Monday, January 09, 2006

The return

Well I'm back. Scooby and I had a wonderful time in New Orleans. The city is battered but bouncing back. You can barely tell in the French Quarter that anything happened. There wasn't as much men down there this year so the sordid stories are few and will share soon.

In other news: I blew the door off my closet while I was on vacation. You see my family and I have a don't ask don't tell policy. Granted I take Scooby to all family functions and sign his name to all Christmas cards but nothing has every been discussed.

Well I sent an email to several friends and a few of the wrong family members about "The Book of Daniel" that is too air on NBC. Well my condemning bible banging bitch of a niece replied to it condemning us all. I skimmed though her email too angry and upset to actually read it, I figured I'd deal with it once I got home. Don't want to ruin my vacation vibes. Well little did I know that she sent it to everyone that was included in the first email I sent. Boy did that open up a can of worms, actually more like snakes. My friends and my two nieces have been feuding all week. They didn't like it at all having scripture thrown back in there face. Needless to say I have now excommunicated myself from my one sisters entire family. With a big long letter pointing out all there hypocriticies. Yea Me! I felt so good after writing it that I've decided to go off antidepressants.

This was a long time happening and much needed.


Chris said...

Very glad you're back! It was too long without being able to read you. :)

Will said...

What Chris said! And I love you for finally breaking out and clearing the air and saying what needs to be said. Go Michael!

AJ said...

Welcome Back and Happy Closet Cleaning!
I've missed your posts (and haven't actually posted for some time).
Really looking forward to your "stories".

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear the jiz-running-down-the-chin-after-getting-skull-fucked stories. Your nasty posts get my motor running (and I generally have to pull my pud to get the rpms down!).

Homer said...

Good for you Mouse!