Thursday, November 02, 2006

Not much new going on. Got Scooby's van running, the brakes fixed, ect. Then called the guy that was wanted to buy it. He drives 2 hours to get here and the fucking thing won't fucking start. Scooby just had it running 2 hours before. FUCK FUCK FUCK Someone out/up there hates us, I'm convinced.

Yesterday I was awake by 8:30am.
1. Got up and fed the cats
2. did two loads of laundry
3. washed the kitchen and dining room floor on my hands and knees (it was filthy from the party)
4. ran to the south side of town and played with my furry poz fuck/suck buddy
5. came home and raked up 5 bags of leaves
6. then went to work

Shit thats enought to make my head spin...

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