Monday, August 18, 2008

Neighbor update 2

The teenage boys behind us have graduated from throwing eggs to slamming golf balls into our back fence. I found two in our back yard so far, I'm sure its only time before they start breaking windows.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Neighbor update

What I forgot to mention in my last post was we found out that once the neighbor lady behind us divorced she could no longer make her mortgage payment and fell behind. Her church caught her up on payments and also gave her like 8,000 to replace the roof that was in bad shape. She took the money for the roof and her and her grandkids went on vacation down south. While down there she rekindled an old romance and planned on moving.

This was confirmed when our next door neighbor went back to complain about the liquor bottles being thrown into his back yard she told him that he didn't have to worry because they were moving in a few weeks...... that was in June and they are still here.

Her cool oldest gay grandson came back from down south and told us that he came back to help his grandma move but who only knew when that was gonna happen cuz she keeps putting things off. Well he stopped in last night and told Scooby that they were going back so she could enroll the kids in school down there and then come back and get the rest of their shit. So hopefully they will be gone within a month.

Everyone is encouraging me to find out who is the lender on the house and try to buy it. I don't think I can afford it but it is a nice dream. We could rent the house out to friends and take the extra lot and maybe build a garage and have an actual garden or something. We will see.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just recieved my first compliment on my work from a dept. that I've cleaned for for the last 5-7 yrs.. I was so shocked that I didn't know whether to fall down, cry or shit my pants. Thank god the people who replace me when I'm on vacation suck. lol

In other news:

Our neighborhood is getting bad. A few years ago when the white people behind me moved in with their dozen black grandkids our next door neighbors threw a fit. I take pride for my non-racist attitude and told them don't worry about it that the oldest grandkid was gay and totally cool.
Well he moved out of state and grandma got a divorce. Earlier this summer the kids threw eggs over the back fence splattering our deck. I thought once was no big deal so I did nothing about it. Then the neighbors next door found empty liquor bottles in their back yard also. Note: the people behind us have a double lot so both of our houses ajoin their property. Come to find out the people down the street won't let their kids play with the kids behind us because they're the ones that did indeed steal the liquor. Now a few weeks ago our cars got egged and you could tell by the direction that they hit that it came from the kids behind us. We called the police this time and they just told us to take pictures, that they couldn't make it out, so we did.

This weekend three young teens (white, black and hispanic) entered the bar down the street asked for free soda. The female bartender told them no and that it was after 9pm that they had to leave. So they went out and broke the windows out of her van. When she went to leave they robbed her at knife point and threatened to beat her with a skate board.

I'm like WTF!!!! This latest story was told to me by the guy next door cuz he frequents the bar. Needless to say we no longer leave our windows open on the main floor when we go out, day or night. We've also started securing our property, fencing off the back yard so you can't get in without us letting you in. I'm also planning on putting up security lights around the back and side yards, the front it already very well lit. I also bought a sign that says:

No trespassing
will be shot
will be shot again

I'm hoping this will help deter any problems.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Camping recap

Our camping trip was fun. We met up with old friends and made some interesting new ones. Scooby and I collected alot more beads for showing our you know what to several guys.

My best part was meeting Tommy. He's this sexy married/bi/transexual guy fresh out of the army. He came up to us when his group first got there and warned us that he'd probably be dressed like a woman during the weekend, we told him no problem, we didn't care. Late Saturday evening I drunkenly stubbled back to our campsite and saw a glow stick laying on the ground. I said, "Hey a glow stick!" and bent over to pick it up when everyone screamed at me,


Unfortunatly I had already picked it up and immediatly gave it a toss back to Tommy's groups campsite. Then proceeded through out the nite to stick my hand under everyones nose and ask if it smelt like Tommy's ass. Apparently one of his friends stuck it up there. Scooby also spanked the hell out of Tommy with one of his leather slapper things that has a star cut out of it.

Sunday when we were all getting up and starting to pack Tommy came out of his tent, wig a tangled mess, stumbled over to a picnic table and sat down and immediatly said "Ouch". We all laughed and debated whether it was the glow stick or the paddling that he got the night before.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another camping trip

Thursday we leave for Saugatuck to go camping at Campit. This weekend is their Mardi Gras weekend. Last year was a total blast with a weekend full of festivities. There is the Mr. and Miss Campit competition, best costume contest, Mardi Gras parade, and last but not least the Boubon St. party in the new trailer park area. Not to mention there should also be some action going on in the woods as well...... I hope.

In between all that I'll be hanging out in the pool.