Thursday, October 15, 2009

I don't know where to start

Well we ended up renting rooms at the other house. 2 rented, 1 to go. One of my very good friends has been acting very crazy lately and ended his short term relationship with his new boyfriend. The guy is very nice and when crazy kicked him out on his birthday no less, he asked if he could rent a room at the other house. I, flat ass broke and needing money, said sure. Well when I informed my good friend that his new ex was going to rent from me he ended our 20 yr. friendship. I was stunned, but what can I do. Said good friend has been a major pill lately so the break is a well deserved one. I'm thinking that its his new hiv meds thats making him so crazy, but that is just a speculation.

A month ago we were doing our weekend thing, hitting the flea market and he told me, "When I break up with ______ you can be as mean as you want to too him." This left me speechless, first I was appalled, then hurt. I can't believe that he thinks that I'm that shallow that I will be mean to another human being just because he tells me I can. The only real reason I can figure that he broke up with him is because they were not sexually compatible. The guy didn't cheat, or lie, or disappear for days on end. I just don't get it...

So far he has been the perfect tenant. Turns down the heat when he leaves for work, is neat and tiddy, pays the rent. The other guy is our old roomate from a few years ago. He should be moving in by next week. 300 each per month should pay the utilities on the house this winter with a little extra to set aside for taxes and insurance on the place. God if I can get the last room rented we should be golden.


Homer said...

As I have recently learned, sometimes it is time to just end a friendship. It sounds like you have reached that point, and perhaps you have made a new friend.

Michael said...

You couldn't have said it better Homer!