Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween update

Well our party last Saturday was good. We had about 53 people, good crowd. We are debating though about having anymore Halloween parties. Its just too much fucking work. First its normally cold out so we tarp off the backyard which is a complete hassle, set up and tear down. And honestly, I just don't have the energy to do all this anymore. Plus I'll probably be drinking keg beer for weeks to finish it off.

Normally I enjoy the morning program Halloween shows, but this year they were.....ehh. Regis and Kelly was suppose to be in 3D. Some of it was but they didn't throw the stuff directly into the camera to get the true effect of 3D. Regis dressing up as David Letterman and Kelly as Paul Schafer was funny, but there guest was Dr. Phil. Who the fuck decided to have him on a Halloween show. Boring. Then they had Kelly as Judge Judy, which she imitates alot anyway, so why bother. If she says, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me its raining" one more time I'd like to slap her.

Martha was ok, but all her talk about the Devil was kind of creepy. I'm sure the AFA will probably ban her now.

The best was "The Late Show with Craig Ferguson". He had the Sex Pistols on and they also performed, it got the biggest laugh out of me of all the shows.

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Like usual after our party I had a day or two of depression. I don't know why but its normal. Plus I really haven't had too much to say, have been debating about closing up shop here. Just out of witty reparte' I guess.

Anyway hope everyone had a great Halloween. It looks like we will be going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving to visit Scooby's mom. Not much else is new.

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Homer said...

I understand your feeling about the Halloween party- I've decided not to have my big Holiday party this year. So much work and so many of the guests who have never (not once!) invited me to their house.