Friday, June 25, 2004

Hello out there

Well this is it I finally broke down and created a blog. I've been reading a few for the last few months and decided this would be a good vehicle to vent, make new friends, and hopefully find my voice. I'm kinda illiterate when it comes to computers so please bare with me. I'm a 37 yo gay man living in northern Michigan with my partner "Scooby the manchild". Oh, and as of this week I've been poz for the last 8 yrs.. "Yippee"
I have to say that I'm kinda jealous of the the other poz bloggers out there livin in the big cities, cuz in the small towns being poz is still right up there with being a lepar. Being totally open about being poz and finding extra ciricular sex, either another poz guy or someone who don't mind me being poz, is like looking for a needle in a hay stack..... but I'd have to say that I have found a few needles, and nice ones at that. Me and Scooby go down to New Orleans at least once a year to really sow our wild oats. We love it down there and 9 times out 10 when you disclose that you're poz the other person usually says me too.
But anyway this is me, I've been battling with social anxiety and depression on and off most of my life and am getting fuckin tired of it and this is my first step to get out there and mingle alittle, and hell its cheaper then seeing a shrink.


Charlie said...

Welcome to the monkeyhouse! Buckle your seatbelt, you never know where blogging's gonna take you...

Michael said...

Thanks Charlie