Monday, August 03, 2009

I spent this weekend cleaning the basement of the other house and ripping out some really crappy made shelves to make way for the new drain lines we are putting in. Dam pvc is expensive, spent over 500 bucks for all the new drain lines, but I guess it would be alot more if I had to pay someone else to install so we actually did save money.

We discovered today the the display screen on our camera is broken. It must of happened during our 4th of July party. I'm totally bummed, but like I've said before, I wasn't meant to have anything nice.

On an up note we are heading to Saugatuck camping this weekend. Its Campit's Mardi Gras theme weekend which is usually a blast. We are going to be there Thursday-Sunday. 30% chance of rain, wish us luck....

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Will said...

Have a great time--I assume there's some good revelry at this event? :-)