Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not much new to report. Still haven't closed on the other house, in fact we just found out that if don't want it to drag out another couple of months we are going to have to drive across the state for the closing. Apparently HUD only went through one Title and Abstract company, and its in Gaylord, way up north. The poor company has been bombarded with the entire states HUD homes and unless you drive to them its going to take awhile for them to get you our area. OIY We have been at least working on the outside of the house so when we do get it we will be ready to focus our complete attention to the inside. We also found a steel exterior door for the house at a flea market for $10. so that will save us about $160 on buying a new one.

In other news, Scooby is slowly feeling better. Happy Spring everyone!


Homer said...

Gaylord has to be the dullest town in northern Michigan. At least the drive north can be pretty in the spring time.

Will said...

I'm addicted to yard sales and thrift shops. It isn't necessarily economic for me, it's a thrill of the chase kind of thing, and a big part of my own feeling hat we have to recycle old stuff much more than we do.