Wednesday, May 31, 2006

25 things about me

I haven't done anything like this yet so here we go.

1. The house I live in now is the longest I've ever lived anyplace. (15 yrs)
2. My parents were in there mid 40's when they had me.
3. My next youngest sibling was 18 when I was born, the other two were 20, and 22.
4. My father retired when I was in 3rd grade.
5. After my father retired we spent winters in Tucson, AZ.
6. From 6th through 10th grade I went to school full time in Tucson.
7. We moved back to Michigan for my last two years of high school.
8. After graduation I spent a month in N. Miami Beach finishing up a corespondence course dealing with the Airlines.
9. I moved back to Tucson for 5 months but then came back to Michigan because I got lonely.
10. I briefly worked for Continental Airlines and was called a scab because it was a non union airline.
11. I've worked at: a Deli in a grocery store, delivered pizza for Dominos, washed cars for Thrifty car rental, delivered packages for Airborne Express, and various janitorial jobs.
12. I've been to two different countries, Windsor Canada and Nogalas Mexico...when I was a kid.
13. I've been on vacation to New York City once, San Fransisco twice, Chicago a few times and New Orleans several times.
14. I drive a 2000 Grand Prix.
15. I also have a 1970 Cadillac Sedan Deville that I can't afford to restore and am trying to sell.
16. I don't like the texture of bananas.
17. I only talk to my siblings about once or twice a year.
18. I don't like to argue or debate cuz it stresses me out.
19. I had a poodle when I was growing up.
20. I had a black lab in my 20's and early 30's.
21. In my mid 30's I discovered that I was a cat person.
22. I like most foods, chinese is my favorite.
23. The majority of my diet consists of salad and cereal.
24. I like old architure over modern.
25. I secretly lust after several people on my blogroll.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

weekend recap

Sunday we had about 14 people over for a BBQ that never happened. I made potato and pasta salad, a relish tray and deviled eggs while Scooby was suppose to do the BBQ'ing. Well he ended up putting hotdogs in the steamer and the burgers never happened. It ended up getting into the 90's and was hotter than hell. Just a few days before we were freezing. Guess spring was cancelled.

Had one guy at the party talk shit about one of my best friends and his BF talked shit about New Orleans even though he knows its our favorite city. I wish shit like that didn't bother me so much. But I guess thats just how Queens are, they like to get their jabs in when ever they can. I'm beginning to think that maybe I don't have social anxiety, maybe I just don't like most people. I need to check into seeing a counceler or something. I also think that maybe I should stop partying.

I made a crack at the party that, "When I was young I wanted to travel and see the world, now I have to be sedated just to leave the house". Sad but mostly true.

Also heard rumours that the city is thinking about putting in a turn lane in front of our house. Apparently they talked to other neighbors about the plans but not me. Odd, but since it would take out my front yard and drastically lower my property value, is it any wonder they haven't mentioned it to me. God I just want to get this house finished so we can put the fucker up for sale.

Well if you haven't noticed yet I'm in a crappy mood, but tomorrow is another day.

Our stairway

Here are some pics of our stairway that Scooby built. The first is the rough in build. Second is the finished product from the ground floor.Then the last is from the top looking down to the landing. The woodwork on the walls were made of luan and MDF (Multi densitiy fiberboard) to save on money. Thats why its all been painted.

The weekend was busy and hectic. I'll try and post more on that later.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Freaks at Church

Rule #1 Never do acid on Sunday.

This is another digitally enhanced photo of me pasted on a pic of a church in NOLA. Don't worry, I haven't done acid since my early 20's, but the title sounded appropriate.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Nothing much to say

God here it is Thursday and I haven't posted anything since Monday. Nothing much is happening. Having about 16 people over on Sunday and BBQing. Tomorrow I have a date with a guy that I haven't played with in over a year. Hopefully he will still like to ride my face like the good ole days.

Heard on the radio that there was a fire a couple of days ago on the east side of town. So will probably drive over there and gawk at the remains. Don't know if there was more than one fire or not, a lady at work said she heard there was one on the west side of town said it took out 5 buildings. YIKES! We don't have local tv programming and don't get the newspaper so we kind of live in the dark around here, unless someone tells us something or we hear it on the radio.

Tomorrow after I get home from the date, seeing the fire remains and paying the mortgage, I'm thinking about hitting the neighborhood straight bars and getting a little wasted. Got several within walking distance. Or maybe I'll spend the afternoon in the backroom of the dirty bookstore. I hear that it can be pretty busy on a holiday weekend.

Hope everyone has a Great Memorial weekend. Don't know if I'll post anything tomorrow or not.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Mike's Whip

After listening to Ben's Whip on Mark Weigle's Versatile/Soulsex CD. And watching a documentary about the Black Plague and a group called the Flagellants that went around whipping themselves with cat of nine tails to atone for there sins. I've decided to experiment.... I just won these on Ebay and am patiently waiting there arrival. Scooby already expressed an interest in whipping me, but I think I want to start out slow... by myself...if at all.

I know, I'm a freak. Maybe not a freak, but a freak in training....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mr. Poo guardian of the stairway

This is our kitty Mr. Poo which is short for Mr. Puddyson. He's lost 6 lbs. within the last year. He used to be a stoic floor duster at 23 lbs. Now at 17 lbs. he's feirce and chock full of energy. You really can't tell in this pic though, can ya. He just had his breakfast so he's taking it easy. I wish I was a cat.

Not much else to report this morning. Still no Abby.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No word

I still haven't heard back from Dear Abby. Scooby said that he would page me if she did call. I guess that this is another reason added to the list of why I should get a cell phone. Personally I don't like to talk on the phone that much and besides I cringe everytime I get my land line bill as it is. Cell phones are a luxury item that I do not need nore want, as of yet.

In other news....

We started planning a BBQ for Sunday May 28 of Memorial weekend. We planned on just a few close friends. Well the list is up to 16 so far. A little bit bigger of a bbq then we thought but the more the merrier. Scooby's planning on having the drink machine going. We've decided on Lynchburg lemonade (whisky/lemonade) but not sure on how much to make yet.

This weekend we continued to install the beadboard wainscotting on the walls of the back porch/ summer living area. Its still to cold to move out there but it should warm up soon enough. A fucking Starling made a nest in one of my spider plants that I had hanging on the front porch. Beat the shit out of the poor plant. I had to bring them in anyway since its been so rainy and cold for the last week. Does anyone know of anything I could put in it to keep the birds out? Scooby said a christmas ornament might work. So I'll probably try that when I go to put them out again.

Oh I almost forgot. Sugar daddy came up this weekend to pick up the porch posts that he bought from Scooby. He also had him recover a little bench that he's going to sell in his Antique booth. He brought us both a 5th of liquour. YEA! Then he started bitching about his family. Then we went out to eat at our favorite pizza place. We sat there for about 5 minutes before the girl behind the counter told us that they have no wait staff anymore and that we could just place our order with her. Well that sent SD into a tizzy. He started in with, "Why couldn't she of told us this sooner....if I were you I'd complain to your friend the owner...." blah blah blah on and on until I asked if he'd like a Xanax.

SD and his boyfriend are planning to retire to Tucson and SD wants us to move there too. I'm kind of indifferent to the idea since I grew up there I'd at least know the area or at least what it was some 20 yrs. ago. Scooby on the other hand is totally against it. "Its too hot there" is his complaint and well yes during the summer it is really hot. I always joke when SD says, "But its a dry heat" I'll retort, "Yeah dry like the inside of an oven." But anyway they bitched back and forth till I just blocked both of them out.

By the time we got out of there I wasn't in the mood for sex and had decided that I wasn't giving SD a bj. We went back and watched porn and he slurped on us for a bit. He watched us get off then he had to take off. As he was walking out the door he hands us both 100 bucks. All I could think was if he'd of gave me this a couple of hours ago I would of gave him a bj. I know, I know, I'm terrible, but I need some kind of inspiration, when I'm in a crappy mood.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Celebrity phone call

Last Thursday conversation with the bf after I got home from work.

Scooby: Oh Dear Abby called today!
Me: No way, it was probably one of her people.
Scooby: Well she said SHE WAS Dear Abby.
Me: No Way! I only emailed her a couple of weeks ago about my falling out with my nieces. Did she say she was going to call back.
Scooby: No, she didn't say, but I told her that you work at 4pm.
Me: Dam, But I go to work at 3 on Fridays.
Scooby: Sorry I wasn't thinking, I was just blown away that she called.
Me: Dam

So I didn't get online Friday in hopes she would call and nothing. Did the same today and still nothing. She will probably call tomorrow when I'm gone all day. Dam, dam, dam. Honestly I didn't expect to hear from her. The online site said not to expect a response since they are bombared with letters daily and that she can't answer all the mail.

But then again the falling out with my religous neices because I'm gay is a current and happening issue I suppose. Here's a run down of the letter that I sent.

Dear Abby,

Earlier this year I came out to my two very religous adult nieces. I never hid the fact that I was gay, it just wasn't discussed. They told me that they would never except me as a homosexual, quoting several bibles passages condemning me to Hell for my actions and gave me several organizations that would correct my problem.

I have been with my partner for 9 yrs. and they know this. I was very upset that they would suggest that I leave my partner to be straight. I emailed them back an overly dramatic letter stating all their flaws and sins including that another of my siblings suggested that I have a Will drawn up to protect my partner.

Now their angry with my sibling for suggesting that I have a Will drawn up. I've tried to patch things up, but all I get is "I'm the evil person and their the victims". Now we are no longer speaking. I've been HIV for the last 10 yrs. and my health isn't the greatest, and this isn't helping matters.

I have support from friends and other family members. Is it ok to cut the ones that condemn me out of my life or should I continue to try to reach out to them.

Signed, Distraught in MI

If this happens to get printed, would someone let me know and send me the printing. I don't get the newspaper daily and could possibly miss it. I probably missed my chance when I missed the phone call, I haven't a clue.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

January 12

I miss you everyday and twice on Sunday.

Friday, May 12, 2006

More self pics

Here's my dirty mean face. I took this after I ripped the old deteriorating plaster out of the attic a few years back.

This one was taken at the same time but sketched.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Digitally enhanced photo of myself I took about 10 yrs ago.

Despite of my rage I'm still just a rat in a cage

As of late I've been listening to the local hard rock station....alot. Bored with all my CD's and other stations I decided to go back roots? I don't know if you can call them roots but I listened in the past.

Last night I heard one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkin songs. One that I haven't heard in a long time. I immediately started dancing around and doing evil poses. I ended up in the bathroom stripping in front of the mirror.

Then I realized, Holy shit...I'm at work....

I might need to cut back on the marinol. NOT!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I've heard the radio commercials forever so I finally decided to check out

Local Registered Job seekers.....22,347


Gee anyone what to move to Michigan. Ahahahahahahahaha

If Delphi (car parts plant) does close the local plant you can add another 5,900 to the list of local people seeking employment.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Local weekend drama

Saturday we got up and met our friend Thurston at the flea market. This has become a tradition for us during the summer. This time though things or people seemed to be odd or odder than normal. First we notice this young guy going to each vendor and asking them if they were the ones that called the police. Each time the other person told the guy, "no". We then started thinking, "OK, whats going on?"

We were about 3/4 of the way through when I over heard another conversation. This time it was a couple that were selling popcorn and ice cream. This girl with a cell phone was walking past them and the popcorn woman said to the cell phone girl, "You better just mind your own business and keep your trap shut!"

We then finished looking at all the crap and went next door to the market for breakfast. The market is this old run down kinda deco style restraurant that is run by this cool lady, her son runs the flea market. After breakfast the son then told us what went down that morning....

Apparently another young guy that rents an apartment in the house next to the market and flea market was all distraught over his girlfriend and started shooting a gun. Well someone called the police and soon the SWAT team showed up in their Hummers. They evacuated everyone from the flea market because it sits right next to a propane gas company and they were afraid that a stray bullet might cause some explosions. The gun man wouldn't come out of the house until the SWAT team started shooting the windows out. He then surrendered.

The guy that was going around asking/threatening people about who called the police was a friend of the gun man and he was also packing aka carrying a gun.

Never a fuckin dull moment...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Our House

Finally posting pics of our house. Our house was built sometime in the late 1800's. The houses in this neighborhood were built for the families that worked at Sage Sawmill back in the lumbering hayday. The house first started as 4 rooms all together, living and kitchen downstairs and two bedrooms up, heated with wood stoves. sometime in the early 1900's an addition was built on the back of the house that added a new kitchen/ dining room/ bathroom and a 3rd bedroom. The first photo was taken a year or two after I bought the house. Before I purchased the home it had been abandon for 10 yrs.

The second pic is of our big addition we built, which houses a new stairway/ computer room and upstairs second bath. The old stairway was so narrow and steep that you could barely get a single box spring matress up. Now we have a nice large stairway with a landing. I'll post inside pics sometime soon. The addition was built completely by my bf Scooby, other than the foundation which I had contracted out. I did help with the construction also, but Scooby was the mastermind and designer.

The final pic is the completion of our addition. If you notice we copied the original decortive accents from the front and added them to the addition. This consisted of me climbing to the top of the house on a ladder with a large piece of paper and crayon and doing a rubbing of the originals. Then Scooby made duplicates and I painted them.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This n that

We got alot done again today before I had to leave for work. First we managed to hang another piece of drywall on the back porch/summer living room area. Then got the baseboard attached and managed to get most of the wainscotting put up on the same wall. That is the last wall in that room that needs drywall and its been like that for years. It going to be so nice to be able to sit back there during the summer without having crap fall on our heads from the old exposed nasty wall. The crap I refer to is blow in insulation and very old deteriorated black felt and black dirt/dust ect..

I've about worn out all the cd's I have in my car so I turned on the local hard rock station and was surprised to find that there still playing the same music they did when I listen to them 10 or so years ago. I heard an old STP song when Scott Weiland was still in the band. You know when he was still HOT instead of the emaciated sketelon he is today. God every time I see him these days I cringe and think to myself, I was once was sexually attracked to him?

I was getting out of my car to go into my building today and these two very cute young guys in a truck was pulling through the parking lot and yelled at me. Of course me being the deaf person I am I had to ask them to repeat what ever they were asking me. They then asked me if I wanted a home entertainment system new in the box. I'm like, dudes I don't have any money and they're like whatever you can get out of you atm. Apparently they install these systems and the warehouse gave them one to many. I really wasn't interested and was going to be late for work if I took any longer so I declined their offer. If there wouldn't of been a couple of employees in the parking lot with in ear shot I was half tempted to tell them, "Guys I'm so poor all I could offer you for the system would be 100. bucks plus a couple of blow jobs". They were that cute and I am that horny. But I've never propositioned a straight guy before and am a little leary of doing so, and plus there were employees in the parking lot so it didn't happen. Nice dream though.

When I was a little kid I sucked my thumb...alot. It now makes me think did all little boys who sucked their thumb turn out to be as orally fixated as I am?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Tiger lilly man

When I first moved to Bay City some 15 yrs. ago I'd go over and help out my friend Thurston on his house. One day he was complaining about his yard and not knowing what to do with it. The one side had a clump of tiger lillies and the other side that was shaded most of the time was dirt. The dirt side was only a four foot path to the back yard with a 3 ft. sidewalk. That day I told him that I'd transplant some of his tiger lillies on the other side of the house along the sidewalk in exchange for taking some home.

Once I was done and got home I planted the lillies here and there through out the yard. And they flourished. Now every spring I'm thinning them out and being the recycler that I am, the clumps that I'm getting rid of I bag up in grocery bags and set out to the street with a sign "Free Tiger Lillies". They only sit out there for about an hour before someone stops and scoops them up and takes them to their future new home.

I've been doing this for years. This year it occurred to me, "I wonder if people think of me as the Tiger lillie man". Probably...but hey I could think of worse things to be called.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Weekend review

First of all my rash is finally gone. YEA! I'm beginning to think it was probably the dye/fluid that they gave me for the CT scan little over a week ago.

We got so much shit done this weekend.

First we got the sideyard fence expansion done. We've had the two extra fence panels for several years now. They've been sitting in the side yard proped up against the fence and luckily they faded enough that they almost matched the old fence.

Second we got a couple of pieces of drywall hung on the back porch wall. Enough that we were able to hang the old cupboard up that we just got a couple of weeks ago. God did that free up alot of space on the back porch. Granted its still packed full of shit but not as much now. Hoping to get moved back out there for the summer in a month. Fingers crossed.

And last but not least I got all 20 bags of mulch spread out over all my planting areas. I did this Sunday morning because traffic is nill at that time. I hate working out in the front yard when traffic it heavy. Like I've said in the past we are right near a busy corner and when the light is red everyone is usually rubber necking and checking out what I'm doing. Only a couple of times has someone yelled "Faggot" at me, but I still only like to work out in the front yard on Sunday mornings. I guess I'm just self consious that way.

I've also had an realization or epiphany. Considering that I've dealt on and off with depression since I was a kid. I've finally come to the conclusion that there is something about depression that only makes you remember the shitty things that has happened through out your life. At least for me that is. I know I've let shit in the past bother me for so long that I have difficulty remember the good things. So I've got to start focusing on the positve events in my life and hopefully it will help when I do go through my down time.