Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yesterday Scooby and I was driving downtown to go out for lunch and I was stopped at a stoplight. I sat there watching the cars whizzing past in front of me and things started to get blurry and I started to get nauseous. I haven't felt well since, my heads been floating in a semi altered state. I don't feel all that bad, but I don't feel all that well either.
I've also been really tired and sleeping a lot this week. Tomorrow I start my new cleaning job which means I'll be working from noon till almost 3pm then I work my FT job from 3pm till 11pm. God just get me through tomorrow.


Drub said...

fast cars + cleaning solvents + Democratic win = dizzy spell


I dunno. It's a thought.

AJ said...

I hope Drub's right and you are all well now!

Michael said...

I think your right Drub. That Democratic win made my head a good way.

Thanks guys