Monday, December 17, 2007

It was suggested this weekend that I should delete my blog. I'm taking it into consideration. I spent today deleting some posts that I thought might have affended anyone. I don't know if I can delete over three years of my life though.

Update: I think I at least have to take all of my sex stories and move them to a more anonymous blog. I've noticed in my site meter that someone at work has been spending alot of time here.


CRYD said...

Hey there:

I found your blog a few months ago and have read all your entries.

It would be a shame to delete...I know it does get monotonous to write about "boring" items, but hey this is your own creation, enjoy it b/c I do.

My bf is poz I am neg and well we get a kick from reading some of your adventures...especially in New Orleans.

If you do remove it, good luck to you but I hope we get to still see you.


Homer said...

Mike, your blog is one of my favorites. You are a very real person.

If you do delete it, make sure you save all of the entries to a Word document, that way you'll have it for later.

Drub said...

And make sure your loyal readers get the new secret link to keep for their very own enjoyment. ;)

Rick said...

Oh crap, I just started reading you last week and now you're talking about bailing on me? I must agree with Homer - you're genuine, authentic. I enjoy your work a great deal. I vote for keeping the shop open.

John said...

I check this blog once every day or too...i will miss it if you leave...but i love the sex stories!! they're so hot...