Monday, September 26, 2005

Party, Party, War and more

Our going away party for "R" was a success. Everyone had a great least most of them did. "R" is moving in with his mom for the last few weeks before he leaves, and I made the comment at the party that if he needed to escape that he was more than welcome to come on over. Well Jimmy over heard a little bit and said, "what?". So I repeated it and I don't think he was all that happy. Jimmy who has no car or drivers license, recently lost his job and his apartment in our town and had to move in with his parents back in Saganasty aka Saginaw. Before he moved home, I got the impression that he wanted us to take him in, and that was totally out of the question. Scooby and I agreed that we could only take small doses of Jimmy and his manic behavior. Yes I've watched "Reefer Madness" and "Cocaine Fiends" but I refuse to live it...

It was decided at the party that we are going to host a Halloween party before "R" leaves. But then he stopped by today and said he's going to try and leave early cuz his mom's already driving him crazy and he hasn't even totally moved in with her yet. I'm kinda hesitant about having the party cuz we don't have alot of room since our bedroom is under construction and we've been sleeping in the livingroom for the and a half. Good God..has it been that long... I want my house back, it used to be a very cool showplace ya know. All this construction is Scooby's way of breaking me of my OCD. I guess...All I know is that I've taken alot more prescription pills since this all started.

Sunday we went to "The River of Time" in the park behind the house. I've lived here for like 15 yrs. and this is the first time I've made it down there. In fact I had nicknamed it "The River of Hell" cuz of all the cannons being shot off all weekend long. It's basically war reenactments. We witnessed the war between the red coats and I guess. I'm horrible with history, I had to ask Scooby which one was the North, blue or grey? I should have known since we are in the north and there wasn't a grey to be seen. Then we went home and watched "Ginger Snaps", which I thought was going to be something like "I'm gonna get u Sucka". Turned out it was a colonial werewolf movie. The name through me off, it was pretty cool just the same.

Wednesday we are going to a free Ebay how to, thingy hosted by the post office. Would like to get into selling our shit on Ebay instead of this yard sale fucking nonsense. I'm still not sleeping worth a shit, woke up every two hrs last night, FUCK. Then Friday I'm getting my tattoo, needless to say I'm hyped...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey Mr. Sandman, where the hell R U

I've decided to only take Xanax on Wednesday night to get to sleep since Thursday is the only day that I need to get up early. Last night I layed in bed what seemed like forever. I kept hearing something, thought it was the cat scouting the bedroom. It ended up being the wind blowing the piece of foam that is wedged in the window next to the air conditioner. Finally got to sleep, then Scooby came to bed and I woke up. Dam... Only got about 5 hrs. sleep. Double dam....

Woke up this morning and fucked the bf for almost an hour, nice to know the antidepressants aren't affecting me down there....yet. Banged him slow, banged him hard, banged him every which way. He likey. After a couple of cups of coffee this morning I started to feel excessively jittery, like I had too much energy. So no coffee tomorrow, think I might be getting enough stimulants with the Zoloft. Does it have stimulants? Today we packed the air conditioner away for the season. So no more rattling foam. Yea!

Tomorrow we're having a going away party for "R" who is moving to Australia to be with his bf. Lucky....At least we'll have a place to stay if we make it out there to visit. That is if there's any cash left after we finish the house, or if Scooby finds a steady job. I really envy how "R" has liquidated practically everything, wish I could do that. Even after the yard sale we still got too much shit.

Finally heard from all our friends from NOLA. All are safe, some are in northern Mississippi and Florida, most "were" in Houston. Wonder where they are now? Now that they're evacuating. I hope they can get NOLA back to some kind of normal, would like to go back down for the Holidays. But if that doesn't pan, maybe we'll take a few weeks off and take a road trip out to San Francisco in April instead of flying out for "D's" wedding. That way we can stop and visit Scooby's mommy out in Oklahoma.

Well that's about it, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Singing and a dancing

I decided a little while ago that I should probably go back on Zoloft for awhile. My Doc had put me on it last year, but after a week or two I quit. It was making me too aloof feeling and at the time we were working on tall ladders and scaffolding on the house and I didn't feel safe, so I quit. This time I'm breaking the pills in half and only half dosing. I can actually say that I'm starting to feel pretty fucking good.

Today was my Thursday morning house cleaning job and I usually drag major ass while trying to clean. Today on the other hand I was singing and dancing my way through the cleaning, like I was in a fucking musical or something. I'm also finding that I'm alot more talkative. I should of started taking the dam things several weeks ago, probably could of avoided that whole little rocky episode.

I'm also going to participate in AIDS WALK MICHIGAN this year on Oct.1. I was a little reluctant to start out, cuz I'm horrible at asking people for money, but like I said I'm feeling pretty fuckin good! I haven't done any fundraising since I was a teenager and rollerskated for Muscular Dystrophy out in Tucson. The local HIV/AIDS organization has done so much for me and Scooby, its time I give back. Anyway if anyone would like to sponsor me and make a donation email me and I'll give ya my name and you can follow the link above.

I've also decided to cut back on the smoke and weekend drinking, or at least just stick to red wine. Think it will help clear my head and get back on track so I can get off the Zoloft and Xanax down the road.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Weekend recap

I went to track down my tattoo artist guy Friday only to find out that he moved to Florida, years ago. Dam.. But I hit some other tattoo places and found a hottie that does great work. Two things that are most important, a good artist, and sexy too. So I'm getting work done in a couple of weeks. YEA!

Friday was busy and fun, ended up at the Berg for drinks. The couple was there that had the after bar party last month, the one that I walked home from. Their like why'd you walk home? I lied and just apologized for being bipolar. Like I'm really gonna say, "cuz I got woke up when your bf and mine were fucking around". Knowing good and well they don't have an open relationship. I'm not into starting shit unless you back me in a corner. So I let it be.

Saturday I slept most of the day. In fact I slept more that day then I have in a week. Contemplated that I should quit drinking since it just elevates my hostility towards people who give me shit and push my buttons. Didn't do anything for the b-day, other than go and pig out on Chinese buffet. Yum! Don't think it's the age thing that's bothering me so much as it is that I'm going to be 40 next year and I haven't accomplished shit in my life. Other than having a roof over my head. I'm seriously suffering from job burnout, but what else is there for me too do? If you ever see me behind a counter asking "Do ya what fries with that"....please shoot me. Can a tattoo'd poz slut be a budist monk? I swear I'd give up sex if I could get out of having to have a job.

Today was my first day back after a four day weekend. Went down to the kitchen area at work to get something to drink and said a cheery "hello" to an semi familiar lady that I've only seen a couple of times. Who silently looked right through me and continued on like I wasn't even there. It's so nice to be back.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

39 Forever!

Gay Canadian X Party Boy and I share a birthday. This Sunday he turns 32, I on the other hand am turning 39. I DON'T WANNA TURN 40 NEXT YEAR! It could be worse though, my brother turned 59 this year. Anyway go over and wish him a happy birthday if ya get the chance.

I'm taking Friday and Monday off. YEA! I love 4 day weekends. Friday Scooby and I are planning to go and track down the guy that did some tattoo work on me 10-12 years ago. Being the vain person that I am, I want to have the backs of my calves done to hide the bald patches where the hair won't grow anymore. Don't know if I'm going to be able to have it done then or just discussed and then come back later.

After that we're planning to go hit the second hand shops in town. Then dinner at a restaurant that a friend of ours owns. Then its off to the Four Points Sheridan to a wine tasting that another friend of ours is hosting. If we're not all tired after the wine tasting we will probably go out to the Berg for a few more drinks.

Sunday all we have planned is to go out for Chinese buffet. Oh and drink. Oh well this is my last year in my 30's...sniff. Its been a dam good 9 years. Actually age has never really effected me much. I always program myself into thinking that I'm a year older so then when I have a birthday I'm the age that I've been thinking I was all year. Kinda silly, I know...but that's me.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time out

I think I'm going to take a break in blogging for a while. I spent this morning printing all my best of entries with plans to just delete this blog, but have just decided to take a bit of a break and unscramble my brain.

I've lost all hope and faith for this country. My favorite city could possibly be in ruins. And most of all I think I lost my sense of humor. My anger is turning into depression. I work constantly to try and make ends meet, and I'm tired. Everyone is spending their summer at pool parties, playing and traveling and I spend mine working like a dog.

I've spent the last week arguing and defending New Orleans to simple minded people and I'm emotionally exhausted. I'm at my happiest when I'm in New Orleans, so my game plan is to eventually sell everything, go off my HIV meds, move down there and have fun till I drop dead of AIDS.

Friday, September 02, 2005

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President Bush says:
"This situation is totally unacceptable!"

But don't blame him, he's just running the country... poorly

In the past several years the Corp of Engineers have stressed the importance of a new levee system and revitalization of the coastal wet lands that protect the city of New Orleans, a city that sinks 3 feet every century.

The Bush administration has cut 10's of millions of dollars that funded this effort.

The cost for a completely new levee system... 18 Billion

The cost so far for the war in Iraq... 191 Billion and growing

If the levee's hadn't of broke most of these people would be home cleaning up after the Hurricane.

The flooding was NOT a natural disaster... It was an avoidable one.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Red Cross Donation link

Here's a link to donate to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Every little bit helps. Please donate today!

Word from the French Quarter

I went to clean "L"s house this morning and as I was cleaning I kept seeing hints that "L" hadn't been there.
1. No money left to pay me for cleaning. Ok sometimes he forgets, no biggie.
2. I noticed that the lights were on in the living room. Ok he does that when he's on vacation.
3. His shaving kit that always sits next to his sink is not there.
4. His work ID badge is sitting in the kitchen.

Ok I thought, He and a group of friends went down to New Orleans for the weekend, but I just thought that they left before the hurricane hit.

Then I thought I should probably go and check the mailbox. If he was planning on being gone so long he'd of had his mail put on hold. Went out there and the mailbox was overflowing with a weeks worth of mail.


Called his cell and am told that due to the hurricane my call can not be connected.
I brought in his mail and finished cleaning and went home worrying all the way. Got home and tried to call again.

L: Hello
Me: "L"?
L: Yes
M: OMG are you down there, are you ok.
L: Yes we were stranded at the hotel. They've declared marshal law. Their evacuating us today, but the bus that was suppose to pick us up got commandeered. Now that were not at the Hotel I don't know how long my cell will hold out, now that I can't plug it in.
M: Is there anything I can do? Anyone I can call? Do you want me to call the post office and have your mail put on hold?
L: I've contacted all my family, but can you call "C" and tell her that "K" is ok. And yes go ahead and have my mail put on hold, I don't know when I'll be home.
M: Will do.
L: I gotta go, there are people with guns.
M: Um..Ok take care
L: bye

Now I'm really worried....