Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend update

The Mardi Gras themed weekend at Campit campground was a BLAST! They had a drag contest to name Ms. Queen Campit and Princess Campit. There was only two contestants but the girls kicked ass. The one that one Princess made me laugh so hard I almost pee'd. She had this house prop that was about the size on an outhouse on wheels. Then little blurbs from The Wizard of OZ started up and the house started spinning. On the other side of the house was a window and inside was the dragqueen dressed like Dorthy spinning and screaming. It was too much.

They had a block party with huge video screens and most trailers in the east village block had booths giving away free cocktails and food. Needless to say we got lit. I managed to take a few pics before that on the disposable cameras we had left at our 4th of July party. Hopefully we'll get them printed up soon.

Then they had a moonlight swim in which all the guys jumped into the pool nekkid. We were all nut to butt other than when I had my legs wrapped around one furry guys waist or another. We will definately be hitting that weekend again. A little sucky sucky action happened in the woods. But not like last time. In two weeks we head back for the last time this year for Leather weekend. I should have all kinds of sordid tales to tell about that one.

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