Tuesday, October 25, 2005


OMG I'm so fuckin tired. I was sleeping better until a couple of days before the party. It was probably preparty anxiety. With that and clean up afterward I'm dragging major ass.

We had several people at our party that had masks on and I still don't know who they were. I always find that funny, and yet I'm kinda at a loss for words with people that I can't see their face. Must be a backroom/bathhouse thing for me, but when I don't see their face or their cock then I'm stuck in limbo.

I know I've promised pics of my new tatt and will try and post tomorrow maybe even with pics of myself also face included with out Halloween makeup...gasp. I just need to get Scooby to take a few pics tomorrow morning before he goes to work. I promised a certain blogger that if he didn't break his diet and eat a whole pizza that I'd send him a naked pic of myself. He didn't so I'm gonna hold to my promise and send him a pic tomorrow also.

Lately Home Depot has been working Scooby on Wednesdays. So tomorrow is "ME" day and I'm gonna just lay around and post a few pics before I go to work. I'm so whipped this week I didn't even plan a date for tomorrow. When I'm to tired to suck cock, beware Hell might just freeze over.....

Monday, October 24, 2005

The event

The party went great! We should have had a bigger keg cuz we ended up running out and the the drink machine followed suit shortly after. Below are a pic of our friend Jim and Scooby and the one below that is me. Enjoy.. Gotta go to work soon and am gonna try and get some booty action before I have to split. So I'm outta here. Will try and blog more tonight. Later

I'm back. I managed to have time to get cleaned up and let Scooby bang my bootie for a little while before I had to leave for work. So we're both happy campers. I wish I'd of taken more than just a couple of pics at the party, but once things get going I'm just to busy to keep track of our camera. DAM.... Alot of people dressed up too. Excellent crowd of people. The food went over well, dam they majorly scarfed my taco salad. I had just enough for me a serving at the end of the night. The party flew by and I wish it could of lasted longer/forever.

Now I'm back to work trying to get back into the tedious swing of things. Waaaaaaa......

Jim and Scooby Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa

Me Halloween 2005. No one flirted with me at the party this year. I must have looked too intimidating.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Halloween party rule # 1

Rule # 1. Do not take any vicodin if its offered at this years Halloween party.

I sure as hell don't want a repeat of last years party. If ya'll don't remember I had a migraine last year, started drinking then took a vicodin. Drunk me then didn't realize the ramifications of the mixture and took another vicodin. Leading to me passing out in the upstairs bedroom after the first hour of the party. Missing the entire fucking thing....after all that planning.

It ain't happening this year.

Mountains out of molehillls

I've been slightly stewing about something that happened at work the other day, but wasn't going to blog about it cuz I'm trying to keep this light and happy. But fuck it I can't "Brady Bunchize" my thoughts to make everyone comfy and happy, its my blog damit.

Ok just to get you caught up. Being the considerate person that I am, I gave thank you cards to the two people in my building that sponsored me in the Aids Walk Michigan walk. Basically just thanking them for sponsoring me. This is the conversation that took place the other day.

Nice Lady: Hi Mike, thank you so much for the thank you card, it really made my day.
Me: You don't have to thank me, thank you for sponsoring me.
Two others that were listening to our conversation: Card? What card, for what?
Nice Lady: For giving him money for the Aids walk he did.
Others: Oh
As the others were leaving the one guy pipes up: Gee "Nice Lady" if I walk past your house will you give me money?

WTF is that suppose to mean? I didn't walk for myself. I did it for a worthy cause you cheap ass MF. I'm probably making mountains out of molehills, but it just pissed me off and hurt my feelings. By him saying that it just made me feel like he was implying that I was just scamming the people at work for money. Considering that our University we work for was built by guys who brown nosed little old rich ladies out of all their money, he's got some nerve.

There end of rant...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Channeling Martha Stewart

I baked two pumpkin pies today for the party. It was a first for me doing pumpkin pies and I have to admit they look like they turned out pretty dam good. I also made a gram cracker crust for an apple crisp that I'll be baking Saturday morning. First time for the GC crust also, what a breeze that was.

Tomorrow I'll start cutting up veggies for the veggie tray. Then Saturday morning I've got to bake the Swedish meatballs, apple crisp, and green bean casserole, whip up the nacho cheese sauce, and make two bloody brains. The bloody brains are cream cheese cut into strips then molded back together to look like a brain then pour salsa over top. Easy and fun. I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Ah yes, taco salad...I'm making that too.

I've decided to go as Rob Zombie for Halloween. With the scary wig, plat form shoes, and creepy contacts I should be quite intimidating. hehehe.... As I was throwing the pies together this morning I said to Scooby, "God this is going to be great." And he asked, "What?", and I replied, "The party". He then said that it was good that I was feeling this way cuz usually I'm having a meltdown a day or two before the parties we host. Which is so true, but this time everything is going smoothly and I feel fanfuckingtastic....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New friends

I went out in the back yard this morning for some reason and noticed that someone had put a tiny fur hat on one of my cement garden angel statuaries. Then I took a closer look and it was a baby squirrel sitting quietly watching me. I said hello and went over to where I had thrown some chestnuts out to feed the wildlife and picked up a couple and tossed them to the little squirrel and told him to have some breakfast. I then went back inside and looked out a little later and the little thing was gnawing frantically on the nut trying to get in open. He finally gave up and started eating some of those propeller type things that fall from the trees.

We watched him on and off through out the morning and Scooby ended up naming him Dinky, cuz he's so small and cute. I then took some more chestnuts and smashed them open with a hammer and set them outside for Dinky to eat.

Before I went to work I gutted 6 pumpkins to get ready to carve Friday for the party on Saturday. Wanted to get them gutted today and get the mess tossed out, cuz trash goes tomorrow morning. I did manage to set some seeds aside and threw them out in the yard for Dinky or any other animal that would like a snack.

They are hiring where I work and our friend "C" went and applied this week. God it would be awesome if he got the job. It's the same shift as me and since he lives close by we could carpool. Fingers crossed.... We just started hanging out with "C" since he moved back here this year. What an awesome upbeat person. He's gotten us out of the house and doing stuff more this year then we have ever in the past. He hangs out with us most weekends, and when he's not there we kinda miss him. Most of our friends are "fuddy duddy stick in the muds" that won't do anything. "C" is definately a breath of fresh air and has changed our lives for the better.

New Friends ROCK!

Monday, October 17, 2005

The Monster Mash Bash

Sorry I didn't post any tattoo pic's this weekend. Been really busy getting ready for our Halloween party this weekend. Hope to post pics soon, I promise. I mentioned that there was another party going on the same night as ours, well the host for that party cancelled and now it looks like we'll have another 30 people planning on coming to our party. So it looks like we are going to have a huge turn out. YES!

I on the other hand have no fuckin idea of what I'm going to dress up as. Some kind of scary vampire thing, but what type I don't know. I've already done the goth and punk vampire. I've got this scary wig so I could go as a backwoods vampire. With my big platform type shoes I could be really intimidating. I don't know....

I do have army fatigues so that's always an option. I'd go as Medusa but I refuse to shave off my beard. The scary contacts would work great with that and I have all kinds of rubber snakes that I could weave into the scary wig. Argg... Maybe next year on the Medusa thing. Plus I kinda what to look sexy also. I could go as Pan from greek mythology, I still have the fur pants that I made years ago. Except that its suppose to be about 40 degrees outside, and me without a shirt, burrrr...

All I know is I gotta decide soon. The party's this Saturday for gods sake.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Party planning

I'm totally buying to much shit for this Halloween party. This week alone I've been surfing eBay and bought Halloween party music which include most of the scary music themes plus the Monster Mash. My sister had the 45 of the Monster Mash and I played the shit out of the record when I was a kid. I also bought Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD. We have all of our TV's in the house wired together, so it will be playing through out the house. Today I ran to 2 different Kmarts to find a total of 4 black spider web curtains. They are to cool and we will probably keep them up year around. That's just how warped we are. Oh and I almost forgot, I also ordered the Halloween music roll for our player piano from QRSmusic.com. It includes the themes to "The Addams Family", "The Munsters", and "Alfred Hitchcock". Our piano is a 100 yr. old foot pump player made by the Cable Co. of Chicago. The fuckin thing is a workout and my legs feel like rocks when I get done playing a song.

On the down side, we found out that a local gay group is having a Halloween party on the same night as ours. SHIT! But its to late to change the dates, we've told to many people. Scooby talked to the host of the other party and he didn't sound all that into hosting, so we brought up the idea of co-hosting together. Don't know if it will happen or not. I joined the "gay group" this week on their online site. They have "Meet and "Greets" every so often and they happen to be having one Wednesday this week at a coffee house only a block from where I work. So I pop in about a 1/2 hour after it was suppose to start and there was nobody there. Guess it was a short meet and greet.

Who knows how our party will go. Kinda thinking about canceling the keg. The drink machine should be enough considering it holds 15 gallons of cocktails.

My back is alot better. I called the massage guy and he told me he's retired. SHIT! So I just used a heating pad which worked wonders. My tattoo is about healed and am planning on posting some pics of it and all my other tatts this weekend. Hopefully. I'm on vacation tomorrow, YEA! Hope to finish up the Halloween decorating. I can't believe how much I blogged this week, must be the zoloft is kicking it real good.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The return of Murphy

Our friend Murphy stopped by this weekend after a couple of years of being AWOL. He had moved down south that is until his last two crack head boyfriends sold everything he had to buy drugs, including his two dogs. We've just started referring to him as Murphy because of Murphy's Law: If anything can go wrong it will. He's got to be the most bad luck person I've ever met. To the point that I feel uncomfortable around him cuz I'm afraid some of it will rub off.

I was getting ready to go to work today when the doorbell rings. It's Murphy, the car he just bought for 100. from his cousin ran out of gas a couple of blocks from our house. So I give him the rest of a can of gas that I had used for our lawn mower. He leaves and 5 minutes later he's back, now the battery is dead. So he calls a couple of people for help and I go look for some jumper cables. He has no luck, but I do find cables and we head down the road to his car.

We try to jump his car and no luck. So I tell him that I gotta get going soon and ask if he wants help getting his car out of the street. He says yes, so I tell him that there is a parking lot around the corner that we can push it to and that it should coast down there since the road declines a bit. So I pull my car into another parking lot close by and run out to help him. First he hits the curb going around the corner then the car starts picking up speed. He's just running along side of it and I yell at him to jump in. He does but just sits in a fetal position and doesn't steer or brake. His open car door hits a car coming from the opposite direction. He them steers abit to get back in his lane, but still doesn't brake as the car continues to pick up speed. He then misses the drive to the parking lot hitting another curb. Then he cranks the steering wheel and the car then goes into the entrance to the parking lot but hits the other curb and then runs into a post. Finally stopping the car. I ask him if he's ok, he says yes. Then I tell him I gotta leave for work or I'll be late.

Good God! and I thought I wasn't very smart.... I'm honestly surprised that he didn't fall while trying to jump into the car and run over himself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just shut up and show me your cock

Did you ever run across someone that insists on disagreeing with everything and anything. We went out to the Berg last Saturday night to hand out invites to our Halloween party and ran into a guy that was at our 4th of July party. At the last party he was all groping me and everything and I was groping back and running my fingers through his furry chest. This was before I knew he had a boyfriend.

This weekend was another story. Every fucking thing that came out of my mouth he disagreed with. Normally I'd get irritated, but now that I'm on Zoloft, I just had enough and turned to Scooby and asked if he was ready to go home. We had plans to go out and have a smoke with the bartender before we left. We went outside and Mr. Disagreeable followed us out.

After finishing our smoke, the bartender went back in and Mr. D started groping the two of us, and we groped back. He unzipped us and pulled out our cocks and he pulled out his. Man did he have a nice thick cock. If I'd of been in New Orleans I probably would of dropped to my knees and popped his manhood in my mouth. But I didn't. Plus his boyfriend was inside and I don't know what kind of relationship they have. I really don't want to get caught with another man's candy in my mouth, ya know what I mean.

I just don't need that kinda drama....

Growing (older) Pains

I remember my sister telling me a story about my father and how he sneezed and threw his back out. My parents have/had always been dramatic sneezers. One time when I was a kid and we were living in a mobile home park out in Tucson, my mom sneezed so loud inside our trailer that the neighbors next door yelled, "GOD BLESS YOU" from inside their home.

Anyway, where was I. Oh yeah I threw my back out today. It's probably not considered threw out when its just an extremely tight muscle. Knotted up enough to bounce a quarter of off, right below my left shoulder blade. Man it fuckin hurts. But no I didn't do it by sneezing like my father. I did it by looking out the window, folks. Ok I may have twisted to look out the window. To look out a fucking window.... I shouldn't be in this much pain. Getting old, it ain't for sissies. Didn't Bette Davis say that?

I found a guy in the phone book that is a CMT on the other side of town. I'm definitely going to be calling him tomorrow. There is a massage therapist only a couple of blocks away, but its a woman, and if I gotta pay someone for a massage I'd rather have a guy feeling me up. I hope he's cute....

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Poison Drama

Went to work Friday and they had the back dock door open with a large flatbed truck just outside the door....running. As soon as I walked into the 8 x 14 enclosed area near the dock I got hit by the smell of exhaust fumes. I tried to escape the fumes but they were loading shit up and there wasn't anyplace to go. Plus I had to punch in, but couldn't until 2:53, and it was only 2:40. I normally try to stick around near the timeclock or else I'll forget to punch in.

By the time I was able to punch in and leave to go cash my check I wasn't feeling very good. I started to develop a migraine and was dizzy, sluggish, nauseated and couldn't think worth a shit. I first thought that if I just spend some time outside that I'd start to feel better but after an unsettling drive to the bank I decided I should go to the urgent care center.

I got there and after telling them my problem they told me they couldn't do anything for carbon monoxide poisoning, that I needed to call my employer and then immediately go to the emergency room. Called and confirmed my circumstances to my boss. Then headed for emergency. Apparently carbon monoxide poisoning is some serious shit considering that when I got there and they immediately stuck me in a wheelchair and sped me off to a room, without even signing in or anything. They hooked me up to oxygen for about an hour, took some blood to check my carbon monoxide levels. After the levels started to decrease they release me and told me to go home and rest.

That was the beginning of my weekend....How was yours?

I'm feeling much better now. Today I will probably work on our fence on the side of the house. We're extending it two more sections to expand the side yard. By doing this we'll be able to look out the one window in our computer room to a fenced in garden area instead of looking out and seeing traffic. Also we're decorating for Halloween. We've decided to have a Halloween party and we're turning our old house into a creepy spook house. God I love Halloween....

I also want to thank "D" for the email I'm glad that this blog has helped you see that being HIV doesn't mean that your sex life is over. I thought the same thing myself when I became poz. Now I'm having hot rauchy sex with all kinds of poz guys, and living out my sexual fantasy's to the fullest. I tried to email you back but it kept coming back as undeliverable. Anyway, thanks and take care...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Slightly irked

I've been battling with myself whether I should vent/blog about this or just let it go. I've decided to vent then let go, so here we go. I'm kind of irked at a few people at work and my family for not sponsoring me in the AIDS walk.

First the people at work. Ok I didn't really expect to get much from them since it is Midland aka Agrestic (the town that "Weeds" takes place in. You know the kind of small town that refuses to acknowledge they even have gay people, let along some with HIV/AIDS. "GASP not in our town." But there are a few at work that I've gave money to. Like the lady that sells Avon, shit I've bought shit loads of stuff from her in the past, and yet I get nothing. Or there is the lady that is always selling stuff for her kids for one organization or another, which I've purchased several times. And yet again nothing. I also had a few others "say" they were going to sponsor me, but then didn't. Then I had one lady come up to me this week after the fact and ask, "Is your walk over?", me:"Yes it was this last Saturday." her: "Oh I was going to donate." I tell her no problem but in my head I'm saying, yeah right.

Then there is my family. Shit with all the weddings, graduations, births, and kids birthdays that I've shelled out money for over the years you'd think I would of got something. Nadda.... I've never asked these people for anything in the past and the one time I do ask, I get no response.

I've never really been one to consider getting married, but now I'm thinking about doing it just out of spite. Just to send out wedding announcements and see who responds back. After all the money I've shelled out to my family for all there special occasions its time I get some of that back, damit. Then the ones that don't respond I can write off. No more Christmas cards for you, you cheap ass mutherfuckers.

I'd also like to put a wedding announcement in the Midland news paper saying "That we were married in the FREE country of Canada". Just to fuck with all those self righteous assholes.

There end of rant...now I can let go.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


This morning Scooby and I were sitting on the back porch watching Ellen and about half way through we hear a big KABOOM and then the electricity goes out. Our electricity has never gone out for more than a few seconds. The lady that use to live next door, who also worked for the city told us that our house and hers are both tied into the draw bridge, so we never loose power for more than a few seconds.

Well today was a different story.

We go outside and notice that the traffic lights aren't working either. The neighbors come out and we all look down towards where the KABOOM came from. Two blocks down the street is a power station and we all see a bit of smoke wafting up into the air. The neighbor girl calls 911 to let them know. Then we see the several city vehicles fly past heading to the power station. Then comes the fire truck.

We all then hang out in front of our houses and chit chat and continue to glance at the traffic light just waiting for a car accident to happen. Thank god, it didn't. Then about a half hour later our power is restored. We found out soon after that a squirrel got into the power station and got zapped, shorting out everything. We have two Squirrels that live in our back yard....we've named them Shirley and Rocky. I saw Shirley Squirrel later on in our bird feeder. Rocky is yet to be seen....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I did very well getting my tattoo this last Friday. It turned out great, I'll post some pics once its healed. It's been about 10-12 yrs. since I've gotton a tattoo and forgot about a few things. First the healing process. Granted this is the biggest tat that I've gotten to date, but I don't remember all the oozing that happens the first few days. We were planning on going out for dinner afterward but I was bleeding color down my leg and into my sock, so needless to say we went home instead.

Another thing I didn't realize was that with leg tattoos your suppose to try and stay off you leg for the first 2-3 days. Well, I didn't know that and the very next day was the AIDS Walk....oops. I managed to get through it with out any problem, and then took the rest of the day and relaxed. Then the charlie horses started to kick in Sunday and Monday. It seems that my calve decided to all tense up into shitloads of knots. Luckily by then the oozing had stopped and the tat had started to scab over a bit. I've been massaging my leg all around the tat to try and relieve the knots in my muscles which is helping a bit. It's still kind of painful to walk. I really would like to massage right where the tat is, cuz I got a big charlie horse there. Will have to wait till its healed to do that though.

Started sleeping better till I got the tat. Now I'm not cuz I'm worried about getting ink all over everything. I've laid down an old towel now under my leg just in case and it seems to help. Had to ban the cat from the bedroom for the last couple of nights so he wouldn't drag his fat belly across my leg. So he sat outside our door and sang to us starting at about 6am till I got up to feed him.

Monday I notice that my leg was swollen, so I've been keeping it elevated whenever possible. Don't know if all this is normal shit or maybe I'm just getting older or possibly the HIV thing has a bit to do with it... don't know.

Will I do it again, SHIT YEA! At least if all this shit subsides...which I'm sure it will. Funny thing is when I went in to have it done the hot scruffy tattoo guy took a look at my leg and said, "Oh, you all ready shaved" and I admitted, "No, the hair just doesn't grow on the backs of my calves anymore." What I didn't admit too was that is the main reason for getting the tattoos, to cover the bald patches on my legs.