Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Public wanking, and a weekend update

OMG! I was heading to my other building to clean today and saw this older guy in a late model truck sitting at the exit to the bank next door. He had several chances to merge into traffic but didn't. Then I noticed that his right shoulder kept shaking like he was jacking off. I think he noticed me checking him out and so he pulled out onto the road but only went down to the next parking area.....to probably finished up.

It was very warm today. I love what it does to guys.....

In other news: We had a few good friends over Sunday for a bbq. It was suppose to rain but it got it all out of its system that morning and the day turned out gorgeous. Monday we started pouring the piers for the deck we are building. Then today we ran out and got most of the wood for it. Hoping to have a good portion of it done this weekend.


John said...

more guys, less clothes!!

Will said...

NICE pictures--the beard becomes you.

Mike--I've jacked in the car while driving the single most boring stretch of the NY State Thruway (actually several stretches are in contention for the "most boring" crown). Cruise control (appropriate name!) and a relatively empty road made it possible. If you've got a good fantasy life and are into edging, you can get through thirty miles or so in no time at all.

Michael said...

I agree Will, John is one sexy beast.