Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Somewhere in Memphis there's one tired puppy

Everyone's been coming in to work sick lately making the building that I clean one big cesspool of germs. Monday I kept hearing someone coughing up chunks of their lung. Here I'm going on vacation Friday......thanks alot! By late Monday night I had started to develope a sore throat......Great! I decided then that I was going home sick and that I wasn't coming back this week. So I notified work that I'll be out sick for the rest of the week to try and beat this cold before my vacation starts on Friday.

I got home and Scooby and I turned the weather channel on and found that they were predicting a snow storm from here to down south on Wednesday. Sooooo we fled this morning. 12 hours on the road and we're 2/3 of the way there. We're sitting in a little motel down the street from Graceland. I'm drinking some "Airborne" and tending to my sore throat and blogging abit.

Greetings from Memphis

Tomorrow New Orleans


AJ said...

I hope you feel good in the morning. Enjoy your adventure!

Will said...

Have a great time away, get better, and enjoy yourselves!