Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gravity boots should not be used without assistance

Sometime last year I bought some gravity boots. I thought it would be good for my back to hang upside down. Well ever since then I've been nagging Scooby to install a bar some where so I could use them. Today was the day. He installed the bar up in the attic/playroom/hobby room. After he finished with the installation he went back downstairs to watch tv and I started searching for the boots. I found them without too much effort....surprisingly. Then I ventured upstairs. I first did about a half a dozen chin ups on the new bar.

This was probably my mistake since I have problems with my shoulders and not alot of strength in my arms. So then I put on the boots and get them hooked to the bar. At this point I'm kind of afraid to let go, cuz I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to get back up to unhook when I'm done. But what the hell, I let go and sure enough I can't get back up to unhook my feet.

I then yell for Scooby........and yell........and yell. As I'm shouting my change falls out of my pockets, then my wallet and then my cell phone. Finally Scooby hears me and comes up to the attic to find me hanging upside down. By this time I'm kind of light headed because of the all blood that has rushed to my head. We both struggled quite a bit but he did manage to get me down.

So anyway the moral of the story is: Don't use gravity boots without assistance.


Glenn said...

Or maybe turn off the gravity before you get back in the boots.

Will said...

Who kept the change that was all over the floor?

Michael said...

I kept the change.