Monday, September 17, 2007

No plans and my body's downward spiral

Home Depot hasn't worked Scooby in several weeks. So of course they scheduled him to work on my birthday. This happens every year, which is no big deal cuz it gives me free time to play. Of course my fuck/suck buddies are busy also. Dam..... So I'm thinking about heading to the bookstore, hopefully I can find someone to blow who's not a senior citizen yet.

My back is getting a little bit better. I've quit using anything on it other than an occasional heating pad. My hips and legs still ache though. God I'm going to be 41 tomorrow, I'm afraid my body isn't going to make it to retirement. I forgot to mention that I threw my neck out while taking a shower this weekend. If this is what the 40's are all about, kill me now. Thankfully my neck only took a day to heal.

So I'm taking tomorrow off and Wednesday in case I need to recouperate. I said I had no plans in the title but actually I plan on taking us out to the local chinese buffet for lunch Wednesday and I kind of want to see Rob Zombies Halloween. Schools back in session so an early show shouldn't be busy at all. And as for tomorrow I'm hoping to find me some strange, hopefully more than one. Wish me luck.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back pain, shock treatments & the bf goes back to work

Last week I bent over to pick up some trash and my lower back immediately seized up. I'm fine as long as I stay sitting or standing, but trying to stand after sitting is very painful. I've used a heating pad most of the week, tried stretching and was still having problems. Today I started switching from heat to cold and it seems to be working.

Also I totally forgot about my tens unit. I bought it last year after watching xtubes e-stim videos with guys having hands free orgasms. Needless to say it was a little too shocking for my privates, but it works great on my back. I'm being shocked as I write, and thank god its not as painful to stand up now.

Also Scooby worked this week. Luckily one of our straight friends tried to fix his own shower leak and reefed on the pipe too much and broke it. So Scooby fixed that for them and while he was there the wife decided to get a new vanity also. So guess what, I'll be getting a birthday card from my baby this year!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a big Happy Birthday to Homer on Sunday!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend review

This weekend we finally got the windows installed in the side porch which has been wrapped in a blue tarp for a couple of years now. So we are finally blue tarp free and the questions of "when are you going to take down that blue tarp?" will now come to an end. YAY! We had friends up from Detroit this weekend and a bunch of us went to the flea market. Scooby found some outdoor flood lights so the outside of our house in now illuminated. I made breakfast for everyone on Sunday which included, bacon, eggs, toast, hash browns and waffles.

Next week we hope to install the new porch posts which have been sitting around for a year or more. Will try and take some pics and post if it stops raining. It started raining this evening and is suppose to continue into tomorrow.

Its been weeks since I let Scooby fuck me so last night I put out and he broke me back in good. He moved the sling upstairs to the attic/hobby room. There's more room up there so it worked out good. He stretched me out with a couple of our toys then plunged his own cock deep in me. He stood there and guilded me on and off of his cock. Did i mention that I love our sling......

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This and that

I think my favorite CD this year has been Amy Winehouse's Back to Black. Every song on the CD rocks! I was really bummed that her USA tour has been cancelled. Even though the nearest concert was going to be in Chicago, amost 6 hours from home, I considered driving it to see her. I kind of worry about her with all the stuff I've heard recently about the trip to the hospital and all the drugs they found in her plus alcohol. It was also rumoured that she was seen in a bathroom smoking a crack pipe. God I hope thats false. I'd hate to see such a talented woman end up dieing of a drug overdose.


My birthday is coming up this month. Scooby has told me in the past to write it on the calender or else he won't remember. Last year he couldn't even afford a card so this year I was thinking, why bother to remind him. But then I figured that he gets plenty of food stamps so I asked that he pick me up a cheesecake and he agreed. Yum!

Not much else is new, life is boring right now. It's basically work, eat, sleep and a little tv in between.