Thursday, January 11, 2007

Work rant

Well I had planned to tell another vacation story about my sexual exploits but work is starting to fuck with us again and our Nazi ruler is on the rampage.

I was told before Christmas break that we could no longer borrow our cleaning equipment to take home and use. At first I thought, "Oh well, no biggy". That is until I just found out today that the new rule is just for our department. Any other University employee can borrow "OUR" equipment and take it home and clean their carpets/ floors and furniture, but not us. Now I'm thinking WTF.

The Nazi is also threatening to take away our paid Holiday between Christmas and New Years.

It all started with our fucked up Union and our Union steward. In the past we have had shift differentials, meaning first shift gets base pay and second shift gets like 35 cents more and third shift gets like 1.00 more an hour than base pay. If you work a different shift you get paid the differential for that shift. Our stupid ass Union decided they wanted to change that and that if you normally work say second or third shift you would get that pay when ever you worked and the people who work first shift would get base pay even if they worked second or third.

It sounds totally fucked up to me. Basically first shifters get fucked and thats not fair. But anyway like I said this was the Unions idea. I work off campus so was not informed of any of this till it took effect. Apparently coworkers were asked and most agreed to the changes. Dumb fuckers. When our Union people went in to sign it one guy decided against it. This infuriated the University and they whined that they have gone through too much to just forget about it. So it became effective with out our Union reps fully agreeing. Then the guy that disagreed had to work OT and got screwed out of money since he works first shift. He filed a greivance, yadda yadda yadda.

So the fight ensued and now 0ne by one the Nazi is taking away any benefits he can that is not in our contract. This job wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the Nazi fucking asshole. I wish I could afford to quit. I do plan on getting together a resume and start looking for another job asap. Some place that doesn't discriminate against gays and doesn't have a mentally abusive person in charge. Is there such a place?


Drub said...

Good grief - get out as soon as you can

Will said...

Sorry you have to put up with this shit -- you, of all people, who works your ass off.