Monday, January 16, 2006

The link between Orange juice and homophobia

First of all Anita Bryant. She was the epitomy of Florida Orange Juice commericals back in the 70's and also main anti-gay campainist.

Second my homophobic niece gave me a coupon for a free container of Minutemaid Orange juice for Christmas. This is the niece that recently emailed me all the bible scriptures condemning homosexuality. She also sent me links to organizations that would reprogram me and save me from my sin of homosexuality. WTF!!! Needless to say she is so off my Christmas card list.

Third, After drinking a glass of the said OJ I did hate myself just a little. I dumped the rest down the drain. Unlike my niece, I am not a hypocrite and refuse to except any gifts from people who don't repect my life. I call her a hypocrite since she will not go to restraunts that sell alcohol, but she works for an Airline and flys everywhere on planes that sell alcohol. HYPOCRITE!

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Will said...

I remember Anita Bryant very well--a vile woman. Fortunately her hate campaign pretty much turned around and bit her on the ass. Her career was shot and she faded from the scene. Not a moment too soon.