Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spineless creatures

It's the end of the year and time to renew our health coverage for 2007 at the learning institution that I work for. Enclosed in the email our director of healthcare noted that if we had any questions to email her.

So I did.....

Hi (name of healthcare director),
It has come to my attention that many of the BIG Universities in Michigan are now acknowledging same sex domestic partners and allowing them to be included in healthcare packages. I was wondering if we were doing this also, if so I'd like to add my partner of 9 yrs. to my health insurance.

Thank you, Mike (last name here)

First week.....no response
Second week......no reponse.... so I sent it again
This is the third week and I still haven't heard anything

I highly doubt that they do include same sex domestic partners considering this institution was founded on Christian morals and beliefs, but for God sake get a fucking backbone and just tell me no.

Update: Well I called and left a voice mail and got an email back Thursday confirming that NO the education establishment that I work for doesn't acknowledge domestic partners and they can not be included in our health insurance. At least I got it in writing or email, God forbid I have to file a wrongful death suit against them in the future.


Libertine said...

good luck with this, M. hopefully, this is just an accidental oversight and she'll get back to you asap.

working in advertising, i forget that there are companies out there that don't automatically offer DPBs. it boggles my mind.

it seems to me that it's the (overtly) "christian" types that always lack a backbone. yet, i don't remember hearing "thou shall be a judgmental coward" in the 10 commandments.

*gets off indignation box*

either way...much luck, man.

Michael said...

Thanks Libertine, I think that they think if they ignore me that I'll go away...Wrong... I called her office today but got voicemail and left a message and will continue to do so.