Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My San Francisco trip

My trip to California was fun. Thursday I went into the city and to hang out. I had lunch at Harvey's on Castro, great ceasar salad btw. Took pictures of the Castro theater and Twin Peaks (the bar), and several at Alamo Square Park.

Friday my friends took me up to Napa and Calistoga. We went to a spa and had volcanic mud baths. My assistant Sergio was a cutie. I soaked in the hot mud for about 25 min. then showered and was taken to the meditation room for a hot towel wrap. After my treatment I went back and swam in their pool for a bit before we took off for lunch. We then headed back and hit a couple of the wineries on the way home.

Saturday we went to Ikea and then to see "Iron Man" which totally rocked! Then Sunday we headed into the city and had excellent Mexican food and then headed to Dolores Park and hung out in the sun. The music was great and we found out before we left that it was the "Gay, Lesbian, Transgender picnic" going on in the park that day. My friends then took me around the city so I could take more pics.

Most of Monday I spent at Steamworks in Berkeley. Tuesday I went back to Steamworks but it was less then eventful so I headed into the city around 3pm for a late lunch. The Deli we tried to go to on Sunday was open this time so I stopped and grabbed some grub and headed back to Dolores Park and sat and ate my lunch.

That was about it. Had a great visit with my friends.

Got back to find out that one of our friends has become paralized while I was gone. He's in his late 20's and just lost complete use of his legs. The Doctors discoved that he had a surge of enzymes in his body that was distroying his muscles. Apparently you usually have around 100 enzymes and his body had like 9,000. They stabilized him and got his enzyme level down, and he is now able to walk with a cane. He still doesn't have any feeling in his feet, and when I called today it sounded as if he was going back in the hospital. To add insult to injury, while he was in the hospital his bf left him........for his exbf. We had him over this weekend and took him to the flea market and tried to get his mind off his troubles. I hope it worked at least a bit, cuz I'm very worried about him.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BearTrapping.com (the truth about)

I've been getting spam from BearTrapping.com forever. Finally yesterday I signed up and found out today that you can't do anything on the site without paying 10 bucks a month. No emails, no nothing. So I politely told them to cancel my profile because I couldn't afford their pay site and this is the response I got:

"You can't afford a lousy $3 a month? what the fuck are you using the internet for adult content for then, loser. Get a fucking job."

WOW what a way to run a website. Even when I do get some extra money I'm sure as hell not going to spend it there. FUCKING ASSHOLES......

Monday, May 12, 2008

Its Morel season

Most people take trips up north to forage in the woods looking for the Morel mushroom. This weekend I found 4 in the backyard. I plucked them, and we took them in and sautee'd them in butter and garlic. OMG!!! They taste just like a juicy delicious steak. YUM!

I probably won't be posting until the end of next week. Wednesday I leave for San Francisco for a week. Friday some friends and I are going to Calistoga and the wine country and have reservations for a volcanic mud bath. Pamper pamper...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Get your motor running

Well my scooter showed up yesterday. I went to the Secretary of States office (DMV in most states) to get license plates and found out that it is considered a motorcycle. Which means I need a special license to drive a motorcycle. So I got the study book and went home. Went back today and took the test and I only missed one question. YAY So now I have a temporary motorcycle learners permit. I can only ride when I'm with someone who has a motorcycle license. God I feel like I'm fucking fifteen again. Now I have to study the skills test and if I pass I'll be able to ride the dam thing. If I fail the test twice then I'll have to take a motorcycle course, which are booked up till fall.

Had I of known that I had to go through all this I'd of just bought a motorcycle. I might eventually anyway. Both Scooby and I have decided to take the motorcycle learners class to refresh our memories on how to ride a motorcycle since we haven't done it since we were in our teens.

I was reading the owners manual today and it says that in order to break it in correctly that I should drive less then 35mph for the first 300 miles, then 45 mph until 500 miles, then 55mph until 1000 miles. Jeez maybe I won't be driving it to work this year since the speed limit is 50 on the road I planned on taking. Dam its gonna take awhile to get that first 300 miles on the dam thing.

In other news: I get my stitches out of my face tomorrow. YAY

Monday, May 05, 2008

Retract that last post

Ok granted I only drink on weekends but it has gotten out of control. Last Saturday evening I fell again but this time wasn't so lucky. I fell and on the way down my face hit the kitchen counter and I spit my cheek open. I then spent the next few hours in the emergency room getting about 5 stitches. I think that I finally had some sense knocked into me. Hopefully

Friday, May 02, 2008

More drinking, a Jockstrap hat, and a new ride...

Today I found my jockstrap under the couch. Then it came back to me.....last Sunday night we partied again, this time with alot of beer and a couple of pints of whisky......and for a while I wore my jock as a hat. At least I wasn't as drunk as the weekend before. I recently was told that four guys carried me into the house that weekend. I think I shocked our exroomies bf by playing John Waters "Desperate Living". I think all people young or old should watch it at least once. lol

Monday I was of course feeling like shit and vowed to quit drinking. HA..... I do really well during the week sustaining from alcohol but now its Friday and I would really like some beer. Note I didn't say "a beer", because I can't just have one. In fact thats my problem, once I start I have a problem stopping until I collapse. But hey its the only affordable fun when your low income folk. A 30 pack of Milwaukees Best is 15.00 and that includes bottle deposit, and it lasts for the entire weekend. Hello I'm Mike and I'm a weekend alcoholic....

Gas has gone up to 3.75 a gal. So this week I bought a Merato 150-TE scooter. It gets 85 mpg and goes 60 mph. So once it arrives and I get it broke in I'm gonna drive it to work on good weather days. Granted I'm going to have to take side roads, but hey I hate the highway anyway, especially now that contruction season is upon us. Its about 20 miles to work, should be interesting. Actually I think it will be cool flying through the country side to work. The scooter is arriving next week. I already bought both Scooby and I helmets since it can carry two people. we will definately be flying around town on it.

Anyway thats it for now, have a good weekend.