Monday, July 30, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing new going on. I've worked overtime the last couple of Satudays cleaning carpets in my building. Finally its all done. I'm still waiting to find out if my boss and HR have ok'd my classes for fall. I might have waited to long and might not have time to register, since classes start Sept. 5, I think.

We are hoping to go camping a couple more times in August. Other than that just working on the house. We did manage to get our sling hung up on the side porch/new playroom. Hope to use it soon. Its been years since we had a place to put it.


Thom said...

The sling on the side porch???

I bet you'll get lots of traffic in your neighborhood.

Michael said...

lol, actually its an enclosed side porch. Its tarped over right now but will have storm windows and curtains. Plus its in the back yard that is fenced in.

Will said...

Gee, Mike, don't bring us down. It's much more for Thom and me to think of you in the sling and Scooby banging the hell out of your ass in full view of the general public!

Enjoy it, wherever it is.