Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 Golden rings (5 things I enjoy)

This meme is from Bigg,

1. My cats, especially Kiddo. If I leave for work with out him knowing, he runs through the house looking for me meowing. When I come home from work he sits on my chest and nuzzles my face. He loves to be carried around like a baby and most of the time if I wake up in the middle of the night he is snuggled by my side. I truly believe he would be devastated if something were to happen to me, he keeps me keeping on. His brother Clyde has his own distinct characteristics. He loves to be papoosed in the front of your shirt and carried around. He's very quiet but sometimes when he thinks he's alone he meow/sings. After I take a shower he will follow me into the bedroom and jump on the bed and I'll stand there and he will try to put his paws around me and nuzzle my chest with his face to rescent me, sometime he will lightly bite me also.

2. Home: Even though its alot of work I enjoy our home, it keeps me busy with laundry and making meals, baking cookies and treats and gardening in the yard in the summer. It keeps me grounded.

3. New Orleans, I enjoy the atmosphere, architecture, music, people who are drunker then myself, and its old world charm. It does have its crime element but I've said it several times, that I'd rather be murdered in the streets of New Orleans tomorrow then live the rest of my life in Michigan.

4. Friends: even though they can sometimes be a pain in the ass I love em. Getting together and doing simple things like helping decorate a christmas tree, getting drunk at the St. Pats parade, or just sitting around on a Sunday during the summer and bbq'ing and having a few cocktails.

5. I enjoy my partner Scooby even though things are tough with him not working he has many great qualities. He's fluent in electrical, plumbing and carpentry and is an asset to have around. Plus he's my best friend.