Monday, June 11, 2007


Thats what this weekend consisted of. Saturday morning Scooby and I got up and did our Saturday morning ritual of going to the flea market. Met up with our friend Thurston there and after the three of us had breakfast at the little old diner there.

We got home and at 11am my sister calls.

Her: Are you in the area
Me: Yeah we just got home (thinking she was near my house and gonna stop in)
Her: We're buring dads ashes today and we're at the cemetery
Me: What? I thought we were doing it on fathers day weekend
Her: Just get here, we'll wait for you, bring Scooby if you want.

SHIT....I can't believe I mixed this up. So we head to the cemetery in Midland Co. which is at the least a half hour drive. We get there and bury my dad's ashes. Then we head out for the planned brunch at his favorite restraunt.... of course Scooby and I just ate so we have drinks and I have a piece of pie as everyone else eats.

Then they plan on going up to Wixom lake to my sisters trailer. Since I don't see my brothers adult daughters that much since they live in FL we decide to go also. But we have to run home first since Scooby forgot his tobbaco and had long pant on and I needed sunblock. So we run back home, get our shit together as Scooby quickly calls his mom and wishes her a happy birthday. Then we're off back to Midland and up to the lake. Despite all the rushing around it was a nice day.

Then Sunday we went out with Thurston on his boat out on the Saginaw bay. We got his boat cleaned up and I paddled around in the water a bit. It was about 7pm by the time we got home and then we headed out to the Berg for a few drinks around 9pm. We headed home around 1am.

I've been planning on cutting back on my drinking and I did pretty good this weekend. I had 3 tall boys on Saturday at the lake. Then finished the other 3 on the boat on Sunday. Then I only had 2 regular size beers at the bar that night.


drunk again said...

good job on cutting back. i know it's not easy!

Michael said...

You got that right, it totally sucks.