Monday, July 30, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing new going on. I've worked overtime the last couple of Satudays cleaning carpets in my building. Finally its all done. I'm still waiting to find out if my boss and HR have ok'd my classes for fall. I might have waited to long and might not have time to register, since classes start Sept. 5, I think.

We are hoping to go camping a couple more times in August. Other than that just working on the house. We did manage to get our sling hung up on the side porch/new playroom. Hope to use it soon. Its been years since we had a place to put it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I need a new drug

I got my meds refilled today and this warning was attached to them:

Alprazolam 0.5mg (generic Xanax) tablets with Viracept 250mg tablets (HIV meds)
Onset: Delayed severity: major documentation
Suspected potentially serious CNS depression is possible when Alprazolam and Viracept are co-administered, especially during initial exposure or after resuming therapy following an interuption in therapy.

Yikes....I've been taking them both for years. The Alprazolam, just to sleep now and then, but still. I need to find a new drug to help me get to sleep. After our party a few weeks ago I got so depressed that I went off my meds for almost two weeks and by the time we got back from camping last Sunday I was at an all time low. I didn't mention this before cuz I wanted to save you all the gloom and doom. I might have found the reason for some/most??? of the depression problems I've had for several years, and it was/could be drug related. God damn......

I guess time will tell. Monday I went back on my HIV meds mixed with marinol and I've been feeling great all week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today marks six months since my fathers death. I was kind of having a hard time for the last 2 weeks, but today I took some Marinol. It gave me the energy and the enthusiasum to start the project work of cleaning the carpets in my building and it made me feel good that I'm able to accomplish something around here. I'm tired and sweaty, but I feel good.

I'll update soon on the weekend camping trip. It was a blast to say the least.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lady Bird Johnson dies

Championed the environment
As first lady, she was perhaps best known as the determined environmentalist who wanted roadside billboards and junkyards replaced with trees and wildflowers. She raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to beautify Washington. The $320 million Highway Beautification Bill, passed in 1965, was known as "The Lady Bird Bill," and she made speeches and lobbied Congress to win its passage. (MSNBC)

I saw a documentary once about this subject. Before this bill, advertisers would rent farmers barns to use as billboards and the advertisers would maintain the facade of the barns. Including painting and replacing the roofs when needed. Because of the bill new advertisers could no longer use barns for advertisement. Now barns across our country are falling into ruin.

Thanks Lady Bird, I'm sure you meant well, but because of this you've destroyed part of our history.

In other news, we leave tomorrow morning for our camping trip. Hope to have some nasty stories to tell since the theme this weekend is "Bears in the woods/leather weekend".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July history

I came to the conclusion the reason I was kind of down after our party last week was because my parents wedding anniversary is/was on the 4th of July. In the early 1940's my father was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood near Rolla Missouri. My parents met while he was home on leave. His sister and my mom worked together at a little corner grocery in a little village near by. My moms parents drove my mom to Missouri and they were married in Rolla.

In the 70's when I was a kid we would spend 4th of July at my parents cabin north of Au Grey. We would go to this park in Tawas to watch the fireworks over the Saginaw bay. The park had all these cement figures to play on. There was Disney's Pluto the dog that you'd climb up his ass and slide out his mouth. The shoe from "The old woman who lived in a shoe", which you'd climb the narrow steps and slide down the tongue of the shoe. The hippo which had several holes through out to climb in and out. A castle, which might have had a slide also, and a couple of fish, one which always smelled of piss. I loved playing on that stuff. Its been along time since I've been up there and they probably are gone now due to sue happy people and stricter enforcement of play ground equipment.

I had a silver poodle when I was a kid since I was allergic to everything and they don't shed. We would take her also and the fireworks would scare the shit out of her and she would sit there and shake nervously and I would wrap her in a blanket. Anyway that is my memories of 4th of July when I was a kid. God I miss my parents.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Party update

Our party was one of the most successful ones yet. We had around 85 people, an abundance of delicious food and with donations we ended up a little ahead this year. So we are thinking of buying some new tarps for our Halloween party and maybe another food steamer, if I can find on on Ebay.

I don't know what is up with me but I'm feeling quite down today. I think it might be because I was in such high spirits being the social host that I'm all tapped out of "happy" right now. Who knows. Thank god I only have to work two days this week, cuz I'm really fucking tired.