Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy weekend

I got to my dads at noon on Friday and my bro and sis had just decided to end the garage sale early, which was fine by me. So we took what we wanted and divided the rest into donate and trash and two carloads to Salvation army and one to the dump and we were done.

Saturday we headed to the flea market and met up with our friend Thurston. I ended up buying one of those double baskets that fit on the back of a bike for 15 bucks, what a deal compared to the ones that sell on EBay. Scooby ended up buying a commercial Bunn coffee maker for 15 bucks also. We then headed to Saginaw to Hobby Lobby and Michaels crafts. I needed more stuff for the flower arrangements that I'm making up for my parents and grandparents graves. I also wanted to find a picture frame for my Edward Hopper print "Chop Suey Restraunt" and "New York Movie 1930". Didn't find one for Chop Suey, but I did get NY Movie framed. Saturday night we went to the neighbors and bowled on their new Wii game and drank strawberry margaritas. yum yum

Sunday was beautiful so I worked out in the yard most of the day. I condensed one of my flower beds and moved my Hosta's to make way for a new deck that we are planning. Then we started cleaning out the side porch to get ready to build the floor. Its just been a dirt floor storage area but that will change soon enough. It will eventually be the hot tub/ play room, and it will also house the freezer that we got from the neighbors.

Then before work today we went to Menards and got the fire pit they have on sale. Then we headed for Home Depot to buy the supplies for the side porch floor. Thank god they rent trucks cuz there was no way that we would have been able to get that stuff home in my Aztek all in one trip. I also bought a climbing rose bush to help shade the front porch. I really didn't want pink blooms but that was all they had so I guess it will have to do. Red would have been my first choice.

Hope everyone had a great and productive weekend like myself.

Monday, April 23, 2007

One tired puppy

Well things went pretty smoothly cleaning the rest of my dads stuff out. He really didn't have as much crap in the garage that I thought he did. We got done early enough Saturday that we actually started the sale that day. I managed to his lazyboy hauled home Friday and then his craftmatic bed Saturday night. The base of the bed is heavier then a muther fucker and of course it was going upstairs. Once we got it up there and set up Kiddo and Clyde couldn't stop smelling the side of the bed that my dad basically bled out on. Which was kind of disturbing.

Sunday I got up early and started stacking firewood from the five trees that we had cut down in the back yard. By the time I was almost done Scooby had gotten up so then we made a makeshift storage area above the side porch in order to store the siding we haven't gotten installed yet. The side porch doesn't have a floor yet so we need to clear it out in order to start building the floor, which is our next project.

Then last night I didn't sleep worth a shit. Got up early again today and did 3 loads of laundry before I went to work. Tuesday and Wednesday this week I got house cleaning jobs before work then Thursday and Friday I'm helping with the sale of my dads stuff.

Thank god I took Friday off.....

Monday, April 16, 2007

The next couple of weeks are going to be frantic. This Friday and Saturday my sisters and I are going through my dad's garage and getting ready for a garage sale the following weekend. My dad's house has been sold and final signing is next week. The guy wants to move in immediately but said we could still use the garage for the sale. oiy...... My brother was suppose to help tag everything but now he is only going to be there to help run the sale. I have no idea why he can't be there when he was suppose to, he is retired.....

A friend of ours is going to jail for 90 days and has invited us to an "I'm going to jail party" this Saturday. What do you bring to that? a carton of cigarettes?

Also we've decided to look for vacant property down in NOLA then eventually build on it. This way we can hopefully get property in a decent area and sit on it until we finish the house here. Also with Scooby building it we know it will hold up to a hurricane.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wednesday afternoon it started snowing and snowing and snowing. Against better judgement I went to work, but ended up leaving 2 hours early cuz I wanted to get home before it started to freeze. The drive home was treacherous and the worst conditons all winter. HELLO ITS FUCKING APRIL FOR GOD SAKE!!!!! I decided that if there is a God he hates us. By the time I got to Bay City the snow had turned to rain and by the time I woke up the next morning 99% of the snow was gone. YES!

Today it was in the 40's-50's. Which I embraced whole heartedly, my cabin fever subsiding. Being stuck in the house 4 months out of the year can get a little depressing. Anyway in other news I've started teaching myself sign language and am really enjoying it. I hope the next time we go down to NOLA I'll see the cute deaf guy again, this time we can communicate a little better.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm so fuckin tired today. Last Thursday I went to Saginaw to clean a house and when I got there I realized that I had forgot my key to get in. So I cleaned it this morning instead, before I headed to Midland to clean my sisters house. After the first house I needed to get lunch and I still have my gift certificates that I gave my dad for Christmas for his favorite restraunt sooo I decided that it was time to use one of them. It was weird/sad eating there alone, I felt like one of those people in an Edward Hopper painting. I managed to keep it together and actually kind of felt my fathers presence sitting across the table from me, which was nice. Once I got out to the car I had a brief little cry and then headed to the dollar store.

After that I cleaned my sisters place and once I got done I had almost 2 hours before I had to be to work. So I headed to the cemetery and cleaned up around my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandmothers graves. My mother used to take me to the cemetery alot when I was a kid since we lived right down the road. We'd pump water from the well and water the plants on my grandparents grave and she would point out my great grandparents grave. For some reason I find the cemetery relaxing, so I think I'm going to start focusing more attention and take care of my families plots.

So that was today in a nutshell. I'm thinking of posting more pics here once we get our camera fixed.

Monday, April 09, 2007

For the last several days I've woken up with a really sore back. I go to bed feeling fine, but when I wake up.... agony. The bed itself is a semi new expensive bed that sugar daddy gave us a year or so ago.

Today I got up fed the cats and went and layed down on the couch with the heating pad. Ended up falling back to sleep and when I woke up all three cats where snuggled up around me. What a comforting feeling...I was on my side and Clyde was nestled in behind my legs, Puddy was against my chest and Kiddo was laying on my torso. Their not big snugglers so this was a treat.

Sunday we went to my sisters for Easter dinner. Then I played a card game with my sister, niece-inlaw and great niece. I won and then we called it a day and headed home. We stopped at my Dad's place and picked up the carpet that was out in the garage that had been replaced from his house. I plan on using it in the spare bedroom upstairs which is almost finished and the other piece probably on the back porch. Hopefully it will survive until we can get in layed down, since one of the cats has decided that it's really fun to shred the ends of it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

More random stuff

Went over to a friends house last night to have a few drinks and ended up watching Female Trouble. I'm a sponge when it comes to useless information and our host told me that the little girl who played Taffy aka Hilary Taylor now is a real estate agent in Boston. That made me wonder if she is Will's agent from DesignerBlog since he recently put his house up for sale.

Scooby drank to much and started biting and pinching me quite hard, which I didn't find one bit amusing. I kept telling him to stop, but it fell on deaf/drunk ears. Finally I pinched his ear till it got really red, then he stopped. Drama drama. It's funny how we can annoy each other when the other has been drinking. Don't know how this will unfold IF we move to NOLA.

The biting started to remind me of Jackies psycho girlfriend on "Workout". I watched most of the first season but once they started promo'ing the second season they insinuated that Jackie was back with the psycho and I couldn't watch. I got plenty of train wrecks right at home to watch thank you. That's like that fucking stupid ass reality show "Airport". Who the fuck watches that, its like all the stress of traveling but without going anywhere.

As for NOLA. I've been calculating and if I cash in the stocks that I'll get from inheritance and if my dads house sells and if I also refinance my house I just might be able to swing it. I've been advised to save my stocks for retirement, but I have a problem seeing that far in the future. I'm already 11 yrs. into HIV and I've got 25 yrs till retirement, it just doesn't seem fathomable that I'll survive that long. Hell if I could get the retirement that I have saved through work I could buy the place in NOLA now for cash. But I can't touch that $ till I'm like 65. Are there still companies that buy life insurance policies?