Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The real estate lady called me today to say we got the house! I can stress enough to everyone out there, THIS IS A BUYERS MARKET!! Bank/government owned houses are going as low as 11,000. Granted I'm getting ours for a little bit more than that.

This will add a 50ft wide by 100ft deep section to our backyard, plus another 50 X 100 ft lot with a four bedroom house and two car garage on it. Next to the empty lot is another empty lot that is owned part by the city and state which they are holding onto for worker access. I about peed my pants when I got the news. I go in tomorrow to do the paperwork and it will be ours in 60 days, in time for our annual 4th of July party.

Also, the cortazon shot Scooby got in his shoulder is doing a world of good as well.



Tom said...

That's great news and I'm glad that Scoob is feeling better.

Homer said...

Let's see a picture of the new house!

Drub said...

This is great!! Congrats. I'm so hapy for you guys.