Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thanks for the well wishes guys. I am feeling a bit better. Besides the cold, I've just been in a fucking rotten mood for the last week. My therapist irritated me last week. She, like alot of people have no fucking clue about the side effects of HIV meds and how they affect some people. We talked about Scooby and how he's not working and how it puts alot of pressure on me, being the only income, working full time (manual labor) plus 4 house cleaning jobs. She thinks that I should give him an ultimatum that he get a job or I won't take him to New Orleans anymore. She just don't get that the meds make him fucking sicker than a dog constantly throwing up in the mornings. The meds give him vertigo also and he can't ride in a car without getting close to barfing. I honestly don't know how he is going to handle the drive down to NOLA in a couple of weeks. I'm really considering stopping therapy, I don't see where its doing me any good.

Then I go to my dads and he starts showing me pics of my neices last visit. These are the ones that said they would NEVER except me as a homo and that I'm going to Hell. I looked at the pics uninterestedly thinking to myself I don't care to look at pics of these ignorant bitches. My sister was in one pic and I thought she is really looking old. I haven't seen or talked to her in almost a year. Surprisingly I did get a Christmas card from her the other day and decided to send one to her also, I always sign them "Love Mike and Scooby". Ha

Work has completely refused to add Scooby to my health insurance. Which gives me one more reason to hate my full time job. Fucking bigots....

I cut my hair and trimmed my beard the other day, hoping it would put me in a better mood. It kind of helped, feel a bit sexy again. In the beginning of the week I just wanted to stop my meds and let this disease take its course, but my sadomasochistic inner child refuses to let me. Ha

We've decided to leave Christmas day for New Orleans. Gonna stay with our friend the Crisco kid until that Friday when our timeshare week starts. Should be fun.


The Average Joe said...

hope new orleans is just the break you need to get out of the funk. i know it was the case with my folks, tho obviously not the case. What did scoob do before he got too sick to work, no chance he can do anything to work from home eh?

Will said...

Mike, take care of yourself.

Is there no alternate medication of combination of medications Scooby could take that would have gentler or no side effects?

Michael said...

Joe: Scooby works at Home Depot about 8 hours a month. I've tried getting him to do "work at home" type stuff, but nothing has panned out.

Will: He's had problems with every med he's been on. Dr. seems to think that as long as the side effects aren't really bad that he should stick with what he's on. Apparently once you've stopped taking a med it will no longer work if you try to go back to it.