Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Poor white poz trash

About a month ago this guy answers one of my online adds saying that he and his bf will be up on the 25th, he's got long curly hair (yuck) and his bf has a shaved head (Yum) and want to fill both my holes with hot man juice. Well that gets my attention, so I'm trying to figure out how I can hook up with these guys and not be missed at home. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but Scoobys mom is in town visiting us that weekend and family comes before sex. So I figure if I leave work early I can get my holes pumped full and then head for home. I email the guy back and ask him if they are going to have a motel/hotel room and I can meet them there, but I have to be on my way by 10:30pm and I also ask it they have a pic. Well of course I never hear back from them, I totally agree with Geekslut that online cruising sucks.

After I got out of work friday night Scooby and I decided to go into Saginaw to the "Berg" for a few drinks and hopefully run into a few people we know so we could invite them to our annual 4th of July party. Well I had one beer before we left and smoked just a little bit and then on the way there I got lost 3 times. For gods sake I've been going there for so many years I normally could drive it blind folded. I felt like Aunt Clara on Bewitched. Anyway when we got there I wasn't even sure I should have a drink, but of course I said fuck it and drank the weird feeling away.
A similair thing happened a few weeks ago when I woke up from a nap and started stumbling around like a shitfaced drunk and I hadn't even had anything to drink or anything. It wore off within 5-10 minutes so I ended up blowing it off.

I'm beginning to think that its either a new "side effect" that's emerging or I might just be pushing myself to much. Honestly I've been working myself to death between actual work, my three house cleaning jobs and trying to reroof our house which has been an ongoing ordeal for the last month because of all the fucking rain. I wish I could pay someone to do the roofing work but I just don't have the extra cash. Sometimes it sucks to be poor white poz trash.

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