Friday, January 27, 2006

Great refrigerators of New Orleans

Imagine living in a city that everyone had to throw away there refrigerators all at once. This is what happened in New Orleans after Katrina when the electicity was shut off for months.

There were a few still setting out to the curb when we were there over Christmas. They had been out so long that people started using them as message boards looking for lost friends and loved ones. Others just to vent their disgust with the government and a place to show off their graffitti expertise.

Follow the link in the title to see a pic page of some of them.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I hate Michigan!

Tuesday morning...freezing rain causing accidents and traffic pile ups/back ups for at least 4 hours on the highway.

Friday night at work during my break I decided to get online and check email ect.. I was only online for about 20 min. and within that time it went from chilly and dry with no snow outside to 2 fucking inches+ of the white crap. It fucking snowed and snowed and snowed. After hours of the non stop blizzard I decided to head home an hour early cuz who knows how long it would take to get the 20 miles home. Luckily I left at the right time and the highway had just been plowed.

Decided to wait till morning to remove all the white shit. The snow was so fucking heavy that I almost blew up my little snow blower. With the help of Scooby we got the driveway and sidewalk cleared in about an hour. It warmed up during the day and melted some the the crap.

Saturday evening went out to pick up pizza for dinner and almost slipped on the severely icy stairs. Got salt out and salted the side steps and then headed to the front steps to salt them. What I didn't see is that the porch itself near the front steps was all icy and frozen over. And like a slap stick comedy I took one step on the icy porch and my feet flew right out from under me and I landed on the steps, with my elbows hitting first. At first I thought I broke both of my arms, but luckily their just very very sore.

After all this I told Scooby, "We are sooooo out of here!" I've had it with this cold fucking weather. We both can't stand to be cooped up in the house 6 months out of the year either.

SO the game plan is....We are going back down to New Orleans from Feb. 9-19 and looking at real estate. This is the perfect time, we now know what areas that we don't want to live, the flooded ones of course.

Hopefully this will be the last winter that we will spend in the God forsaken state of Michigan. Our friends think were crazy, but I'd rather be swept away in a hurricane or flood than deal with another fucking winter. At least down there you have plenty of warning and can leave before hand.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The link between Orange juice and homophobia

First of all Anita Bryant. She was the epitomy of Florida Orange Juice commericals back in the 70's and also main anti-gay campainist.

Second my homophobic niece gave me a coupon for a free container of Minutemaid Orange juice for Christmas. This is the niece that recently emailed me all the bible scriptures condemning homosexuality. She also sent me links to organizations that would reprogram me and save me from my sin of homosexuality. WTF!!! Needless to say she is so off my Christmas card list.

Third, After drinking a glass of the said OJ I did hate myself just a little. I dumped the rest down the drain. Unlike my niece, I am not a hypocrite and refuse to except any gifts from people who don't repect my life. I call her a hypocrite since she will not go to restraunts that sell alcohol, but she works for an Airline and flys everywhere on planes that sell alcohol. HYPOCRITE!

Monday, January 09, 2006

The return

Well I'm back. Scooby and I had a wonderful time in New Orleans. The city is battered but bouncing back. You can barely tell in the French Quarter that anything happened. There wasn't as much men down there this year so the sordid stories are few and will share soon.

In other news: I blew the door off my closet while I was on vacation. You see my family and I have a don't ask don't tell policy. Granted I take Scooby to all family functions and sign his name to all Christmas cards but nothing has every been discussed.

Well I sent an email to several friends and a few of the wrong family members about "The Book of Daniel" that is too air on NBC. Well my condemning bible banging bitch of a niece replied to it condemning us all. I skimmed though her email too angry and upset to actually read it, I figured I'd deal with it once I got home. Don't want to ruin my vacation vibes. Well little did I know that she sent it to everyone that was included in the first email I sent. Boy did that open up a can of worms, actually more like snakes. My friends and my two nieces have been feuding all week. They didn't like it at all having scripture thrown back in there face. Needless to say I have now excommunicated myself from my one sisters entire family. With a big long letter pointing out all there hypocriticies. Yea Me! I felt so good after writing it that I've decided to go off antidepressants.

This was a long time happening and much needed.