Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted much lately other than shit of off youtube. Its just that this winter is kicking my ass. After last weeks dump of a foot of snow my right shoulder started giving me problems to the point last Friday I quit playing a game online cuz it was just too painful. Now I've got pain in both shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. It doesn't help that my muscles in my arms and legs are going numb. I need to get to the Dr. The joint pain is probably arthoritis and the numbness is because of HIV meds and over exersion.

It didn't help today when we got another 4 inches of snow and my snow blower quit on me. I ended up having to shovel the driveway, appoach and the sidewalk. The neighbor has been snowblowing my sidewalk if I didn't have it done but today he didn't. I loaded the broken snowblower into my car and took it to a repair place, then my tail gate wouldn't open so the repair guy and I had to lift it over the tailgate. UGH

Then at work maintenance has been throwing out massive amounts of salt outside which get tracked back in. I have been busting ass trying to keep up with it. I have to sweep and vacuum every inch of my buildings not to mention mopping the floors over and over to get the salt up. I'm so tired and I fear that I don't have many more winters that I can do this job and the only other thing I'm good at is sucking cock. LOL

Anyway thats why I haven't posted much, cuz I'm in my normal winter funk and I'm achey numb and tired as shit. To top it off I heard today that its going to snow again Thursday night. FUCK

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wayne said...

If you can, try this. It might make your job easier.

don't start out by mopping the floor. Scrub it with a hard bristle broom dipped into soapy water. Then do a water rinse mop.

for some reason, the soapy water dissolves the salt and it pick up in the rinse. Maybe try a test patch just to see. Good luck!