he ended up wandering out of the Quarter and got lost and didn't know where he was. I told him to find a corner street sign and call a cab, but he couldn't find any street signs. I drove around for an hour or so trying to find him but had no luck. Hours later he found a cop who directed him to a corner so he could call a cab.

In the process of him being lost he fell down and fucked up his foot and his face. By the time he made it back to the bar, blood ran from the bridge of his nose all down his face. Did I note that this was Wednesday and we didn't have actual lodging until Friday, also that it rained for the first couple days of our trip. We stayed at the bath house the first night and I got us a room at a really cheap motel Thurs. night because Scooby needed to get off of his hurt foot. He refused to go to a Dr. or anything while we were there.

Now that we are back, he's had his foot exrayed and it is indeed fractured and he got a cast today.

That was pretty much the excitement of our trip. Otherwise it was pretty low key while we were there this Holiday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm back

Happy New Year!

Our trip to NOLA was not as eventful as past trips. I'll write more later on events. My back is out of wack and I woke up with pink eye this morning. Fun fun...

Meanwhile entertain yourself with this new sex blog I found on line. ;)

Mansex Journals

I also linked it in my "Not safe at work" listings