Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hot, Hot, Hot!

The fuckin air quit at work Tuesday and its been hotter than fuck in this building this week. Its one thing when your sitting your ass at a desk all day infront of a fan, its a whole nother story when your the person who has to clean the building and your moving around doing manual work. Man I was fuckin sweating like a pig, thank God I took a shower before I came to work this afternoon or else I'd be alot stinkier than I already am. Also thank god that the computer classroom has its own air system. Gee, I hope they don't mind if I clean this keyboard for the rest of the evening. hehe Fuck vacuuming, the carpet doesn't look that bad and its tooo fucking hot, I'd be a puddle by the time I finished. They say that the part will be in Monday and that it will take a couple of days to install, so we're looking at about Wednesday or Thursday of next week before we have air again. OMFG! I'll probably sweat another 10 lbs. of my water weight off again like I did earlier this summer when we were reroofing the house. That's ok cuz the feeling of being lean and fit encourages me to work out and stay lean and fit. For the last few weeks I've been really focusing on my abs and arms by doing a series of different stomach crunches and for my arms I've been doing push ups. Hopefully I'll keep at it.

Oh and since my last post I mentioned to Scooby about him eating Davids ass more that night then he has mine in our 7 yrs. together. Well he confessed that he has been eating my ass but that he does it after I've passed out when I'm drunk. Fuckin Aye, I guess I shouldn't drink so much when I drink, cuz I've been missin out on alot. After his confession he gave me a serious tongue lashing to the point my eyes rolled so far back in my head I saw my brain.

Blast from the past:

Cindy the girl who used to live next door to me in my/our junior and senior year of high school called me out of the blue the other day. She joined the marines right out of high school and is going to be retiring in the next couple of years. Bitch! God I've got about 27 more years until I can retire from where I'm at. Shit... Can I say loser. It was great chatting with her, I told her I was gay and we swapped man stories. She never married but does have a daughter whos father is black. We have so much in common. My fb, Mac is black and has been trying to knock me up this whole summer, but it just doesn't take. I must be barren....Thank god because I'm afraid I'd give birth to a "bad seed". Anyway our 20 yr. reunion is coming up next year and it looks like she's gonna drag me to it. Which is good cuz I chickened out and didn't go to my 10 yr. (dam social anxiety). It will be good to see her in person. I never told her this, but when we parted ways I was kinda irked at her cuz she fucked my best friend who I had a major crush on at the time, but its all water under the bridge anymore.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My fathers birthday party luncheon went ok, we had about 24 people altogether. I've been kind of down since then and I'm guessing that it was probably because of the party. I'm sure it's because I'm to sensitive but it kind of bugged me that none of my nieces and nephews children didn't bother to say hello to me. But then again when I was a teen I didn't want to talk to adults either.

My oldest (religious) sister and I didn't say anything to each other until we were in the parking lot when we were all leaving, but we did give each other a light hug and said goodbye. Didn't say or hear a hello or goodbye from her husband who is a Baptist minister either but that's no surprise since I'm a going to hell sinner. I gave my dad a card that said, "Inside every old person is a young person" and on the inside it read "Wondering what the Hell happened". I noticed that after he opened it and read it he hid it under his other cards instead of passing it around. I'm sure it was because he didn't want to offend my brother inlaw with the word Hell.

My one niece who's only a couple of years older than me, and who I was very close to as a kid, sat across the table from me and that was fun. She flew in from down south. I teased her about becoming a Grandma and we talked and laughed about how we used to swim in the ditch out in front of their house in Louisville when we were kids. I miss those days, before my sister and her husband found the Baptist religion.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Who are the crazies in your neighborhood

Other than being the birthplace of Madonna, Bay City, MI is not unlike any other small city. That is, until the shit hits the fan and when it does this place is like Jerry Springer on acid.

This week, Wednesday morning at 2 am a 20 yo guy was trying to break up a fight outside when a crazy 43 yo guy came running from his house wielding a 28 inch machete and cut the 20 yo left hand almost completely off and severely cut his right hand. The victim was flown to Ann Arbor for surgery. Thank god the police caught the machete wielding crazy man by 10 am.

Shit like this happens quite a bit here.

Last year the police had a 8 hour stand off with a serial child molester that lived two blocks down the street. It ended when the child molester shot himself in the head.

A couple of years ago a divorce lawyer was stabbed to death in front of a downtown restaurant full of people during the breakfast rush. The lawyer was representing/sleeping with the murderers soon to be ex wife. After stabbing the lawyer repeatedly the assailant then took another knife, put it to his own chest and then jumped on it killing himself also.

A couple of years before that a woman who owned a small gift store downtown specializing in angels was stabbed for no apparent reason. She lived, the assailant was never caught.

Then there was the two brothers that shot and killed two police officers for no apparent reason the one brother was shot and killed in the shoot out and the other ran down to the river and tried to drown himself, but was later apprehended.

We also have the occasional depressed person who tries to jump off the bridge, which is not high enough to do any damage, but will get you sent to the mental ward at the hospital for evaluation.

I do like this town, its not dull, that's for sure. Like Jerry Springer its got its nuts and sluts but most of the people are very friendly and kind. What won me over about this place is when I first moved to Bay City back in 1991 I was sitting at a street light and to kill time until the light changed I was people watching. Across the street there was a car also waiting for the light and I saw the drivers window roll down about 4 inches and the driver spit a big loogie out the window. I was amazed at the accuracy of the person considering I can't spit standing outside without hitting myself. Then the light turned green and I wanted to see this person who could spit out a window that was barely open and to my surprise it was a little old woman in a babushka (bonnet/handkerchief).

Other than the crazy machete wielding freak nothing much is new here. I'm taking tomorrow off and Scooby and I and my family are going out for lunch to celebrate my fathers 85 birthday. Happy Birthday ya grumpy old fart! I will have to say that my sister did something that meant the world to me. When putting together the newspaper announcement for dads birthday she asked me if I wanted Scooby included and how to word it. I said yes to include him and to say that he's my partner. I'm kind of wondering what or if my coworkers are going to say or mention it considering that I wasn't "out" at work. They come across as kind of homophobic so it may be interesting. Oh well fuck it, I'm far from giving a shit anymore. Later....

Monday, August 16, 2004


Scooby was given his 30 days notice by fucking Home Depot earlier this month. He's basically being fired because he's HIV poz or in truth because the side effects of his meds leaves him with chronic nausea, diarrhea and vomiting which limits him from being able to work the crazy schedule that they enforce on their workers. Isn't that just great. He's been there for about 10 yrs.. Fuckers Fuckers Fuckers....

Things have really changed there and none of its for the good. He was fired years ago right after he became poz and started having problems with the meds and side effects. But back then Human Resources still had some say in how things are done and they not only rehired him but they demoted the manager that fired him. Well then the founders of Home Depot retired and hired an accountant to run their organization. (Bad Idea considering that accountants care about money, not people) That's when the trouble really started. Opening more stores and only running them on skeleton crews. (One person per dept.)

Then the head honcho sent out a memo a year or so ago saying, "No set schedules", in other words we don't care if your health problems interfere, you will work when you're told to work." There is no way Scooby could work first thing in the morning, cuz that's when he is at his sickest from the time he gets up till about noon. So management then gave him an ultimatum, that he could work the hours of his choice if he were to go from full time to part time and of course this means giving up his health insurance. Gee, how convenient for them. Scooby unfortunately had to agree and go to part time and loose his health ins.. Now management is saying that he has to work whenever they schedule him even if he is part time and they're trying to schedule him at 8am again. (knowing good and well) that he can't make it in that early) They say either work the hours we schedule or he's fired. Its a big set up, they schedule him for times they know he can't work so then when he calls in sick they have just cause to fire him. Fuckers

Last November and December they just quit scheduling him. There excuse was that no part time people were working because it was the slow time, even though Scooby had seniority over everyone in the store including management. Finally he went back to work, but then they did the same thing in July. They called him once and asked him to work a morning and considering how sick he is in the morning he had to decline. This fuckin shit happens everytime a new manager comes to the store (which is quite often). Scoobys agreed to try and work all scheduled hours to try and please his Nazi boss, at least until his vacation is due, which is soon. Then I wouldn't blame him if he quit, their making him miserable which is definately not good for his health.

We are so fucked though, there are no other jobs around here. If he were to get fired trying to get unemployment in Michigan is next to impossible, since its all done by an automated phone system. (No real people) You can sit for hours pushing buttons and it will get you no where, other than round and round in a vicious annoying circle. But I'm sure he can get some handyman work so that will help him out.

This is just making me sick to my stomach. When I was a teen gay boy I had dreams that once I was an adult and had a boyfriend that we would be able to travel and see the world. I just figured with two incomes and no kids, that we'd have the money to do practically anything. Well like Julia Sweenie said, "God said, Ha"...

Friday, August 13, 2004

Loves and laughs

I love Fridays, especially during the summer. I work afternoons cleaning offices and Fridays are the best. People either leave early or don't come in at all and that makes my job so much easier. It's probably the combination of it being the last day of work and it being an easy day that sometimes I find myself skipping from office to office empty trash and sprucing everything up. It also helps that management lets us come in an hour early on Fridays so we get to leave early. YEA! I can't help it I love Fridays, even when they land on the 13th.

I also love The Graham Norton Effect, God can he make me laugh. Last night he had a girl from the audience stand up and name every slang name for penis that she could think of in so many seconds, I think she got about 20, then he says, "Well lets see how your mom does", cut to her mom at home and she gets about 18 words for penis. Then he says, "Now, lets see how grandma does" and the girl is as shocked as anyone when they cut to her grandma at home. And guess what Grandma won with about 24 different names for penis. I about pissed myself I laughed so hard. He also had John Waters on last night promoting his new movie, "A Dirty Shame" staring Tracy Allman as a sex addicted store clerk. OMG it looks so funny! I've loved almost every movie John has made except for "Cecil B. Demented" (sorry John), but the sound track just didn't fit his normal style. I think its the funky old tunes that really make it a John Waters movie.

Anyhoo thats about it for this week. A special thanks to Homer for the sexy and revealing pic, WOOF WOOF!! Hell if I'd a known you wanted gravy with those mashed potatoes I email ya, I'd of whipped some up myself.

Also Sissy Spacechic is guest blogging this weekend at Water Colour Boy's site. I got turned on to Sissy just before she quit blogging and it was like losing a new friend. Don't miss her, she's another one that makes me laugh. We miss ya Sissy!

Have a nice weekend y'all

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


I just read Glennalicious's last post about his friends taking him shopping for clothes and the price of Diesel jeans being between $150. - $350.... All I can say is OH MY FUCKING GOD! I had no idea that they were that expensive. I might as well add Deisel Jeans to my list of never haves. For Gods sake $350 would almost make my mortgage payment.

I'm so glad that Saginaw has an Old Navy store and that they have sales... Old Navy jeans on sale $10., shirts between $5-$10 on sale. I guess I'm glad I don't live in the big city, because this country mouse would be homeless trying to be fashionable. Actually this is why I quit going to Chicago, because of all the fucking tickets that I'd get from the local fashion police.

Call me poor, call me cheap, whatever... As Popeye would say, "I am what I am". I can't believe I'm about to admit to this but last year I gave a bj to a fat fifty-something guy in exchange for 4 flats of flowers for my yard. Actually the guy was Scooby and I's sugardaddy for a couple of years. We'd help him out and he would shower us with gifts. I alone got several nice shirts, a small colored tv with cd player, several cd porn movies, expensive cigars, several fifths of alcohol and a wheelbarrow. Not to mention the $150. we both got at Christmas time and a king size bed that was only 2 yrs old. He also paid for our camp site when we went camping with him and his bf to Saugatuck last year. They have been together for about 25 yrs and his bf didn't put out much anymore and the bf was more than happy that we were taking up the slack.

Unfortunatly he asked to come up (he's from the Detroit area) when we were going to be tearing off the old roof and I told him it wouldn't be a good time because we would be really busy and tired, well I guess he got mad cuz we haven't heard from him since. Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Ok I'm a:

Whore....or Smart shopper....

You decide

Monday, August 09, 2004

Considering the difficulties that I'm having logging onto blogspot, I'm considering relocating to a different blog site. Scooby tells me that its easier to post pics on tripod so I might give them a go. Will post new site if and when it happens, that's if I can log on, that is.

Was suppose to take my dad to his brothers 90th birthday party yesterday but I woke up with an incredible neck ache. (I couldn't turn or tilt my head to the right without pain.) Luckily last week my sister told me that if I couldn't make it to let her know and she'd take him. So I called to see if she was still free and she was, thank god.

I think my neck problems stem back to when I was 21 and got into a car accident. I fell asleep/passed out behind the wheel of my car and went into a 15-20 ft. ditch and hit a culvert. At the time the hospital said I had a chipped vertebrae in my neck, but my Dr. never got the ex-rays from the hospital and just said that if I can move my head back and forth without pain, then I'm fine. I think its probably the chip that I'm having problems with, but luckily it only lasts a day or two and only happens a couple of times a year.

Weird thing, I tried to locate the local Democratic office to stop by and get some bumper stickers and a yard sign. Only to find out that we no longer have a local Democratic office. That's scary! I guess I'll at least try and get some bumper stickers online.

Other than that, had a boring weekend, made some mashed potato salad and gazpacho..... Might be having a get together for our friend T who got a better paying job back home in Australia and is leaving at the end of the month. We will miss ya T. and your excessively furry legs. Woof!

That's it for now and hopefully I'll be able to log on again.

Monday, August 02, 2004

My kooky cousin and the bacon eating jewish boy

Well the reunion went great this weekend! My dad and I arrived and of course we didn't recognize anyone, so we asked if we had the right reunion and they confirmed that we did. I then was directed to my second cousin who had invited us. After saying hello and what not, he got everyone's attention and introduced me and told everyone of my family research and then turned to me and said, "The floor is yours". OMG! I could have just crawled under a rock, I was so mortified.

I started off by saying that I was a horrible public speaker. Then I started explaining about how are great grandfather and his sisters had immigrated here from Germany, and started showing pictures and such. Well that really got the ball rolling, there were several old timers that helped fill in a lot. Like how my great grandfather disowned my grandfather for getting my grandmother pregnate before they were married and that my great grandfather had done the same thing with our great grandmother (getting her pregnate before they got married, that is). Then the big reveal that great grandma was actually Jewish and not German.

While we were all getting to know each other and gossiping about family ancestors, this slim woman with wavy blonde hair and glasses (similar to the old cat eye style) came up with her arms full of stuff. She then announced, "Hey everyone, Look what I got at the yard sale across the street." She then pulled out these two old vintage dresses, one looked as if it had been a cocktail dress and was gold with pleats that ran at a diagonal. She then introduced herself as my second cousin Jeanie and told me that she had gone to school with my youngest sister. Then a little while later, I heard Jeanie say, "Hey you guys, Look at me". Jeanie had pulled the gold cocktail dress on over her clothes and was modeling it for everyone and doing a little dance to boot. Everyone laughed and Jeanie said, "someone take my picture". Then her mom (who is a family historian also) said, "my kids are such clowns". Jeanie then looked at me and winked, and I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with everyone else.

For the rest of the weekend (and probably for the rest of my life) when I thought of Jeanie in that dress, I would get this goofy smile on my face and know that I'm home.

Today my Doctor's nurse called to tell me that all my labs came back normal. Yea! That's good to know since I haven't been taking my afternoon meds for the last month, just morning and night meds. She also said that my liver is normal also. Double Yea! But that my cholesterol is high, 142 when it should be under 130 and that the Dr. wants me to lower it through diet. DIET, why can't I just take another pill to lower it, so I can eat what I want Dammit. Oh well so much for the half a package of bacon that I normally eat on the weekend.

Funny how I find out that I'm part Jewish and that I can't eat bacon anymore (or at least not as much) in the matter of a few days.