Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too pissed off to be sad

Last Friday marked the 1 year anniversary of my fathers suicide, but I was really too pissed off to be sad. Its started with getting Scooby some crutches. Walgreens rental on crutches are $ 40 dollar deposit and then 4 dollars a week. We kind of decided that we're no spring chickens so we should probably just buy some used ones someplace. Luckily I found a pair on Ebay, starting bid .99 cents and the seller was only about 40 minutes away. I emailed the seller and asked if I won could I pick up in person, cuz I need them asap, no problem said the seller. Wednesday morning I won the crutches for .99 cents. I immediately emailed the seller again telling him that I could pick up tomorrow between 10am-3pm and would he be home. I planned on visiting a friend in the area while I was up their then head to work from there.

Wednesday.....no response
Thursday morning....no response

So I cancel my plans to visit my friend and went to paypal and paid for the crutches. Late Thursday night I get an email from the seller telling me that tomorrow will be fine that he will be home. GRRRRR I email him back saying that I emailed Wednesday morning and that when I said tomorrow I meant Thursday and that I couldn't make it on Friday and to just mail the crutches since I already paid for the shipping through Paypal. Then he tells me that he's a new member of Paypal and because of this won't recieve payment for 3-4 days and will ship once he receives payment. I email back that I've never heard of this new member paypal procedure, but whatever. He then tells me that he don't care whether I believe him or not and that he didn't understand why I didn't ask for his phone # because he was home all day Thursday.

By this time I was to angry to respond back. What was the point of asking for a phone # when he didn't respond back until Thursday night. Long story short the crutches should be here tomorrow.


I couldn't make it up there Friday cuz I had a house cleaning job that morning before work. Back story on this, I've cleaned house for this guy for about a year. I really didn't want the job when I got it cuz the house is filled with half antiques and half worthless crap. Tons of shit to dust and to add insult to injury everything is filled with those dollar store colored glass stones. But we agreed to 45 dollars every other week and I could use the money.

Well last fall I was vacuuming and backed into a bakers rack. I heard something fall and sure enough one of the bottles of wine fell and landed on a soup tourine and broke the handle of the lid. I cleaned up the mess and tried to put the bottle back but it was shorter than the others and would not stay up on the rack. I wrote a note apoligizing and also told him the bottle was to short and would not stay on the rack. Luckily there was no makers mark on the tourine so it probably wasn't worth much

Next time I go to clean the bottle is back on the rack. This time I'm just dusting the clutter on top of the rack when the bottle falls again but this time smashes a creamer that does have a makers mark. I write another note apoligizing again and said I'll try to replace the creamer. I really didn't feel it's my fault, but hey I try to be a nice guy.

Anyway last Friday I get there and he's got this list of things to do and at the bottom he writes, "Be careful with the breakables". That was it....... I cleaned the house did everything on the list then wrote him a note nicely resigning from the job. I also left the check telling him to use it towards replacing the creamer, left his house key and left through the garage door.

So basically the end of last week was a total GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!


The Old Pistolotto said...

you need a big ole bowl of 4:20. If I had some I'd share. Maybe a nice mouthfull of jizz would help?

Michael said...

LOL, no doubt unfortunately I'm having trouble finding either one. Anyone want to help me out....