Sunday, January 23, 2005

On the down side

Well now since I wrote about most of my sexventures's during vacation, here's the other side of the things that went on... Less than a week before we left on vacation my cousin (dad's side) dropped dead of a heart attack at 57, so the day before we left was spent at the funeral home chatting with other shocked family members. When Scooby was seven his father died the week before Christmas. My heart goes out to everyone who's lost a loved one right before the Holidays, it totally sucks.

Then while we were gone my moms oldest sister died New Years morning. So when I got back I had a memorial service to go to. My aunt was 89, had altziemers and was living in a nursing home so her children seemed more relieved that her suffering had ended. They had a really nice tribute to her life, as a school teacher and all around great person. I just really wish that our families would get together other than for funerals. But this is what happens when your a "late in life baby", the majority of my cousins were married by the time I came along so all that's left is funerals. We used to have reunions but they ended due to lack of interest.

And last but not least January 12 would have been my mothers 81st birthday and was also the 9th anniversary of her death. I was going to do a tribute blog to her that day but just couldn't do it. I can't believe that it's been 9 years, god I miss her. I think it's really hit harder this year because of the 2 funerals that hit so close together. Anyway, Happy Birthday Momma...

So that's the down side of whats been going on in my life recently.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm back

Hey there, we got back Tuesday afternoon. Will have to give a brief summary for now, cuz I'm swamped trying to catch up at work and trying to keep up with all the snow shoveling. Fuck it was nice to be in decent weather, didn't miss this snow shit at all.

Anyway the morning we were suppose to leave to drive down, that big snow storm hit. Everyone told us to wait, but of course we couldn't. Instead we detoured west and drove down through Illinois. Managed to miss most of the storm until we got to the bottom of Illinois and from there on it was A DRIVING HELL until we got to Mississippi. Needless to say that Arkansas and Tennessee don't have the proper equipment to keep the roads clear and of course they have no salt to melt the ice and snow either. Luckily I'm a very seasoned shitty weather driver. Saw several cars and turned over semi trucks in the ditch. Because of the severely icy roads we tried to stop for the night before we got to Memphis, TN but all the motels were full so we ended up in a 5 mile, two hour traffic jam just to get across the bridge to Memphis. By the time we got across it was about 2am and we luckily found a vacancy at the Econolodge.

We got to the room and Scooby immediately ran to the bathroom and then someone knocked on our door. Stupidly I opened up the door to see who it was and it turned out to be the Econolodge prostitute. She said she locked herself out of her room and needed to call the office but considering she was carrying a empty bottle of baby oil I think she wanted to use more than the phone. She was also looking to party but I managed to get through to her that I wasn't interested and got rid of her before Scooby came out of the bathroom. Definitely will never answer our motel room door in the middle of the night in a strange town again. I was tired and not thinking...luckily we didn't get robbed.

We got down to New Orleans the next day and lets just say the 10 days there, I had so much sex I think my cock is going to fall off. Scooby and I were very naughty and had a blast in the process. Will write more about it soon...I promise.