Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Nothing much going on. Trying to get the yard winterized, you know empty the water features, dump the potted flowers and pack away the pots, collect leaves ect.. Boring stuff. I tried to take a pic of my scooter today but my camera is fucked up.

Halloween is around the corner and I've been thinking about going as Amy Winehouse. I got the wig, but haven't planned much else, so it might be skag drag Amy. The thing is she wears such skimpy outfits and I'd have just too much hair to shave off, arms, legs, chest. It ain't gonna happen, the beard alone is going under alot of debate. I haven't seen my bare face in years.....

In other news...... My Dr. put me on antidepressants. Started out on Zoloft, that lasted less then a week. Sorry but if I can't keep an erection through sex how is that suppose to help depression. Now I'm on Welbutrin? I think. Have been on that for a couple of weeks and the only difference I see is the constant headache. Seriously I dont' think I'm that depressed to bother, so I think I'm just gonna quit the pill shit and do what my ancesters did, suck it up.

Anyway that is it for the shit.....

Monday, October 06, 2008

Goodbye Johnny

Scooby called me Thursday night to let me know that a close friend of ours John Haggerty died. If you read this at all he was the one I referred to as "JJ", the guy that broke his toes at our house back in July. Apparently he had some hereditary heart ailment.

Johnny lived and partied like there was no tomorrow. And when he partied, it was best for all concerned if we kept an eye on him. Once he danced on our friend Joe's old moe hair couch, note this was before he lost the weight when he was around 300 lbs., that poor couch has never been the same...

Another night, at Joe's again, we had all retired, but Johnny was still going at it and ended up in Joe's hot tub and passed out with a pack of cigarettes. The next morning he woke shriveled in a luke warm tobacco soup.

I think it was our 4th of July party last year that I found him passed out sitting upright on the couch with potato salad all down the front of him. He appartently passed out while in the process of eating. I cleaned him up and found the remainder of his plate on the floor.

One time him and Joe went to Flint for his lesbian sisters birthday party and almost got kicked out when he of course drank to much and got hungry and started to scoop food out with his bare hands from the buffet, totally grossing out the lesbians. That night someone told Joe that they would buy him drinks the rest of the night if he kept Johnny in check.

And last but not lest he loved to dress like Dawn Davenport (Divine in Female Trouble) for Halloween.

We'll miss you Johnny, life definitely won't be the same without you.